Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dracula, Season One, Episode Four: From Darkness to Light

There are three vampires on the tube and when they spot who they perceive to be a drunk woman, they make their way towards her.  Lady Jane reveals herself and an epic battle begins.  I gotta say, the choreography was awesome, given the small space the actors had to work with.  Lady Jane manages to kill two of the vampires but one man escapes out the back, when he senses himself outmatched.

Greyson and Renfield are discussing the fact that Lady Jane is a hunter and Greyson concedes that the Order Draco is more forward thinking than he thought. When Renfield suggests that Greyson kill Lady Jane, Greyson points out that the Order would only replace her. Refield suggests that at the very least, Greyson should end his relationship with her but Greyson points out that he can distract her from her purpose. Greyson has Renfield make a reservation at the Savoy for the most exclusive visible table.  When Greyson heads outside, he is met by the vampire who escaped Jane.

Lady Jane and Lord Laurent are examining the bodies of the vampires she killed.  From the remains, she surmises that they are not old enough to be the vampire they have been hunting in London.  They do however believe that this mystery vampire called the ones she killed to city and wonder if the vampire who escaped is the master they long to get their hands on. Lady Jane makes it clear that if she cannot kill the best no one can.

Back at Carfax Manner, Greyson introduces Renfield to Josef Cervenka, his right hand. Dracula says that he summoned him there and soon they will destroy their greatest enemy.  Dracula starts to talk about how they are going to destroy them and Josef reveals that two of his people were slaughtered by Lady Jane. Josef wants to take the direct approach and strip the flesh from their bones but Dracula informs him that they are going after their capitol.

Lady Jane and Lord Davenport are leaving Daniel's funeral.  It seems that rather than revealing that Daniel committed suicide after his lover died, Davenport has told everyone that Daniel's heart gave out. When they see Lord Laurent they both turn in his direction and follow his lead.

Back Carfax Manor, Lucy is busy making plans for Mina and Harker's engagement party. Greyson ensures Harker and Mina that it is his honor to host their engagement party.  When the women head off to discuss how Mina is going to make her grand entrance, Grayson asks for any information Harker has on General Arthur Ogilvy, who seems to be seeking to force the military to engage in war with the Ottoman Empire. Harker reveals that in private, Arthur opposes the war and the real push is General Colin Shaw - a war hero.  Greyson questions why a war hero would be willing to shed an ocean of blood to guarantee access for oil.  Harker surmises that Grayson believes that Shaw is acting for the sake of enriching himself.  Grayson makes it clear that Shaw is little more than a puppet. Grayson suggests that powerful men have much invested in the future of oil and have thus declared war on Grayson Energy, which of course means a personal war against Harker and Greyson himself. Grayson instructs Harker to find out everything he can on General Shaw.

Mina comes downstairs but does not realise that Josef Cervenka has been watching her from the shadows.  Mina and Lucy come downstairs discussing plans for the big party. Kwalski appears and says that they are ready for the next test and this excites Mina, while Lucy simply doesn't care.  Grayson offers Mina the opportunity to watch and then takes Lucy aside saying that she can leave because he will arrange for another carriage for Mina.

Mina and Greyson head down into the lab and meet Renfield and Kwalski.  The test begins and Greyson hands Mina her own light bulb.  Mina's light bulb lights up but moments later something goes wrong, causing Greyson to grab her and shield her with his body.  The moment Greyson holds Mina, his eyes shut and she follows seconds later.  Clearly, they are both finding comfort in each other. Renfield approaches and lightly grabs Greyson's arm to find out if he is okay.  It seems that while the coolant system worked, unlike the night of the grand gala introducing Greyson to society, the metal used for the casing failed.   Greyson tells Mina that her ability to save lives makes his efforts seem simple.

Later that evening, Renfield is helping an astonished Josef get dressed.  Josef is convinced that Mina is actually Ilona, Grayson's wife.  Grayson assures Josef that Ilona is dead and that Mina simply looks like her. Grayson then demands that Josef never again mention Mina's resemblance to Ilona before leaving.  Grayson heads to the Savoy, where Lady Jane is sitting at a prominent table by herself.  Instead of joining her, Grayson stands out of her sight and watches.

When Harker returns home, he finds Mina waiting for him.  Mina apparently has been reconsidering have the engagement party at Carfax and says that not only is she uncomfortable, she doesn't understand Grayson's reasons for hosting it.  Mina adds that after all, Harker is just one of Grayson's employees. Of course, Harker the prideful argues that he is a little more than that. Mina wonders why Grayson is so interested in their relationship and suggests that it's like he is a part of it somehow.  Harker explains that when they split up that it was Grayson who told him that he was a fool and forced his to see Mina for who she is, a woman with aspirations as important as his own.  Mina is shocked and Harker reveals that he didn't want to tell her.  Harker points out that Mina should let Lucy handle all of the arrangements because Mina hates all of the fuss.

The next day, Van Helsing hands Mina a load of papers to grade and leaves her specimens to get ready for a dissection before getting ready to leave.  Van Helsing is at Carfax Manner, where he injects Greyson with a new formula.  Greyson informs Josef that if this works, he will be able to walk in the daylight making them invincible by night and day.  Van Helsing opens the shutters and Greyson slowly walks towards the light.  Greyson holds his hand in the sun and wonders that he can feel the warmth of the sun on his skin, before his hand suddenly bursts into flames.  Josef moves to attack Van Helsing and Greyson has to call him off.  Van Helsing however, is very excited that his experiment worked. Van Helsing informs Grayson that it worked in the tissue surrounding the injection sight but because he does not have a functioning pulmonary system, it cannot be delivered to the rest of his body.  Hesling suggests that they need a dispersion agent but Greyson argues that they need to find a way to make his heart function.

Mina is still in Van Helsing's lab and she begins to snoop through his things.  When she comes across a padlocked door, she starts going through draws desperately looking for a key.  I suppose a locked door doesn't mean keep out to her.  Mina finds the key and once again snoops, until she comes across slides of blood which puzzle her.

Back in the main lab, Mina tells Lucy of her discovery of nine year old blood sample slides which are still alive. Lucy questions if this is why Mina didn't meet her and adds that she does not understand how Mina can maintain such a disinterest in her own engagement party. When Mina is clearly not paying attention, Lucy tells her that it is like talking to a man sometimes. It seems that Lucy is sad that Mina is getting married because it means their relationship is going to change.  Lucy sees Mina's engagement party as a celebration of the end of everything that has ever mattered to her.  Mina promises Lucy that they will always be friends but this does not pacify Lucy.  Lucy asks Mina to get her things so they can go to the cafe and talk.

Greyson has showed up at the home of Lady Jane who is keeping him waiting.When Lady Jane makes her appearance  Grayson apologises for standing her up. Lady Jane blows off his apology so Greyson asks  her to go out tonight.  Greyson suggests that only Lady Jane possesses the sensibilities to enjoy his diversion tonight.  Lady Jane agrees to go on the promise that if she is not happy, Greyson will agree never to call her again.  Greyson takes Lady Jane to a fight club where women are rolling in the mud fighting.  Lady Jane immediately gets excited and starts to cheer as Greyson watches her.  They end up having supposedly passionate sex.

When Greyson returns, Renfield informs him that Josef has killed Elsa from the kitchen. Greyson asks if Elsa has any close relatives and Renfield replies none close enough to notice her absence. It seems that while Elsa will not be missed, her apple crumb cakes will at least be missed by Renfield.

Harker has gone to see Szabó about the general and says that he does not understand why Greyson is so interested.  Harker says that through all of his digging he has not been able to learn anything about the general and asks if Szabó has ever met a man without any secrets.

Lady Jane is with Lord Laurent and she tells him that she has destroyed over half a dozen vampires in the last week alone.  Lady Jane tells Laurent that she shares his concerns about Greyson but does not see him as the biggest threat they face.  Laurent warns that they cannot underestimate Greyson or his purse. Lord Davenport sides with Jane (oh gee what a surprise) that Greyson needs to be watched. Davenport agrees to see to Greyson immediately.

The conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Generals Shaw and Ogilvy. The generals take a seat and Ogilvy begins to explain that they don't have control of the Persian oil fields because they have been unable to start up skirmish since the Sultan ordered his men to stand down.  Ogilvy believes that that their only choice is a full scale invasion.  Lord Laurent's servant uses a rope to choke Ogilvy to death as everyone watches.  Laurent then offers condolences to Shaw and says that it appears Ogilvy hanged himself and will be discovered tomorrow.  Laurent then asks Shaw if they can begin the Ottoman offensive in August.

Lord Davenport is sitting with Miss Clapson saying that he wants to destroy the one thing Grayson loves most in the world. Clapson asks if the order knows Davenport's intentions and he skips around the questions saying that if they knew, he would have to explain his reasons. Clapson makes it clear that he is aware of the circumstances of Daniels death and adds that Davenport wants to execute an unsanctioned operation. Davenport suggests that it is not completely unsanctioned and asks for her to be mum about what he asked. Clapson agrees to work for Davenport and demands double her standard fee plus expenses.

Harker is getting his shoes shined when a young boy runs up and hands him a note saying that if he wants to find out the truth about Shaw, he must go to the carriage house this evening.

At Carfax manor, Greyson opens a note inviting him to visit Lady Jane. Renfield asks how long Josef is going to be their guest and Greyson replies for as long as Josef wants to stay. Renfield replies that he is concerned because Josef has no discretion or self control.  Greyson agrees but adds that Josef has saved his life many times and is more than his brother.  Greyson makes it clear that Josef will obey his orders. Renfield believes that Josef cannot be domesticated or trusted because Josef knows Greyson's true feelings towards Mina and their origins. Greyson says that he has sworn Josef's silence but this does not pacify Renfield, who adds that it is not Josef's loyalty that concerns him before leaving the room.

That evening, Lady Jane tells Greyson that it is over between them. Greyson calls her predictable and moves to leave but she questions what he means.  Greyson makes it clear that Lady Jane has tried and failed to dominate him.  Greyson suggests that Lady Jane is infatuated with him and that threatens her sense of independence and control, therefore; to assert her control, she is ending their relationship.  Lady Jane says that she feels nothing for him, as her date for the night arrives. Lady Jane calls their relationship a game and Greyson makes it clear that he was never playing.

Back at Carfax, Josef admits to following Greyson and hearing his conversation with Lady Jane. It seems Josef is upset that Greyson is consorting with a despicable creature.  Grayson argues that they are playing a dangerous game and that by seducing Lady Jane, he has taken her out of the game.  Josef points out that this no longer the case and that Lady Jane is back on the board - hunting them and killing them.  Josef asks if Greyson remembers when they were the hunters and the humans the prey. Josef then asks to kill Lady Jane and with teary eyes, Greyson agrees, ordering Josef to make her scream.

Harker has arrived at the carriage house and he is approached by an old man.  It seems that the man is a former corporal.  The man tells Harker to seek out Vera Markham and hands him an address.  Harker knocks on the door of Vera and she opens it.

Josef is walking into Lady Jane's bedroom when he is attacked from behind  Greyson. The two men battle back and forth, with Josef strangely getting the upper hand and knocking Greyson out.  Lady Jane awakes and makes short work of Greyson.  Lady Jane takes Greyson in her arms and tells him that he saved her life.  Lady Jane asks what Greyson was doing in her bedroom and he says that he suffers from insomnia.. The two kiss.

Later, Lady Jane shows Laurent Josef's ashes and declares that he is the one they have been searching for.  Laurent questions her method of luring a vampire into her home and she declares that there was no chance something would have gone wrong.

Greyson tells Renfield of the events of the night saying that he has shaved the tigers claws because Lady Jane was sweet and contrite. Greyson says that the Order Draco has now lost its most dangerous weapon.  Renfield apologizes for the loss of Josef but Greyson tells him that sometimes you have to sacrifice a knight to capture a queen before offering Josef a tribute. Greyson announces that they will get back to work tomorrow.

The next day, Renfield walks into a business and sees a woman struggling to carry a carriage up a flight of stairs.  When Refield grabs the carriage, he is set upon by a group of men, dragged out of the building and tossed into Davenports coach.

Can someone please explain why Mina is snooping in Van Helsing's things?  At this point, I am really starting to dislike her character.  On one hand she is supposed to be strong and yet, she quickly forgave Harker for thinking that her career is meaningless. Mina barely concerns herself about Lucy's feelings and is more than happy to just toss everything on her.  It seems to me that she is rather entitled.  So, between the snooping, too easily forgiving her man and utterly ignoring her friends, Mina is shaping up to be very irritating at the least.

Speaking of Lucy it has become clear that the writers are imply that Lucy's feelings for Mina are anything but platonic.  There was the look on Lucy's face when Mina paused to kiss Harker goodbye as well as her tears about Mina getting married.  If this is well and truly the case, this amounts to another failure in terms of GLBT inclusion.  First we had the two gay men die tragically and now we have a case of unrequited love because of course, GLBT must have tragic lives and never really know what it is to love and be loved in return.

I am still not buying the so-called sexual tension between Greyson and Lady Jane.  In fact, I don't think the actors can even stand each other.  Their chemistry together is absolutely awful. Separately, they are quite interesting to watch but together they are an absolute eye sore.