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The Originals, Season One, Episode Eight: The River in Reverse

This episode begins with Rebekah making confession to Father Kieran.  Kiernan asks if she is even Catholic but Rebekah claims that she needs absolution and declares herself a liar and a betrayer. 

The scene switches to 24 hours earlier, with Rebekah and Klaus at the breakfast table.  Klaus asks about Marcel and Rebekah says that she hasn't seen him.  Rebekah tries to play innocent but Klaus accuses her of giving him the devil's eye.  Rebekah says that she is afraid to voice her opinion for fear that Klaus will bite her.  Klaus defends his actions by stating that Elijah made inflammatory comments about his intentions towards his child. Klaus tells Rebekah that his preferred method of punishment for her indiscretions is the dagger.  Rebekah replies that there is something fundamentally wrong with Klaus before leaving.

In the bayou, Haleigh is taking care of a very sick Elijah, in a cabin, in the swamp. Haleigh has gone through the bible which was left for her, with an entry which may refer to her.  Elijah points out that he will soon start to hallucinate and become unstable and so suggests that Haleigh leave him there. Haleigh declares that she is not leaving Elijah like this.  In the woods, a woman with the same birthmark as Haleigh watches the cabin. 

Back in the quarter, Marcel makes his way into the bar and introduces Tyler to his vampires. Marcel informs the vampires that by staying to hear what Tyler has to say, they are signing up for battle. No one leaves and Tyler begins to talk about Klaus and his hybrid abilities. Tyler tells them all about Haleigh and her pregnancy.  Tyler then speaks about Klaus turning a group of werewolves into hybrids, as well as how they broke free of Klaus's compulsion and were slaughtered.  Rebekah enters the room and all the vampires turn and stare at her.  Rebekah tells them that the baby will allow Klaus to sire more hybrids, which means that vampires won't stand a chance.  Rebekah adds that Klaus is a crap individual and that the last thing he needs is to sire a superior species. Rebekah then snaps Tyler's neck and says that they are not going to harm the baby because Klaus is the one they are putting a stop to.

Klaus is dictating his memoir to Camille and complains that his siblings are as deceitful as his parents ever were.  Camille asks what the point is of writing this because all Klaus repeatedly says is that everyone is out to get him. Camille adds that she wonders if Klaus trusts his own reflection.  Klaus replies that if the daggers weren't missing, he would put one in each of their hearts.  Camille tells him that he is the architect of his own misery. On the desk, Klaus finds a paper with a weird sign and Camille tells him that it is a tattoo design.

Rebekah and Marcel are down in the garden with Tyler and they decide to keep Tyler locked up until Klaus is taken care of.  Rebekah then asks where they are going to put Klaus and Marcel says a that picked out a spot in the back, where Klaus will reside for 52 years. Marcel has picked this number to match the years Klaus had Rebekah daggered in the 1800's. Rebekah reminds Marcel that he let Klaus keep her daggered.  Rebekah suggests that Davina should put the odds in their favor but Marcel believes that they cannot risk getting Devina involved because she has less and less control over her magic recently. Rebekah says that they are going to need Marcel's best warriors and Marcel assures Rebekah that what they are doing is nothing Klaus hasn't done to Rebekah or Elijah repeatedly. The two kiss.

Back in the swamp, Elijah screams in pain and Haleigh goes rushing into the cabin.  When Haleigh puts her hand on Elijah's head, she gets a vision of Celeste.  Elijah tells Haleigh that he thought that she was someone else and is shocked that he allowed her into his thoughts.  Haleigh says that it's fine and that she is taking care of him.  Elijah sits up and says that they are being watched.  When Haleigh heads outside, she sees the woman but the woman takes off quickly.

Klaus heads to a garage where he meets up with Josh.  Josh then heads to Marcel and reports that Klaus wants him to steal a dagger.  Josh believes that this is a test and adds that Klaus knows that he is working for Marcel now. Rebekah calls Klaus a bastard, quickly realizing that Klaus means the dagger for her.  Marcel tells Josh to calm down because if Klaus knew, he would have ripped out Josh's spine by now.  Marcel instructs Josh to say that he couldn't get the dagger but that he saw it on Marcel.  

Josh then reports to Klaus that Marcel is clearing out the compound for a date.  Klaus tells Josh that when he runs New Orleans that there will be a permanent daylight ring for him.  Klaus however warns that if Josh ever betrays him, he will spend the rest of his eternal life in agony wishing for death before leaving. 

Kiernan is sitting in prayer when Klaus shows up. Klaus brings up Camille and that he has been compelling her.  Klaus says he does so for Camille's protection because she won't leave things be.  Klaus suggests that if Camille keeps digging, she will discover about vampires, and witches and eventually go so far that she will get herself killed. Klaus believes that Camille needs to leave because New Orleans will be the death of her. Though Klaus has been compelling Camille, he believes that it needs to be her choice to leave the city.  Klaus admits that has not allowed anyone else to talk to him the way that Camille does.  Because Klaus smells war in the air, he believes that Camille will be the innocent victim if she does not walk away.  Finally Klaus says that if Camille does not leave of her own free will, he will be forced to compel her to go.

Haleigh is still playing nursemaid and Elijah has a flashback to Celeste sitting in the bathtub. Celeste reports that Klaus has been challenging the gentry to duels, as though they have any chance of winning. Elijah says that he tired of sacrificing his joy to temper Klaus's mischief and asks Celeste to cast a spell to put Klaus in his place. Celeste says that it would take 100 witches to put Klaus in his place and adds that Klaus only ever listens to Elijah. Elijah agrees that Klaus does need some discipline and he  kisses Celeste.  

Elijah awakes and asks Haleigh to leave again because he is flooded with torturous memories. Haleigh asks if Elijah doesn't like people taking care of him and Elijah responds that there are consequences for people who care.  Haleigh again affirms that she is staying and Elijah asks about the person watching them.  Haleigh says that the woman might the one who left the bible last night. Elijah points out that Haleigh came here to get information about her family, not nurse a sick vampire with a fever. Once again Haleigh affirms that she is staying.

In the quarter, Klaus arrives at Marcel's compound and it appears deserted.  Marcel makes an appearance and Klaus says that Marcel has something of his that he was wants back.  Marcel pulls out the dagger saying that he cannot do that, as Rebekah joins him.  Rebekah declares that she has had enough of Klaus.  Klaus asks Rebekah how it feels to be in possession of the one thing that can take her down.  Marcel whistles and vampire surround Klaus.  Klaus is not impressed with the number who have appeared and says that he cannot be subdued.  Marcel whistles again and more vampires appear. 

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Catching Fire (Hunger Games '#2) by Suzanne Collins

Since the film has been released we thought this would be a good chance to repost our review of the book to refresh memories and draw comparisons.

Catching Fire is the second book in The Hunger Games Trilogy. When we last left Katniss, the protagonist, she had been declared the winner of The Hunger Games along with Peeta, the other contestant of district 12. This win came at a great personal cost to her and was further complicated by the fact that on the return trip, she had to tell Peeta that she was unsure of her feelings for him.

Upon returning to district 12, Katniss settles into her new life. For the first time in her life she has the money not to have to worry about feeding her family; however, life in district 12 remains the same for everyone else. Her best friend Gale, now has to work 12 hours a day in the mines and so fills her time hunting for food to feed his family. For all that she gained being declared a winner, Katniss lost the closeness with Gale, a relationship that meant the world to her for five years. It turns out that having watched all of those tender kisses in the arena, Gale decided to declare his feelings for her with a kiss.

Katniss’ life quickly becomes even more complicated when she is visited by President Snow before starting on the victory tour with Peeta. He tells her that she become a symbol throughout the country thanks to her treatment of Rue and the fact that she threatened to commit suicide rather than engage in a battle to the death with Peeta. Snow tells her that the unity of the country is at stake, and on this tour she must convince the populace that her actions stemmed from being a silly girl caught up in love, rather than a desire to flout the power of the government.

For Katniss, it feels as though the very fate of Panem and the people that she loves rests upon her shoulders. She was only trying to survive and never meant to become a symbol to anyone. On the tour Peeta and Katniss agree to be friends and understand that for better or worse they are in this together. When they arrive at District 11 the home of Rue, Katniss thanks them for their gift and a man responds by whistling the very same tune that Rue whistled during the game. The crowd follows by saluting Katniss with the same salute she gave Rue before leaving her dead body. The government responds by shooting the man dead in front of Peeta and Katniss. As the violence increases Peeta proposes to Katniss in the hopes of having people believe the cover story of a couple in love but it is all for naught.

When Katniss returns to district 12 she meets two women who have escaped their district because of the violence due to open rebellion. They tell her that they are headed to District 13. Katiss is shocked because the government claims to have destroyed that district but the women claim that it is ruse and that in actuality the government reached a statement with District 13 because of their possession of nuclear weapons. Katniss begins to think of taking those she loves and escaping before things can get out of hand. Both Gale and Peeta agree to go with her but before she can actually formulate a plan to leave the government announces the quarter quell - a Hunger Game in which all former victors must participate in a special lottery and once again enter the ring.

Supernatural Season 9, Episode 8: A Rock and a Hard Place

South Dakota and a woman leaving and closing a diner for the night – taking a package of food she leaves for the homeless person outside. A genuinely good person – oh she’s so dead. Yes, something stalks her. In her fear she drops her keys (including their nifty taser attachment) and scrabbles after them under her car. When she hears footsteps approaching she pulls herself all the way under to hide – only to have her pursuer life the car off her and be consumed in blue fire. The fire also reaches out and covers her as well.

She’s surprisingly unburned – but she is alive. The figure picks her up and drops her down a hole in the ground – it looks like a bunker or an oubliette, with a metal lid.

At the Winchester cave, Sam is zonked from lack of sleep, and apparently so is Kevin, both of them researching some way to reverse the spell that locked the angels out of heaven and getting them out of everyone’s hair. Dean is naturally worried about Sam having no energy given the whole mortally wounded and possessed by an angel thing. Worrying interrupted by a call from Sheriff Mills – Jodie Mills (Last seen in season 8 but she’s been around for a while). She has a case for them – 4 missing people and one eye witness reporting someone lifting an SUV. Definitely spooky shenanigans.

4 victims with evidence of super strength at each scene; and they all belonged to the same church group. After checking to make sure Jodie’s ok with getting involved after her last near-death experienced from Crowley’s magic (she is – the more she knows the safer she is), Sam presents an angel theory – super strength and all churchy folk could be harvesting vessels after all. And Dean breaks Jodie’s bubble – nah, angels = bad thing. They should probably make pamphlets “Why Angels Are Dicks.”

They talk to the witness (the homeless man the woman, Honour, gave food to) but the blue fire doesn’t sound like angelic white light. So time to investigate the only connection – the church and its perky representative. They find out all the victims were part of a members only abstinence group – yes, Sam and Dean join that as well. Dean is just thrilled, but Sam thinks maybe the monster is stalking virgins (Dean, again, jumps to dragons which is a nice ongoing theme). She returns with a virginity pledge which, of course, Dean snarks that it’s a bit too late for that; so he has to become a born again virgin. Which I’m sure is cheating somewhere along the line.

To the first meeting, led by Suzy; and Sam has to remind Dean to bow his head during the silent prayer. Suzy deftly prevents Tammy inflicting awful poetry on the group by making Sam and Dean tell them why they’re seeking to re-virginise. Sam, truthfully, tells them every relationship he’s had has ended badly (understatement). Dean’s explanation sounds more like he’s reading a bad erotic novel. Thankfully it ends and Dean is sure he recognises Suzie from somewhere. Sam listens to malicious gossip from Tammy about the missing Honour while Dean offers to escort Suzie home to get some books (what with people disappearing and all). And yes, Dean is hoping to have sex with the chastity counsellor.

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Sleepy Hollow, Season One, Episode Nine: Sanctuary

Lena Gilbert drives up to her former family home with her body guard Sam, who tries to argue that they shouldn't enter because the house looks haunted and they don't know if it is structurally safe. Lena makes her way to a closet to finds that roots have grown through it.  She cuts her hand on a thorn and then the roots reach out and trap her.

Ichabod and Abbie are at the station and Crane is snarking about the drivethru food and Abbie says that this is as much as a Thanksgiving as they are getting.  Abbie then lists what a traditional family meal consists of and Crane informs her that the pilgrims didn't have any sugar to make a pie with and they would have eaten venison not turkey. Crane admits that all this talk of holidays and family time irks him because he cannot be with Katrina.  Abbie tells Crane that he has lost more than anyone ever should and therefore has a right to be unhappy. 

Frank interrupts their conversation to say that Lena Gilbert has gone missing.  Abbie wonders why Lena is their concern and Frank tells them that the Senate Majority leader contacted him to report Lena missing.  When Frank mentions that Lena is a billionaire, this throws Ichabod for a loop because that was the GNP of all 13 colonies in his lifetime. Frank then shows them a note Lena wrote which has Katrina's name on it. Frank adds that according to the GPS on Lena's car, her last known place is in Sleepy Hollow. Crane and Abbie leave the office and Abbie suggests that this might be a coincidence but Ichabod is not convinced.  Crane points out that Lena's lineage dates back to the founding fathers and asks Abbie to do a search on Lena's family.   Ichabod realises that Lena is related to Lachlan Federick.  Ichabod says that he knows where Lena went.

Abbie and Crane pull up at the house Lena went to check out and Crane is astounded with how run down it is. We get a flashback to Crane and Katrina arriving at the house.   As they walk in the front entrance, Katrina says that the house is a safe haven and that everyone there, regardless of the colour of their skin, is free and guaranteed Lachlan's protection.  Lachlan even paid them all a living wage.

Abbie and Ichabod enter the house calling out for Lena. They enter a room when Abbie notices someone sitting in a chair.  The person turns out to be Sam and he is dead. Abbie says it looks like Sam has been attacked by an animal. Ichabod notices blood on the floor which causes them to think that Lena was dragged away.  Abbie gets on the walkie talkie to get additional units but gets no signal.  When Abbie tries to leave, the doors and windows all slam shut, locking them in the house. Abbie declares that they are in a "damn haunted house.'   Abbie tries the doors and says that she is not staying there but Crane replies that they are trapped in there for a reason and so they need to find Lena.

Abbie sees a vision of a woman and walks into another room. Crane follows her but doesn't see her but says that they can survive this.  Abbie suggests that they move on because Lena is not there but Ichabod pauses when he finds a book once owned by Katrina.  The book contains a letter Crane wrote to her on the day he faced the Horseman.  It's his death letter and Crane thinks that they were meant to find it.  Abbie moves into another room and asks Crane if he is sure the house wasn't haunted before and filled with crows.

We get a flashback to Ichabod and Abbie meeting Lachlan and Grace Dickson. Crane says that Lachlan and Grace talked of evil and so he believes that the house was also a supernatural haven.  They continue to move through the house and find blood on a post and so head downstairs. Abbie opens the closet and finds Lena trapped inside.  Together, Crane and Abbie work to free Lena and this wakes a wooden creature outside of the house.  The creature moves towards the front door, as Lena says that the house is alive.  Crane and Abbie try to calm Lena and Crane brings up Lachlan and how brave he was.

At the station, Frank leaves a message for Abbie about her whereabouts and takes the time to complain about having to deal with Jenny's bs.  Jenny returns the gun and Frank points out that she stole it.  Frank then asks for the rest and Jenny puts another gun on the table, after claiming she thought it was a gift.  Jenny gets up to leave but pauses and then asks Frank if he would like to come over for Thanksgiving dinner. Frank is amazed that Jenny can cook and says that they are going to act like normal people for a change.

The World Below (Chronicles of the Goblin King #1) by Mike Phillips

Mitch is struggling, after an industrial accident left him badly scarred with few resources left. He resorts to busking, beginning to build a new life with new friends – and things are looking up when he finds a woman who likes him and is able to look past the scars. This new life seems to be really beginning.

Except the woman, Elizabeth isn’t entirely human – and she has something that the nefarious and domineering Baron wants – and he’s willing to extort a wizard, Hume to help him get it. Mitch is some easy collateral damage in his schemes.

On the plus side? We have the beginnings of a wide, gritty world with an oppressive dark underworld populated by a myriad of supernatural creatures and quite possibly a dark anti-hero in the making

And I stopped this book at about page 210 out of 290. I thought about pushing those last 80 pages, but I was already bored and skimming and I truly was not interested in continuing for one more page. I was bored, I didn’t care about the characters, I didn’t care about the story and the world was broad but had no depth.

We spent most of the book following Mitch – the young man who became a busker after his terrible industrial accident (with some very unsubtle “rawr, Unions are bad!” rhetoric around it). The young man who has very little, if any real connection to the supernatural. The supernatural kind of happens around him or we’ll start to follow a story about one of the actual supernatural beings – and then it’s back to Mitch and his guitar and his friends and generally a whole lot of minutiae I have been given zero reason to care about. That’s what gets me – it’s 200 pages in and only now is Mitch having the Supernatural reach his storyline in an overt way: and that’s because he fed a cat that turned out not to be a cat. All this time spent on him and I really do not care about his character and find him a massive distraction to the actual story.

And the other characters who are involved in the quest to find the MacGuffin are just not that well developed in comparison – or at all. We have the Baron who is an evil, despotic… thing. No I have no idea what he is or what he can do, it’s never explained. He just is. And he wants his MacGuffin.

There’s Hume, the wizard who could be an interesting character but, alas, we have to spend more time with Mitch badly scarred by the terribad evil unions. Hume has a sister who is Damselled that forces him to work with the Baron to rescue her. He glares and grumbles a lot – and looks for the MacGuffin, again no real character

And then there’s Elizabeth, who has the McGuffin and plays magic pixie dream girl to Mitch. That’s about it – she has the MacGuffin but we don’t know how or why, or even fully what she is or what that means or anything about her other than the fact she’s not put off by Mitch’s scars and is rather whimsical. Manic Pixie Dream girl – I mean elf. Manic Pixie Dream Elf. Or possibly fae.

Almost Human, Season 1, Episode 3: Are you Receiving?

John wakes up on another day, getting up, taking his leg off charge and putting it on – and realising it squeaks. He takes Dorian’s advice and applies olive oil to the knee joint – and it quietens it. Hey it works! Personally, I’d be a little concerned that the outer layer of the artificial leg is permeable to olive oil and who knows what’ll happen if you get it wet, but that’s just me.

On to an office building, the Sanderson Corporation and James a receptionist/security guard and happy friendly flirting with Ms. Jenna Miller…. Awww. One of these is so going to die, it’ll be extra tragic. Ominous looking men come in the front door and shoot James after asking his name. Ok, my predictions normally need a little longer before they happen to look impressive, but I’ll take it.

Ominous guys make their way to the server room (shooting someone on the way, but this guy doesn’t have a sweet awkward flirtation with a co-worker so we totally don’t care about him) where they plant a future techy thing.

To our intrepid heroes – with lots of snark between them (they do deliver some quality snark) about John’s coffee and John being late (also they still work in Fahrenheit? Isn’t everyone switching to Celsius now?). It’s very good snark.

They’re called into the crime scene and it cuts short the excellent snark. Damn bodies getting in the way of the snark! Dorian salvages the damaged, grainy CCTV. They see them go up – but the lifts have been shut down and the attackers are still in the building- John orders the building evacuated.

Up on the 25th floor, all of the civilians are rounded up, including Jenna, and the men know the police have arrived – and activate their device. It explodes blocking some of the exits

John and Dorian continue the evacuation using the fire service to get people from higher floors but when John contacts his boss, Sandra tells him not to go up the stairs – to wait and see what’s happening. Of course, big damn hero John refuses to listen and when Sandra tries to insist he pretends he has a bad signal on his phone (or future communicator that looks like a phone and can, apparently, still get shoddy cell signal). Sandra pretty much has to follow what John suggested now since he’s going ahead with his plan no matter what and she jams all communication.

Side effect of all the calls being jammed means  all the emergency call bounces to Dorian instead who answers them in case they can get information – and he tailors his voice to each caller (also taking the chance to tease John some more, of course). Paige calls them from the 25th floor in a closet. She watches as they shoot one of the hostages and then throw him out of the window from the 25th floor where he lands in front of the police on the ground (seems rather a waste of a bullet). On the body is a sign saying “no cops stay out.”

Beauty and the Beast, Season 2, Episode 8: Man or Beast?

Recap until just before the bomb, Vincent walks in the room, he steps on the mat with its pressure plate, his super hearing failing to pick up the ominous beeping because… reasons. Knowing he can’t move, he needs Tori to tap into her own beast abilities –and their weird group beast connection. Looking into her eyes – golden beast eye to beast eye – he asks Tori to stop being scared and start getting angry. She growls, roars and snaps the chains binding her – as Vincent rushes to her from the mat. Then there’s an explosion.

Cat and Gabe race into town as fast as they can having rumbled Cat’s dad, Reynolds, as Vincent’s handler (there’s only one set of church bells in the whole state?) while Tess calls Cat about the explosion. They arrive at the scene and both Tess and Gabe think Vincent is dead – Reynolds would have designed the trap around Vincent’s abilities. Cat won’t accept it – and Gabe stops her running off by telling her they need to get Reynolds before he runs.

Reynolds’s explosive expert, disguised as a fireman, tells Reynolds that the job’s done – that the targets have been “vaporised.” Reynolds it’s sceptical but his bomber wants to be paid – or he’s going to wire Reynold’s home to blow next.

Cat returns to her flat – and finds Vincent inside. She runs to him tearfully and they confirm they both know Reynolds is his handler – but first they have Tori laid on the sofa, knocked out in the blast. And Vincent reveals that Tori is an amplifier for him – with her around he is stronger, faster; giving him the chance to escape the blast.

Of course this raises the whole kiss and the fight they had – Cat agrees there’s something to talk about but also puts the fight down to Reynolds’s manipulation as much as anything. First, Vincent wants to murder Reynolds – but Cat can’t allow that! It’s wrong! (Seriously, Cat? How many murders have you handwaved but now you find a conscience?) Vincent lists what he did – kidnapped Vincent, brainwashed him, removed his memories, turned him into a killer then tried to kill him. Yup, dead dead dead. But apparently killing him cold blood is terrible when the victim isn’t a beast and will result in Vincent losing his humanity and becoming a monster.

I’m sorry, killing beasts – the victims of unethical medical experiments – is more moral? And what about the head of Muirfield, Li Zhao? Does he not count?

Cat has (belatedly) remembered she’s a cop and she simply cannot be with Vincent if he’s going to commit cold blooded murder (or, rather “another” cold blooded murder) not as a cop or a person. Instead she’s going to use Gabe’s plan to send him to gaol. Cat leaves Vincent and Tori behind and goes to the police station with Tess (bringing her up to date and saying how much she hates what Tori does to Vincent – pushing him towards his beast). At the apartment Tori wakes up and doesn’t understand why Reynolds wants them all dead (the whole losing control and ripping things apart thing, y’know some people worry about that kind of thing) and has doubts about how hard Cat will pursue her own father.

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Lost Girl, Season Four, Episode Three: Lovers. Apart.

Dyson and Clio land on the train and she has to calm him down by blowing some sort of elemental air on him. The conductor announces the next stop and says that they should get their tickets ready.  Dyson asks about Bo but the conductor takes off running.  Each time Dyson's says Bo's name, the train shakes.  

Bo is running by herself through a woody area and runs up to the first house she finds. Inside, Bo finds all of the furniture covered in White sheets.  A family brings their things into the house and when they hear a noise, they go searching.  One of the women hits Bo over the head with a cast iron frying pan knocking her unconscious. 

The Morrigan makes her return by draining the life out of a handyman.

At the restaurant, Crystal comes in to find that Lauren has reorganized everything.  Crystal then tries flirting with Lauren but Lauren pulls away saying she cannot do this now.  Their boss calls out that they need to get back to work and Lauren uses this as her chance to escape Crystal's clutches.

A very confused Bo is now sitting with Kathy and her daughter Julia.  Julia believes that Bo is on drugs when she starts asking about the train. Bo asks about Lauren and says that she cannot remember anything. Bo says that she is hungry and her eyes turn blue, while a voice tells her to kill them all.  When Ian enters the room, Bo looks at him like he is on the menu, which Julia finds disturbing. Ian grabs Bo by the arm and says that she needs to go but Kathy and Julia argue that Bo needs help.  When Ian screams, the women go silent as if in fear. 

Dyson is making his way through the train and he finds the room where Bo was kept captive.  He comes across the maid that Bo drained and demands to know where Bo is.  The maid says, "he is going to be so angry when he finds out she's gone."  Dyson screams and the door Bo escaped out of opens. Clio tells Dyson that Bo is going to be very sick and it could lead to death.  When Dyson points out that he is there, Clio reminds him that he is only safe because he is with an elemental.  Clio says that she might be able to save Bo and so Dyson hands her the scrap from Bo's torn nightgown. Together, Dyson and Bo jump off the train.

Bo is now walking through the house and decides to head into the basement where she finds two steel doors.  When she opens one door, she finds it leads to a cell. When Bo turns around, she finds Ian with a gun pointed at her and immediately assumes that he is keeping his daughter prisoner.  Ian makes it clear that Bo does not know anything about him.  Kathy says that they are protecting Julia. Ian reveals that his family is haunted by a ghost who comes after them once a year on this date and that is why they come to this location. Apparently, the family locks themselves in the cells until the morning.  Ian says that everyone in his family died before they could tell him why they are haunted.  Bo offers to help, which causes Julia to call them all psychos because she doesn't believe in ghosts. Ian grabs his gun and tells Julia that it is time for her to get in the cell and adds that Bo needs to leave.  Julia replies that if she gets locked up, then Bo is going to get locked up with her. Bo agrees to go and Ian puts Julia in the cell.

The Morrigan has gone to see The Druid to demand that her eyeball be grown back because she is now wearing an eye patch.  To make her point, the Morrigan kills the nail technician who was giving her a manicure.

Bo opens the door to Julia's cell but collapses briefly with stomach pain.  Bo asks what is going on and says that they are in crazy town.  Julia shows her clippings on the deaths of her family.  One of the clips is of Ian when he was a little boy and he had to watch his father kill his entire family.  Julia wonders if they inherited a thing that makes them do awful stuff. Julia reveals that she has never seen anything strange but worries that one day Ian is going to hurt them.  Bo says that she is going to get Julia out of there and Julia hugs Bo saying that she is pretty cool.  Bo opens the door to the cell and Julia quickly follows.

The Spider (Elemental Assassin #10) By Jennifer Estep

After Gin receives a mystery gift, she tells Own about one of her first assassin jobs – and a job that she screwed up royally. Too young, too emotionally connected and too hasty, it was the job that truly forged Gin into the Spider she is today.

This book had a lot of good in it. It was nice to see Gin’s development as a character and as an assassin and nice to see her training. It was particularly good to see her training not just in the basic physicality of being an assassin – actually killing people and knowing how to fight - but also the hard lessons in the mindset of an assassin.

I’ve always thought it was odd that Fletcher’s sobriquet was the “Tin Man” because he had no heart when he was clearly a, well, “ethical” assassin, as much as that is a contradiction in terms, with strict rules about who he killed and why, rather than just taking the money and getting the job done. In many ways he acts as a vigilante hero in a town where the police are unfit for their purpose. But this book made it much clearer and more sensible – how even being ethical means not getting emotionally invested or distracted. This, along with Gin’s signature patience, is shown through the mistakes Gin makes as she personalises the pain of her target’s victims and consequently rushes in without due care and attention – or research.

It added some nice backstory to Gin and just fleshed the whole process out a little more as well as emphasising the qualities that make Gin a good assassin above and beyond most.

But as far as the series goes I have to say I’m losing interest a little. It’s a shame because I love this character and I love this world – but there’s a limit to how many times you can do they “Gin has to kill someone, look she has” and make it original. To be fair, each book has introduced different elements and they were good books in their own right – but the first half of the series had lots of drama and intrigue and meta with us learning about Gin, learning about her life and her ongoing quest to defeat her nemesis. Which she did in Spider’s Revenge. Since then there have been 5 more books and 2 novellas in the series and no knew meta. It’s not that the books are boring by any stretch and we did cover issues that added to Gin’s world: Sophia’s past, Owen’s past, Gin and Owen’s relationship drama, her relationship with her sister Bria, and now some insight into Gin as she was learning her trade as an assassin – but we’re spending all this time developing the characters for what? Because it feels like the series ended on the 5th book and then just kept going. It’s all background with no foreground.

Witches of East End, Season 1, Episode 8: Snake Eyes

In the bar, Freya fills Ingrid in on her ominous card reading and, unsurprisingly, Freya has decided that Killian is her destroyer. Dash is not returning any of her calls and she’s all kind of mopey and making up for it by using love potions on the arguing bar patrons.

Meanwhile Penelope/Athena/The Shapeshifter/The Bad guy is preparing some nasty hexed flowers for Freya.

Ingrid at the library, finds Barbara (minority friend#1) waiting to direct her towards Mike, her new minted love interest. He claims he’s writing a historical novel set in the area and wants to mine Ingrid for information. While Mike talks about the towns long and storied occult history, Barbara throws in that Ingrid knows all about magic, her dissertation on the occult and how she cast a spell that made Barbara pregnant.

To the other sister – at the bar Killian arrives and she blames everything on him and leaves in a huff – overheard by Amy (Dash’s co-worker who is beginning her own relationship with Killian). She’s nice about it, but she’s not about to get in a relationship when he has clear feelings for Freya.

Freya receives the cursed roses and naturally assumes they’re from Dash – and promptly pricks her finger (well, spinning wheels and apples are so cliché). Penelope just happens to drop in to check on Killian and finds Freya ill and swaying and insists on taking her home.

At the Beauchamp house. Joanna shows Wendy the golden snakey key thing she assured her had been destroyed. Wendy is unsurprisingly unhappy since she was just tortured and killed over that key. We get some nice exposition – including that they sealed the portal – and that the snake is corrupting. While Wendy can’t imagine them ever wanting to go back, Joanna refuses to destroy the only connection to their home. Wendy wants it gone because it “destroyed everything good” inside their father and she thinks Joanna kept it so she can see Frederick again (lots of exposition hints in this conversation).

As Wendy walks past the case is whispered ominously and she opens it. The red eye of the snake seems to bewitch her and she reaches out for it –the snake comes alive and bites her wrist, sinking in its fangs and coiling its body around her arm.

Joanna comes to her scream and lectures her for looking in its eyes – do not look in the snake’s eyes! Yeah, I’m with Wendy here, bewitching animate snakes need to be destroyed. Wendy calls it a powerful vessel of pure evil – and black lines extend from the bite wound up and down Wendy’s hand and arm and her eyes turn black. When Joanna returns with a solution to remove it, Wendy has left.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Fangs for the Fantasy Podcast: Autumn 2013, Episode 8

t's time for another episode of our podcast, back again for the Autumn where we discuss our book of the week and some of the shows we've been following all through our social justice analysis.

You can join us here and you can listen live on our youtube channel, here, or in our sidebar. All will also carry a recording after the show is finished. As ever all our previous podcasts can be found in the archive

The podcast begins at 7:00pm EST

18th November - 25th November: The Fall of the Governor by Robert Kikman & Jay Bonansinga*
25th November - 2nd December: Deadshifted by Cassie Alexander
2nd December - 9th December: Under Wraps by Hannah Jane
9th December - 16th December: Blood Wager by Connie Stuttle
16th December - 22nd December: Goblin Quest by Jim C Hines
22nd December - 6th January: Fury of the Demon by Diana Rowland

*Observant people will notice we changed the Book of the Week. We were going to read Snow Queen's Shadow by Jim C Hines, but apparently the ebook cannot be acquired in the UK even if you are willing to sacrifice someone's first born child. Yes, I can get the first three in the series, but not this one (Insert our standard rants about regional restrictions on ebooks).

The Walking Dead, Season Four Episode Seven: Dead Weight

The episode begins with a flash to the governor playing chess with Meagan.  It quickly shifts to  Martinez helping him and Meagan get out of the pit. Back to chess where Meagan tells Philip/Brian that he never let's her win.  Philip/Brian gets out of the pit and Martinez is asked if he knows him.  When one of the sisters calls him Brian, Martinez is stunned. Back to chess where Meagan asks Philip/Brian if she is bad because her father was always mean to her. Brian/Philip assures Meagan that she is good.  At the pit, Martinez tells Philip/Brian that he can come back, if he understands that Martinez in charge and accepts that they don't tolerate dead weight.  Back to chess where Brian/Philip promises Meagan that they are all going to be okay.  Meagan moves a chess piece but instead of playing, Philip/Brian looks around him.  When the camera draws back, Brian/Philip is standing between a Winnebago and a tank.

In the camper Philip/Brian tells Lilly that he is going on a supply run.  Lilly says that she is going to set up a nursing station because the camp needs one.  Philip/Brian apologizes for the state of the camp but she says they will make it something good.

Philip/Brian heads into the woods and is warned by the others that he had better watch himself.  Philip/Brian trails behind a group of men and draws his gun. They come across a headless body tied to a tree with word "liar" tacked to its chest.

Back at the camp, a group of women are chatting.  Alisha talks weapons saying that she is not into big guns. Alisha seems to be flirting with Tara, while Lilly works on bandaging a cut.

Back in the woods, they come across another man and this time the sign on his chest reads rapist. Led by Martinez, the group of men make their way inside a cabin where they find another body and the sign this time reads "murderer."  The men make their way through the cabin cautiously looking out for walkers when they hear a thumping sound. A walker jumps out and Philip/Brian kills it.  He manages to kill two walkers who attempt to attack the group. 

The group is now siting around a roaring fire in the hearth. Martinez tells Philip that if it weren't for the people he was with, Philip/Brian would never have been brought into the group. Martinez asks Brian/Philip if he is different now.  Philip/Brian says that he is.  One of the men returns with canned food and beer.  They wonder what happened in the cabin and Philip/Brian says that it's best not to think about it. Martinez says that Philip/Brian always had ice in his veins.  They start to talk about what they did in the past and it turns out that Mitch and Pete were in the army.  Brian/Philip only says that he survived and does not give details.

Brian/Philip are back at the camp and Martinez talks about his father the Catholic priest.  Martinez says that the place he had before was kind of sweet.  Tara asks to hear all about it, adding that Brian/Philip won't say a word. Martinez stands leaves and Megan calls out from the camper that the roof is leaking again.  Brian/Philip heads inside and grabs the masking tape but Martinez knocks on the door saying that he has a surprise.  They head up to the roof, where Martinez has golf clubs and a golf club set up. They talk about Jean Pierre and how Martinez put him down because he was never the same after Woodbury.  Martinez suggests that Brian/Philp's new family brought him back and adds that he couldn't sleep at night knowing he was going to lose them.  Philip makes it clear that he is not going to lose them. Martinez tells Philip/Brian that now that he is there, maybe they can share the crown. Philip/Brian attacks Martinez and throws him off the roof of the camper. Philip/Brian heads to the ground and drags Martinez over to the walker pit.  Philip/Brian screams I don't want it, as the walkers drag Martinez into the pit.

That night, Megan and Lilly return to the camper and Brian/Philip is sitting on the bed shaking.  Lilly asks what is going on and Brian/Philip says that he just had a bad dream.  The next morning it is announced that they found Martinez in the pit and it is attributed to Martinez being drunk. The group argues over who should take over the camp and Pete steps up.  When Tara rejects this, Mitch gets in her face and calls her a bitch. Philip/Brian is informed that they are going on a hunt by Pete.

Brian/Philip finds himself alone with Pete who informs him that he could use some help with leadership. They come across a group camping out and Pete suggest taking them in but Mitch says that they don't have enough to feed themselves.  Mitch suggests raiding the group but  Pete nixes the idea, saying that they can find their own supplies. They only manage to find some squirrels and some condensed milk.  Philip/Brian walks off and the men follow to discover all of the people from the camp are dead.  Philip/Brian says that it wasn't biters and Mitch explodes about the fact that they lost the chance to grab the camps supplies. Pete is more horrified by the dead bodies.  Pete, Mitch and Philip/Brian leave the area.

The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor by Robert Kirkman & Jay Bonansinga

If you’ve read the comics, you don’t need a recap. If you haven’t – Rick, Michonne and Glen visit Woodbury, seen from the Governor’s point of view – Lily wanders around doing stuff I’m supposed to care about. And, yes, I’m aware of how half-assed that recap was, I have good reason.

This book takes place at the same time and involving several of the same characters as in the Walking Dead comics. Effectively, it’s taking the same storyline and look at it from a different angle.

This is a difficult thing to pull off – if done well you can reveal excellent new viewpoints, expand the world, develop the characters further and truly explain what happened with extra nuance, depth and potential.

If done badly, you’ve just had your fans buy the same book a second time, leaving them feeling vaguely like it was a blatant money grab and wanting to throw angry armadillos at you.

This book? Well, I’m currently annoying armadillos until they are sufficiently agitated projectiles.

Did you know the Governor is a bad guy? Yes? Well so did we. This book spends an inordinate amount of time reminding us of the fact. Did you know he cared about his little zombie daughter/niece? Yup! We did too – the comics had already been clear. Did you know that some people cling to him from fear, some people from denial and some people because it’s an apocalyptic world and sometimes you need to make hard choices? Of course you do – the comics have not only spent some time analysing this theme but they positively bathe in it – and we’ve seen exactly the same themes and ideas develop in the books leading up to this one as well. Lily slowly being convinced that maybe it’s a good idea to have the Governor onside is nothing new and felt tacked on so that SOMEONE could be vaguely surprised by the Governor’s actions (the readers certainly won’t be).

In fact, Lily and Austin’s rather random relationship feels glued onto the story to try to add something original and something to tie it into the previous books. But it does nothing, it means nothing, Lily can’t even count as a protagonist. They’re irrelevant to the story – they’re only there because without them the book would be a complete copy of the comics.

Fangs for the Fantasy Book of the Week

Every week on the Fangs for the Fantasy podcast (archives here) we read a book and discuss it on the show. The review for the book of the week always goes up on a Monday.

To give people a chance to read along with us, every Monday we’re also going to include a list of our planned books of the week for the next few shows, so people can get the books, read them and join in the conversation.

 Our podcast will be at 7:00pm EST tonight 

18th November - 25th November: The Fall of the Governor by Robert Kikman & Jay Bonansinga*

25th November - 2nd December: Deadshifted by Cassie Alexander
2nd December - 9th December: Under Wraps by Hannah Jane
9th December - 16th December: Blood Wager by Connie Stuttle
16th December - 22nd December: Goblin Quest by Jim C Hines
22nd December - 6th January: Fury of the Demon by Diana Rowland

*Observant people will notice we changed the Book of the Week. We were going to read Snow Queen's Shadow by Jim C Hines, but apparently the ebook cannot be acquired in the UK even if you are willing to sacrifice someone's first born child. Yes, I can get the first three in the series, but not this one (Insert our standard rants about regional restrictions on ebooks).

Lost Girl Season Four, Episode Two: Sleeping Beauty School

Trick cleans off a picture of Bo saying that he remembers her now and needs her back.  Dyson is back at the scene where he crashed. He remembers going over the cliff and shifting.  He hears a noise in a bush and approaches cautiously.  Dyson announces that he is not going to hurt the person and pulls out a little girl from the bushes.

Kenzi has created a sort of shrine for Bo. Dyson arrives and Kenzi talks about all of the things she has gathered for Bo, saying it's a matter of time before Bo is found.  Dyson reveals that they have managed no leads thus far despite both Hale and Trick putting out feelers. Kenzi is still holding out hope believing that Bo is sucking to death the person who took her.   Dyson and Kenzi head downstairs where Dyson shows Kenzi the little girl he found.  Dyson believes the girl was in the crash and adds that Valkyries have many lives.  Dyson points out that Tamsin was the last person to see Bo alive and maybe she knows something about Bo's father.  Kenzi reminds Dyson that Bo doesn't even know anything about her father.  Kenzi suggests that they interrogate little Tamsin and find out what they can.

At Rony's bar, Lauren hangs up her phone after failing to contact Kenzi. Crystal puts a name tag on Lauren and she heads off to work.

Trick has joined Dyson, Kenzi and baby Tamsin at the apartment.  Trick says that at this age, valkyries are vulnerable and invaluable.  Dyson asks if Tamsin's memories will come back and Trick says that Valkyries deal in the souls of the dead and so they sometimes repress their memories in the next. Baby Tamsin is busy playing with Kenzi's phone.  Dyson asks if Tamsin is really their last chance of finding Bo and Trick replies that there is one other.  Before Trick can finish, Dyson notices the wounds on Trick's arm.  Trick says that they need the compass and Kenzi tries to bolt saying that she doesn't babysit. Dyson tells Kenzi that he and Hale will find Bo. Finally in frustration, Trick yells for quiet and says that Bo is no longer on this physical plane.

Bo awakes on a bed and sits up too quickly.  Bo looks out a window and realizes that she is on a train.

Dyson asks Trick to tell him what really happened adding that he can smell Aife's blood on him.  Trick says that Aife was wounded by him.  Aife was driven back to insanity when the spell was broken because all she could remember was the loss of her child. Trick tells Dyson that Bo must never find out. They start talking about trackers and come up with Amdemian, who unfortunately is very elusive. Trick holds up a card saying that Selene is the only one who will be able to tell them where he is.

Vex is tied to a bed and he is bleeding.  A creature asks what Vex did with the Morrigan's body and Vex reveals that the Morrigan was behind a portrait above his desk but escaped.  Vex declares that the Morrigan is alive and swears upon the graves of his family. Vex is told that though he is he last Mesmer that it was a mistake that he was kept alive. Vex begins to plead and promises to give them what they want.  They agree to release him but not before implanting some kind of creature in Vex.

Dyson and Hale are a the studio and while Dyson is lead away, and Hale tries to use the computer. Hale is interrupted by Clio, who informs him that Selene will string him along but won't give him any information. Clio suggests that Hale see Astrid and give her a message which is written in Hindi.  When Hale tries to talk to Clio she disappears.  Dyson returns and Hale tells him that he has a lead, so they decide to leave.

Back at the apartment, little Tamsin wants to know if Kenzi has a boyfriend and Kenzi explains that she is single and wonders if it is worth loving again.  Tamsin asks about Hale and Kenzi explains that Hale is a friend.  Tamsin runs into Bo's room and Kenzi follows, instructing her to stay out of the room and out of Bo's things.  Tamsin heads to the bathroom and tosses Kenzi's fae makeup down the toilet.  Tamsin starts to cry when Kenzi starts to yell and so to calm Tamsin down, Kenzi shows off some of her power, which essentially means some sparkling light. 

Hale shows his hand with the message to Astrid, who informs him that the person who wrote this message wants his memories erased. Astrid notes their frustration and reveals that she has no mouth. Dyson asks why she didn't erase their memories and Astrid says that the women who work at Selene's are evil incarnate. Hale asks Astrid to help and she hands Dyson a potion and then taps Hale on the forehead suggesting he return to the one he loves.

Back at Selene's Clio makes another appearance and tells the girls to feed on Hale and Dyson.  The girls grow claws but suddenly become enchanted with Hale's smell. Dyson breaks away from the crowd and Hale instructs him to go and do what he needs to do.

Back at the apartment, baby Tamsin asks about the nature of Kenzi's relationship with Bo. Kenzi explains that they are BFF's.  Tamsin finds a card for the wanderer and drops it when it bursts into flames.  Kenzi puts out the fire and Tamsin reads the words MXXV on it.  Tamsin wonders if Bo is stuck in the card.

Dyson  rips away the wallpaper on a panel on the wall and reveals a heavily locked door.  Dyson rips he door off of its hinges and finds Eddie in bed appearing to be dead.  Selene pops into bed next to Eddie and says that he is not dead, just fast asleep.

At the restaurant, Lauren drops a tray of dishes and Crystal heads over to help with the mess. Lauren says that she doesn't know what happened and Crystal tells her that it's because she has never waited tables a day in her life, despite what her resume says. Lauren stands and quickly changes the subject by claiming to have lost her name tag. Crystal grabs Lauren's arm and tells her that everyone is running from something.  Crystal puts the fake tag on Lauren and tells her that she is cute, funny and sexy.  Crystal asks Lauren to have a drink with her tonight but Lauren replies that she cannot before walking away.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sleepy Hollow, Season One, Episode Eight: Necromancer

Crane and Abbie have the headless horseman trapped in a cell and Abbie teaches Crane how to fist bump to celebrate their victory, though Crane feels fist bumping makes no sense. Frank says that he is tempted to call in NORAD, so Abbie and and Crane talk about the various ways that they have tried to kill the horseman. Frank asks if they should just let the horseman rot down there and Crane replies that the cell is secure. Abbie points out that witches, demons and sandman are coming because the war is just beginning.  Crane wants to interrogate the horseman to discover what evil is coming up but Frank believes that the horseman will not talk.  Abbie suggests that the horseman will talk to someone who is already dead.  Crane brings up Andy Brooks and how he delivered a message to the horseman before. Frank is shocked because he believed that Andy was dead, so Ichabod informs him that Brooks has been resurrected.  Abbie wonders how they can trust Brooks, so Ichabod  says that Andy has unrequited feelings for Abbie and reminds them that Brooks has already helped them once.  Abbie then suggests that Frank track down Jenny because she could be useful in this situation.

What appears two me who appear to be hunters come across the Horseman's horse in the woods.  They both look at the horse in amazement and one gets on the phone, speaks in German and asks what happened to the Horseman.  The man then hangs up the phone and kills his companion.

Abbie and Crane walk through the tunnels until they find where Brooks has been hanging out. Abbie says that Andy will come back here, if this is where he lives.

Jenny is brought into the station by a police officer and she is not impressed that she was being brought in by the cops.  They head into Frank's office, where he informs Jenny that Abbie is out on assignment.  Jenny is not impressed that Abbie has not answered her phone or returned her calls.  Frank points out that Jenny does not like authority and adds how the system failed her. When Jenny asks Frank if he really knows what is going on, Frank reveals that they have captured one of the four horseman of the apocalypse. Jenny says that she wants to see the Horseman and Frank tells Jenny that she has not given him reason to believe that she will be helpful.  They are interrupted by a officer who says that Adam's Jewellery has been robed. Jenny tells Frank that she used to work for the owner and did freelance acquisitions.  Frank asks what kind of acquisitions but Jenny refuses to answer causing him to suggest she stay there till he gets back.  Jenny follows Frank out of the office and he points out all of the innocent people in the office and how is new he is to this situation. Frank asks Jenny if she is in or out and Jenny declares herself in.

Crane is going through Andy's things and he finds an Egyptian tablet.  Andy returns and is not impressed to find them there. Abbie asks how to break  the Horseman and Andy tells her to leave him be.  Crane says that there is a way to communicate with the Horseman.  Crane then says that Andy is the Horseman's necromancer because the tablet contains Egyptian symbols for communicating with the dead.  Crane explains that Andy is the Horseman's voice and that is Andy's chance for redemption. Crane believes this to be a calculated risk but Andy begs Abbie not to make him do this.  Andy says that he cannot take back the decisions he made when he was alive and that his soul does not belong to him anymore.  It seems that when he is around the Horseman Andy has no choice but to obey the Horseman's commands.  Abbie asks how she can trust Brooks now and he informs her that she cannot. Andy tells Abbie that confronting death is a darkness that will hunt her forever but agrees to go with Crane and Abie.

Jenny and Frank have arrived at the crime scene and Jenny points out that the robbery was a sham because they broke the jewellery case and left all of the most expensive stuff. Jenny leads Frank to a hidden alcove in the store where they discover the owner Adams.  Adams immediately asks for Jenny to bring him a wooden box.  It turns out that the box is empty but the lid contains 16th century druid inscriptions. The relic was to break a hex spell and Frank surmises that the Hessians wanted it to free the Horseman.  Frank isn't worried at first because he remembers that the Horseman is under UV lights but Jenny points out that that power grid could be destroyed.  They decide to head out and call Abbie.

Haven, Season 4, Episode 11: The Monster's Ball

Seth and Anderson, inept paranormal researchers, have arrived in Haven. Let us hope a Trouble turns them inside out very very soon. Though I do have to laugh at the “how many gas leaks does a small fishing village have to have before they get new pipes?!” Perfect, A+ self-aware lamp shading!

They hear a scream and a roar from a house and see the door is ripped off – they go to investigate. Inside the house is ransacked and there are large claws marks marring the walls – and then something chases them, something that growls and roars.

A Haven werewolf?

To the police with Dwight and Gloria (who is absolutely awesome and delivers some quality snark, as ever) describing how the dead had been found with its heart eaten out of its chest: and all of this is witnessed and heard by the two useless researchers with a direction microphone. They’ve just annoyed Gloria. I have pity for them now. The researchers call it a Rougarou (Loup-Garou – basically a werewolf). They’ve now heard about the Troubles and wish to research more – before Dwight comes in to try and move them on.

Back to the actual plotline – Audrey is apparently not dead but is presumably receiving medical attention. Duke decides to be a rock for Nathan while sending Jennifer to see if Vince and Dave have any idea about Audrey’s connection to William.

Audrey is in the hospital, as is William and there’s a suspicious doctor who really should have seen enough weird things in Haven without this being surprising. Duke and Nathan are with them and Nathan thinks they can just keep William sedated (at what point does an injury cross the line? I mean, wouldn’t eternal sedation make Audrey sleepy?). Vince arrives to ask Nathan to help with their heart-eater and the paranormal researchers. Duke mocks the whole idea – no-one takes these researchers seriously, but Audrey points out that’s because the researchers never find anything real. If they did, in Haven, they could attract unfortunate attention. She sends Duke and Nathan out to help, it’s not like they can heal her wound anyway.

With them gone she talks to Vince about her connection and causing the Troubles – Vince promises her they know nothing about it and doesn’t believe Audrey is the cause of the Troubles.

Duke and Nathan go to question a relative of the last victim and run into the researchers who, of course, won’t turn off their camera. A squabble follows – and all the lights spark and go out. They hit the back and plan to sneak out the back (Nathan gives Duke a tiny gun, he draws a much bigger one). They’re all very quite – until something large and growly moves into the store. There’s a tense, really well shot scene of them dodging around in the dark, dodging the barely seen creature and firing at it until they finally hit the lights. The creature is gone – but Gemma, the relative of the last victim – is dead, with her heart eaten out of her chest.

Haven, Season 4, Episode 10: The Trouble with Troubles

So we had many many many revelations last time – so where do we go from here?

We open in a disaster zone – lots of things burning, lots of chaos and fear and soot stained Duke in a white tank-top (every cloud has a silver lining). William has struck again – before this woman remembered her trip to Hawaii and had sand in her shoes – now she conjures a volcano (I’d go with the volcano – I hate sand in my shoes).

Audrey and Nathan go back to her place where Nathan wants to be lovey-dovey and Audrey is more concerned with who William thinks she is and all the chaos he’s causing. Nathan manages to be very distracting.

The next morning, Audrey wakes up to find her flat drastically changed (and she’s sleeping on the floor), the Gull is a baitshop and her car is missing. Damn Troubles – as she mutters and grumbles walking into town bare foot and in her pyjamas. Thankfully she sees a passing police car – out of which steps Duke. In uniform. And he doesn’t recognise her or know her.

He takes her into town while Audrey tries to convince him something Haven-y has happened (which he also doesn’t seem to know about) but he’s actually investigating a case of vandalism – something which the old Haven PD never had time for. She sees Vince and Dave and they have the same amnesia and assure her there has never ever been any Trouble in Haven (and are horrified that Audrey’s clothes means Haven has its first homeless person). The Troubles are gone.

Audrey gets checked out in a hospital at Duke’s insistence. Before seeing the doctor she questions Duke no-one has heard of Nathan. The new chief of police in weird Haven is Duke’s father who is, presumably, less murderous. And the doctor is a Dr. Hanson – Nathan; because Nathan’s biological father is Max Hanson, in this reality he was never adopted by chief Wuornos. She quickly adapts everything she’s said so she doesn’t end up in a psych ward. She gets the all clear and Dr. Nathan is called to an emergency. Audrey follows and runs into… William. Who isn’t affected by the amnesia.

William denies he’s done anything (quite the opposite, he finds the new Haven dreadfully boring) but, like Audrey, he is immune to the Troubles. He needs to bring the Troubles back if he wants Audrey to remember the past self in which she is in love with him (see my nifty little recap there?). Audrey isn’t going to help him though, even seeing Nathan with a family – she’s not going to bring the Troubles back and cause all the problems again. William has no such compunction and warns her if he brings the Troubles back he won’t be delicate about it.

And he starts that by going to menace Vince and Dave (who are horrified by Audrey thinking she represents a plague of “bag ladies” coming to their town)