Saturday, December 22, 2018

Legacies: Season 1, Episode 7: Death Keeps Knocking on My Door

Ok, this show angers me. It actively angers me. Not the teen drama not the classic CW obsession with a main character Hope and her specialness. No, what annoys me so much are the so-called teachers in this school who are utterly terrible (also there’s like only three of them? Three for all these students?) and this episode is pushing me over the edge

So, this is Remembrance day at the school where everyone writes letters to dead loved ones and can they maybe address the fact that most of student body has a herd of dead people to write letters to. Is one school councillor sufficient?

Also someone may want to maybe cancel this whole ceremony focused on death thing when you have an actual necromancer in the basement. Maybe? Because he does what is entirely predictable and summons a dead person to hit people in the feels. In this case, he summons Cassie, Raphael’s dead girlfriend

Hey, remember how Jo buried Josie alive because she was controlled by the necromancer? Well a good thing everyone’s learned from this and carefully guards Cassie and are also prepared for more murderous zombies running about

Oh, they’re just going to let Cassie walk around and not have any preparations for more zombies? Ok, that totally won’t come back to bite anyone at all.

So Raphael is obviously super emotional about this but Hope leaves him because she’s busy with her own things. That leaves Raphael to beg Alaric to do something about making her permanent but Alaric has SOME capacity for learning and points out she could be evil or used for evil. I mean he doesn’t take any precautions against her, but he recognises the evil. Soooo…

Cassie does talk to Raphael about her death - she blames him. But as they talk she also forgives him: she isn’t trying to punish him or make him feel bad but trying to get him to see the truth. She died in a car accident which happened because he got jealous, got angry and drove recklessly. And while he tries to put his rage down to being a werewolf and he’s better now she points out he just had a rage moment. He has a lot of growing to do and he needs to acknowledge that.

He turns to Alaric for this. Good luck with that

While I roll my eyes because we have a Black teenaged girl rather convolutedly like an after school special about how Raphael needs to be a better person. She takes less than 10 seconds to deal with actually being dead. Doesn’t she have any actual personhood or is she just a narrative tool?

Over to Hope, she has decided that since Alaric is completely useless at Necromancer questioning (mainly involves threats of violence to a being that cannot feel pain which is… not useful) she’s going to use woo-woo to do it for him

And yes Alaric is going to pout about this. But can you blame Hope? This is how Alaric works - using the magical gifts of his students to do anything. This is how Alaric operates!

So she recruits MG so he can do that vampire mind reading stuff which this world setting remembers like once every 20 episodes and MG agrees despite it being against his better judgement. Because that’s also how MG works - a servant to the other cast members who need his shiny vampire powers

There follows much diving into the Necromancer’s subconscious, Hope mocking him rather well for his over dramatic posturing, the Necromancer poking Hope’s worries a lot, in particular where her dead daddy is right now. While she pokes him for being completely forgotten because that’s what happens to all the creatures of Malivore. They piece a lot together: Malivore is a place of utter annihilation. By sentencing a creature to malivore - which happened to the Necromancer with someone killing him with the knife, you doom that being to the void and everyone forgets they ever existed. They’re gone and no-one remembers they were ever there.

This all sounds dramatic but I can’t get the past that a knife like this existed and no-one, not once, tried to use it on the Original vampires.

Oh he also resurrected Nazis to torment them because he may be an evil monster but he’s not a nazi.

The knife is one of the three keys to Malivore and if he can get hold of it and destroy it then Malivore is one step closer to being open which is something he wants in order to be free. There’s also a lot of muttering about MG’s nana and Klaus because Necromancer can see the dead, of course.

In the middle of this info dump things go wrong and Hope ends up trapped in his mind for a little while before he lets her go in order for him to pursue him own nefariousness.

And Alaric learns what she’s doing and has a temper tantrum because he has it handled. And HELL NO. This is what enrages me so about this show. “Keep out of it I got this handled” is bullshit when he asks her for help ALL THE TIME. The way he gets through every day is with the magical interference from MG, Hope or other witches. He cannot handle anything in the school and constantly gets them to “interfere”. He cannot turn round and tell Hope (and MG and everyone else) to stay out of the drama when, inevitably, he will be demanding their help later. HE CANNOT RUN THIS SCHOOL.

Hope also points out the two empty bottles of whiskey in his desk as evidence of how he’s “handling” things. And I’m not even going to raise my eyes that students feel they can confront the headmaster on his day drinking - Alaric has no respect because he’s done nothing to earn it. He snipes back, in a way that, again, shows his inappropriateness as a teacher, that he’s grieving and she should try it

Ok 1. Headmaster, you don’t make snide remarks about one of your students being an orphan. For fuck’s sake, Alaric.
2. You don’t get to advise people on the appropriate way of grieving when your method is BINGE DRINKING. She’s been gone a day at most and you got through two bottles of whiskey. THIS IS NOT HEALTHY GRIEVING
3. You. Are. A. Headmaster. You do not sit in your office drinking yourself to oblivion while your school faces this much risk!!!!

Alaric fails on every possible level. He also tries to play disappointed parent to Hope which doesn’t fly because he’s not her dad. Hey, how about he try this with Lizzie and Josie, y’know his own daughters he has little time for.

Alaric enrages me.

Hope goes back to the Necromancer but he’s actually distracting her so he actually has chance to get his zombies to claim the knife and teleport it to Malivore (including an undead Bennet witch) where it is destroyed. This frees the Necromancer and means there’s only 2 more locks for Malivore left.

This is apparently Hope’s fault… because why? He was distracting HER while he did his nefarious deeds. Distracting her doesn’t change that Cassie has been allowed to walk around freely by Alaric from the beginning and that Alaric. Why was this Hope’s fault that Alaric has, yet again, failed to do any reasonable preparation. Alaric you fail on every level

But he’s not the only one. MG worries that he’s not actually very powerful as far as vampires go, especially since his friends rely on him to be a constant servant. He’s notably much weaker than Kaleb so they realise it’s probably because of Kaleb’s diet so Kaleb takes MG out hunting for humans. Where they refer to humans as food - including “chocolate fountain” and the writer who put that line in a Black man’s mouth needs a slap

They feed - and MG needs control and Dorian needs to intervene. To which Dorian gives Kaleb an angry lecture about Rippers (he lost his own family to Stefan). Like Kaleb should be ashamed. Oh, if only there were a place, like a school, where vampires could learn the basics of what it is to be a vampire, the risks and the… oh wait!!!!

Dorian doesn’t get to shame and attack Kaleb for taking MG feeding when he, as Kaleb’s teacher, has failed to convey the basics of vampirism to him. They’re not teaching these vampires how to be vampires and these holes in their education can get people killed. This is on Dorian and the eternally failing Alaric!!!!

So conclusions - Alaric is terrible. The show misses that though and instead has Hope deciding to be more friendly and she opens up to Raphael. Raphael asking Alaric to help him being a better person which is also laughable.

And the big bads going after the second key to Malivore - which involves Landon