Friday, November 22, 2013

Revolution Season Two: Episode Nine: Everyone Says I Love You

Charlie loads a gun and says that she saw an access on the roof.  Charlie, Miles and Rachel discuss going in to save Aaron, Cynthia and Gene, with Rachel saying that they have no choice.  They prepare to move and Miles suddenly stops. When Rachel checks, she sees a field patriot soldiers.  When Miles checks the pulse of one soldier, he discovers that they are not dead, just out cold.  They head to the front door which is ajar and make their way through the building to find more soldiers passed out. Miles wonders if the soldiers were gassed and Rachel wonders where Gene is.  Charlie hunches down to check out some prints and surmises that Aaron was there.  Miles questions if Aaron knocked out 40 guys and then strolls out.  Charlie takes the lead and they follow Aaron's footprints into a room.  They find a big hole in the wall, as some of the soldiers start to regain consciousness.  They decide to leave before they are discovered.

At at the train station, Roger is complaining about having to bring both Neville and Jason on his security detail.  Neville of course claims that he only wants to be of service.  When Roger points out that Jason is an escapee, Neville deftly reminds Roger that he helped him with his little problem. When Roger walks away, Neville informs Jason that they are going to the White House.

Horn is preparing a syringe when he is interrupted by a Patriot soldier informing him that they believe Aaron just walked out through the tunnels. Horn comments that there is no end to the surprises with Aaron.

Charlie, Miles and Rachel are outside the town walls and Miles wonders what the Patriots are doing with a tunnel like that.  Charlie suggests they follow the trail and Miles questions if Aaron is responsible for the foggy day.  Rachel then says that she has to go back and get Gene.  Miles points out that the Patriots are going to be looking for Aaron and adds that can go looking for Gene after they find Aaron.  Miles says that he is totally out of his depth.  Rachel points out that Gene might be dead but Miles argues that if Gene is, he did it to save them so they could save Aaron.  In the distance, they hear a horse neigh and hide in the bushes, as Patriot soldiers go riding by with Horn in a wagon.

Aaron awakes in a high school and sees Cynthia unconscious a few feet away.  Aaron checks for a pulse and then notices that the wound on Cynthia's abdomen has healed.  Aaron questions whether he did this and then suddenly hears a noise.  Aaron stands and moves about the room to investigate and runs into a little boy. The boy claims to live at the school and says that Aaron walked in carrying Cynthia.  Apparently, Aaron has no memory of this.

Monroe is hiding in the woods watching the Patriots.  In another area, Charlie reveals that she has lost Aaron's trail.  Charlie, Rachel and Miles stop walking as three Patriots head towards them. Charlie throws her knife and they manage to subdue a soldier but not before he gets a shot off, warning the other soldiers.  Miles, Charlie and Rachel turn to find a soldier pointing a rifle at them but before they can react, Monroe sneaks up and slits the soldiers throat. Monroe says, "I'm Batman" and they all take off into the woods. Was that supposed to be comic relief? If so, it failed miserably.

On the train, Roger approaches Jason to find out where Neville is. Neville has gone up front to find out why the train is stopping.  Roger retreats and Neville returns.  Neville looks out the window and watches as man kisses Julia, the wife Neville thought was dead.

Aaron has Cynthia's head on his lap and he gives her some water as the boy watches.  Aaron tells the boy that he looks familiar and asks where his parents are.  The boy says that he is from Oklahoma and is looking for his parents. What they don't know is that a Patriot soldier is looking in the window at them.

Horn starts to hear voices and is interrupted by a soldier who suggests that they should wait until the fog lifts and the scouts report.  Horn says no and instructs the man to get back to town and tell Truman to send every man he's got.  Horn adds that he is out of time but does not explain what he means.

The group has returned to Monroe's hiding spot and Miles wants to know what happened.  Monroe replies that he did the best that he could. Miles suggests that Monroe's best sucks. Monroe makes it clear that the reason he saved Miles is his son and demands to know where he is.  Miles shows Monroe his infected arm and Monroe checks and discovers that Miles has a fever.  When Monroe suggests that Miles needs a doctor, Miles points out that he is having a hard time swinging a sword and adds that he needs Monroe. Monroe insists that Miles needs help and that Aaron is not worth dying over. Monroe tells Miles that he has gone soft and says that this is not his problem. Miles tells Monroe that if he doesn't help, he will never help him find his kid.  In the backroom, Rachel talks about how she left things with Gene and says that she needs to talk to him.  Rachel tells Charlie that she loves her. Monroe tells Charlie and Rachel that they should go and find Staypuff. That was a nasty little bit of fat shaming Aaron. 

Six years before the blackout, Miles is dressed in military gear heading into the station when Rachel arrives and questions why he didn't say goodbye. Miles shakes his head no and says that they cannot keep doing this.  Miles says that Ben is his brother and that he is a smart good man, who is better for Rachel.  Miles suggests that Rachel start a family with Ben and be happy.  Rachel questions if this is how he really feels and adds that all he has to do is say that he loves her and she will leave Ben and wait for him. Miles says that he doesn't love Rachel and she tells him that she doesn't believe him.  Miles turns and leaves a teary Rachel behind.

Back in the woods, Horn is waiting in his wagon when a Patriot reports that they have found Aaron.

On the train, Nevile walks into the dining car and sees Julia sitting at a table with three other people.  He walks right by her and she excuses herself to follow.  Neville is clearly astounded, as Julia follows him into a cabin.  They hold each other and kiss.

In the woods, they are following what they believe to be Aaron's trail when Monroe points out that it is too quiet. Rachel realizes that the Patriots are gone and suggests that they must have found Aaron. Charlie finds tracks left behind by the Patriots and they decide to follow.

In the school Cynthia is wakes up and Aaron tells her that they are going to get out of there. The boy pleads for them to stay and so Aaron offers to take him with them.  The boy then tells Aaron that he needs to talk to him but Aaron says that he doesn't have time for a chat right now.  Cynthia questions who Aaron is talking to and then tells him that there is nobody there.  The kids tells Aaron that they fixed Cynthia, brought him back to life and now they want to talk.

Aaron storms out with Cynthia following. Aaron tells Cynthia what the boy said and Cynthia encourages Aaron to talk to him.  Cynthia says that everything happens for a reason and that Aaron needs to face it. Aaron says that he doesn't think he can and Cynthia reassures him and reminds Aaron that she will be right beside him.

On the train, Julia zips up her dress and Neville says that when he saw her on the platform, he thought he was seeing a ghost.  Julia asks about Jason and Neville tells her that Jason is on the train.  Neville asks what happened and Julia reveals that when Atlanta started to fall, she headed south with Teresa.  They found a house in Sanderville and that is where she was when the bombs fell. Julia tells Neville to say it and Neville asks who Julia is with.  Julia reveals that the man is her husband and that she thought Neville was dead.  Julia adds that she was alone, scared and hungry, so she married this man to survive. Julia asks what he is doing there and Neville reveals that the Patriots were the one who dropped the bomb and that he was on his way to the White House to kill the president. Julia tells Neville that she loves him and adds that he is not killing the president. Julia suggests that he keep his job and adds that for now, both of them are going to keep their mouths shut. When Neville asks Julia what she has in mind, she simply replies that they can still get everything they wanted.

Aaron and Cynthia return to the room with the kid.  Aaron tells the kid that he thought the boy looked familiar. Aaron realizes that the kid is Kevin Nolan, his friend from third grade. The boy says that they are everywhere, in the air, and in his head.  Aaron says that the boy is a nanotech and asks how the boy is alive.  The boy says that Aaron woke up the nanotech. We get a flashback to Aaron turning on the power and the boy tells Aaron that he made them.  Aaron asks the boy what he wants and the boy asks if he has ever been to Spring City.  Aaron demands straight answers about what is going on and the boy replies that he just wants to help.  Aaron asks how burning people alive helps him and the boy responds that Aaron says kill in his head, so they kill.  Aaron answers that just because he thinks it just doesn't mean he means it.  Aaron asks the boy to leave him alone and go away.  The boy turns his head and says, "they're here."

The Patriots have amassed outside of the school.

Jason is looking out of a window when Neville and Julia approach him. Neville introduces Julia as Mrs. Doyle to Jason and adds that she is a little turned around. Neville asks Jason to take Julia back to her husband. Jason and Julia leave the cabin as Neville watches.

In the woods, Miles, Charlie, Rachel and Monroe watch the gathered Patriots.  Horn walks behind some soldiers but has to stop when he hears a ringing noise.  Having incapacitated a few soldiers, Miles, Rachel, Monroe and Bass enter the school and decide to split up.  Aaron and Cynthia go running as the search begins.  In another classroom, Miles passes out.  Rachel realizes that Miles has a fever, so he finally show her his arm.  Miles tells Rachel to go and she asks why he didn't tell her.  Miles says that they had their hands full and all she can do is act like an idiot.  Rachel tells Miles that he is not pushing her away this time.

Charlie and Bass work together to search for Aaron.  Bass quickly abandons Charlie and heads out an exit, so she hides in a locker.  Rachel is checking her weapon and Miles tells her that he never should have let her go because she was always the one.  A soldier breaks in and Rachel shoots him dead but when she turns back, she finds Miles passed out.

Aaron and Cynthia run into a very shaky Horn.  Aaron asks that they be let go but Horn tells him that he has to get rid of the tumor in his skull. Aaron says that he cannot but Horn points out that he healed Cynthia who was bleeding to death. Horn tells Aaron that he cannot imagine what this feels like and begs to be healed. When Aaron doesn't answer, Horn turns the gun on Julia.

Charlie steps out of the locker and is grabbed by a solider.  Monroe sneaks up and slits the soldiers throat.  They hear more Patriots and take off running.  A gun fight ensues and Bass and Charlie work together.  More Patriots shoot into Rachel's room, so she is forced to turn her attention away from Miles.

Aaron begs for more time but Horn replies that he is out of time.  Aaron calls out for the boy and Horn tells him that no one is coming to save him.  Aaron tells Horn that it is not him doing it but he thinks he can figure it out if Horn will just give him a minute. Cynthia tells Aaron that she loves him and Horn shoots her.   Cynthia collapses and dies in Aaron's arms. Aaron looks up at Horn with a look of pure hatred and discovers the boy standing over his shoulder.  Aaron looks at the boy and asks where he was and the boy reminds Aaron that he told him to go away.  Aaron instructs the boy to kill Horn and Horn bursts into flames.  Aaron then says kill them all and all over the school, the Patriots burst into flames. Miles, Rachel, Charlie and Monroe watch the soldiers die completely horrified.  The boy wants to know why Aaron didn't ask him to just heal Cynthia.  Aaron then replies that he wants the boy to heal Cynthia. The boy is confused and points out that Aaron told him to leave and then called for him.  He adds that Aaron told him not to kill and then ordered him to kill.  Aaron then orders the boy to heal Cynthia but the boy says that he is leaving like Aaron wanted.

Two weeks in a row we have death of female characters to further the plot of male character, or to enhance angst. We didn't get to know Cynthia really well but I didn't like the fact that for most of short her short storyline, she was a victim or someone to be tortured as a means to an ends.  We never learned what drove her, or even anything small like her likes or dislikes.

I am really glad to see the return of Julia.  Neville has always been ruthless; however, Julia has never ever been the woman behind the man.  I hope that they give Julia something worthy to do this season. I liked how Julia talked about the fact that in a dystopian world, women are sometimes forced to make mating choices not out of a sense of love or desire but a need to survive. This is something we have not seen yet with either Rachel or Charlie but it feels so very real.

We got more sappy backstory with Rachel and Miles.  It has now been established that Rachel is Miles' one forever true love.  What irks me is that the end of last season Miles had supposedly chosen Nora.  How quickly he forgets.  It makes it seems like all the time that Miles was in love with Nora that he was deluding himself.  Of course his love of a WOC couldn't be the one that is fated or meant to be because there was a nice White lady waiting in the wings.

Am I the only one who is getting the idea that Revolution is in the process of retconning Monroe?  They have him abandoning and returning for Charlie, showing concern for Miles safety, what's next?  Monroe of last season may have cared about Miles but he had no respect for human life and was highly paranoid.  How is it that these character traits just disappear the moment he is team Miles?

We still have Neville, Jason and now Julia far off in their own plotline.  I still enjoy the scenes with Neville the most but feel that it makes each episode so disjointed.  At some point soon, they need to bring everyone together.