Monday, November 5, 2018

Z Nation, Season 5, Episode 5: Killing All the Books

Last episode Pacifica was bombed and we have the chaos and the carnage you’d expect afterwards. George, Warren and Doc work there way through the ruins trying to help where they can, save people, fight a massive wave of zombies and do what they can for the new wave of Talkers that arises - especially since they don’t have biscuits

George is grieving and dispirited - she grieves over all the books that have been lost, all the people dead and the humans now scattered all underlying the new hate of Talkers. She sees someone she cares about, Cora, dying and she tries to help her. She can’t help her and when she turns she realises she has no biscuits for her. Warren asks her what she’s going to do… and George says she has to let nature take its course

Which Warren stomps on. Nature? She demands George looks at all the groaning, severely injured wounded and George admits it’s no way to live. They Mercy them…

Ok… I’d like some clarity on what is no way to live. As Talkers? I thought we were arguing about Talkers being equal. As zombies? Sure - but can’t you just restrain them until you have biscuits? As badly injured people? Well again we’re in then highly troublesome zone of declaring disabled people as not having lives worth living which is something we keep skirting on here.

Another thing I’m feeling less comfortable about is George repeatedly losing hope and Warren then picking her up. I like each scene and I love the relationship between these two is excellent. But increasingly Warren is becoming the support character for George. George is repositioned as protagonist while Warren is now becoming a mentor figure. And she’s an awesome mentor figure - but she’s feeling a lot less of a protagonist

Citizen Z is obviously terrified for his family - but Kaia has already called for help, broadcast it and is already hunting for Nana and JZ (who are fine because Nana is a sensible woman who has already got them both to safety). Citizen Z and Kaia get together and carve themselves a path to their loved ones. They have a brief distraction when they help Doc get rid of a zombie with a bomb strapped to his chest… which is also not good.

Examining the dead they discover a lot of the zombies are old zombies: they’re not local and they’re not the recently dead. They shouldn’t be around here

In the horrifying aftermath, many of the survivors are, of course, blaming the Talkers and we have more suspicion and hate from them and more care, trust, hope and sincerity from George. And an ongoing need to find Dante and whoever is doing this… but with an edge suggesting she’s not resistant to the idea they could be the same person. They also see a Talker mercied because they had no biscuits to give her.

In the aftermath help arrives from Altura… they’re here to rescue any humans. No Talkers. No Wounded. They don’t even want the books that are so important to Pacifica. They’re not interested in rebuilding the outpost at all - nor are they concerned that there’s no biscuits left for the Talkers behind

And lo, Estes gets more people in Altura following him and hating the Talkers.

Warren insists that Citizen Z and Kaia go to Altura with their family because Warren can definitely see all this as suspicious and realises she needs loyalists in Altura to keep an eye on things

The Altura caravan leaves - and everyone works hard to put Pacifica back together, updating their tragic tree and carefully preserving and sorting what is left of their books. It’s all very sad and earnest

While Warren & co head out and follow one of the trails marked as safe for Talkers. And further up the trail is someone walking with a big spiky club

Addy? Addy liked her big spiky club...

We also catch up with 10k who is sad and frustrated as he tries to shoot with a prosthetic hook hand and keeps missing. 10K never misses, ever.

He mopes around, away from Red, ignoring his increasingly manky stump, until he sees a zombie being herded by men with cattle prods. He follows them to see there’s a huge warehouse full of captive zombies and through random shenanigans ends up trapped in a truck full of a huge ball of zombies (he manages to cling to the roof using his prosthetic hand).

When the ball is unleashed he leaves the truck, and his hand, and sees the ball being released down the road. In case it wasn’t always obvious, someone is deliberately creating hordes of zombies to unleash on the settlements of Newmerica.

But we knew that didn’t we?