Monday, March 11, 2019

Fangs For the Fantasy and the Future

Fangs for the Fantasy is something we’re both incredibly proud of and it has been a truly passionate labour of love over these last 8 years

We love this genre (and celebrate how it has gone from the geeky ignored in the corner to the mainstream powerhouse it is) and social justice and it’s part in the media - we do think it’s vitally important to analyse all media through the lens of diversity and inclusion - even the media that is so often dismissed. We’re very happy with the work, the analysis, the reviews and the recaps we’ve produced

Unfortunately, as our readers have probably seen, our content has been dropping for some time now. While we love what we do at Fangs, ultimately we are only two people and, as real life consumes us we find ourselves not having time for Fangs that Fangs deserves. And because we do love Fangs so much and are so pleased with what we have produced here, we’re reluctant to let Fangs fade into a shadow of what it once and would rather draw a curtain over it.

It is with great sadness that we are no longer producing regular content for Fangs for the Fantasy. We love it too much to give it less than what it needs. The site will remain up and its contents intact but we cannot continue to dedicate the time to it it needs.

We are deeply grateful to all of you have been with us, supported us, commented and taken part in these discussions. We may still post the odd video on our Youtube channel when we have things that just need saying.