Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Witches of East End, Season 1, Episode 7: Unburied

Wendy is tied to a chair in a magic circle – and Ingrid is not happy with her, appears to be torturing her – and uses magic to stick her hand in Wendy’s chest. I’m assuming this is evil Ingrid from the past life who was resurrected.

At the bar Freya and Killian are continuing their endless pattern of him flirting and her telling him not to – which this time leads to passionate kissing – and she wakes up next to Dash. And has a moment of terror when he reveals she talks in her sleep though he didn’t understand her.

Freya runs home looking for a spell and looks in the grimoire with Ingrid (who assures Freya she’s not judging because her own judgement has been flawed lately) to control dreams – until Wendy arrives and Ingrid runs out the door – tension still thick with the whole “you murdered my past self” thing going on. Freya decides she wants to have her cards read though Wendy is all wary because the cards show what they want to show, you don’t just ask them questions and get answers.

Ingrid goes to work and rambles about her dark side to her character-less GBF when a customer arrives with a list of books he wants her to bring him and a bad attitude, she laces into him, they argue and generally assure us all that they will definitely be sleeping together by the end of the season (it’s Lifetime, I know that trope).

Freya needs hair to complete her dream spell so offers to cut Killian’s hair in time for his mother’s library party thing – because there’s no way this could be misconstrued. But he starts repeating what he said in the dream and more flirting and sexual tension follows until they’re interrupted by another staff member before anything can happen. She makes and drinks her potion.

Ingrid is still moping and Joanna drops in thinking Ingrid will be confused. She quickly summarises her past life as major reasons why she should be confused but she also has done some detective work (Ingrid is the smart one) – she’s looked through all the old photos and realised there are none of her and Freya as older women. They always die young – about the ages they are now. Joanna confirms that and tries to be reassuring (insofar as you can be) but Ingrid has already left.

Joanna and Wendy catch up in the garden so everyone can recap everyone else.

In the graveyard we have a recap of last week – the shapeshifter raising evil Ingrid’s zombie but this time she reveals herself as Penelope – as Athena all grown up. Awww, it’s gone and ruined it’s bad guy with unnecessary exposition just in case the audience have the brains of concussed wallabies. She uses a spell to refresh Zombie!Ingrid to look human again (temporarily) and hands her her mission – get back a golden snakey thing that Wendy took from her evil daddy Archibald and then kill Wendy. I am still having trouble taking a villain seriously when he’s called Archibald.

The library/party thing hosted by Penelope/Athena happens. Dash invites Freya to London for much squeeing, and Ingrid gets hit on by an ultra-creepy guy (I’ve seen that actor before – he always plays creepy people. I wonder if that ever gives actors issues “why do they always cast me as creepy people?!”) and after magically breaking his fingers she is “rescued” by arsehole guy – yes the one she argued with earlier. Though she does make it clear she could have handled it herself

Freya gets he a bad premonition and for some reason she decides to tell Killian – has the show not reached its awkward sexual tension level yet? Only this time Freya’s protests of it being “over” and “just a kiss” seem to have been overheard by Dash.

Over to Wendy – she’s purposefully bumping into Leo the hot entomologist she stole a butterfly from. Of course, trying to pursue a relationship after rare butterfly theft is awkward but she overcomes his resistance; all while watched by Evil!Ingrid. They never actually make it to their lunch date and “build up an appetite” first. They don’t go to dinner because Ingrid arrives (evil!Ingrid) to drag her away to an emergency, claiming Joanna is hurt from a shapeshifter attack.

Wendy isn’t a fool, when evil!Ingrid talks about the snake key, Wendy realises she’s never told anyone about it, she also doesn’t understand Ingrid referring to Joanna as “mother” and she realises no-one knows about Leo so how would Evil!Ingrid know where to find her? Clever Wendy – I so like it when we get these “imposter” tropes and the person sees through it. Ingrid throws Wendy downstairs and knocks her out…

…And she wakes up tied to a chair where we began this episode, being tortured for information about the snakey key thing.

Away from Evil!Ingrid to good!Ingrid, the next day talking to Arsehole Guy – who is hereby called Mike – and apologising for arguing with him (whyyyyy? Whyyy apologise for something he did wrong? Even if he then did something niceish afterwards?). They make nice, but when she leaves he opens his folder and has a floor plan of Fairhaven Estates (Penelope’s home). This is ominous because the music tells us it is.

On to the bar with Freya, Killian and Dash dropping in to punch his brother – we’ll put that down to yes, he did overhear. Freya hurries after him and finds Dash packing for London – alone. He wants some time apart and doesn’t want to talk to her.

Leo goes to the Beauchamp home looking for Wendy who disappeared so suddenly, leaving her bag behind. Joanna hears what happened and starts worrying. She casts a nifty seeking spell on Wendy’s necklace. She arrives just in time to see Evil!Ingrid trying to rip out Wendy’s heart. She moves to free Wendy after convincing herself that Ingrid is actually Ingrid – and Evil!Ingrid attacks. Joanna stops her with one hand – seeing Ingrid’s eyes film over like those of a corpse she casts a spell to reduce her to dust: she doesn’t kill people but Evil!Ingrid is already dead.

She gets Wendy home and healed waiting for her to wake up – and tells Ingrid it was just an “old enemy.” Freya arrives tearfully with her own problems which are so very very minor in comparison and Ingrid and Joanna rally round for comfort and reassurance. And Wendy returns from the dead – again – she must be running out of lives by now. Ingrid and Wendy have a re-bonding moment (Wendy spills the beans about Evil!Ingrid but also tells her every life is different) and they talk about how history doesn’t bind the present – and just because old Ingrid and Freya died at this age doesn’t mean they will.

That night Freya dreams of Killian, the same dream again, but her spell puts her in control. She tells Killian he has to go, this is the last dream and pushes him out of the door while he protests that it’s not what she thinks. She wakes up and goes to her mother who is there having laid cards for her – they’re confusing. Freya is in love with two figures, light and dark, the Emperor and the Trickster (and no, you can’t assume Killian is the Trickster) and she loves them both; one is her soul mate, the other her destroyer.

Time for Wendy and Joanna to have their late night talk over booze; she tells Joanna that Evil!Ingrid, tool of the Shifter was after the Serpents Claven (the gold snakey key thing) which Wendy felt sure was destroyed. It’s a key to the portal – a portal near the door of evil death trees that was in the basement of Fairfield Manor – but Joanna insists the key is gone and without it the door cannot open. Joanna reassures her – but then notices the necklace round Wendy’s neck has turned red. That means the repeatedly reincarnating Wendy is now on her last life.

Alone, Joanna goes into her garden and digs up a box – inside is the golden-snakey-key thing. It (obviously) isn’t destroyed

So we have some major meta happening now – which adds on to last week’s as well. The whole idea of witches coming from another place, keys, portals, Athena/the Shapeshifter identified. It’s all coming together as we approach the finale and it looks like some pretty decent compiling of the plots

Except Freya. Freya always feels like she’s the outsider to me. While Ingrid worries about evil, plot laden past lives and Joanna worries about the Shapeshifter with Wendy who sidelines in fixing everyone’s problems, there’s Freya in a corner playing with her love triangle (that sounds way dirtier than it is). It feels so… shallow. Every time she shows up, especially complaining to the other characters, part of me wants to say “excuse me, everyone else on the cast as real problems!”