Monday, November 16, 2015

The Walking Dead, Season Six, Episode Six: Always Accountable

Tashsa, Abraham and Darryl are still leading the walkers away when out of nowhere, they get shot at. Darryl falls off his bike but manages to get back up quickly.  Unfortunately,when Darryl does get up, there are cars in between him and Sasha and Abraham.  Sasha and Abraham crash their car and come out shooting.  Darryl continues to drive away with a car following him, as Sasha and Abraham on load bullets into the car.  Abraham wants to finish off their pursuers but is stopped by Sasha, who says that there could be more.  Darryl rides his bike into a wooded area to shake off his pursuers.

Darryl drives through the woods until his motorcycle stops and he falls off. When hears a sound he turns his head to find the head of a walker in cased in a motorcycle helmet. When next we see Darryl, he is walking through the woods pushing is bike. In frustration, Darryl drops it next to a bush and tries to contact Sasha and Abraham only to get static.   When Darryl looks at his hand, he notices that it is dripping blood, so the takes off his leather jacket.  Gotta say, Norman Reedus has some pipes. When Darryl looks at his arms, he finds that he badly bruised and bloodied, so grabs his bag from his bike.  In the distance, Darryl hears a sound, causing him to drop his bag, cover his bike and grab his cross bow.  Darryl moves forward slowly, crossbow at the read and stops when comes across two women with their arms raised in surrender.  Sherry is quick to say that they earned what they took. Dwight uses Darryl's distraction to sneak up on him and knock him unconscious.  When Darryl wakes, briefly he finds himself beside a fire and he hears Dwight and the two women talking, as Sherry packs away Darryl's crossbow.

Dwight wakes Darryl in the morning and Darryl finds that his hands are tied.  Dwight points his gun at Darryl and informs them that they are moving and that Darryl is not say a word if he wants to live. Darryl informs Dwight that he is not who he thinks he is, and is threatened again because he spoke. Dwight pulls Darryl to his feet and orders him to follow the two women.  Sherry offers her little sister a drink telling her that they need to stay hydrated.  Dwight offers the water to Darryl and tells him that if they are found, they might hand Darryl over because they are reasonable people. Dwight adds that if Darryl feels that he has to kneel, that's fair enough but they don't feel that way.  Dwight announces that they are making a pit stop and then will pick up Patty.  Dwight talks about how they burned out the forest and then ran for the car.  Apparently, this was their way of fighting off the walkers.  As they walk through the dead forest, they pass burned out walkers.  It seems that Dwight thought all humans were fighting the apocalypse but now believes they were stupid.  Darryl stops to ask if they are being stupid right now.  Dwight asks if Darryl is going to kill them, putting his gun to Darryl's head.  Dwight says that Darryl made a choice to kill for someone else to have a roof and food and asks again if he being stupid by not killing Darryl. Darryl replies no and offers a deal because he has someplace he has to be.  Dwight however is convinced that Darryl is, "one of them".   Dwight gives the order for Darryl to keep moving.

Dwight pushes Darryl through a clearing and they come to a fenced in area with zombies roaming in it. They drop their pack and a defeated Dwight says that Patty is gone.  Sherry says that they have to make another plan and Dwight responds that getting out of here is the plan.  They talk about if this is the right thing for all of them and Tina suggests that Dwight and Sherry return and blame it all on her. Dwight and Sherry are adamant that they won't do this and Tina collapses.  Darryl uses Tina's collapse to grab the pack and take off running.  Dwight fires at Darryl but Darryl makes it away.

Darryl dives into a ditch, takes off the ropes binding him and grabs the radio to get in touch with Sasha and Abraham.  Darryl gets no answer but he notes walkers not far from his location.  Darryl stumbles to his knees and struggles to get the bag open to grab his cross bow.  Darryl gets it out in just enough time to kill the approaching walker.  When Darryl looks into the bag, he sees that it also contains insulin.  Hmmm this must be why Tina collapsed.

Abraham and Sasha are tracking Darryl.  Sasha is adamant that there aren't enough people around to wait for someone to ambush and their attackers that their attackers couldn't have been just watching them, given what they were doing when they were attacked. Abraham is certain that their attackers were looking for someone specific.  Sasha tries to contact Darryl but gets not response. Abraham however is sure that Darryl is on his way back to Alexandria now. Sasha however is sure that Darryl wouldn't leave them behind. Abraham wonders if they should look for Darryl but Sasha argues that the best way to find a tracker is to stay put and let him find them.  Abraham is not at all excited about this idea. Sasha makes a deliberate boot print in the mud and takes off walking..  When they reach a building, Sasha carves Darryl's last name into a door.  Abraham prepares to shoot a walker and Sasha tells him that he is smarter than that and that they don't need to leave breadcrumbs.

Sasha and Abraham walk through a build to looking for a place to stay.  Abraham finds a military uniform loaded down with weapons.  When he makes his way into the main room with Sasha, Abraham finds a walker encased behind a glass room. Sasha assures Abraham that the walker cannot get out and that they are fine.  Sasha asks Abraham if he wants to stand watch or sleep and he chooses to stand watch and "do a little shopping".  Abraham starts to go through the place and Sasha lies down trying to sleep.

After a few minutes Abraham confronts a still awake Sasha and says that she has no idea how much he wants to kill the locked up zombie.  Abraham asks if this is their new home and if they should name the zombie.  Sasha is adamant that Abraham got himself into this because she was going to drive the car by herself until Abraham chose to tag along. Abraham claims that he didn't have choice because Sasha was out of control for awhile there. Abraham points out that Sasha almost took his arm off on the road to paradise.  Sasha acknowledges that this was the case but says that she is fine now. When Abraham asserts the same, she questions if this is why he wants to kill that walker and the guys in the car.  Abraham however says that loose ends make his ass itch.  Abraham even argues that if he is still messed up, it's because the ship keeps hitting the fan but Sasha points out that there was respite and even a party. Abraham snarks about the party being the time of his life and Sasha counters that he didn't have to throw himself out of a moving car to feel like he is calling the ball.  Sasha says that if you have a roof over your head, food and walls then you have choices.  Without walkers, bullets and shit hitting the fan, it make Abraham accountable for his choices.  Sasha argues that without the background noise, people won't notice Abraham as much.  Sasha again asks, "stand watch or sleep" and this time, Abraham chooses to sleep through the night and then reassess in the morning.

Darryl approaches the group with his cross bow pointed and demands that Dwight hand over the gun. Darryl asks what Dwight has in exchange for the duffel bag because they put him through too much shit to just hand it over. When Sherry says nothing, Darryl asks for the figure that Dwight carved the night before.  Darryl tosses the bag and tells them good luck before heading off into the woods.  Darryl doesn't get far because a vehicle pulls into the woods, so he hides behind a tree. A voice calls out that they should end this but Sherry calls out that they earned what they took. Dwight yells out to Wade that they are not going back.

There are now several men in the woods and the truck moves further in.  Dwight, Sherry and Tina stat to run but Darryl stops them and they all head in a different direction.  Darryl leads them into an area to hide and then hands Dwight back his gun and readies himself with the crossbow.  Darryl notes a walker hanging out of a stopped vehicle.  Tina is barely holding it together and Sherry comforts her. As Cam approaches, Darryl shakes the bushes and Cam is bitten by a zombie.  Cam calls into the radio that he has been bitten. Wade approaches, pulls out a huge knife and cuts off the Cam's arm.  Wade says into the radio that it's time to go and that Cam was bitten.  When he is questioned about their departure, Wade responds, "he only wanted to take this so far."  Wade helps Cam to his feet and the two men walk back the way they came.

 Sherry injects Tina with insulin.  Dwight tells Darryl that he thought that Darryl was with those men. Dwight questions why Darryl came back after all of the things they did to him and Darryl says, "maybe I'm stupid to."

Abraham loads his weapon and looks outside.  When next we see Abraham, he is up on a bridge.  A walker is hanging off a fallen over lamp post. Abraham finds RPGs in the back of a truck and a case of cigars.  Abraham sniffs at a cigar but puts it back in the case.  Abraham then crawls along the barrier that the walker is stuck to, grabs the walkers arms and stares directly into the walkers face.  Abraham notes that the walker is wearing a military uniform, as the walker tries repeatedly to bite him. In frustration, Abraham screams into the walkers face before letting it go and climbing back to the safety of the bridge. Once back on the bridge, Abraham grabs a cigar, sits in the truck and then watches as the barrier the walker is stuck to slowly comes loose and falls to the ground, taking the walker with it.

Sasha is looking out a window when Abraham returns with the weapons that he managed to gather.  He calls it the fruit of stupidity.  Abraham says that he knows the group and knows Rick, and that whatever happened back there is being managed. Abraham adds that they have, beer, air conditioning and walls and that the table is set for the rest of their lives and that he hopes those years will be long. Abraham adds that with the time available to  him, he has been feeling the urge to make some plays. Abraham acknowledges that he is going to live and that it never occurred to him before.  Abraham says that he would like to get to know Sasha better and that he likes that she calls bullshit. A smiling Sasha asks Abraham if this is one of his plays and questions why Abraham thinks that she wants that. Abraham simply responds, "a man can tell."  Sasha tells him that he has some stuff to take care of and Abraham acknowledges that this is the case.

Darryl asks Dwight about the group that he was with and Dwight explains that it became a shit show. Sherry says that people will trade everything for safety and Darryl says that no one is safe anymore. Tina runs towards a burned down green house and sees two bodies wrapped in plastic on the ground.  Tina makes her way towards the bodies with flowers in her hand.  When Tina kneels down to place the flowers the walkers open their eyes. Tina stands but trips and land on the zombies who take a big bite out of her.  Darryl rushes forward and kills the walkers, as Sherry cries over her now dead sister.

Dwight and Darryl dig graves and Darryl stops long enough to ask Dwight how many walkers he has killed. Dwight replies a couple dozen at least.  Darryl then asks how many people Dwight has killed and Dwight replies none. because if he did, there would be no going back to how things were. Darryl explains that he is from a place where people are still like they were.  Dwight stops to look at Sherry but keeps digging.

Darryl leads Sherry and Dwight back to his back. As Darryl uncovers his bike, he tells them that they will walk it from here but when they meet up with his friends, they will be able to ride in a car. Dwight asks how many friends Darryl has and Darryl says two.  Dwight questions how Darryl knows his friends didn't get taken, as Darryl starts to walk with his bike. When Darryl doesn't hear footsteps behind him, he drops his bike but before Darryl can pull out his crossbow, Dwight pulls his gun. Dwight demands the crossbow, as Darryl asks if they are going to go back and kneel. When Dwight fires his gun, Darryl hands over the crossbow. Dwight hands the gun to Sherry, rights the bike and starts it up. Sherry hops on back and tosses some bandages at Darryl. Sherry tells Darryl that they are sorry and he replies, "you're gonna be."  Darryl picks up the bandages and pulls Dwight's carving out of his pocket .

Dwight walks past the zombie head in the motorcycle.  Darryl then find the infamous Patty buried in the woods. Patty is a fuel truck and it has a zombie inside.  After opening the door, Darryl kills the zombie with a knife.

Abraham walks into the room with Sasha wearing the military uniform he found earlier.  It looks like Sasha wants to say something but she cuts herself off. They hear the approach of a vehicle and when they look outside, it's Darryl.  When next we see them, Abraham, Sasha and Darryl are driving back to Alexandria.  Darryl tries to reach Rick on the radio but gets static at first, then a voice comes over and says, "help."

It seems that The Walking Dead is dedicated to dragging out different elements of what happened with the zombie horde.  I am good with it with the exception of the fact that we still don't know what happened to Glenn. Each week I anxiously await and an answer and each week I am denied.  It's horseshit.

Okay, onto this episode.  I was kind of surprised that Darryl went back with the insulin after the way he was treated but I guess it goes to show how much he has changed since being the angry red neck in season one.  Darryl despite all that he has seen has not become completely jaded and values innocent life.  I wonder if the fact that Tina was cute, young and blonde influenced him.  I wonder if it made him think of Beth?

To contrast Darryl we have Abraham who is clearly not in complete control of himself.  Since operation divert walkers began, Abraham has been incredibly reckless.  It's almost like he cannot believe that he can let down his guard for a few moments.  He wants action and he wants it now no matter the cost.  Sasha clearly believes that at least part of this is Abraham's fear of people getting to know him and rejecting him.  I thought that was pretty interesting considering that other than when he found out that Eugene was lying, we really haven't seen an emotional side to Abraham.  What Abraham is none for is his brilliant one liners and certainly not for any kind of softness.  It almost feels that for Abraham having to build a life and deal with humanity is more scary than the walkers.

Abraham having the hots for Sasha is pretty sudden.  (SPOILER) I know that in the comics he cheats on Rosita and they break up but I think at least on the show we should have gotten more build up than, "a man knows."  Interestingly enough, Sasha didn't say no to Abraham's proposal. Because Abraham is white, Sasha has a chance to keep her love interest if they go through with it because it seems that The Walking Dead only focuses on killing off POC.