Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lost Girl, Season Four, Episode One: In Memoriam

A truck drives into some sort of warehouse and Kenzi crawls from underneath it saying, "let's see what all of the fuss is about."  Kenzi watches as two men unload a crate. When the men leave, Kenzi heads over to the crate but she is grabbed from behind by a man who says, "they are hungry and they will be coming."  The man starts to drag Kenzi away but is stopped by Dyson and Hale. Kenzi pulls away saying that she is not human and we get an interesting little light show on her hands. Dyson says that Kenzi cannot be the one they are looking for because she is not human.  Hale takes Kenzi's arm and escorts Kenzi away. Hale tells Kenzi that the temporary powers are not a good idea but Kenzi argues back that they are necessary because she is a terrorist.  Dyson intervenes to say that he is taking Kenzi home, leaving Hale to do the paperwork.

Back at Kenzi's, Dyson starts to sniff, and Kenzi assures him that there is no one there. They have a brief discussion about her thongs. Kenzi says that she is not lonely and Dyson questions why she would be lonely with him there.  The two move together and kiss passionately. WTH? How and when did this happen?  Kenzi pulls away and asks if all wolves are this romantic. Dyson admits that he was thinking about Hale, who is crazy about Kenzi and wonders since when are they this.  A loud knock at the door interrupts them and it turns out to be Aife, who claims to need to speak with a talented investigator. Kenzi says that she remembers her and Aife uses her succubus power on Kenzi, causing Kenzi to refer to Aife as a beautiful badass.  Dyson demands that Aife let Kenzi go and Aife relents, saying that she is not there to fight, but is looking for help to find her daughter Bo. Kenzi suggests that this is a dude's name.

Kenzi, Dyson and Aife are now at a diner and Dyson says that Aife is the succubus who tried to assassinate the white fae elders.  Aife claims that she was agitated and is now less agitated, and with a higher purpose to find the daughter that she lost.  Aife takes Dyson's hand and says that they have meet before but Dyson replies that she didn't leave much of an impression. Aife replies that she has met many men before, and no matter what they have said in front of their lady friends, they're always impressed.  Aife says that because she is a succubus there is no evidence that she has ever given birth and asks Dyson if he wants to see himself.  Aife adds that she knows she gave birth and she knows she would have named daughter after her own mother, as she pulls out a picture of Bo.  Dyson says that the woman is beautiful.  Aife believes that they are skeptical and she pulls on her eye to reveal a black spot, which apparently is hard proof that a fae has been messing with her memory. Aife offers to pay well and Kenzi agrees to get involved.  Dyson's phone goes off and Kenzi questions why he has to go again.  Apparently, Dyson has been going the same time everyday, looking for the woman who rescued him. Kenzi argues that Tamsin drove him off a cliff and Dyson responds that he would have died if he hadn't shifted. Dyson turns to Aife and tells her that Kenzi is going to take her case and leaves.  The waitress appears and Aife uses her power to get out of paying the bill.

Dyson is back at the crash spot, reliving going over the cliff.  Kenzi heads to see Trick and questions what happened between him and Stella because he seems upset.  Trick responds that someone has been messing with the balance of space and time and Kenzi suggests that it is the new council. Kenzi asks about memory loss and Trick asks why. Kenzi explains that she needs a lead on a fae who can interfere with memory.  Trick hands her a card to an optometrist who feeds off of memories. Kenzi then asks about Lauren and is informed that she abandoned the light fae.  Trick says that it's hard to know what makes Lauren tick and Kenzi points out that Lauren lost Nadia, the love of her life and had to keep working for the people who killed her.  Kenzi then adds that Lauren is the only other human ally that she has. Kenzi refers to Trick as gramps and quickly says Trickster with a confused look on her face.

Kenzi and Dyson go to see the doctor but Janet the receptionist is not willing to let them in.  Kenzi grabs Janet by the ear and drags her out back.  Dr. Snook is busy convincing a woman that her husband did not cheat on her.  Dyson tells Snook that he messed with the wrong person's memory, so Snook calls an end to his session and asks Janet to escort the couple out.   Snook tries to leave but Kenzi and Dyson stop him to answer a few questions.  Snook says that he only performs memory extractions but does not reverse them and then adds that Kenzi has had some beautiful work done.  Dyson checks Kenzi's eye and sure enough, she has the same spot as Aife.

Snook checks Dyson and he has the same spot in his eye. Snook claims that this is not his work and Kenzi surmises that someone has changed their memories.  Kenzi snarks that she could be a Kardashian.  Staying on topic, Dyson questions who has the power to create memory loss in both humans and fae.  Snook reveals that it would be someone talented and infinitely more powerful than himself.

Kenzi now sits down with Trick, who says that for a memory spell this powerful, she would need to find a specific compass and then shatter it. Trick adds that the compass was lost off the shores of Madagascar when a ship ran a ground but the rumor has it that someone has paid to have it salvaged. Kenzi questions who has it and Trick replies Angalram - the collector. Kenzi is not pleased because Angalram keeps his treasures under lock and key.  Kenzi goes on a rant about now wanting to attend Analram's social and complains that the dark/white divide is completely hypocritical. Kenzi goes to leave and Trick stops her and demands back the things she stole while she was there.  Kenzi puts a picture of Bo on the table, which causes Trick to have a mini seizure and demand to know everything Kenzi does about her client.

Vex is now the new dark fae leader and he is not impressed with his new outfit, claiming that it makes him look like an asexual hobo. Vex says that Analram's party is the party of the season and his last chance to get his freak on before the council arrives and puts a moratorium on all his fun. Vex uses his power to attack his secretary but is stopped when Dyson moves in. Vex makes it clear that Dyson has no authority here and Dyson replies that Vex is a bully, taking out his mommy issues on the help. Vex turns his powers on Dyson, so Dyson tells Vex that he cannot stop him from shifting and once he is a wolf,  he will rip his throat out. Dyson comments on the picture of the Morrigan hanging in the office and Vex says that he was a stunned as anyone else to discover that the Morrigan had named him heir to the dark throne. Dyson asks what the Morrigan would say about Vex giving him tickets to the ball tonight.  Dyson then threatens to tell people that the Morrigan isn't really dead and questions if Vex isn't evil enough to finish the job because it seems that the Morrigan isn't really dead.  Dyson continues to taunt Vex saying that the Morrigan was ten times the leader he was and adds that if Vex hands over the tickets he won't rat him out.  Vex then calls Cynthia and asks her to give Dyson his party tickets. Dyson thanks Vex and warns him that once he gets his memory back that there is no guarantee that Vex will be allowed to keep his job, or his life, before leaving.

The party is in full swing and Hale says that he used to be The Ash and now he is in disgrace but does not cry in public. Hale adds that once a year a girl gets chosen to meet The Collector.  Dyson adds that some lucky lady will get her wish granted.  Hale comments that he wishes his lady would hurry up and get there.

Kenzi is still at the apartment and she gets on the phone and leaves a message for Lauren saying that she hopes Lauren is safe.  When Kenzi turns around, Massimo is aiming a crossbow at her.  Kenzi questions what took Massimo so long and adds that she called an hour ago. Massimo holds out spark extract from the genitals of a sprite.  Kenzi then turns around and Massimo applies the extract to her shoulders. Massimo suggests to Kenzi that there are other ways to pay, if Kenzi cannot afford it but Kenzi tells Massimo that the deal is off because he didn't turn her into a fae, just a hot human. Massimo suggests that Kenzi shed the disguise that he has created and see what happens when the council comes knocking on her door. Kenzi begs and promises to get Massimo's money and Massimo promises to show up with something with teeth next time.

Hale and Dyson are at the party and they both admire a woman but suddenly, Dyson recognizes  her as Kenzi. Dyson tells Kenzi that she is late and that Angalmar already has his eye on a favorite. Hale tells Kenzi that she has his attention.  Dyson says that you don't bring a wolf to guard the sheep and points to two women who have been on the cover of Sports Illustrated.  Dyson suggests that this might be a little beyond Kenzi's area of expertise.  Kenzi argues that she has seduced many rich men before. Kenzi then grabs Hale by the hand and leads him to the dancefloor.

A woman named Cleo asks Dyson to buy her a drink and Dyson gets a quick view of Bo.  Cleo reveals that she is a nymph and Dyson makes it clear that he is not interested. Cleo says that not all nymphs are bad  while laughing.

Kenzi and Hale are on the dance floor and they begin to dance, with Hale audibly counting as he does the steps. They bicker through the dance and Cleo calls the dancing awkward. Dyson cuts in on the dance, though Hale tries to assure him that he has it.  Kenzi questions who Dyson was talking to and he asks her to be quiet and allow him to lead for a change.  After a few twits and turns, Dyson hands Kenzi off to Hale but she quickly makes her way back to Dyson. In the end, Kenzi ends up doing the tango with both men. Kenzi is approached by a man with a rose, which symbolizes the fact that she has been chosen.

Kenzi ends up alone in a warehouse. She is greeted by Analram who is wearing a white tux jacket but has the bottom of a snake.  At the party, Vex makes an overly dramatic appearance, demanding Dyson.  Chloe approaches Dyson and offers to get him out of there for a price but Dyson replies that he would rather stay. Vex kills a woman on the dance floor and people start to scatter.

Back in the factory, Analram tells Kenzi that he is a collector of fae memorabilia and a big fan of her dancing, as he moves closer.  Analram says that he wants to grant her unspoken wish and Kenzi asks for the compass. Analram tells her that her wish is shallow and that he thought the human would wish for her return (by her, I assume he means Bo).  Analram snaps his fingers and the compass drops into Kenzi's hand.  Kenzi stops when she realises that Analram called her human and he threatens to swallow her whole.

Dyson approaches Vex on the now empty dance floor asks if he was the impotent bitch last year. They snark back and forth and Vex says that he wants to make sure no one else remembers before showing Dyson the mark in his eye.  Vex asks if Dyson believes he was really meant to be The Morrigan and questions if the thing everyone remembers leads them to challenge his hard fought reign.  Vex reveals that he did terrible things to get his power back, even for him but Dyson has no sympathy for him. Vex says that he has nightmares about being helpless and he refuses to let Kenzi cause everyone to remember how good it was to be without him. Hale walks over to Dyson's side and Vex causes Hale to use one hand to silence himself with and the other to attack Dyson. Hale uses his siren power on Vex and Dyson take the opportunity to run after Kenzi.

Kenzi is running through the factory and hides behind some crates.  Kenzi tries to call upon her powers but they don't work.  Kenzi reaches for more powder but in the case is a note suggesting Kenzi pay Massimo.

On the dancefloor, Hale wants to know how Vex could betray Kenzi because he loves her. Vex replies that they all love Kenzi and suggests that Dyson is "doing her right now." Hale grabs Vex by the throat and Vex asks if the former Ash is really going to kill the current Morrigan. Hale uses his power on Vex again, causing Vex to collapse to the ground screaming.

Kenzi is no trapped and Analram is using his tail to attack.  Dyson shows up and throws a spear at Analram causing the snake to fall to the ground saying, "oh my."

Aife is outside when she walks by a sailor. When Trick makes an appearance she says that it's been a long time.

Back in the factory, when Kenzi examines the compass, she notices that it is cracked. Dyson suggests that they align the needle to true north and tells Kenzi that she has always been there for him. Dyson adds that he would give his life for her and wonders if Vex is right and this is as good as it gets.  Kenzi pulls away and says that all of this isn't right and hasn't been for awhile.  Kenzi admits that her heart hurts and adds that she doesn't know why. Dyson and Kenzi promise to be friends to the end.  Dyson aligns the compass and they both experience pain.  They look at each other and say o at the same time.

Aife and Trick both get their memories back and Aife pulls out a knife saying that all she has left is her hate.  Aife says that she always knew their reunion would end with spilling Trick's blood. Trick promises to find Bo but Aife says that this is for Bo.

Kenzi and Dyson head into the remnants of the party and find that both Hale and Vex has their memories back. Everyone is concerned with finding Bo and Dyson points out that the last person to see Bo alive was Tamsin. Dyson leaves and Hale tells Kenzi that they need to talk.  Kenzi says not now because she cannot breathe without Bo

There is an old wicker basket on the ground and some black sludge is bubbling out of it.

In a restaurant, a now red headed Lauren suddenly gets her memory back of Bo and sits down crying. 

Bo is lying on her back and opens her eyes.  They are that weird shade of blue that happens when she gets her succubus thing going.

As season openers go, this was an absolute bust.  I understand that the characters had all lost their memories but it made little sense to me.  If the word was soooo different, why do they still have Hale playing second fiddle to Dyson every opportunity they get.  Hale cannot keep Kenzi's interest the way that Dyson does nor is he even able to dance as well as Dyson does.  It's the same pig in an ugly party dress. The White guy must be the hero and get the girl on all occasions.

We did have an increase in Dyson and Hale's powers which to me read like changing their own cannon. In previous seasons, neither Dyson or Hale was able to stand up against Vex.  I am however happy to see Hale's siren powers be increased.

This is season four Kenzi is still dragging out the same kind of lines that she did in season four. "Cool, I might be a Kardashian."  Really? At this point it simply makes her insipid that in four years she has not grown the least little bit.  Also, they need to shit or get off the pot.  Either make Kenzi a full grown fae or an awesome human but they need to stop skirting the line.

I know Bo is their extra special fae covered in pixie dust but I have to say that I didn't miss her in the least this episode.  I was actually irked that everything stopped the moment the characters realised she was missing.  Special twinkie protagonists are over done.

The only think that made this episode worth watching is George Takei because he just makes everything awesome.  Also, who didn't love when he said, "Oh my," after being injured by Dyson?