Thursday, February 7, 2019

Legacies: Season 1, Episode 9: What Was Hope Doing in Your Dreams?

Time for a new monster because we have a new mcguffin everyone wants - the glowy urn.

Alaric and Hope consult on what best to do and it’s time for my broken record moment! I’ll keep it brief because I’m going to revisit it at length later on - but note headmaster Alaric now has to work with his student, Hope, as an equal conspirator rather than speaking to her as an adult to a child/student. She even refuses to tell him where the urn is, dismissing his adult claims simply because she is the one with super powers. And… she’s not wrong. You can tell because Alaric backs down on this and allows her to be the sole defender of the urn be because he’s human and woefully ill-equipped to deal with this

We do have a couple of elements of angst - Hope is keeping secrets from Landon about the whole missing memories and dead mother thing. She thinks this will bring him nothing but pain but achieve little. Alaric doesn’t force the issue because he’s kind of resigned to being her lackey now. The problem is that Hope is now super awkward about this and is avoiding Landon which sends Landon’s insecurities spiralling (foster kid bounced from home to home, many of them abusive) and he tries to gently poke her with not-subtle-but-kind-of-sad “zomg please love me” near desperation

And Rafael sees this and is super concerned because he’s really really protective of Landon (who does have this whole lost puppy feel to him) and is worried that Hope is going to hurt him and isn’t happy that Hope is keeping secrets. They have a philosophical difference in which she thinks it’s ok to keep secrets and lie if it’s to help people while he thinks that’s completely unacceptable.

To top up that drama, Rafael is also having issues because he’s into Hope and realises this could be a super betrayal of Landon so ANGST

MG is also fighting with some bad self-image issues of vampirism and how vampires have to change while Kaleb is against this anti-vampire turn.

Into this steps in the latest monster - a ghostly woman who invades people’s dreams and torments them with nightmares to make them give up the location of the urn

Which doesn’t really work because only Hope knows where it is and Hope is staying awake. Alaric and Hope consult and again we have a brief debate about secrecy - and they decide the best thing to do would be to inform the school that monsters are coming. Alaric does so and evacuates the youngest students while offering the older students the choice whether they want to evacuate or stay and face mortal peril

And schools shouldn’t work this way!!!! Hey kids, want to make a life or death decision at age 13 (the mandatory evacuees seem to be very young kids)! And honest no social stigma about running away (it’s not like this may affect your reputation and future standing in packs/vampire bloodlines etc).

Yes, more on that later. Several students leave but Hope, Rafael, Kaleb and MG stay. As does Landon despite pretty much everyone telling him to get his human arse out of there. Which to me just emphasises how much Alaric should do the same.

So research - after deciding they’re being attacked by a Night Hag, a monster that manipulates nightmares, they spend a while discovering that what happens in dreams can hurt them. Rafael is injured by a nightmare of an abusive foster family (he also dreams about Hope). Landon has dull, boring first-day-at-school nightmares while MG freaks about about being a murderous vampire and Kaleb tackles his doubts as he fears vampires MAY be terribad awful mixed with his actually enjoying being one

Through this Landon realises that their research is off, if the monster can hurt them it’s only pretending to be a Night Hag and they should look for an alternative. He hits on an Oneroi, a greek nightmare demon because…. Reasons? I mean we start this episode with a note that there are a gazillion monsters world wide that mess with dreams, but whatevs

And Hope has a plan to pull him out of the dream world. There’s a bit of weirdness where it seems Alaric overrules her and takes over because he’s the ADULT DAMN IT and he’s totally been fighting monsters forever! Uh-huh, but it turns out to be a dream. There’s a brief suggestion that Hope used magic to set him to sleep which would be a bit of a dick move with a dream demon involved et al but hey. But when it’s all resolved he’s not mad at Hope so either his show down over who should lead was faked for some reason or he just resigned himself to her taking over

Either way…. Yeah that’s not a good look, Alaric.

So everyone dreams, faces their nightmares and fights back - and feeds the demon a false location for the urn. He bursts into the real world to take it - only to have Hope leap on him and unleash 8 kinds of Tribrid arse kicking, helped by Alaric throwing her an arrow.

In the aftermath Alaric and Hope think they need a new plan - because evacuating the school all the time is a bad idea.

Meanwhile at creepy Malivore place, creepy guy checks the archives to see who Salah was - and she exists in their super secret records (so is paper not expunged? Memories are gone but records remain… you’d think there’d be more fact based accounts of the monsters that have been Malivored then…) and he is confused by the fact she was Malivored several years before. But it does put him on the path of tracking down Landon

I’m going to expand my eternal Alaric rant.

Alaric is out of his depth as a headmaster but can probably struggle through because he’s doing something unique. As a teacher he could work. If Legacies was just a story about high school drama with maybe a human dropped in trying to find his place or Hope trying to find her place as a tribryd and a bit of everything or how dramas like Josie’s relationship with her sister and Penny and Lizzie’s own struggles with who she is and her personality - with maybe related drama like MG’s vampire control, the Gemini Coven’s twin murdering… etc etc. Hey you had a story here. Alaric being out of his depth would have been an interesting story in and of itself, sprinkle in some love triangles and lo, television series that works

I mean, the whole concept of a magic school doesn’t remotely work in the world setting, but let’s run with that. It would work, Alaric would work. And I can still see parts of that in the series… but then the Malivore plot line kind of ate it all (which led to MG seemingly being repurposed and Josie and Lizzie and Penny all being plot boxed entirely). Even the title of this episode suggests the focus was supposed to be the Landon/Hope/Rafael love triangle potential more than anything else

But then the Malivore plot is introduced - I think the writers wanted something more epic. But this makes Alaric go from “rather out of his depth” to “WHAT THE HELL MAN!?” I mean he’s actively inviting monsters to attack his school, his school full of children. And saying “hey you can run if you want” to kids is ridiculous! Of course he needs the kids there because he needs them to fight. He can’t fight - and so we see Hope literally stepping into the role as co-leader of the school. Maybe even complete leader: beyond her sassing her headmaster in a way which would cause a few raised eyebrows, he’s actively overruling him. And he’s backing off because she’s right. And as for “well if not the school, who would protect this?!” Ummm, pick up a phone, call Rebekkah and Marcel. Or Kol. I mean most of these monsters would be all “rawr, I want my Malivore shit” before being Original Vampired into itty bitty pieces. These resources exist, we know they exist and we know they’re accessible because the whole Original family is ALWAYS there for Hope. Always and Forever right?