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Vampire Diaries, Season 7, Episode 7: Mommie Dearest

In the future with Damon and Alaric going to save a future Caroline so a future Stefan doesn’t walk into a trap. Damon does instead. This is not good planning! Why do they always fail to plan?! Why?

Anyway in the present we’re finding out if Caroline has been mystically impregnated with her teacher’s babies – and my gods that is wrong on so many levels. On top of this we have the weirdness of a pregnant vampire. Apparently she’s not pregnant and neither of them consider whether pregnancy tests even work on vampires (I guess this answers the question whether vampires urinate?)

Matt is still faced with the huge number of people who have been compelled to hang around the abandoned high school and give blood – why anyone would do this seems to confuse Matt and Caroline. More of them are all gathering in the Grill

What confuses Matt is that there’s no bite marks, the humans are being “fattened up” with supplements to make them extra bloody….

…I will forever hate this show for making me type this sentence. Fattening up a blood supply? Really?

And Caroline has morning sickeness.

They decide to ask Valerie to syphon off all the compulsion but she doesn’t see the point – they’ll just be replaced. She does it anyway. Valerie continues to insist Caroline is pregnant

And Beau appears. They fight – and Caroline, Matt and Valerie use magic to hide. Fighting Beau I replaced with Valerie and Caroline with Caroline asking how she knows about the baby switching spell anyway. It turns out Valerie used the spell to try and save her own baby though it didn’t work.
Stefan’s master plan to bring down Julian now involves inviting Lily to thanksgiving dinner. Damon is as bemused by this nonsense as me. He’s also pissed off because, of course, Lily is responsible for Elena being all Sleeping Beauty and Stefan has kind of tromped all over that by inviting Lily. And Stefan tries to openly convince Lily her true love is bad.

Which is hard in the Vampire Diaries world, because everyone is evil.

Stefan tells Lily about Julian beating Valerie into a miscarriage – Lily doesn’t believe anything Valerie says because it’s easier not to believe it and Stefan vervains her. That’ll be convincing.

The Originals, Season Three, Episode Seven: Out of the Easy

Elijah slices his hand so that Freya can prepare a locator spell to find Rebekah.  Klaus however is occupying his time having sex with Aurora.  Freya's spell doesn't work because the cloaking spell is too strong.  Freya tells everyone to go so that she can can continue to work.  Marcel wants to see what information he can find out from the Stryx but Elijah is convinced that Marcel should be spending his time stopping Davina, from activating Lucian and Tristan's weapon. When Marcel balks at Elijah's command, Elijah assures Marcel that he will stop at nothing to see Rebekah safe. Hayley questions if they are going to kill someone and Elijah agrees that they will kill many.

Elijah goes to find Klaus and informs him that Rebekah is missing. Aurora makes an appearance and says that Rebekah is not missing and that if everyone behaves, she will reveal Rebekah's location. Elijah threatens to hurt Tristan and both Klaus and Aurora inform Elijah that now that his compulsion has been removed that there is no need to worry.  Klaus asks Aurora for a moment with his brother.  Once alone, Klaus promises to get Rebekah back and that he is keeping Aurora close.  When Elijah calls Klaus's plan lecherous and questions if the plans on doing the same thing to get the medallion back from Tristan and Lucian, Klaus responds that they are not his type.  Elijah however is certain that Aurora will always protect Tristan but suggests that they can break the advantage that Tristan, Lucian and Aurora have.  Elijah's big plan is to invite the three of them for Thanksgiving dinner and then put Lucian, Tristan and Aurora against one another.

Tristan opens up the coffin which was supposed to contain Rebekah's body and instead finds two envelopes instead.  This is when Aurora makes her appearance and Tristan is not impressed that she has been in New Orleans for days and is only just now choosing to see him.  Tristan questions what Aurora has done with Rebekah because they had planned to use Rebekah as bait.  Aurora explains that she likes to be in control of her own fate.  The siblings discuss the dinner invitation to the Mikaelson's and Aurora promises that she will take care of Tristan.

Cami is still being kept prisoner by Lucian and she makes it clear that she is not going to sit pretty and act happy.  Lucian informs Cami about his plan to have dinner with the Mikaelsons.  Cami warns Lucian that one of her friends will notice that she is gone but Lucian makes it clear that she will be free of vervain soon.  Lucian answers a knock at his door and introduces Cami to Anton, a vampire he is leaving in charge of Cami.  Lucian instructs Anton that if he does not hear from him by nightfall, he is to kill Cami.

Marcel meets with Davina and brings up the Stryx. It seems that the ancestors have already informed her of their presence in town. Marcel informs Davina that the Stryx want her to help take down the Mikaelsons and that if she refuses, they will kill her and that if she accepts, Klaus will kill her.  Davina however is confident that she can handle the situation because she is no longer the little girl hiding in an attic.  Davina walks off after informing Marcel that she doesn't run from anyone.

Hayley informs Jackson of her plans to help the Mikaelsons and he is not in the least bit impressed. Hayley says that she wants to spend thanksgiving with Jackson and Hope but Tristan, Lucian and Aurora took Rebekah.  Jackson counters that that they also came for Hayley. Hayley however feels that she must help because Rebekah took care of Hope for months and because Rebekah is Hope's aunt. Jackson believes that all Hayley has to do is keep Hope safe because the Mikaelsons don't need any help killing anyone.  Jackson tells Hayley that they don't have to fight and she acknowledges his feelings.

Tristan, Lucian and Aurora have arrived and are greeted by Klaus. Elijah arrives and immediately brings up the prophecy and Tristan asserts that Rebekah has fallen as a precautionary measure. Elijah brings up the alliance between Tristan and Lucian and Klaus makes it clear that they expect an honest negotiation this evening.

Marcel finds Vincent sitting in a bar and Vincent is not at all welcoming.  Marcel explains about the Stryx and that they represent a threat to Davina.  Marcel says that he doesn't want to see Davina dead and that Davina refuses to leave town.  Vincent suggests that there's a way to get Davina out of trouble but that Marcel isn't going to like it.

Back at the table, Elijah snarks about enjoying the lies and betrayal of Thanksgiving but Aurora finds this inquisition like supper rude.  Tristan says that he and Lucian arrived as allies because they would have been viewed as suspicious otherwise. Lucian argues that they came to protect the Originals and themselves. It seems that the murders were meant to control a frightened human populace and it did after all lead to Marcel joining the Stryx.  Lucian adds that a police investigation also left an opening to get their hands on the medallion.

Cami is not impressed to be watching football with Anton and he orders her to shut up and get him a beer.  When Cami balks, Anton asks if he should find another way to quench his thirst. When Cami takes to long Antone makes it clear that while he cannot kill Cami, he can break her bones, slice up her face, heal her and do it all over again.  Anton tells Cami to drink up because she is not going anywhere.

Klaus says that the medallion is not a wise strategy for those trying to protect them.  Aurora responds that there's no reason why she should't be trusted with protecting her sire and Lucian is quick to snark that it's fine as long as Aurora doesn't have one of her episodes.  This is clearly an allusion to Aurora's battle with depression.  Elijah asks Klaus why they shouldn't just compel all of the first born and Aurora, Lucian and Tristan all giggle. Aurora makes it clear that after losing a century to compulsion, they would not allow themselves to be vulnerable again.  Elijah makes it clear that compulsion is not his only party trick.  Tristan acknowledges that to live, the Originals need to continue to exist and that young upstarts have clearly come to this conclusion as well.  Tristan adds that in a perfect world, the Original family would allow themselves to be sealed away forever.

Marcel seeks out Freya, who has yet to find any sign of Rebekah.  Freya tells Marcel that she is not giving up and leaves the room.

Vincent goes to see Davina and she is not impressed to see him because this is witch business.  Davina again declares that she can deal with The Stryx.  Vincent says that Davina doesn't like it when people disagree with her and that he should be careful otherwise he will end up like all of the others Davina got mad at last time.  Davina explains that she was attacked and Vincent asks if she had Van's mother killed and if she will kill anyone who disagrees with her. Davina responds that she took care of a threat and will do it again if anyone tries to stand against her.  Davina walks outside to find Van waiting for her with a willow hoop in hand. Yes, it seems that Davina's little conversation with Vincent was overheard by the witches.  When Davina turns around, Vincent is also holding a willow hoop.

The dinner is interrupted by Freya and Aurora is not impressed to have to deal with the long lost sister. Freya demands to know what Aurora did with Rebekah, and Aurora responds that the prophesy has the Originals acting like fools and that she is not losing her life to foolishness. Aurora admits that she decided to put Rebekah somewhere safe - at the bottom of the ocean.  Klaus asks Aurora if she is bluffing and Aurora smiles, saying that Rebekah has never been safer. When Klaus gets to his feet in anger, Tristan grabs Freya, saying that if Aurora is harmed that he will return the favor.  Tristan finds himself pushed aside by Elijah in short order with his face against a wall.  When Lucian snarks about the party falling apart, Klaus warns him off, only to learn that if Lucian is killed, he won't be able to protect Cami.  An angry Aurora demands to know who Cami is because this is the second time that she has heard Cami's name.  Freya uses magic on Aurora, informing her that she has bigger problems. Elijah is told to question Lucian, while Klaus questions Tristan.

Van calls out to the witches that Davina is a murderer.  Davina calls out that she is sorry for what happened but that she was dealing with a mutiny.  Vincent tells Davina that the law states that if you kill a witch, you lose your place among the witches.  Vincent adds that Davina needs to be shunned.

Sleepy Hollow, Season 3, Episode 8: Novus Ordo Seclorum

Pandora washes and unbandages they newly arrived man who does not look well. He’s not a happy guy, angry at extinction and pollution. His Mouldy Hippiness is enraged. Yes, he is the Mummy Hippy! Apparently Pandora and His Mouldy Hippiness have romantic history and they have being bothered by the Witnesses before. He then uses her for the “eye” which comes with a big glowy light

Meanwhile Reynolds, Sophie and Abbie are having an… awkward conversation. Atticus has been arrested but isn’t talking and the whole investigation may be crumbling while Abbie is not at all amused that no-one told her Sophie was an undercover cop with added issues with Abbie not wanting to tell them why Atticus is after Jenny. She’s also far more focused on finding her sister than the police investigation.

She goes to join Ichabod and Joe instead

His Mouldy Hippiness also has Jenny, all consumed by red glowyness.  – and His Mouldy Hippiness drains that red energy into himself, though he can’t take it all too quickly apparently. They run to Jenny – but she, Pandora and the Hippy Mummy all disappear in a flash of light, leaving only a Convenient Clue in the form of a Sumerian parchment (hey, did the Sumerians have parchment? Or were we on clay tablets back then?)

Looking at it, Ichabod declares they are not just facing a Mummy Hippy, but the God of Mummy Hippies

He’s known as the Hidden One and Ichabod has books connecting to the shiny gem that Jenny absorbed – known as the All Seeing Eye, which is what caused Jenny’s visions and scrawled messages. Which basically say The Hidden One is going to take over the world. This is, apparently why the all seeing eye is printed on American money as a warning – because of Ben Franklin (who Ichabod didn’t like much). It’s also a masonic symbol which Franklin was also behind – so they need to get a special Mason book from Albany in some revered place of learning.

Which is a college frat party complete with togas, alcohol and a random fight. They find the book and Joe nicely snarks at Ichabod’s constant name dropping, as he reads the book and drags up another convoluted flashback into how Washington also tried to harness the glowy red gem of doom which a guy then absorbed like Jenny did then used as a mini-nuke, killing him in the process.

So now they need to study Paul Revere, arcane expert’s, notes which tells them that the staff the gem is connected to can draw the gem into it – it’s a magical magnet. That staff was turned into a casing they had – which both seals the eye and hides it. They just need to get it out of evidence where it is currently being kept.

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American Horror Story, Season 5, Episode 7: Flicker

Will Drake is moving into the hotel with a whole team of builders to do so – and telling his son that he and the Countess are going to be together long term – yes he continues to be de-gayed on this show. Who knew the key to conversation “therapy” was vampirism?

Except for those pesky steel walls and hidden chambers in the hotel when James turned it into a murder lair. There are also apparently long forgotten vampires sealed in the walls.

Iris takes the Countess to see the newly chomped on construction workers and she claims to not know what killed them – but she looks frightened.

Those wild vampires eat another random guest.

Now to a random retro film set which looks like it’s filming a cringeworthy racist film with staff members throwing out homophobic slurs. We’re in 1925 in Hollywood for some reason. They’ve resurrected one of the actors to be a 1920s leading man with a dreadful Italian accent – Rudolpho, a small part actor – the Countess, presumably in her human days, a really really long dance scene, a 3 way dance off and a bisexual threesome. After he dies, the countess nearly commits suicide in James’ hotel (when the hotel-owning serial killer was still alive) and is grabbed by him.

She visits the grave – and Natasha and Rudolpho, alive, find her. Apparently while she thought Rudy was dead she decided she might as well be rich and grieving so married James. She was quite happy to join him in and encourage his murdering spree.

While Rudy describes, with nifty retro-imagery and lots of elegant language and Nosferatu homage – how he was turned into a vampire. They, in turn, offer to turn her and she accepts – but James appears to be a witness

And to the present and our two starving raging vampires are, of course, Rudy and his wife. And his wife blames his infatuation for the Countess of them being locked up – describing her as his “pet”. They continue to feast on the guests until they are fully restored

Also in the present, James and the Countess sit down to dinner –apparently a monthly habit they have (much to Hazel’s distaste since she’s infatuated with James and hates the countess). She tells him her upcoming plan to marry Will Drake which, despite pleasantries, does not thrill him. James pretty much expects her to kill him and there’s a whole lot of bitter tension and sniping across the table. He then tells her what he did to Rudy and his wife, out of jealousy for her loving Rudy but not him – locking them up in his hotel behind steel walls for decades.

Supernatural, Season 11, Episode 7: Plush

Creepy Rabbit-headed man attacks and slaughters a man who both needs to treat his wife better and recycle a whole lot more (they filled two of these bins? How often does the dustman pick up, quarterly?! SHAME!)

So far I’m team creepy rabbit mask.

Sam still seems to believe in his holy visions – personally I think that you may believe in visions from god, but since this all knowing, all powerful being is only sending cryptic useless nonsense, said god isn’t trying to help, he’s just messing with you. He resorts to desperate prayer to try and make sense of them. Dean is duly sarcastic. Dean very reasonably points out they have faced the apocalypse(s… can apocalypse be plural?) and god didn’t bother to stir from his cloud but now his sister is running amok and he’s pulling out the visions?

Aaah, sibling rivalry.

Their research is also not helping and their angst is interrupted by the very fun Sherriff Donna calling them in to take care of the evil Bunnies

And greet them with hugs. She and her men have arrested Bunny guy who is very strong –and the bunny head does not detach. She’s called them in just in case they have a monster-headed bunny thing. Extra awkwardness with a guy called Doug (the same name as her ex) is ridiculously unsubtle with his crush.

Apparently murder bunny didn’t kill the wife, only the husband. Jody is right, the bunny is freaking terrifying. After a series of bad jokes the bunny nearly kills Dean with surprising strength.

They follow a tattoo and find the man’s girlfriend, Kylie who identifies him from the bunny mask, calls him Mike and doesn’t think he’s the stabbing kind. It sounds like the mask cursed/possessed him.


Donna and Doug#2 decide to take Bunny Mike to the hospital (and we have a terrible moment where Donna tries to prove she doesn’t need help from a man by… needing help. Two person job Donna, regardless of gender, bunny mike is a big guy). When Bunny Mike wakes up and attacks Donna, Doug shoots him. The mask comes off and they see a normal 19 year old boy.

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Thinning the Herd by Adrian Phoenix

Fortune tellers and hippies are dying in large numbers in Oregon – only noticed by one man. A man sworn to protect the city, a hero in his own mind, a man who knows the secrets of the supernatural

Hal, a Dogcatcher, And he wields a mean catchpole.

I just… can’t even begin to express my opinions about the protagonist, Hal. On so many levels he’s a parody of awfulness. He’s clueless, arrogant and ridiculously full of himself and his abilities and his roles. He is also skilled, talented, brave and in some ways every bit the hero he thinks he is. At the same time, while he’s an appalling joke, he’s constantly treated as that – he’s often terrible and ridiculous but, at the same time, I think we’re fully expected to see him as that. He’s awful, but I don’t think we’re meant to ignore the fact – hence his constant abuse of poor cyclists for example. I don’t think we’re expected to see his truly epic fighting skills and not think that he’s also totally a cool person which he clearly isn’t.

And I can’t deny that he’s funny. His interactions with the people around him, his ridiculous belief that he’s not just a superhero but that everyone fully knows about it. His firm refusal to deal with reality, his happy poking of corpses… it’s funny, it’s really really funny.

I just don’t know with this guy. I alternate being repelled and amused by him – and I think that’s intentional

It helps that some of the characters around him – especially the two other main characters: Nicka and Galahad - is pretty amazing and hilarious. They are both yokai, kind of reverse were-animals, animal that become human during the day. So we have a cat, with all the immense sarcasm that requires, and a wolf – who can easily be distracted by a well thrown squeaky toy (of course, the cat can easily be fascinate by a bell as well).

The three of them make for a hilariously combination. And I like the idea if were animals that aren’t you classic human-to-animal because why not have both? I’m not so sure about calling them “yokai” though, especially in a setting that has no Asian characters.

Izombie, Season 2, Episode 7: Abra Cadaver

Liv insists on having a serious talk about Major and the downside of zombiedom relationship – not just the lack of sex but also because her personality is inclined to change so radically based on her last meal. Major insists he’s not going away

Time for this week’s death – a man in goth clothes who has apparently been killed by a playing card.

The man is called Sid Wicked (he’s a magician apparently – and part of a huge magician convention) and the card did have a sharp metal edge. They interview the maid (who has a very expensive manicure for someone working with their hands all day) who says Sid was yelling at the “angels”.

Ravi also finds that a not-big-fan of Sid’s sent him a rotten fish. Also Ravi is, of course, geekily happy about the Magician Convention because he’s Ravi.

At the morgue we are reminded that Ravi is still in a relationship with the hardly-seen Steph (and not unhappy but not thrilled) and Liv makes another disturbingly tasty brainy meal. She now has magician skills and morbid showmanship. Nahhh, not running with this one.

And Ravi’s relationship issues are shown by Peyton still living with him and Major and she decides to dance in random shorts in the kitchen (is that breakfast? Because dancing in the morning is forbidden by international treaty). And Ravi is being all kinds of leery about how quickly Steph is moving in the relationship (albeit not that quickly) and apparently celebrating Bonfire Night in late November or December. Peyton amusingly treats him accordingly for his silliness

Especially when Major joins them to discuss just how extreme Liv brains can get. They don’t reassure him much.

Ravi is also very unenthused about his date with Steph which is fully understandable when we see the trainwreck of awful that is her Bonfire Night celebration. She’s also clearly put a whole lot of money, time and effort into producing this Awfulness which is all kind of sad and adds to Ravi’s unease.

He wakes up hung over with her planning waay more time together and he breaks up with her.

Police investigation points to Sid being widely hated in the magical community because he kept revealing the methods beyond their magic tricks which is a big no-no. They go on to interview another magician and find she is both skilled with playing cards – and may have been getting married to the victim. She’s also missing a card from her metal tipped card deck. She tells them all about why she hated him, doubts very much that Sid is dead – and has a good alibi.

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Devices Shining Brightly (Magnificent Devices #9) by Shelley Adina

It is time for the event of the season – the Dunsmuirs are holding a party to celebrate Claire and Andrew’s marriage and everyone who is everyone will be invited to take part.

Of course that includes Claire’s best friend Alice and her fiancĂ© Ian. And Alice is beginning to realise what it means to be marriage to a British noble – and while she loves him, she’s having second thoughts about everything that comes with him

Gloria Meriwether-Astor’s cousins also arrive and, of course, get an invite – but in the process the tensions in the family and in Gloria’s family business come to light

This is a short story, and pretty much an ideal example of one for me.

The plot is fun and works so well with the rest of the world. I don’t think you will need to read this book to transition from the last book to Gloria’s adventures in the next novel. But by reading this it nicely will fill in a lot of gaps and really set up the next chapter. We’ve been introduced to the new principle characters and the details of the conflict. It’s a truly excellent prologue that really tells us why all the characters are there and what they are doing and their goals.

The next book can launch right into the story because everything has been excellently established without the need to make it essential. For me this is exactly what a short story needs to do – add richness to the world and characters without making them an essential component.

It also does this through a fun little story. It’s not super-dramatic and it’s certainly not action packed. But that’s a good thing – Claire et al seem to spend so much of their life in peril and action that this is an excellent change of pace. Why not just have a party? Let’s see these characters living together, dealing with something relatively mundane together – it’s lighter and fun because of it.

It also has some very nice challenges and examination of sexism of the era. There’s the obvious – all of the women are planning their own lives. Even better, they’re all planning different lives, different paths – because there’s more than one way for a woman to live and be strong and express her agency.

There are some excellent call outs – Alice fighting fiercely and courageously against the idea that she cannot captain her own airship. This is the kind of thing I’d expect on most female led steampunks at this point.

The Leftovers, Season 2, Episode 7: Most Powerful Adversary

Kevin wakes up, handcuffed to the bed and with Hallucination!Patti telling him Nora has packed and left. Kevin goes into denial while Patti repeatedly insist that Nora has left him. He tries to get Jill to fetch tools to open the cuffs and she finds a note instead – and when Kevin refuses to tell her anything she opens it. The note says that Nora has left with the baby but not why

Jill is furious and storms out.

Kevin keeps calling Nora, insisting “he’s not crazy” while Patti offers reassurance. He goes to a locksmith to have the cuff removed but has problems because it’s police issue (and, therefore, the locksmith is leery of helping a felon) and because he keeps talking to (swearing at) Patti. She continues to troll and annoy Kevin – especially when he demands to know why she’s following him (turns out she doesn’t know either).

Jill goes to tell Michael all about how her dad is fucking up her family and he objects to her swearing in a church – so she screams “fuck” over and over. Because she is five. And, to be fair, with her knew family going through unpleasantness, has bigger things to worry about than whether an angry deity’s precious ears will be offended by the naught words. She tells him about her dad “losing his mind” and hearing voices. Michael asks how sure she is the voices are not there since he does.

This is not reassuring – she’s also quick to leap topics and take a stab at him refusing to have sex with her but still “fool around” because Jesus and then yelling at god for not talking to her. But Michael has a very sensible reason for not having sex – he doesn’t want to, they don’t know each other well enough yet.

Michael decides to join Kevin and reveal that he knows who Kevin is seeing because his grandfather told him (and he describes Patti). He wants to help Kevin de-Patti himself and off they go to see his grandfather (the man his mother hates), Virgil.

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Into the Badlands, Season One, Episode One: The Fort

A voice tells us about a war that led to darkness and fear until the barons comprised of seven men and one woman made order out of chaos.  People came to them for protection and that protection became servitude. Guns were banished and a group of lethal fighters called clippers were created. The world is built on blood and no one is innocent. The narrator welcomes us to the Badlands.

Sonny gets off his bike when he sees a turned over vehicle and a row of tided up dead bodies.  He takes the time to close the eyes of one of the cadavers and notes that one chain is open, suggesting that at least one person escaped.  Sunny pulls out a scope and scans the surrounding area, stopping when he sees smoke from a fire.

A group of men are camped by the roadside when Sonny pulls up.  A very confident Sonny leaves his sword next to his bike and walks over to the men to question them about the dead Cogs and the ambush. Sonny explains that the transport belonged to his baron but the men are not impressed by the fact that Sonny is a Clipper.  Sony asks about a trunk and is told that it's none of his damn business. One of the men gets the smart idea to pick up a sword and attack Sonny and ends up dead for his trouble.  Seeing their compatriot dead, the men at the camp get up and decide to attack Sonny, only to be killed themselves or badly injured.

Sonny picks up gold pieces around the fire pit and with the men out of the way, Sony opens the trunk to find a boy inside of it. M.K pops out and tries to run by Sonny throws a weapon which wraps around M.K.'s feet making him fall to the ground and in the process hit his head. When M.K. wakes, he sees Sonny having a drink by a grave that he has dug and tries to sneak away.  Sonny tells M.K. that there's no place to run and asks how M.K. ended up in trunk and not dead like the rest. When M.K says that he's just lucky, Sonny makes it clear that lying to him would not be a good idea. Sonny orders M.K. to help with the dead bodies and M.K. recognizes one of the dead.  M.K. is informed that he will be taken back to the fort but M.K. points out that no one would know if Sonny let him go. Sonny counters that M.K. will survive a lot longer working in his Baron's poppy fields.  Sonny hands M.K. the shovel and goes to sit next to his bike.  M.K. turns and asks for Sonny's name and snarks about Sonny showing up killing people and leaving.  M.K. asks if Sonny brightens everyone's day and is ordered to dig.

With M.K. on the back of his bike, Sonny drives back to the fort through the field of poppies where labourers are working .  M.K. pauses to look at the workers and makes eye contact with a boy about his age. Sonny drives into the fort and stops in front of a group of Clippers, who are through a Kata. When Sonny is noticed, the Clippers acknowledge Sonny as a Regent.  As Sonny and M.K. walk, they come across a group of youths fighting in a pit and Sonny informs M.K. that he is looking at Colts, who one day hope to grow up to be Clippers.  M.K is not interested in this option and Sonny warns him that this means he will spend the rest of his life working in the fields.  An alarm goes off and Sonny encourages M.K. to follow along, so that he can see the Baron welcome in the rest of the recruits.

Quinn, he Baron, holds up the bible and tells the boys that there is no God in the Badlands because God does not feed them, clothe them, or protect them, because he does.  Most of the boys are orphans and the Quinn says that the strongest will be given a chance to be trained as Clippers. To Quinn, Clippers are his family and once someone is accepted into the Quinn's family, there is no other family.  In return for their loyalty, they can have the best food, weapons and women. Wow, I just love hearing that women are property. Sonny is ordered to remove his vest and on his back we see a mark for every one Sonny has ever killed. Sonny tells the group of assembled kids that he kills to protect the Baron's interests. Quinn says that no Clipper in the Badlands is more feared or more loyal than Sony. We learn that Sonny was found naked and shivering by a river, with no parents and no name.  Quinn decided that if the Badlands hadn't killed him that there must be a strength inside Sonny, so he took him in. Quinn adds that maybe the boy who will follow in Sonny's footsteps is in this room. Quinn then asks the boys if they want to be part of his family, have the best of everything and kill in his name. All of the boys answer yes sir with the exception of M.K. Quinn tells the boys that their future has begun and they stand, cheer, and clap.

Later, Quinn looks at the coins Sonny found by the campsite and questions why M.K. was taken hostage. M.K. claims that he doesn't know and Quinn asks if M.K. knows what happens to people who keep secrets from him  Quinn orders M.K. to be put in the pit and for Sonny to keep an eye on him. They are joined by Ryder, Quinn's, son who wants to know why Sonny was sent in because he was handling the Nomad problem.  Quin reveals that the Nomads weren't the real problem and that the Widow was paying them to do her dirty work.  Quinn hands over the coin to his son and Ryder says that another Baron is moving against them.  Quinn is adamant that just because the Widow murdered her husband, does not make her a Baron.  Ryder however is more concerned about the fact that their poppies cannot be processed without the Widow's oil and that means that the Widow could easily choke them out.  Sonny points out that if they strike, they will be starting a war with the other five Barons.  Ryder is concerned that if they do nothing, they will look weak, causing the other Barons to come after them anyway. Quinn agrees with Sonny, and they walk away leaving Ryder alone.

M.K. enters the pit topless, except for a chain around his neck holding a pendant. Ace grabs the pendant from M.K. and M.K. immediately demands it back and follows up his demand with a punch. The two boys start to fight but when Ajax starts to get the upper hand, Sony intervenes and pulls Ajax away.  M.K. starts to scream about the pendant and so Sonny takes it away from Ace and stares down at the pendant before walking off. Bale walks up to M.K. and warns that guys like Ajax, like to show off to the Clippers because they want to be picked as Colts.  Bale offers to watch M.K.'s back, if M.K. will watch his. M.K. agrees and Bale walks off.

Quinn heads back to the main house where he finds his first wife Lydia, opening a negative response to a wedding invitation that she sent out. Lydia complains that this is the third rejection from a Baron and adds that when she and Baron got married, no other Baron would have dared to decline the invitation. Quinn points out that Lydia offered to handle the wedding and questions what's really going on. Lydia makes it clear that she is beyond jealousy at this point and encourages Quinn to marry Jade, or have as many wives as he wants. Quinn walks into his office and pauses to grab his head in pain.  Lydia follows Quinn into the office and tells Quinn that he needs to rest and let Ryder take the load. Lydia points out that they talked about giving Ryder more responsibility and Quinn asks if she is planning a wedding or wake. Lydia responds that one day, Ryder is going to succeed his father but Quinn believes that power is not inherited but taken. When Lydia snarks about Ryder cutting off Quinn's head, Quin simply replies that he wishes Ryder would, because he has spent years trying to groom him. When Lydia suggests that Quinn try harder, Quinn responds that they both know that Ryder is not up to the task. Lydia points out all of Ryder's sacrifices and makes it clear that she will not let Quinn abandon Ryder again.

Winner Takes All (Doctor Who: New Series Adventures #3) by Jacqueline Rayner

If you're in your forties, this book will probably feel a lot to you like the plot of The Last Starfighter. Desperate to gain an upper hand on the Mantodeans, the Quevvils, who look like giant porcupines have distributed a video game, promising humans vacations and fabulous prizes if they play it. In this case, the old adage applies, if it looks to good to be true then it is.  The Quevils are looking for a human smart and skilled enough to enter the Mantodeans area and deliver a disrupter. What these players don't realise is that the game is real and each time they die in the game, a real human dies. When the Doctor and Rose pop by to visit Jackie, Mickey challenges the Doctor to a game and being much smarter than the average human, the Doctor gets further in the game than anyone has before, thus drawing that attention of the Quevvils.  The excited Quevvils capture Rose and the Doctor caught up in their quest to finally win the war, not realising that this time they've caught their undoing.

Rayner did a really good job of nailing the characters perfectly.  Every page I read, I could visualize the ninth Doctor, Rose, Jackie and Mickey perfectly. I do however wish I have been given a better sense in the timeline of where this story takes place. My best guess is that it happens sometime between World War Three and Boomtown, simply based on the Doctor's relationship with Mickey. For the Doctor's plan to be successful, he absolutely has to count on Mickey not only doing his bit but being intelligent enough to pull it off and yet it's clear that he doesn't have any respect for him yet.

At this point, Mickey and Rose have clearly ended their semi romantic relationship but that doesn't mean that Mickey is above being jealous.  This is something Rose is acutely aware of - so much so then when she has to choose whose bonds to release first, Rose unties Mickey before the Doctor, sensing that had she approached the Doctor first that it would upset Mickey.  This is far more progress than Rose ever made in the show in terms of Mickey because there never really seemed to be a time when she ever considered his feelings, particularly if the Doctor was involved.  It was nice to see for a change, even if it was out of character for Rose.

I found it ridiculous that given the Doctor's abhorrence of guns that he would play Death to The Mantodeans in the first place.  The Doctor comments that there's a big difference between guns in a game and guns in real life but I don't believe for one moment that the ninth Doctor would have made this distinction, even if it meant showing Mickey up.  More than any other Doctor, the ninth is the PTSD Doctor and I believe that he would have been too haunted by the war and the destruction of Gallifrey to see this as a harmless game.  He does however go off on the stupidity of humans for believing that they could get something for nothing, which is characteristic of the ninth Doctor.

Once Upon a Time, Season 5, Episode 9: The Bear King

Past Camelot Zelena has teleported Arthur to Camelot (‘tis a silly place) and the pair don’t like each other very much but they do have to work together – and for that they need another shiny from Dunbroch – Merida’s land.

Where Merida has just saved her brothers and proven herself to be Queen material – as she and her mother prepare for her coronation at her father’s grave.

This is not nearly confusing enough! We need a flashback to Dunbroch several years earlier when King Fergus was alive and going to look for the witch who turned his wife into a bear. Not for vengeance - but because he needs more magic to resist invasion.

She agrees – in exchange for an IOU (such a terrible terrible idea) and gets a magical helmet with ill defined magical abilities but does “exactly what he wants”

Aaaagh this man should never ever make a deal with magical people!  Can you imagine what Rumplestiltskin would have done with such vague terms?!

Fastforward to the coronation year and it’s Merida’s coronation – when the witch arrives despite not being invited. What, not invited? Damn it people – first making vague deals then not inviting evil magical people to your shindigs? Have ye never read a fairy tale?!

She’s here to collect on her deal. She wants more money than the whole clans have – and if she doesn’t get her money or the helm back she’s going to curse the whole kingdom to become bears.

She’s something of a one trick pony it has to be said. Or she has a thing for bears. She also leaves with a little stab about Fergus not knowing how to lead.

Unfortunately that helm was taken by the knight who killed Fergus – her mother isn’t a fan of Merida running off questing after a helmet held by a knight who already killed Fergus.

Flashback to when Fergus was alive and Merida is faced with both the contempt of the soldiers and the harsh realities of war and people expecting to die – and Merida gains a tutor. Mulan

MULAN!!! Someone opened the plot box! Mulan tells her honour is super important.

Once Upon a Time, Season 5, Episode 8: Birth

We start, for once, on modern Storybrook, with David, Killian and Robin moving on the villainous Robin in his camp. David accuses him of lying, demands to know who Nimue is – Arthur runs, fights and is not defeated by the Three Stooges but by Emma, wielding a whole Excalibur. In the Dark One’s hands is very very scary

Killian and Emma now get one of their sad emotional moments. Killian wants her to tell him about Nimue and why she wants Excalibur – but all she’ll say is she’s doing everything for Killian.

Why is that not comforting?

Anyway they take him for questioning and David objects to Killian raising his voice (He’ll sacrifice babies but he has limits). Regina also wants them all not to trust what Emma says at the moment because she is the Dark One – they need to stop her. Killian doesn’t buy it because twu lub.

And he goes to see Rumpelstiltskin and Belle (Emma has also stolen his lethal squid ink) for more insight into Dark One thinking – and he comes up with atonement. The Dark One is always haunted by regret and he needs to figure out what Emma is atoning for.

Now for some flashbacks! 3 weeks earlier, in Camelot with Emma dressed as a Cistercian monk with the Spark of Prometheus – but no sword. Merlin is being compelled by Arthur and uses woo-woo to freeze Henry and *gasp* Granny (oh he will pay for that). Merlin has been ordered to reforge Excalibur or he will kill her family and he cannot disobey.

He also begs her not to go all dark and vengeancey like Nimue did (I am, of course, chanting “vengeance, vengeance vengeance!”). Her inner Rumple would rather she didn’t light the spark since Arthur will probably use a newly forged Excalibur to kill her. She’s also having trouble lighting it since she can apparently only do that when she’s ready to let go of the darkness (so what does that mean in the future when she does light it?).

Henry brings some sappy happy goodness (a newspaper advert for a home that Killian wanted to own with her with their collective zero income) and she decides she simply must use the Darkness one last time as she goes to the meeting with Arthur, Zelina (and the Charmings tied to trees and in peril but totally not going to die because Once Upon a Time loves to destroy my dreams. Also Regina who needs to live because she’s awesome.)

Emma chooses to fight – incapacitating Zelina because Wicked Witch vs Dark One is not a fair fight before we get the real clash: Merlin vs Emma – but Merlin is far more experienced. Arthur orders Merlin to kill Mary Margaret (Yaaaaaaay!) while Emma urges him to resist the darkness (does compulsion count as Darkness?).

While this is dramatically happening, Killian escapes. See tying someone’s arms around a tree by the wrist isn’t that effective when the one-handed man has a detachable prosthetic. Arthur runs to Zelena and frees her so they can escape (everyone watches him. Seriously, everyone. Killian, Emma, Merlin – they just watch him).

So everyone rejoices and decamps to Granny’s but Merlin is out of action because resisting Excalibur isn’t easy – that leaves Emma and Regina to be awesome together. Emma is still having issues with lighting the spark and letting go of the Darkness; something Regina understands since she knows the temptation of the Dark Side. Regina is also awesome – Regina keeps gently poking her to admit where she’s clinging to the darkness before, in the name of friendship, using the Dagger to make Emma tell her why. Regina urges her, pushes her – until Killian steps in and stops it.

Emma leaves – because the truth is painful.

Back to the Present, Zalina’s pregnant is magically accelerated and she enters labour – presumably due to dark Magic. Emma’s. They rush Zelena to the hospital to see Dr. Whale (Frankenstein – also Blaine from iZombie which I cannot not unsee, especially since he has his blonde hair which Regina duly mocks – and either way he has the hilariously WORST bedside manner). Regina’s line “is there really no other doctor in this town?”

Belle and Mary Margaret arrive with bad news – to destroy white magic in the world, Emma needs the cries of a newborn child. Robin pledges to defend the baby, more importantly, so does Regina.

Killian manages to find Emma by jumping off a roof and relying on her to save him. He again begs her to tell him the truth and how he totally won’t blame her because he’s done so many bad things himself and he’s totally ready to forgive her of everything because he loves her that much.

So she takes him to her home – the home he picked out for the both of them. She’s still keeping her secrets because she knows he’ll try to stop him – and she drugs him.

A baby is born, a girl while Regina is torn over helping her evil sister and all the conflict over her new niece. Then Emma shows up – and takes Zelena. Turns out she didn’t want the baby.

Zelena and Emma get imprisoned together – and Emma arrives to tell them her evil plan: she doesn’t want to destroy Light Magic – she wants to destroy Dark Magic. Which requires a nice disposable vessel. Hey there Zelena! Killian is super sad that she’s going to engage in cold-blooded murder (like him! Or Regina! Or Mary Margaret – but not against a baby, only the Charmings are that evil). He wants them to go to Merlin – but that’s apparently not an option

Flashback again! Emma and Killian talk about the house where Killian wants them to live in together – and we learn the truth. Emma is holding on to the darkness because she has a major case of Commitmentphobia. The minute she gets rid of the Darkness there’s no barrier to her moving in with Killian for their happily ever after. They kiss – and the spark lights to flame.

Present Regina is planning an epic show-down against Emma because she only gets to hurt Zelena… Mary Margaret and David wetly slop all over this plan and Regina reminds us all that Emma gave her the Dagger because she trusted Regina to take her down if they had to.

Regina and Emma confront each other – and Emma uses magic to stop them

In the basement Killian realises he has to use his magical Hook to remove Zelena’s cuff and give her back her power. Zelena escapes, Killian is determined to stay and find the missing squid ink to freeze Emma.

And Zelena returns. While Emma is frozen she stabs Killian… which doesn’t kill him. To explain that she has a dreamcatcher full of memories:

Flashback: When Emma starts to reunite the sword – and Killian starts bleeding to death. He was cut by Excalibur, and Excalibur causes mortal wounds with even the most minor of injuries. Emma refuses to give up her power until she saves him – which she can do; by freeing Merlin from the sword and binding Killian to it, making him immortal. But the cost can multiply dark magic, maybe create another Dark One and mean she can only end it by paying “the steepest of prices”.  It will also take her to the deep dark side.

Even Regina thinks this is a bad idea – but she can’t argue when faced with what she would do to save the man she love.

She teleports out, taking Killian with her – he begs her not, he doesn’t think he can resist the darkness not since he already went all evil before. As he dies Emma binds Killian to the sword – and becomes the leather clad Dark One we know. At the shrine of the Dark One a new Dark One emerges – Killian (he looks better in leather than in a robe).

Present Killian is hit by this huge revelation but Zelena shows him the complete sword and removes the spell that hides his name on the blade. Killing Zelena was all about saving Killian – Killian is hellaciously pissed.

Regina always has the best lines. Though Whale is pretty good too.

After last episode and this I am still more curious about the nature of “darkness” and moral decay – which, in turn, does poke more holes into this show’s morality (which is already pretty shredded – ask the baby sacrificing Charmings). I mean, Merlin would be giving in to the Darkness if he is magically compelled to kill an evil baby killer Mary Margaret? And should we be concerned that the Uber Binding Spells of Awesome apparently have limits since they’re pretty much the only thing that can hold the Dark One in check?

Regina and Emma are always awesome. And I kind of like Emma’s commitmentphobia motive because it’s so classically an aversion of the trope (usually it’s the male partner who fears commitment in fiction) AND it’s very very true to the character. She only admits love when she feels she can’t follow up on it.

Emma’s dark plan involves killing Zelena! ZOMG that would be… uh… a really good idea? Sorry are we only allowed to sacrifice babies to the Greater Good? Sorry Zelena but we’ll buy you a nice headstone. With a dance floor. Regina will look awesome dancing on it.

I do not rate or even begin to grasp the idea of Regina going to bat for Zelena. Nope nope nope. If it were a choice between Emma or Zelena, Zelena would be dead and rotting before the echoes died.

Dark One Killian? We are about to reach peak sexy leather.

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Walking Dead, Season Six, Episode Six: Always Accountable

Tashsa, Abraham and Darryl are still leading the walkers away when out of nowhere, they get shot at. Darryl falls off his bike but manages to get back up quickly.  Unfortunately,when Darryl does get up, there are cars in between him and Sasha and Abraham.  Sasha and Abraham crash their car and come out shooting.  Darryl continues to drive away with a car following him, as Sasha and Abraham on load bullets into the car.  Abraham wants to finish off their pursuers but is stopped by Sasha, who says that there could be more.  Darryl rides his bike into a wooded area to shake off his pursuers.

Darryl drives through the woods until his motorcycle stops and he falls off. When hears a sound he turns his head to find the head of a walker in cased in a motorcycle helmet. When next we see Darryl, he is walking through the woods pushing is bike. In frustration, Darryl drops it next to a bush and tries to contact Sasha and Abraham only to get static.   When Darryl looks at his hand, he notices that it is dripping blood, so the takes off his leather jacket.  Gotta say, Norman Reedus has some pipes. When Darryl looks at his arms, he finds that he badly bruised and bloodied, so grabs his bag from his bike.  In the distance, Darryl hears a sound, causing him to drop his bag, cover his bike and grab his cross bow.  Darryl moves forward slowly, crossbow at the read and stops when comes across two women with their arms raised in surrender.  Sherry is quick to say that they earned what they took. Dwight uses Darryl's distraction to sneak up on him and knock him unconscious.  When Darryl wakes, briefly he finds himself beside a fire and he hears Dwight and the two women talking, as Sherry packs away Darryl's crossbow.

Dwight wakes Darryl in the morning and Darryl finds that his hands are tied.  Dwight points his gun at Darryl and informs them that they are moving and that Darryl is not say a word if he wants to live. Darryl informs Dwight that he is not who he thinks he is, and is threatened again because he spoke. Dwight pulls Darryl to his feet and orders him to follow the two women.  Sherry offers her little sister a drink telling her that they need to stay hydrated.  Dwight offers the water to Darryl and tells him that if they are found, they might hand Darryl over because they are reasonable people. Dwight adds that if Darryl feels that he has to kneel, that's fair enough but they don't feel that way.  Dwight announces that they are making a pit stop and then will pick up Patty.  Dwight talks about how they burned out the forest and then ran for the car.  Apparently, this was their way of fighting off the walkers.  As they walk through the dead forest, they pass burned out walkers.  It seems that Dwight thought all humans were fighting the apocalypse but now believes they were stupid.  Darryl stops to ask if they are being stupid right now.  Dwight asks if Darryl is going to kill them, putting his gun to Darryl's head.  Dwight says that Darryl made a choice to kill for someone else to have a roof and food and asks again if he being stupid by not killing Darryl. Darryl replies no and offers a deal because he has someplace he has to be.  Dwight however is convinced that Darryl is, "one of them".   Dwight gives the order for Darryl to keep moving.

Dwight pushes Darryl through a clearing and they come to a fenced in area with zombies roaming in it. They drop their pack and a defeated Dwight says that Patty is gone.  Sherry says that they have to make another plan and Dwight responds that getting out of here is the plan.  They talk about if this is the right thing for all of them and Tina suggests that Dwight and Sherry return and blame it all on her. Dwight and Sherry are adamant that they won't do this and Tina collapses.  Darryl uses Tina's collapse to grab the pack and take off running.  Dwight fires at Darryl but Darryl makes it away.

Darryl dives into a ditch, takes off the ropes binding him and grabs the radio to get in touch with Sasha and Abraham.  Darryl gets no answer but he notes walkers not far from his location.  Darryl stumbles to his knees and struggles to get the bag open to grab his cross bow.  Darryl gets it out in just enough time to kill the approaching walker.  When Darryl looks into the bag, he sees that it also contains insulin.  Hmmm this must be why Tina collapsed.

Abraham and Sasha are tracking Darryl.  Sasha is adamant that there aren't enough people around to wait for someone to ambush and their attackers that their attackers couldn't have been just watching them, given what they were doing when they were attacked. Abraham is certain that their attackers were looking for someone specific.  Sasha tries to contact Darryl but gets not response. Abraham however is sure that Darryl is on his way back to Alexandria now. Sasha however is sure that Darryl wouldn't leave them behind. Abraham wonders if they should look for Darryl but Sasha argues that the best way to find a tracker is to stay put and let him find them.  Abraham is not at all excited about this idea. Sasha makes a deliberate boot print in the mud and takes off walking..  When they reach a building, Sasha carves Darryl's last name into a door.  Abraham prepares to shoot a walker and Sasha tells him that he is smarter than that and that they don't need to leave breadcrumbs.

Sasha and Abraham walk through a build to looking for a place to stay.  Abraham finds a military uniform loaded down with weapons.  When he makes his way into the main room with Sasha, Abraham finds a walker encased behind a glass room. Sasha assures Abraham that the walker cannot get out and that they are fine.  Sasha asks Abraham if he wants to stand watch or sleep and he chooses to stand watch and "do a little shopping".  Abraham starts to go through the place and Sasha lies down trying to sleep.

After a few minutes Abraham confronts a still awake Sasha and says that she has no idea how much he wants to kill the locked up zombie.  Abraham asks if this is their new home and if they should name the zombie.  Sasha is adamant that Abraham got himself into this because she was going to drive the car by herself until Abraham chose to tag along. Abraham claims that he didn't have choice because Sasha was out of control for awhile there. Abraham points out that Sasha almost took his arm off on the road to paradise.  Sasha acknowledges that this was the case but says that she is fine now. When Abraham asserts the same, she questions if this is why he wants to kill that walker and the guys in the car.  Abraham however says that loose ends make his ass itch.  Abraham even argues that if he is still messed up, it's because the ship keeps hitting the fan but Sasha points out that there was respite and even a party. Abraham snarks about the party being the time of his life and Sasha counters that he didn't have to throw himself out of a moving car to feel like he is calling the ball.  Sasha says that if you have a roof over your head, food and walls then you have choices.  Without walkers, bullets and shit hitting the fan, it make Abraham accountable for his choices.  Sasha argues that without the background noise, people won't notice Abraham as much.  Sasha again asks, "stand watch or sleep" and this time, Abraham chooses to sleep through the night and then reassess in the morning.

Darryl approaches the group with his cross bow pointed and demands that Dwight hand over the gun. Darryl asks what Dwight has in exchange for the duffel bag because they put him through too much shit to just hand it over. When Sherry says nothing, Darryl asks for the figure that Dwight carved the night before.  Darryl tosses the bag and tells them good luck before heading off into the woods.  Darryl doesn't get far because a vehicle pulls into the woods, so he hides behind a tree. A voice calls out that they should end this but Sherry calls out that they earned what they took. Dwight yells out to Wade that they are not going back.

Doctor Who, Season Nine, Episode Nine: Sleep No More

This episode begins with Rasmussen delivering a stern warning to the viewer that they must not watch this recording. Yeah, doesn't a warning like  that always make you want to watch whatever you're not supposed to watch even more?  Rasmussen warns that he has pieced together the story the best that he can but that there are elements missing. We are told about a rescue team from Triton and warned not to get attached to any of them.  The team is made up of Chopra, Commander Nagata, Deep-Ando, and 474 - a drone. Rasmussen says that the team came to find him and warns everyone that if they are to watch, they have to pay close attention because our lives will depend on it.

Chopra is upset about the colonizing of sleep but Nagara is only interested in finding out what happened to the missing crew.  The team make their way through the station noting that there is no sign of anyone.  Cue the arrival of The Doctor and Clara.  it's 474 who hears Clara and The Doctor coming.  Clara wonders if the Doctor has brought her to a space restaurant and the Doctor goes on a small rant about people never putting the word space in front of items.  When the Doctor and Clara are confronted by the rescuers, the Doctor pulls out his psychic paper to explain their presence. Nagata asks what happened and the Doctor explains that they just arrived. Nagata responds that they are a rescue mission because 24 hours ago, the station went quiet.

The Doctor and Clara join up with the rescuers and he licks his finger to test the air, saying that they in their 38th century.  When The Doctor brings up the great catastrophe and the alignment of India and Japan, Clara starts to ask questions, only to be diverted the Doctor.  474 and Chopra end up in a slight fight after Chopra shoves 474 away.  The Doctor explains that 474 is a drone and the purpose is to create an instant army.  In the distance, groaning can be heard and the Doctor tells Clara to hold his hand. When the sound gets louder, The Doctor yells run and the group complies but gets split up, with Deep Ando heading off alone.  The Doctor, Clara, and three members of the team make it into a room where they bar the doors. A sand like creature reaches it's hand right through the door.

Deep Ando tries desperately to reach the rest of the team as he walks through the halls of the ship. In the room, Nagata tries to get into contact with Ando, while the Doctor ties to figure out what the creatures who attacked them are made of.  The Doctor learns that the creature is definitely organic. Clara leans on a machine and is informed that it is a Morpheus (yep, the Greek God of dreams) machine. When Chopra hears some static, he steps away to try and gain contact with Deep Ando. The Doctor offers to take a look at the communication device. Clara however is more interested in the Morpheus machine.  When Clara gets it to open, it swallows her and plays a retro version of Mr. Sandman.  The Doctor panics and releases Clara, as Nagata explains that it was just Morpheus.

Clara asks why the machine grabbed her and the Doctor explains that it thought that Clara need some sleep. The Doctor asks what Morpheus is but before anyone can answer, 474 notices that the last pod isn't empty.  The last pod starts to play Mr. Sandman and an irritated Doctor uses his wretched Sonic sunglasses (yes, he is still wearing the blasted things) to shut it down.  Clara talks the person inside the machine into coming out.  You guessed it, it's Rasmussen.

Back on the tape. Rasmussen says that he wanted to get out of the machine but that The Doctor wanted an explanation first.

A hologram appears and talks about how people can take stimulants to stay awake but people always have to sleep.  It seems that the Morpheus concentrates the experience of sleep into just five minutes. Now people can go a whole month without sleep, freeing the night for humans to continue working. Clara calls the plan insane and horrible.  The holograms encourages everyone to join the new generations of wide awakes.  Rasmussen explains that Morpheus is his invention and that the pod sends out a signal that changes the chemistry of the brain.  Chopra expresses his absolute disgust with the machine.  The Doctor tells Rasmussen that he has conquered nature and created an abomination. He even admits to sleeping when Clara isn't looking.

Da Vinci's Demons, Season 3, Episode 4: The Labrys

Leo and Lucrezia and a young son Andrea living an idyllic life – vision, dream or hallucination? One of the three. Even then Leo and Lucrezia are worried about the Architect in Rome. He apparently did something 10 years ago and now wants to be left alone – which involves not attracting attention and taking their son to Rome. We also have an ominous cave.

And back to reality with Leo being all drugged and brainwashed to join the Labyrinth)

Riario meets up with the Architect who continues to be all calm about everything, Riario continues to suspect Carlo.

Carlo is leading the brainwashing while Leo loathes him and accuses him repeatedly of killing Clarice which makes Carlo all agitated because he loved Clarice.

More drugs, more visions of Leo’s idyllic life. He’s not very good at idyllic life though, with his son drawing disturbing crucifixions and difficult moral choices and apparently destroying the Book of Leaves as well as his ongoing conflict with the Labyrinth which controls hallucination world – and demands obedience and conformity.

Hallucination world also has a Vanessa and Zoroaster leading a resistance (against Leo’s knowledge, but helped by Vanessa). Nico’s dead – and Zoroaster blames Leo. Leo tries to get rid of them and they speak of the atrocities the Labyrinth commits to force their conformity. They also have a missing page of the Book of Leaves, they want Leo to use to destroy the Labyrinth.

Hallucination Carlo, Labyrinth bigwig also joins them to scrub in all the terribleness and how Leo destroyed the Book of Leaves and Florence. And the whole conflict over whether to make their son be a whole pro-Roman zealot. He also has visions in his vision. This is getting Inception-y here.

More conflict between the rebels and Labyrinth with Vanessa dying and telling Leo to Wake Up. More fighting more dying and Andrea is a good indoctrinated child of the Labyrinth and helps Carlo and kills Lucrezia – behold the power and evil of indoctrination

Seeing this, Leo grabs a book of leaves page, announces none of this is real – and….

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Grimm, Season Two, Episode Three: Lost Boys

"I think I had a mother once."

Nick has sold his house and is making a final walk through as the movers take out boxes.  Nick picks up Kelly and places him in the car seat saying he didn't think he was going to be here forever but that he didn't  know anything about being a Grimm when he bought the house.  Nick tells Adalind that she was the first Woge that he ever saw. They talk about how they both scared each other because it seems that Nick, was Adalind's first Grimm.  Nick and Adalind head downstairs and he is the last to leave.

Monroe is checking out the receipts from the Spice Shop and learns that they made serious money the day before.  Rosealee heads into the spice shop to fix a drink and when she picks up a container, she sees the bullet hole from where Juliette forced Nick to take a shot at Monroe. When Monroe joins Rosealee in the shop, she says that she misses the old Juliet. Monroe agrees that he misses that Juliet as well.

Wendy runs through the woods and she is being chased while young boys call out mother where are you. Wendy trips and falls ass over tea kettle hitting her head.  The kids catch up with her, and Peter declares that Mother is dead. Big John ominously asks how Wendy could do this because they loved her. The boys wonder if the issue is that they don't love Wendy enough.  The kids run off when they hear a sound, except for Big John who stops to collect a lock of hair.  A man gets out of a truck and pauses when he sees Wendy's body.  The kids watch from a distance and their eyes turn frightening colours. Clearly, these kids are Wesen.

Nick drives Adalind into an industrial area promising her that it's nicer on the inside.  Adalind reluctantly gets out of the truck and Nick uses the security pad to open the main doors.  When they walk in, Nick says that the place is barren but that he got them enough to start. Adalind asks about the furniture and Nick reveals that it is in storage because he didn't want anything from the old house. Nick is adamant that he doesn't want anyone to know where they are.  The building has several exits. Adalind admits that their new home isn't charming but that she feels safer than in the house.  Nick makes it clear that after everything that happened, he isn't taking any chances with Adalind or with Kelly. Aww isn't sweet how protective he is of his rapist? Nick hands Adalind a credit card and tells her to get whatever she needs. He then hands her a piece of paper with the entrance code and two sets of keys: one for their home and the other for Juliette's car.  Nick gets a call from Hank and he says that he can be there in 20 minutes. Nick leaves and locks up after himself.

The boys are at the campsite and Big John tells Peter that it is his fault that mother got away, Big John admits to falling asleep, though he was supposed to be on watch.  Big John then adds Wendy's hair to a box which contain other samples.  Peter says that real mothers would never abandon their children no matter what they were and that Wendy got what she deserved.  Lilly starts to cough, so Peter brings her a drink instructing her to drink as much as she can and then sleep.   Lilly says that she cannot sleep and that it's hard to breathe.  One of the boys suggests that Lilly needs some real medicine and Peter assigns Big John to head into town.

Wu leads Nick and Hank to Wendy's body.  They note that Wendy is very injured and that someone was keeping her tied up.  Wu says that she is missing person who was reported missing over two years ago.

At the station, Renard finds Martin waiting for him. They both express relief to see the other alive.  Martin says that he is there to inform Renard that the King had an accident and fell out of the helicopter halfway over the ocean.  Renard asks about Diana and learns that the little girl is safe and with friends.  Martin says that Victor wasn't happy about being replaced by his cousin Kenneth and not happy with the King for doing it.  Martin takes credit for the King and says that Victor is on the throne for now.  Renard asks to see Diana and is informed by Martin that he doesn't know where Diana is and will contact him later.

John and Peter are inside a pharmacy.  When a mother starts to scream at a child, Big John's eyes turn red, causing Peter to grab his arm and ask if he wants to go back to foster care. When a cop walks in, Peter decides that it is time to move somewhere else.

Back at the station, Nick, Hank and Renard watch a tape which shows the last time Wendy was seen. Renard orders Hank and Nick to talk to Wendy's husband and inform him that his wife's body has been found.

Peter and John walk into Rosealee's spice shop to ask if she has anything for a cough.  Rosalee starts going through the options when John drops a glass.  Rosealee starts to leave to get a broom and Peter uses the opportunity to pocket the medicine. Rosealee catches him in the act and Peter makes a move for the door, only to be grabbed by Rosealee. When Rosealee says that she is calling the police, Peter woges and attacks.  Rosealee manages to take him down and take the medicine out of his pocket. Peter pleads that the medicine is for his little sister and says that he would pay for it if he had money. Rosealee starts asking where Peter's parents are and where he lives and Peter begs, saying that the medicine is for his sick sister.  Rosealee gives Peter the medicine and warns him not to try it again. Peter sneaks out when Monroe enters the store.  Rosealee explains to Monroe  that Peter is an Apgadnieks, who tried to shop lift but that she wasn't hurt. Monroe is not impressed to learn that Rosealee let Peter go. Monroe says that he has to go and check out a watch but warns Rosealee to stop being such a softy.

Wendy's husband views her body and identifies her. Mr. Henley says that the last time he saw Wendy was the day she disappeared. Nick and Hank ask Mr. Henley as series of questions and he gets indignant, saying that he has answered these questions before and that he didn't kill his wife. Mr.Henley asks where his wife has been for two years and who would do this to her.

Haven, Season 5, Episode 20: Just Passing Through

Now we’re questioning Dave about the Croatoan killings – he killed Charlotte and there’s a good chance he killed the Colorado Kid, James Cogan (the son of Nathan time travelling and Audrey when she was in her past incarnation of Sarah).

Is Dave even physically capable of overpowering Charlotte?

So time to question Dave about everything he remembers about both murders – he remembers a woman and a Thinny when he killed the Colorado Kid, even though the Thinnies were supposed to be all closed. They need to get into the void to get a “controller” in order to build the New Barn – something they need to do without Charlotte…

They don’t find the Thinny, so they need to find the unknown woman from 30 years ago. And the only way to do that is time travel

It says a lot about Haven that all of this actually makes perfect sense
Stewart Mosely has a time travel Trouble (they’ve used it before for much confusing drama one season) and, armed with a sketch from Vince and Dave, they can go find this mysterious woman.

Audrey can’t go back because she was/is immune to the Time Travel Trouble, so it’s Nathan (who went back before and was the father to the Colorado Kid) and Vince since he actually remembers 1983

So 1983 on the right day, that was easy. Of course Nathan gets distracted by his now-dead dad – who is with Lucy (a past incarnation of Audrey). Nathan pretends to be an FBI agent to ask questions about the woman in the sketch but he should have known this was a bad idea: Lucy knows the woman (Barbara Coulton) is Troubled and doesn’t want FBI attention. Especially since this day is the day Lucy enters the barn. So lots of distracting – especially since Nathan messes up within minutes of arriving and uses a local Haven term which makes his dad all suspicious.

Lucy is sent to distract Nathan which causes some tension when they touch – she sends a warning to Barbara to get out of town.

Z Nation, Season Two, Episode Ten: We Were Nowhere Near the Grand Canyon

This episode begins with Warren and Vasquez shooting up zombies in an enclosed place and once out of bullets, they continue the battle with swords.  They have a moment of sexual tension before the kissing starts. Please let this be a dream.  Warren suddenly becomes aware of the environment and Vasquez turns Z.

Yep, it was a dream. When Warren wakes up, she is drooling on Vasquez's shoulder.  Doc reports that they are getting near the Grand Canyon.  In the distance, Warren notes a dust cloud.  Addy and 10K get the radio going trying to get a hold of Citizen Z.  Murphy suggests that Citizen Z is no longer alive because they haven't spoken to him in a long time.

In the arctic, Citizen Z is fighting off a zombie when he hears Addy's message.  Citizen Z is shocked that Addy is still alive and gets on the radio.  Citizen Z asks about the package and Murphy pipes up that he hates being called that.  Citizen Z apologises for setting the whole world on Murphy.  Addy asks for the co-ordinates and he promises to send them when he finds them but warns them about a z horde which is miles wide heading in their direction.  Citizen Z says that they should be making visual contact with the horde at any time. Warren looks through a scope and declares that they are facing the end of the world.

The camper breaks down and so the team resorts to gassing up the ATVS.  Doc and 10K agree to high tail it on foot to higher ground while Vasquez and Warren travel together and Addy and Murphy travel together.  It's not long before they are stopped by a  group of Natives, because they are about to enter tribal land.  Warren gets off the ATV and hands the man the scope to look at the oncoming z horde, saying that he has a few hours or less.  The man tells Warren to come with him.

10K and Doc struggle to climb a rock face and when they make it to the top. they find that they are right next to the Grand Canyon.  The two men are quickly knocked out by an Indigenous man on a horse.

Warren is lead into a defunct casino to meet Chief Danny Firecloud. Murphy snarks about Danny not being a good Indian name and when the two start to bicker, Warren is quick to cut them off.  Warren says that the horde is miles deep but Danny is certain that their defenses will protect them.  Warren asks about the safety of 10K and Doc and is told that if they reach higher ground, they will be fine as long as they don't run into his son.

Being lead through the woods. 10K and Doc are told that they will be treated exactly like how they deserve to be treated. 10K and Doc are informed that they both carry Zendigo - the White man's disease.  They are informed by Red Hawk that Whites infected his tribe before and that Zendigo nearly destroyed his people and so they vowed never to allow that to happen again. 10K is beaten and asked what he is doing on tribal land and Doc protests that they didn't know that they were on sacred ground.  10K argues that they were trying to get away from a zombie mega horde which is headed this way. Unfortunately, Red Hawk believes that Doc and 10K's trespassing is the only thing that will lead zombies to them.  Red Hawk is certain that the zombies aren't interested in Indigenous people. Ayalla intervenes and tells Red Hawk to give the Zendigo thing a rest. Red Hawk is told that if their mother was still alive, she would smack him in the head.  Ayalla decides to take Doc and 10K to the infirmary.

Kuruk, treats Doc and he is quick to ask about something for the pain.  10K thanks Ayalla for her help and says that her brother is just trying to protect their people.  It seems that Red Hawk was a professor with the Native American department in a university pre-zombie.  Red Hawk believes that if they can avoid contact with the outside world that the zombies will die off or someone will synthesize a cure.  Ayalla reveals that Red Hawk and their father don't see eye to eye.  10K asks about Zendigo and she explains that it's when a person takes without regard to the needs of others.

Addy is working on the ham radio to try and get into contact with Citizen Z.  The first thing they pick up is morose code which says CZ repeatedly.  Addy asks to send a message and her helper taps one out which Citizen Z picks up in the arctic.  Citizen Z responds with a set numbers for the location of the secret lab.