Saturday, May 4, 2013

Beauty and the Beast, Season 1, Episode 20: Anniversary

Awww, Vincent is romantically watching Catherine sleep by sneaking in her window.

I blame Stephanie Meyer for this creepy creepy behaviour becoming a romantic staple. I don’t know about anyone else but if I woke up and found the guy I’m sleeping with staring at me I’d find it faintly creepy – let alone knowing they’ve actually sneaked into my bedroom to do so. Besides, no-one is sexy first thing in the morning – with wild bed-head hair and that wrinkle on your cheek from the pillow and morning breath. Then there’s snoring and dribbling and horrible mucus bubbles, talking in their sleep revealing they’re actually having sexy dreams about someone else. Seriously, sleeping humans are nasty nasty things.

Anyway, the reason for this creepiness is that it’s the anniversary of Catherine’s mother’s death. We get a quick recap about the death, Muirfield et al. And how her mother lied to her and was part of something so evil (and she liked pineapple on her pizza. I can forgive the whole experimenting on people for funsies, but defiling good pizza with pineapple? She was evil!) Of course it’s also the anniversary of Catherine meeting Vincent – so she decides to bail on her sister and dad mourning her mother’s death and instead spend time having sexy times with Vincent.

Even Vincent realises how totally not-ok that is and how, even if she’s not happy with her mother’s memory, it’s quite like kicking her sister and father in the stomach.

At work Tess meets Joe and they discuss their ongoing affair and Joe has an idea – go public about it! And in preparation for that he has found another precinct for her to transfer to. Yeah, Tess isn’t mad pleased about him assuming she would be the one to transfer. (I can kind of see her point – certainly at the assumption rather than discussing it – but isn’t there going to be more chances to transfer at her rank than his?)  He points this out but she adds that she’s worked to gain respect in this precinct; which he says she’ll lose if they go public, then rapidly amends to “we” when Tess protests. He leaves going public in her hands.

When Vincent and Catherine go to the cemetery they find that Gabe is already at her mother’s grave. And Vincent gets jealous (oh, really? Can we not, even if the man is gorgeous can we just move away from love triangles and jealousy with this couple. Stop flogging this zombie horse).  Talking to Gabe, he tells Catherine how he knew her mother, and he reassures Catherine that her mother was a wonderful, awesome doctor who was caring and loving while other doctors did the cruel, unethical experiments. Uh-huh, being nice and turning a blind eye isn’t winning her any ethics points. He and Catherine bond over her old videos that Catherine’s mother brought in to Muirfield and she invites him to their family anniversary commemoration. He offers to replace her headstone which is cracked. And Vincent gets all jealous and beasty about it.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Requiem for Blood by Alexandra Hope


Olivia grew up in a cult – a cult lead by her mother, Mar, and is dedicated to becoming vampires. Subsisting nearly entirely on a diet of human blood, they enjoy many advantages, but the final goal of changing and becoming a true vampire still eludes them, they need that one last key.

Olivia and her friend have many doubts about the lifestyle the cult espouses and even more trouble with the daily life and the combat regime until Olivia finally reaches her 17th birthday and her rite of passage- hunting a human.

Which is when Erika the Kitsune gets involved, Olivia achieves her cult’s goal, bodies start dropping and she’s briefly reunited with her estranged sister and her compelling fiancé. Then more bodies start hitting the ground and it’s a very steep learning curve.

This book has a really unique premise and world setting – which is always refreshing to see and doubly so with any book about vampires. There are so many vampire books out there that someone could write a book with vampire were platypus which cruelly beak their victims to death and it’s probably already been done 3 times.

So to mix up the kitsune and the vampires, to have this unique origin story and this truly odd concept of a human vampire cult, surviving on drinking blood and slowly developing minor vampire like abilities while seeking their end goal of finally finding a way to transform and you have a really unique concept.

This kept me reading the book for a long time because it was so refreshing and so imaginative.

But, in the end, I stopped at 70% and couldn’t go any further. Yes, I was defeated and this book became a DNF. There were several reasons – none of which would probably have defeated me on their own but together it was too much to tolerate

Supernatural, Season 8, Episode 21: The Great Escapist

Kevin, prophet of the lord, trying to translate the demon tablet and slowly breaking his own mind has turned up after going missing – he’s in Crowley’s control – but Crowley is being crafty and skipping the usual torture route and it using people disguised as Sam and Dean to talk to him and both translate Crowley’s half of the tablet and reveal Sam and Dean’s plan to close the gates of hell – including the three trials.

In the Winchester Cave, Sam is still feeling like crap and Dean is trying to coax him to eat and play nursemaid, much to Sam’s frustration. He isn’t ill, the trials are transforming him.

And they get an email from Kevin – a time release message that would automatically send to Sam and Dean if Kevin didn’t reset it; which he didn’t.  It’s emotional, more than a little unstable video from a Kevin who assumes he’s dead and that Crowley has him. The link uploads all of his notes and translations – and it’s acting like this that makes Supernatural stand out.

There follows considerable self-recriminations from Dean and his classic painful-grieving-he-can’t-express.

To New Mexico – to a dishevelled Castiel!


Castiel seems to be having stability issues as well, as he lectures a waitress on the history of coffee. And he’s being chased by angels working for Naomi, Ion and Esper. It seems Castiel is doing an excellent job of ducking between fast-food chain restaurants whenever they get close to him – and because every franchise of this restaurant everywhere in America looks exactly alike, the angels are having a horrible time actually tracking him down.

Looking through Kevin’s notes, Sam notices a symbol – a triangle of circles – appearing over and over, which Kevin took to be the signature of Metatron indicating editors notes. But Sam has seen it before in humanities studies – it’s a petroglyph created by a tiny tribe of Native Americans in Colorado and it translated as “messenger of god”. Which is where they’re headed  to.

Castiel continues to zap from restaurant to restaurant until he arrives at one in Santa Fe where everyone inside has been massacred – except one woman, her eyes burned out saying “you have to stop.” Him pausing to see the suffering women gives Ion and Esper chance to catch up with him and hold angel blades to his throat.

Sam and Dean arrive at… a casino. The receptionist greets them in utter silence and a little bemusement while Sam zonks out, hearing things.

Naomi arrives and Castiel protests at the treatment of the humans, they’re supposed to be shepherds not murderers. Naomi reminds him of all the slaying all the first born sons of Egypt thing as a pretty strong counter argument. Castiel doesn’t even remember it since Naomi has messed with his mind so many times. She sends Ion and Esper to search all the fast food restaurants, assuming he has hidden it along the way.

On the fake boat with the tablet, Kevin sends fake!Sam and Dean for food. And Crowley is surrounded by sycophants watching Kevin on CCTV

Hemlock Grove - So Many Problems

Hemlock Grove is the new webseries produced by Netflix; the second series Netflix has produced in this fashion. Despite low expectations, Netflix’s previous webseries, was surprisingly decent - greatly raising the bar for Hemlock Grove. We tuned in hoping for something really good.

We were disappointed. So, very very disappointed.

There is so much to complain about regarding this show that we envisioned a full series of posts on the myriad fails but, being a webseries, they would quickly become irrelevant unless the worst should happen and a second season actually be produced (gods preserve us). So we’re left with one post on the many reasons this show became only slightly more amusing than stabbing vinegar soaked toothpicks into our eyes.

We are a social justice site, and there are many social justice fails we can - and will - attack. But even before we get to them, Hemlock Grove was impressively awful even if it had perfect social justice credentials.

The acting was wooden, melodramatic and just plain awful. I rarely attack actors directly, but Bill Skarsgard has talented family, you’d think his father or brothers would give him some pointers.

The world building was clumsy as hell, with all kinds of myriad creatures introduced that are utterly irrelevant until the very last episode. Letha’s angel-pregnancy, the whole Upir family, the medical experiments, Shelly - all of it pretty irrelevant but the whole show is full of them. 

And the story is so badly written - it’s clogged with irrelevancies that make no sense and add nothing - why did we have the man who saw visions? What did he add to the story? Roman and Peter’s shared dreams - was there actually a point to this or did I zone out waiting for the actors to actually convey some emotion? And how come this entire damn town is quite willing to believe that Peter is a WEREWOLF but absolutely no-one bats an eye at Roman mind controlling random people for funsies? I know Peter’s never had a friend but within minutes of knowing Roman he’s inviting him to come witness his change? Even the defeat of the big bad - Peter and Roman spend all series plotting against the Vargwolf and then a random third party, randomly appears and handles it with minimal effort?!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Reluctant Goddess by A. F .Firebird


After millennia of having to keep a hands off approach to guiding humanity, Hector, servant of LIFE, is in place for an awe inspiring moment – the manifestation of Quan Yin, goddess of compassion, into a human form.

Of course, this isn’t an easy task. Not least of which is trying to get the human form that houses Quan Yin to realise who they actually are. After numerous failed attempts, he reaches Ellena, middle aged divorcee who runs a book store in a rural town in the south of England.

Posing as her dog, with his student, Boudica (yes, that Boudica) posing as Fluffy, her cat, they work to try and help Ellena realise her true nature – and the wonder of the world around her

This book was not remotely how I pictured it would be, not from the title, and I think it’s very much going to be a Marmite book, one that very much depends on your taste and preferences.

This isn’t an exciting book. It isn’t an adventure book. It isn’t a book with shiny magic or magnificent powers or some mortal woman suddenly running around throwing lightning bolts and declaring herself to be Athena.

This is a book about philosophy and ways of seeing the world. It’s a book about viewpoints and perspectives and transcendence and the nature of reality. In this book the main characters aren’t the goddess, but the people – Hector and Boudica, trying to encourage Elena, the goddess, to achieve her true potential. And she isn’t a goddess of lightening or the hunt or fire; she’s Quan Yin, a goddess of compassion, of mercy. She doesn’t perform miracles, but her very presence in the world will increase the level of love and compassion felt by all things, subtly changing reality in a variety of ways to generally elevate the world and humanity.

Hector and Boudica try to inspire Elena. They try to protect her against things that would both shake her world view of goodness, but also things that would close her down, narrow her, focus her more on the mundane than in the higher, the spiritual and the greater. At the same time we also have Elena’s fears and worries as she becomes more disconnected, worrying as the mundane world becomes less important to her and her ties become more fragile.

Grimm Season 2, Episode 19: Endangered

"They’ll kill you, and I’ll be here in the woods all alone and abandoned.”

Bick is researching and using about the treasure that the precious key hides – what could be this damn important that everyone is after it?

Enough moping – time for a golf buggy race! Alas race is interrupted on account of mutilated cattle – and glowing blue alien, which kills one of the racers, albeit possibly accidentally. Glowing blue guy runs – leaving some of his skin on the barbed wire.

Time for Rosalie and Monroe being domestic – and Monroe has a problem, his parents want to visit. His traditional, conservative parent Blutbad who still hunt. Having them under the same roof as Nick could lead to Nick having to kill them. Awkward. Also Nick is in too much of a bad place for Monroe to be comfortable asking him to temporarily move out. Of course there are other downsides – like Nick rushing in shouting for Monroe when he and Rosalie are getting close. At least nick takes the hint. This is followed up by Nick apologising when Monroe comes up to see what’s got Nick riled - friendship built on mutual respect and understanding and not all one sided!

He shows Monroe the key (is this the first time Monroe has seen the key?) and the map it produces. Monroe runs downstairs with it. Monroe recognises part of it – the key looks like a “ward lock” for bringing down wards – and he recognises the map from one of his old maps of Bavaria (his ancestor was a cartographer). Nick reminds us all that the keys are to a treasure sacked from Constantinople by crusading Grimms who thought it too important too dangerous to fall into the hands of the monarchs who funded them

Alas we don’t follow this thread because Juliette is reconstructing memories – happy ones this time.

Meanwhile glowing blue alien guy delivers a package to a bossy, pregnant woman in a barn. She eats bloody cow parts (even I don’t eat my beef that rare) while glowing blue dude returns to human form. He tells her they have to move again, they’re still not safe

To complicate things, a UFO enthusiast is in the area tracking the mutilated cattle.

And then the alien people’s car won’t start. Not their week really.

To the police station where Nick is ominously waiting in Renard’s office to talk about the key. Renard fills in some blanks – 7 keys, the Royal families have 4, Nick has 2 and the last 1 is out there – and that the Crusading Grimms who decided to hide the treasure are Nick’s ancestors; the Royals learned because they tortured one of those Grimms.

C’mon Nick, you can’t hold Renard responsible for his ancestors torturing yours. Especially since most of your ancestors have been genocidal mass murderers for funsies.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Revolution Season One, Episode Fifteen: Home

Miles is having a drink with Jim Hudson and he is thinking about a battle they apparently just fought.  Captain Dixon steps into the tent and says that the Georgia Federation appreciates his efforts today. There were no militia survivors and 9 rebels and 13 Georgians lost their lives.  When he leaves, Hudson says that he hates Dixon and the only reason Foster has him there is to keep an eye on them. Miles calls him the string attached.  Miles tells him to lighten up because they won. Hudson and Miles head out of the tent and Miles makes eye contact with Charlie, who is collecting weapons from the dead bodies.

Monroe is getting is own report on how the rebels are doing from Jeremy Baker, where he learns that they have lost three forts.  Monroe says that the rebels are wining but Jeremy points out that it's not just the rebels but the peach eaters as well. Baker adds that they are not exactly winning and that militia has had a few minor setbacks. Monroe says that Miles is leading them and that sure it is starting out small but he remembers when their forces were small as well, and look what it turned into.  Monroe whispers that they have to kill Miles. Baker says that Miles is not going to be easy to find.  Monroe says that they are not going to find Miles, and that Miles will find them.

Rachel and Aaron arrive in the plains nation and pay in diamond for the honor.

Monroe and his men use two helicopters to  arrive in a small town and Monroe orders all the citizens to be rounded up. Baker says that it's a nice little town and welcomes Monroe home.

Rachel and Aaron are in La Grange Missouri, in the Plains Nation, when Aaron brings her some food, as Rachel looks over Dr. Warren's diary. Rachel says that its like Da Vinci on meth and that it's going to take her a little while to translate it. Aaron offers to help but Rachel wants him to go and get supplies. Aaron points out that he has two doctorates from MIT and snarks about going shopping.  As he walks through the stalls, he sees his wife and remembers when the lights went out.  He walks through the crowd calling out for Priscilla but has lost her in the crowd.

Miles follows Charlie into a tent and asks how they did and Charlie replies that they retrieved three dozen enemy rifles.  Miles tells Charlie that she did good yesterday and asks how she is.  Charlie asks why she wouldn't be fine and Miles tells her that because they have been fighting non stop and that can mess with someone's head.  He starts to offer himself if Charlie ever needs to talk but she cuts him off asking that they not do this. Miles asks what and Charlie tells him that if he wants to talk, they should talk about what happened between Miles and Rachel. Dixon interrupts their conversation to say that they found a militia runner, who says that he has been looking everywhere for Miles.

Miles goes to see the runner and tells him that he has a message from Monroe and that it's private.  When everyone clears the tent, the runner says that Monroe has asked Miles to meet them in his home town by dawn.  Miles asks why he would do this and the runner says that he was asked to recite what follows word for word by the general. The runner says, "Miles you are to come alone and you will turn yourself into me, or else I will kill everyone in our hometown I swear to God.  Anyone you ever loved or cared about just because they know you starting with Emma."

We get a flashback to a young Miles talking to who I must assume if Emma about him enlisting. Emma tells Miles that they are sending troops into combat and that he could get killed. Miles assures her that he will be alright and they share a kiss. Monroe looks on with envy.

In the present, Emma goes to see Monroe and says that they have missed him around there.  Monroe says that after what happened to his family, he didn't really see a reason to come back. Emma asks what is going on and Monroe tells her that it's for her own protection and that there has been a terrorist threat. Emma asks why and Monroe tells her that these men will hurt her as a way to hurt him.  Emma says that this is her and that they are old friends and she knows when he is lying.  Monroe admits that they are old friends and that it doesn't give her the right to talk to him like that.  Monroe's men start to beat up Duane and when Emma rushes to help, Monroe's men hold her back.  Monroe orders the townspeople inside and Emma is dragged away as she screams Bass.

Baker and Monroe are walking through the town and Baker asks Monroe if he really thinks that Miles is going to come. Monroe says that he will and Baker points out that if he comes, it's not like he is going to just surrender.  Monroe tells Baker that he is just going to have to trust him. Baker points out that it would be safer if he were home and Monroe replies, this is my home.

Dixon is beating the militia runner when Charlie enters the tent. She asks what's going on and Nora tells her that Miles snuck out a few hours ago. Hudson orders the militia runner to tell them everything.

Monroe pays a visit to the graves of his family and picks up the flowers there.  He then walks to what I can only assume was his childhood home.  We get a flashback to young Miles sleeping on the couch and young Monroe sharing an intimate moment with Emma.

Hudson, Nora, Charlie and Dixon are watering their horses and Charlie is not impressed with the slow down.  Nora assures Charlie that Miles will be okay but it turns out that Charlie is not concerned about Miles' safety but making sure that he actually kills Monroe this time.

Hemlock Grove, Season One, Episode Eleven: The Price

Christine is in bed and her hair has gone completely White.  Norman tries to communicate with her but she does not respond. He picks up a blanket, wraps it around her and then kisses her on the cheek. Wow, so if your patient is a teenage girl, the professional separation between doctor and patient isn't necessary I guess. Norman's phone goes off, so he asks a nurse to stay with Christine while he takes the call.

Lynda keeps looking out the window looking for Peter.  She is worried because he hasn't returned home yet

Norman visits the local dive bar and he goes to see Tom.  He tells Tom that he cannot begin to imagine what he is going through. Tom tells Norman that he used to visit this dive bar with his deceased wife and then asks about Marie and Letha. Norman tells him that they are fine and asks Tom to come home with him stating that he shouldn't be alone at a time like this.  One of the deputies overhears this and says to Norman, "does he look fucking alone to you.?"  Tom holds up a hand to ask for silence and then points to the spot where Clementine sat and says that she as much as accused Peter of being a werewolf. Tom adds that being a civilized man that he laughed it off. Norman tells him that this is what he should have done because the assertion is bloody ridiculous.  Tom says that Clementine told him about a male hair sample and and that he does not know what he is supposed to do with that. Norman assures him that there is a reason for everything and that it's not supernatural. Tom points out that the killings all started after Peter moved in and Norman tells him that he just buying into this madness and adds that he should think about Christina.  Tom says that he is and that the Rumancek's live down by the lake.

Lynda is still home alone and obviously still worried when her phone rings. Destiny calls to say that she has a bad feeling.  A group of locals show up and start throwing rocks through the window. They kick open the door, but Lynda has already disappeared.

Olivia is at the mill and she puts a drop in her eye as Price approaches. Olivia says, "it wasn't so bad was it?" Price tells her that the dog catcher has been taken care of and asks if there will be anything else.  Olivia tells him not yet and adds that she must change first because her dress has a hole in it and blood from the gunshot wound.

Peter is lying in bed and is not conscious.  When he wakes and tries to sit up, Roman rushes over and tells him that he is okay.  Roman tells him that he saw him changing back and that it was beautiful. Peter sits up and says that it feels like a war dance inside his head. Peter asks if Roman dragged him back there and Roman says yes, once he saw that Peter was down.  This surprises Peter and Roman explains that he was shot by Clementine with a dart.  Roman says that he tried to tell Clementine that it wasn't Peter and that he should have been stronger for him. Roman adds that he tried to stop her but she had a gone, so he circled back, but by then Peter was gone. Roman explains that Olivia called him then and told him to return to the house and keep an eye on Peter.  Peter is surprised to hear this but Roman, loving to keep everything focused on him, says that he spent two weeks in a coma and Olivia didn't even ask how he was doing.  I wonder if it occurred to him that this is the same woman who in an earlier episode he called, a "farm fresh cunt." Roman says that when he arrived home Peter was there but Olivia was gone, he adds that the Sworn girls are now dead.  Peter asks if Roman has heard from his mother and of course Roman asks what Peter means.  Peter explains that if they know about him, they have to know about his mother. When Peter tries to get up, Roman tells him to stay there and promises to check on the trailer and make sure that Lynda is okay.

When Roman arrives at the trailer, he sees that it has been vandalized. The door to the trailer is wide open and the furniture has been trashed.  Lynda climbs out of a hiding space beneath the trailer and says that, "Gypsies need a way out."  Lynda asks about Peter and Roman assures her that he's fine. When she looks at the destruction, Lynda says that compared to most places in the world that this place is heaven. Lynda tells him that Destiny gave her a heads up as she looks for a picture of Nikolai. Roman tells her that Peter is up at the house and she can just follow him up there.  Lynda grabs her things and replies that the Rumanceks and the Godfreys are a little to close for her comfort. Roman asks what that's supposed to mean and Lynda tells him that if he wants to help Peter, he should keep him away from the animals who wrecked the trailer, before going into the back room.

Roman heads outside and calls Peter.  He tells Peter that his mother is okay but that the trailer looks like the last time Shelly took dancing lessons. Roman asks how he is feeling and Peter says that he is starving.  Roman heads back in the trailer, as Lynda is preparing to leave and asks where she is going. Lynda says that she doesn't know and that she hopes he is not allergic to cats because Peter loves their cat. Roman picks up the cat.

Peter has made his way downstairs and begins to search in the fridge for food.  He finds a raw steak and quickly throws it on the burner, tapping his foot impatiently. The steak is still raw when he pulls it out of the frying pan and starts to eat. When he looks up Letha is staring at him.  She tells him that she came to check on Roman and Peter drops the steak and they embrace. Letha asks how it's possible to miss someone so much after just one day, and Peter reminds her that she is supposed to be mad at him. Letha asks if boys are always this stupid and they kiss and makeup. Letha then pauses to tell Peter about the twins and asks what they should do now, Peter says that they stand there like this until something else happens.

A police car pulls up to the Godfrey house and Peter goes running upstairs, as the deputies enter the house.  Letha stops Peter to ask if the cops think he killed the twins and he says that cops don't think.  Peter and Letha run until they are cornered.  They are ordered to turn and place their hands in the air. One of the cops calls Peter a piece of murdering shit, as Peter kneels with his hands up. Peter is handcuffed and the cop threatens to break his neck when Letha intervenes.  Shelly comes downstairs and they yell at her to go.  Roman enters the room, and Peter nods at Roman.  Roman walks towards  one of the deputies and tells him to put the gun in his mouth and orders the other to release Peter.  Roman then orders them to go for a long drive.  His nose starts to bleed and Letha asks what he did to them. Roman says that he just suggested they relocate, then tells Peter that he's not safe there.

Norman walks into his office and Olivia is waiting for him.  She says that they have a matter to discuss and Norman replies that it's not a good time.  Olivia offers to leave if he asks and then asks if he understands why she is there.  Norman says that she is there about the sheriff's girls.  Olivia says that judging from his mood that he feels culpable but Norman says that he feels useless.  He adds that he went to see Tom and couldn't do anything to relieve his pain and asks if this is how J.R. felt that night outside of town.  Olivia tells him that he is nothing like J.R.  Norman agrees with this and says that for all of J.R.'s faults, he was a decisive man.  Olivia says that a coffee might be in order after all. Norman announces 6 months and then adds that Marie's only crime was giving the best years of her life to a man who felt out of love with her, which happened the moment he first laid eyes on Olivia.  He feels that 6 months will be all he needs to wrap up his obligations, freeing him to leave Marie and marry Olivia.  They kiss and then the nurse knocks on the door to tell Norman that it's time for his meeting. When Olivia grabs her things, Norman stops her to say that he means it this time.

Norman gets a call from Letha telling him that Roman is awake.  Roman and Letha head to a church which apparently is a part of Hemlock Acres.  Norman tells Roman that it's a relief to see him up and about.  Norman says that what the mob did to Peter's house was a disgrace.  They head inside the church and Norman says that they closed this when they opened up the new sanctuary three years ago.  Peter pauses and says that it's been a month of Sundays. Letha tells Norman that they didn't know who else to ask and that she knows that they could cause trouble for him. Norman replies that Peter should stay there until this lunacy dies down.  Letha thanks him.

Defiance Season 1 Episode 4: The Devil in the Dark


It starts so peacefully and mundanely – a man in the woods changing his shoes, shoes he keeps in a fancy box and he’s really really fussy about them – has his peace shattered by engine noises and a lot of shouting. A group of Irathients on bikes; he ignores them and sets off jogging, listening to music. Which means he doesn’t here whatever it is moving through the foliage towards him. Until it bites his leg. Now he starts running – personal trainer monster will eat you if you don’t beat your personal best!  He doesn’t, so it grabs him and drags him away across the forest floor.

In Defiance, Irisa is practicing martial arts when a group of Irathient Spirit Raiders arrive to trade, much to the consternation of the general populace. One of the Spirit Raiders smells some fruit and moves to put it back and the shop owner tells her she touches, she buys – and that he lost a brother to a plague the spirit raiders carry. She licks it and puts it back – and he tries to hack her with a clever, interrupted by Irisa throwing a knife near his hand. The head of the Spirit Raiders throws some money on the trader’s counter and they walk away.

The Spirit Leader asks Irisa, calling her Little Wolf, if she thought they were in danger – Irisa says the storeholder was and they comment on her badge. While she talks, Irisa looks at the scars on her face and sees them as open wounds. The Spirit Rider leader reminds her that his offer – whatever that is – still stands and that she should spend time with her own kind.

Which is interrupted by her being called out by Nolan to body in the woods, complete with entrails in the trees. It’s messy, very very messy. And spotting a butterfly, Irisa has a flashback to something in the past, something violent. She snaps out of it and Tommy gives her the victim’s history – Dalton Taggart, who runs a bakery in town.

In town Amanda meets the head of the Spirit Riders telling him about the complaints she’s been getting. She wants them to stop “provoking” people. He points out their presence is a provocation to the residents. She tells him to assimilate and most people will accept him, and she wants him to forget the past (when the Irathients were massacred). He doubts it but says they will assimilate, smile and play nice until the humans turn on them. Again. By which point they will know enough about Defiance to fight back. She has a case full of items from every Votan race but Irathient, he says he may bring her a handful of soil from Defiance, to remind her it’s soaked with Irathient blood.

To Need Want where Kenya is hard at work (this was the least of the puns I thought of) when something sharp and nasty bursts into the torso of her client. Nolan arrives with Irisa, Tommy – and Dr. Yewll (yaaay!) who confirms that by the acid saliva, they have a case of Hellbugs. Nasty critters that eat marrow and line their nests with flesh. To stop them you have to kill the matron. Irisa, seeing a US flag tattooed to the man’s body, has another flashback. She recovers and leaves the room, blaming the blood, Nolan follows her. He refers to her “episodes” which he thought had stopped but she just stopped talking about them – they’ve been getting stronger since coming to Defiance. He starts to lecture her on PTSD while she repeatedly tells him she knows

Tommy and Dr. Yewll bring more news and sarcasm – a Hellbug egg sack not normally found outside the nest, and chemicals on both kill sites – attack pheromones, someone is directing the hellbugs and using them as weapons.

At the Tarr household, Christie has moved in and is serving dinner, to many compliments from Stahma who is trying to make her feel very welcome. Datak tries to keep his snark in Castithan – unfortunately, she speaks it. Christie and Alak leave and Datak complains about how Christie doesn’t fit in a Castithan household with habits like her bathing alone. He expects Alak to control her. Stahma pushes that off as future concerns – for first they need to secure the marriage which means reconciling Christie with her father

Which is what Christie talks about with Alak – Datak may be an ass but he’s an ass who is there for Alak. Before they can talk further, two hellbugs attack – Christie fends them off with a lantern until her screams bring Datak – his nifty glow knife turns into a glow sword.

The Castithans have light sabres. Everyone else bow down.

Warehouse 13: Season 4, Episode 11: The Living and the Dead

The hugely long wait for the continuation of Warehouse 13 is finally over! Time to catch up with villainous Arty and his plan to destroy the world

We begin with a nice flashback/dream sequence of Leena and Artie snarking over him eating cookies.

Then reality hits and Artie is unconscious on a gurney with a dagger in his chest, being airlifted by helicopter with the gang around him looking poignant and pensive.  They reach the warehouse with more babbling about Artie being good again before Claudia stabbed him – but Mrs. Frederick is worried about the release of the magnolia plague.

After the credits, there’s a news report about the Sweating sickness – a wave of it across Europe being blamed on the hot, humid weather. Followed by a dramatic 24-style black screen:

16 hours until first mortalities

To the Warehouse where Mrs. Frederic explains that they’re all infected. Jane Latimer, Pete’s mother and chief Regent also turns up to add to the gloomy outlook and tell them they have 16 hours to live (we know, the dramatic signage already said). They ask after Artie and Mrs. Frederic praises Claudia’s stabbing instinct – she guessed that since the dagger separated from something evil (the orchid of death) from something good (the impenetrable box holding it) it would separate good Artie from evil Artie and not just stab him horribly.

Yeah, I’m not running with that one – aside from ascribing morality to objects, this is deciding that a box you can’t break is inherently good. Or that the dagger isn’t just REALLY REALLY good at cutting stuff. But I like Claudia so I’ll let it slide.

Jane takes Jenks and Claudia to Artie to work some Artefact mojo to bring Artie back since his mind is fading and absent.

While Pete and Myka research the illness, its previous outbreaks, how it had killed half the population in the past but also how the disease did vanish each time. The orchid turns to ash to release the plague, but they found the orchid whole so there must be a way to put it back together. There’s some more angst about poor Artie having killed Leena.

Myka drags up a report of the Count of St Germaine, a showman who had many tricks including bringing sickly plants back to life – which he did in public, probably with an Artefact, though what remains unknown. They find someone, Professor Sutton, who seemed to know a lot about the Count and go to speak to him; and Mrs. Frederic gives them an ominous black bag.

Meanwhile Claudia and Jenks are using Sigmund Freud’s clock to interact with Artie’s subconscious. Which is, of course, a blue toned version of the warehouse.  They head to his office and run into Dr. Vanessa, or the version in Artie’s head anyway, telling them to leave as parts of the warehouse are shutting down, Artie’s brain is shutting down.

Hope (Descendant Trilogy #2) by Theresa M Jone

Allison now understands who she is and where she comes from, but will it be enough to save the world? She went through a dangerous journey, dragging her young daughter along for the ride, in an attempt to stop the evil Rising Leader, Damien, from opening the Seven Seals and bringing about the Apocalypse.

But she hasn’t succeeded yet. The Rising still thrives and Lilith has made it her mission to open the remaining Seals so that she and her minions can rule the Earth.

David and Allison hope that love can conquer all, but in reality, love is never enough. Will they, along with the rest of the gang back at the Compound, be able to stop the Rising?

And where is The Descendant that is prophesied to save them all?

I greet this book with frustration. I read the first book and thought it had a lot of potential but needed a lot of polish. Aside from polish, the world was interesting if it were developed and realised. I hoped we’d see this world and the plot rage forwards now we had passed the introductory first book. I expected epic battles and calamities with the whole world riding in the balance

I didn’t expect 100 pages of a 200 page book to be taken up by a wedding and a honeymoon. Ok, as far as weddings and honeymoons went, it was pretty, it was well done, it was touching and emotional and one of the better I’ve seen.

But this is happening in a world where World War 3 is raging (albeit with a… dubious view of international politics). This is a world where the 4 horsemen are riding. This is a world where people are fleeing cities and even major metropolitan centres are becoming a wasteland. This is a world where crops have failed and livestock died and there is world wide rationing and possible starvation.

Hope Blog Tour

For the duration of this blog hop, the first book in the Descendant Trilogy, Power, will be available for free. Our review for Power can be found here.

Allison now understands who she is and where she comes from, but will it be enough to save the world? She went through a dangerous journey, dragging her young daughter along for the ride, in an attempt to stop the evil Rising Leader, Damien, from opening the Seven Seals and bringing about the Apocalypse. 

But she hasn’t succeeded yet. The Rising still thrives and Lilith has made it her mission to open the remaining Seals so that she and her minions can rule the Earth. 

David and Allison hope that love can conquer all, but in reality, love is never enough. Will they, along with the rest of the gang back at the Compound, be able to stop the Rising?

And where is The Descendant that is prophesied to save them all?

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Hemlock Grove, Season One, Episode Ten: God Doesn't Want You to Be Happy, He Wants You to Be Strong

Peter is standing beside Roman's bed when he suddenly sits up and asks Peter what time it is. Peter tells him that it's been two weeks since he passed out. Roman asks about the full moon, and Peter tells him that it's tonight. Roman starts to pull off all his monitoring equipment and says that's why he had to come back now. Peter tells him that they need to get to a doctor because he was told that comas cause blind spots or memory issues. Roman gets a flashback to doing drugs and crashing his car and Joann lifting him off the ground with one hand and injecting him with a sedative. Roman says, "what, I check out for two weeks and suddenly I'm a fucking retard?"  And with that, I cannot help but wonder if they expect us to be relived that Roman is back. Roman admits that he made some mistakes but they really need to kill the vargof.  Peter says that he hates to say it but the ball is in his court now.  Roman says no and gets out of bed, despite Peter telling him no. Peter admits that they both made some mistakes and Roman says that they need to go because they are running out of time.

They head into the garage where Roman is happy to see his car in one piece.  Peter asks if they are just going to walk away and Roman snarks about leaving a note. Roman grabs his keys and says that he has things he do and that his mother is a part of it. When he moves to go behind the wheel of the car, Peter tells him that he is not driving.

Christine is in her hotel room and she picks up the phone and calls Micheal.  He asks what's on her mind and she says that after she has done what she came there to do that she is leaving the order because it's not supposed to feel this fucked up. Michael goes to the window and starts taking pictures, so Clementine realises that he is working.  Michael asks if they will let Clementine leave and she says no and asks for his help.  Michael agrees to do anything she needs and Clementine tells him, "tomorrow at dawn by the water," before hanging up.

Peter and Roman stop by the mill and Peter tells Roman that the vargoff is his problem and that he is the one who needs to stop it. Peter asks Roman why he is there and Roman simply replies, "you know." Peter says that he thought he did for awhile and then it all went to shit. Peter asks why Roman wants to come with him tonight.  Roman replies, "it's not about being a hero, I'm sorry for being a pain in your balls. I got confused. Things are clear now." Peter asks at what point trusting Roman makes him a "fucking idiot?" Roman says that he wishes no one else would have to get hurt and Peter confirms that someone is tonight. Roman says that he knows and that he just wants to be Peter's friend and that he shouldn't be out there alone. Peter restarts the car.

Letha and Shelley are walking through the halls in the school and Letha says that it's all like a dream and that people are just passing through the motion of their days like shadow puppets, or ghosts of who they were.  Shelley uses her machine to say, "I miss him too." They seperate and go off in different directions.

Roman returns to the high school and looks through a window where a prayer vigil is actual being held for him. The next window he taps on is Shelly's art class.  When she sees him and smiles, he makes a motion for silence and indicates that she should meet him. Roman enters the building and meets her in the stairwell, where Shelly picks him up when she hugs him. He assures Shelly that he is fine. Shelly asks if Olivia knows that is awake and he says that he has something he needs to do first. Shelly asks him not to go and Roman says that he is not going anywhere but that he started something he can't walk away from and that it's really important that Shelly still believes in him. Roman promises to be home soon and when he touches Shelly's face, we again see a streak of blue light.  Are they ever going to explain what that streak is all about? Roman leaves as Shelly tells him to be good.

Peter is listening to a press conference on the radio about the attacks, as Roman returns to the car. In the conference Tom says that the forensics indicate that the attacks are animal in nature but the pattern cannot be denied and therefore a curfew will be enforced for all minors after sundown and the non minors outside after sundown will be expected to have a good reason to be. They drive away from the school.

Olivia enters Roman's room and discovers that he is gone. When she looks outside and sees the full moon she says, "that little shit."

Clementine is outside of the tackle shop when she gets a call from the bishop.  He says, "we've made progress with the target and now we're ready for containment." Clementine says yes and he goes on to say, "we've received a rather disconcerting call from your brother Micheal."  Clementine is stunned that Micheal would have called and he assures her that Michael is worried about her. Clementine says that there is nothing to worry about and though this hasn't been an easy one that she has seen the light. The Bishop says that of  all of his assets, his judgement is the most impeded where she is involved and adds that he is proud of her. He wishes her good luck and then hangs up.

Tom is gathered with the deputies arranging plans to keeping the town safe when Clementine approaches. Tom tells her that they're all hands on deck and walks away but Clementine follows. Tom says "I've tried to be patient with you but I am at the end of my rope." Clementine replies, "don't let the comfort of numbers confuse you. You know where you are needed." Tom asks where that is and Clementine answers that he should trust that feeling in his gut because the thing they are after is nowhere close to done. Clementine adds that she is going to do her part and asks him to make sure that he does his.  Tom replies that besides the obvious, he has no idea what she is talking about.  Clementine replies that he has a lot to protect. Tom asks what she is not telling him and Clementine says not a thing and that she wants to make sure that they are on the same page.  Clementine finishes by thanking him for his hospitality and says good luck.

Norman visits Christine in her room and asks how her day was. Christine says that she would "love to say tremendous but that would just be a fabrication of the truth - a distortion; it was okay." Really, every time this character speaks she irritates me.  Why put language like that into the mouth of a 14 year old? Have the writers ever spoken to a teenager?  Norman notices Christine's notebook and asks if he can read what she has written.  When he flips through the pages, he find nothing there. Norman says that he received her request to lower her meds and Christine says that she feels like they are blocking something. Norman replies that they can start to do that soon. Christine says that it used to be her favorite thing to swim in the river on the night of the full moon, then asks Norman if he believes in magic. Norman answers sometimes and asks if she would rather be home tonight with her parents and Christine thanks him and says that no one really wants her. Are we supposed to pity the little irritant now?

Tom enters the hospital and Norman tells him that the whole area has fallen victim to a collective hysteria. Tom says that there is the irrational and then there's the baseless. Tom tells Norman that he posted the extra men that he requested by the gate.  Norman acknowledges that Tom is over extended and says to consider the extra men out of his own pocket. Tom tells him that he appreciates it but it's not necessary. Norman asks if this is going to happen every full moon and Tom answers, "yes, no." Tom then says that he is there to see Christine but Norman says that there hasn't been much improvement, which is common in a case like hers. Norman says that she needs time to reintegrate.  Tom says that his girls are on lock down and that come tomorrow, somebody better buy him a beer.

Blood Trade (Jane Yellowrock #6) by Faith Hunter


Jane Yellowrock is still reeling from the bond that Leo forced on her, depressed, lost and apathetic and afraid even to shift for fear that Beast would go running to Leo, she needs a distraction. So a call to Natchez to kill Naturaleza vampires sounds like the best thing.

There’s some politics to play what with Leo and the master of Natchez being officially annoyed with each other and lots of dancing from that, but Jane handles it with her normal blunt force approach.

Except these vampires are worse than your usual Naturaleza. They’re faster, tougher – and nearly immune to silver. And they’re changing into something else, something insectile. This is an entirely new threat and one more lethal and disturbing than most she has faced – something that goes back to the very core of the vampires’ creation.

That and the increasing body count – over 100 missing and dead humans – means having to call in the government agency, PsyLed, which means calling in Ricky which means, along with Bruiser, Leo’s second showing up, Jane also has to deal with her rocky emotions over her personal life.

This is one of those hard reviews to right because so much is done well that it creates an excellent book. But the things that were more shaky are things I can write much more about

Which means I end up reducing the excellently well written plot, with all the descriptions giving me just enough information to see the scene vividly without it being bogged down, the well paced fight scenes full of drama and excitement, the emotional quandaries that carry all of the feeling with none of the excessive angst – to a single sentence of “it was well paced”. Followed by several paragraphs of what I think the book did wrong giving the end impression of my not liking the book, which couldn’t’ be further from the truth.

The book is really well written. Everything is largely balanced well. Jane has personal, emotional conflicts, her depression over the actions in the last book are really well conveyed through her apathy and tiredness far more so than by her sitting in a corner and wailing. Her relationship with Eli and the Kid is shown really well, again without lots of excessive telling, just the way they bounce off each other shows this developing family.

Jane herself is a complicated character, her balancing of her spirituality and morality with her complex belief system, history and profession is deep and interesting. Even as she hardens after the events of the last few books, she still holds onto her morality and the guilt that clings to her. I love the  Her interactions with Beast are excellent and I love that Beast is more than just a raging hungry monster – Beast is maternal, Beast wants kits, Beast can be guaranteed to shred anyone and anything in defence of children.

Continuum, Season Two, Episode Two: Split Second

We get a flashforward where Travis gets some sort of optical examination and a device implanted into the back of his neck  We learn that he was turned into an enhanced soldier by the corporation. The program was deemed to expensive and the corporation decides to terminate Travis. Sonya is the lab tech and says that it's not necessary and that she can deal with it.  Travis realizes that Sonya is upset and she cries, as she injects him and then kisses him, leaving Travis confused.

Lucas checks email from the Vancouver Police Department and he watches a video where he sees Sonya and Travis enter a room, but only Sonya exit.  This of course is video from the day that she shot him. When Sonya walks into the room, Lucas confronts Sonya with what he knows and asks what happens should Jasmine see this.  Sonya says that she would appreciate his discretion.  Lucas promises to keep quiet but reminds Sonya that Jasmine wants to bust Travis out.  Sonya tells Lucas to let her worry about that.

Kiera is waiting for Alec on the street.  He doesn't want to stop and talk because he is running late and asks what she is doing there.  Kiera says that she just wants to see where Alec works and he replies that she is checking up on him.  Alec tells her that she does not have to worry about him and Kiera says that he doesn't have to do this. Alec says that he broke and that he needs to look at all of his options. Kiera says that she is there to talk about his options and though she knows that he doesn't have the answers he is looking for right now, if he doesn't follow the path of destiny, which shapes the future as she knows it, the world won't end up as it did in her time. Alec asks if this would be such a bad thing and Kiera responds that she wants to go home to her family and that the only way she will be able to do that is if things stay on track. Alec asks if Keira knew that she was potentially throwing away a chance to get home when she stopped the bombing and Kiera says that she didn't have a choice. Alec says that she did and Kiera responds, "choose to let hundreds of people die."  Alec asks her how she can be so naive because at a certain point, she is going to have to choose between protecting the future for her unborn family and protecting the future for those who are alive right now. Alec says that he will call her later and leaves.

Agent Gardiner meets up with Lois in the hallway and she says that operations have informed her that he is still working on the mayor's assassination. Agent Gardiner informs her that the police got their guy, so Lois wants to know why he is still involved.  Gardiner says Kiera Cameron and Lois says that she has been vouched for be Escher.  Gardiner says that a CEO of a corporation giving orders to intelligence does not add up, but Lois says that he superior vouches for him. Gardiner suggests that Kiera is a cipher and that the section 6 security branch does not seem to exist. Lois agrees that it is possible and asks what Gardiner's gut is telling him.  He replies that he is sure that Kiera is connected to the Liber8 organization somehow and may be the key to stopping them before the attack. When Lois asks if he is going to let this go, Gardiner says no.  Lois says that she will make some arrangements and put him in the cross-hairs Liber8/Section 6, bombing assassination, Kiera Cameron and orders Gardiner to keep it under wraps with no paper trail.

Lucas is working on some tech, when Jasmine complains that Sonya is taking her sweet time busting Travis out of jail.  Lucas asserts that Sonya would never let anything happen to Travis and that Sonya is just following Kagame's orders. Jasmine says that Kagame is dead. Overhearing this, Sonya repeats, Kagame is dead.  Jasmine asserts that if Kagame where here that he would say, "leave no comrade behind."  Sonya agrees and adds that if Kagame where alive he would say, "think before you act."  Jasmine asks when they can stop thinking and start acting and Sonya replies that she has already initiated a plan and that they won't need to lift a finger. 

In the prison, Julian is sitting by himself when he is approached by an inmate. Julian says, "I know who you are and I'm not interested."  The inmate says that the truth of what happened in the building that Julian and Kagame brought down is already filtering out. The inmate says that people are calling him a hero for killing those bastards.  Julian replies that he didn't kill anybody and the inmate takes the book out of his hand and offers to protect him, because their movement is growing. Julian says that he already has protection but the inmate suggests that things could get very messy in here and he can mobilize hundreds more behind him.  Travis grabs the inmate by the throat and tells him to stay away from Julian.  Julian tells Travis that it wasn't necessary but Travis says that just because he his own little fan club in the prison, doesn't mean that he is safe.  Travis instructs Julian to stay close until he can get them out of there.  Julian asks when this is going to be and Travis replies, soon and that he has already made contact. Julian says that it better be soon because he goes on trial in a few weeks and they all know how that will turn out.  Travis tells him that there won't be a trial because they have a destiny to fulfill. Julian says that that destiny is dead and that they are going to have to find another way but Travis tells him that this is how it's supposed to play out.  The inmate is back and this time he has brought reinforcements. A fight breaks out and Travis makes short work of them.

Carlos and Kiera head into Inspector Dillon's office and Dillon tells them that Travis killed six members of the Ayran Nation in prison today.  Kiera says that worse things could happen Dillon says that he doesn't disagree but the warden wants Travis transferred out immediately, before a full scale riot erupts. Carlos says that this is a good idea because the further that Travis and Julian are apart the better. Kiera points out that they need to take every precaution during the transfer because Travis is unpredictable and far more dangerous than they realise. Dillon asks if Kiera is offering her services and Kiera says yes.  They are interrupted by Agent Gardiner, who has been reassigned to the Liber8 taskforce as their liaison.  Dillon says that he is sure they can all agree that they can always use another ally against terrorism.  Gardiner says that Travis is a high valued member and he expects Liber8 to make a move of some sort.  Gardiner then suggests that Kiera has not considered all of the variables in this, or maybe she has and she's counting on them. Kiera responds that she knows Liber8 better than anyone and says that Gardiner should stay out of her way and they will all get what they want.  Gardiner leaves and Carlos says that Gardiner needs a serious attitude adjustment.  Dillon points out that Gardiner will be looking for any reason to call them out and that Kiera is setting herself up for trouble if it goes sideways. Carlos asks about the plan and Kiera says that it's going to play out something like this.

Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 20: The Evil Queen

  Tamara and Gregg have Hook tied up (and he still hasn’t mussed his eye-liner) and tell him the wonderful news that Rumplestiltskin is still alive! Isn’t that nice? They have a deal for him – he help them find Gregg’s father and they help him kill Gold.

Fairyland flashback” Regina is searching for Snow White who has gone into hiding, but arrives too late. She has her soldiers gather up everyone in town to tell them what a bad person Snow is and how she will stop her. It’s not the most convincing argument. No villager speaks up and she orders them to be slaughtered.

In Storybrooke Mary Magaret and David discuss going back to the Enchanted forest and the trouble with Regina – Henry won’t want to go without her (Mary Margaret even acknowledges Regina’s motherhood! Shock of shocks!) but they don’t want to give her more chances. David comes up with a choice – Regina stays behind or she comes and lives the rest of her life in Rumplestiltskin’s old cell. Overhearing, Regina is not a fan of this plan.

Back to fairyland where Regina demands Rumplestiltskin tell her why she’s so unpopular – he points out that slaughtering entire villages doesn’t exactly win hearts and minds. Regina protests that she’s not evil – Snow is evil! She’s spreading nasty rumours! He tells her to settle for them fearing her, they’ll never love her. Once Snow white is dead they’ll see Regina’s kindness… uh-huh “through the charred remains of their homes” Rumplestiltskin adds.

Regina wants a shapeshifting spell, unable to cast it herself and not having the time to learn, she gets Rumple to cast it – though she can’t use magic while under its influence. The price? Cutting off trade with King George to impoverish his kingdom. Regina agrees.

Real world, Regina goes to see Henry and shows him the magic beans and tells him that Emma, Mary Margaret and David have been keeping secrets from him.  And that they all want to go to the Enchanted Forest without her. Henry suggests they intend to bring her and haven’t told her yet but Regina says they only see the Evil Queen – which they made her. She wants to go back and start over – as the hero. And how is she going to achieve this? Well she uses her Curse failsafe that will remove the curse as if it never happened! And destroy Storybrooke and kill everyone in it.

Game of Thrones, Season 3, Episode 5: Kissed by Fire

In the Riverlands with the pretty bonfires: Brotherhood without Banners, Arya

It’s time for Sandor Clegane, the Hound, to face trial by combat with Lord Dondarrion. But while he may be confident in a fight, Lord Dondarrion’s slightly unhinged faith in the Lord of Light means setting his sword on fire. For those of you who have been keeping note, the Hound is terrified of fire after his brother burned his face as a child.

The fight begins and it’s really well done – not elegant or fancy or show fighting. Lots of body slamming and flailing swords and shield bashing (even if they do seem to parry an awful lot even when the swords wouldn’t hit them). The Hound looks to be the better fighter, but his fear of fire makes him flinch back too often. As the Hound becomes more desperate with his shield on fire, Arya screams to “kill him”. But, in the end, the Hound wins, his sword blow being powerful enough to cut through Dondarrion’s sword and into his body (but, really, that parry wouldn’t have stopped the Hound’s anyway). Dondarrion falls and the Hound collapses to extinguish his shield. Arya draws a dagger and charges the Hound, only to be restrained by one of the Brotherhood.

And then Dondarrion gets up, after one of his men pray over him. Alive, uninjured. Well damn, maybe the Lord of Light has some plus points.

Of course, having won, Clegane is free to go (really crappy justice system which Arya is very vocal about), once his gold has been confiscated.

Later Arya learns that Gendry intends to stay with the Brotherhood. He wants to serve someone who was chosen to lead like Lord Dondarrion was, rather than serving masters who just use him, threaten him and toss him aside. He describes the Brotherhood as a family, something he’s never had. And something Arya cannot be – she’d never be his family, she’s always be his lady.

That night Arya recites her vengeance list as she does every night, and Thoros tells her he plans to take her to Riverrun to her brother in exchange for a “contribution”.

Uh-oh – these are Starks you’re ransoming – Catelyn will probably decide to give you the entire treasury and Robb may just kill people for the sake of honour. Which will be pesky if he tries it with the resurrecting Lord Dondarrion.

Lord Dondarrion joins them and we learn he’s been resurrected 6 times in the past. Though it gets harder each time. Arya wants to know if they can bring back a headless man, her father. It doesn’t work that way.

In the North, frostbite for everyone! Wildlings, Jon Snow and lots of pouting

Jon the Pouty is asked lots of questions about the Wall’s defence by Tormund and Orrell the bird man (SOOOO many characters! Can we kill some of them off? Starting with Jon and Joffrey?). We have the agonising pouty face while Jon tries to give away as little info as possible and Ygritte the Intensely Snarky stands up for Jon after the other 2 doubt Jon’s claim that there’s a thousand men in Castle Black.

Jon the Pouty Pouts over Yrgitte protecting him because he can look after himself! Waaah. Ygritten lists the many times she’s vouched for him, protected him and spoke for him since he joined the Wildlings and then steals his sword, because she can. She leads him to a cave and begins to strips naked – she wants him to prove he isn’t a Crow any more by breaking his vows.

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Fangs for the Fantasy Episode 120

This week we discuss Game of Thrones (which is awesome), the new episode of the Vampire Diaries with its Originals Pilot (also surprisingly awesome) and Once Upon a Time (what are you doing to Regina?!)

Our next books of the week are:
29th April - 6th May: Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning
6th May - 13th May: Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris
13th May - 20th May: Tempting Danger by Eileen Wilks
20th May - 27th May: The Iron Witch by Karen Mahoney
27th May - 3rd June: Shapeshifted by Cassie Alexander