Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Vampire Diaries, Season 5, Episode 7: Death and the Maiden

Silas, neck bandaged, is apparently still alive. And telling his story to random people at a bus stop who, unsurprisingly, think there may be something wrong with him. To be fair on Silas, he’s probably having a bad day – 2,000 years waiting to be reunited with your true love who then stabs you in the neck with glass? Yeah, that’s a pretty bad day. He decides to take out that bad mood on the poor people waiting on the bus, liquefying internal organs. Some people just have no way of handling their issues.

On to the doppleganger – Stefan has bad dreams from all his unpleasant memories and Elena wakes him up with coffee and bright happiness (one out of two isn’t bad) and Stefan’s memories are back. Elena thinks this is amazing (kind of forgetting that Stefan was heart broken and pouty before he lost his memory).

Damon tests Stefan’s memory and is suspicious that Tessa would just give him back all his memories without strings attached – well, except when he starts remembering his repeated drowning in a safe he shatters a glass in his hand. Memories have their own strings attached.

Next little problem: Amarra. So long as Amarra is alive, the Otherside will be around which gives them a chance to resurrect Bonnie (something they, it seems, can’t do if she goes to a more normal afterlife) which means they have to keep the now not-immortal and very human Amarra alive despite the fact her mind has been shattered by 2,000 years of being a statue and she is both babbling incoherently and occasionally trying to kill herself.

Bonnie herself is concerned what will happen to her when the Otherside disappears if Amarra succeeds in killing herself. She and Jeremy have another touching moment together that is actually touching – keep this up and we may have a good strong relationship that doesn’t revolve around Elena

Damon gets in touch with Silas, who is on a bus and being all kinds of random. See, he’s decided to go with plan B – kill Amarra, kill himself and go to the afterlife together since he doesn’t see a great deal of future with Amarra the suicidal and unhinged. And he’s not going to bring Bonnie back since breaking his promise may create a rift between Damon and Elena and he wants that because he’s pissed at the world and enjoying these petty torments.

Elena’s new plan is to keep Amarra alive because they have to bring Bonnie back – and make Silas do it somehow. But Stefan has gained several levels of pouty in that quarry and he just wants Silas dead (though his point about Elena putting her trust in the wrong people? Accurate).

Jeremy takes a sandwich to Amarra – and she recognises him as the hunter that Silas killed – that he should be dead; and she can see Bonnie – she is the Anchor to the otherside, she can see everything and Bonnie can touch her. Inspiration! Jeremy and Bonnie wonder if they could make Bonnie the Anchor – giving her the ability to stand on both sides of the divide at once (and, possibly, reaching Amarra’s mental state?) So they need someone who can cast the Anchor spell – someone who doesn’t want Amarra and Silas to die in peace….

Damon goes to see Tessa, fill her in on what’s been happening and appeal to her desire to cause pain and suffering to Silas for all eternity. They need something powerful to draw on the cast such a spell – doppleganger blood (Damon doesn’t see this as a problem since they’re drowning in dopplegangers) While Damon talks to Tessa, Elena tries to convince Stefan not to go up against Silas, that revenge will just get him killed; but Stefan says revenge and achieving revenge is the only thing stopping him turning off his humanity to remove the pain of 3 months of constant torture.

Katherine and Dr. Maxfield are trying to investigate why Katherine’s hair is going grey and she’s losing her teeth – there’s nothing wrong with her. She’s just aging; she’s been a vampire for 500 years, time is now catching up with her. Ok… I can buy that – I don’t buy her losing teeth though without a single wrinkle on her face – is it very selective aging? She has the skin of an 18 year old but the hair teeth and hips of a 90 year old or something? She could make a fortune selling oil of olay. She only has a few months left to live – Rebekah certainly dodged a bullet taking the cure!

Caroline drops in briefly to remind us she exists and Jessie is still missing, before we cut to Katherine and her long-lost daughter Nadia who isn’t happy with Katherine avoiding her and abandoning her. Katherine takes very sensible issue with the “abadonning” thing “I didn’t abandon you, you were ripped out of my arms because my father thought I was a knocked up, shameful slut” I like her making it clear who was to blame and the pressure she faced. She also doesn’t see why they need to do mother/daughter bonding after 500 years. The reunion is also cut short by Caroline arriving demanding Katherine report to donate powerful doppleganger blood

Tess arrives at Damon’s house and keeps up a steady diet of awesome snark. Amarra begs for Tessa to kill her and Amarra says she will – after she transfers the anchor. Then Amarra, a normal human, will go onto the normal afterlife while Silas, a witch, will go to the Otherside. When Katherine arrives, she demands that Tessa provide a cure for her rapid aging in payment for her blood. Tessa’s fine with that.

Tessa gathers Amarra, Elena and Katherine all cut their hands and spill blood onto Bonnie’s Grimoire. She casts her spell, we get a whole load of effects – then Tessa says “no”… and things start breaking, all the lights go out: Silas is interfering. In the darkness, Tessa and Amarra disappear.

Tessa confronts Silas and they telekinetically throw things at each other before Silas stabs her and mocks her existence that’s entirely focused on vengeance. He’s interrupted by Stefan calling Silas with his little game – he has Amarra outside. If Silas doesn’t come and get her he’s going to leave with her, take her as far away as he can and ensure she lives a long long life so Silas and Amarra are not renunited.

Caroline finds Katherine trying to staunch the bleeding from her hand – it won’t heal. Caroline tries to give her vampire blood but another side effect of the cure stops her ingesting it. Elena finds Tessa dramatically asking to be left in peace – she declares it a fleshwound, removes the imaply thing and drags her to her feet (excuse you Tessa, you’re not allowed to lament your suffering, this is Elena’s show!)

In the woods Silas finds Amarra who tearfully tells him she loves him but cannot live any longer. He tells her he loves her – and draws his knife and desperately steels himself to kill her – and Stefan grabs him. Unfortunately Stefan decides for the slow dramatic kill rather than the quick neck snap – giving Silas chance to use the witchy brain-melty thing. They both then begin an angst off – Silas comparing Stefan’s 3 months of repeated dying with his 2,000 years in a tomb. In round 2 they will compare tragic love stories, round 3 they will competitively write bad sad poetry, round 4 they break out the eye-liner and go full emo.

Stefan grabs Silas’s knife and throws it at him – stabbing him, sparing us the ongoing angst battle. Silas seems to die.

At the house Elena sends Damon out looking for Stefan because waa waa angst. He arrives just in time to see Amarra stabbing herself – no, not according to plan! Damon hurriedly feeds her his blood; but as we’ve just seen, that doesn’t work on people who take the cure.

In the house Bonnie says goodbye to Jeremy – he’s clinging to the spell but Amarra is dying. Damon fights to keep Amarra alive (actually he just shouts at her), Tessa tries to complete the spell and Jeremy tells Bonnie he loves her and touches her cheek – and succeeds in touching her. And Elena and Caroline can see her – the spell worked. And Jeremy and Bonnie are a couple.

Katherine goes to see Tessa about her whole aging and dying thing. Tessa refuses; altering people’s lifespan started this mess. She’s won, Amarra’s gone, Silas is waiting on the Otherside – and Katherine sees a large pool of blood at Tessa’s feet – she’s sliced her wrists.

And here’s a downside. Tessa sees Bonnie – the new Anchor – and tells her that Bonnie will feel her death. Every supernatural being that dies will pass through Bonnie, and she will feel their deaths. That’s what it means to be the Anchor. She touches Bonnie and disappears – and Bonnie screams in pain

In the woods, Stefan confirms to Elena that Silas is dead. Elena wants to know if Stefan is ok, if this means he will hold onto his humanity – she needs to know if he’s going to be ok. He just tells her he wanted it to be Elena and Damon who rescued him. He buries Silas but he can’t escape the pressure of his memories and falls to the floor.

Katherine says goodbye to Caroline and packs to leave – only to find Nadia there with her bag; she wants Katherine to come back to Prague and Bulgaria with her. Katherine shoots her down brutally – because she knows she’s dying.

Amarra is insane. She has been driven made by incredible trauma – so kill her and live with her (presumably sane) ghost in the afterlife? This is Silas’s plan? The man who has loved her for milennia? The man who endured his own torment for milennia rather than be separated from her – it’s kill her and have done? There’s no concept of trying to heal her? No possibility that a deeply traumatised, mentally ill person may actually be helped?

It seems like almost every storyline has been cleared up now with new ones starting. It’s a shame to lose Tessa but we always knew it was coming – it is good to see all the dopplegangers out the way, they were cluttering up the place. Bonnie is going to be an interesting storyline. I’m glad she’s back though don’t like her now perpetual agony it does give us a storyline that should focus the characters on her. This is going to bring a problem to The Vampire Diaries – the only RELEVENT storyline to Elena, Caroline et al is Bonnie’s pain. Anything at college is simple curiosity and certainly not urgent or vital – Bonnie’s pain most be their overriding priority.

But I predict Bonnie keeping it secret so the story can move away from her, though.