Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Originals, Seaon One, Episode Seven: Bloodletting

In the Quarter, Marcel is holding a vampire fight club.  The number one rule of fight club is don't talk about fight club. Apparently, the winner of fight night will move one step closer to getting into the inner circle and getting a daylight ring. Klaus makes an appearance and snaps the neck of one of the fighters saying that he would like a word. Marcel questions what Klaus is doing. Elijah makes his appearance and he threatens to kill everyone including Marcel if they don't hand over Haleigh. Marcel does his usual proud and ridiculous bit by claiming Elijah and Klaus have a lot of nerve to come into his homes and makes demands.  Klaus questions if this is really Marcel's home and Elijah and makes it clear he wants Haleigh. Marcel asks if they are talking about Haleigh and questions who she is.  Klaus tells him that Haleigh is an old friend and Marcel admits that he was surprised when he got to the plantation to find Haleigh there.  Marcel offers to help find Haleigh and questions that if Haleigh isn't here then where is she.

Haleigh is in the back of a moving van and struggling to escape. Tyler opens up the back and he tells Haleigh not to fight him because she cannot beat him.  Tyler tosses Haleigh over his shoulder and starts walking.

Elijah and Klaus are sitting comfortably, when they are approached by Marcel. Marcel tells Elijah that he liked him better when he was daggered and then to Klaus that he owes him the world. Marcel tells them that the can benefit from the help of a witch and says that Sabine will help them find their girl before leaving. Klaus questions where Marcel is going and he replies that his night walkers have to get inside and he has a city to run. Marcel asks Sabine if she can find Haleigh and Sabine replies that she can try.

Haleigh is in a cabin deep in the bayou. Haleigh tells Tyler that he ambushed her in her own backyard and Tyler makes it clear that she was shacked up in a mansion with the psychotic Klaus. Haleigh says that a lot has happened since they saw each other last and Tyler brings up the hybrid baby. Tyler points at Haleigh's birthmark and explains that she comes from some sort of werewolf royalty and that there is nothing significant left of them.  Haleigh sees a woman run by and she begs for help but Tyler informs her that wolves cannot help her because they have been in the woods hiding due to the fact that they have been persecuted by the vampires for decades. Duane walks out of the woods and helps Tyler get Haleigh in doors.

Sabine does the spell and tells Elijah and Klaus that Haleigh is deep in the bayou. Elijah wishes that Sabine could be more precise and Klaus quips that Elijah is worried about his shoes.  Sabine points out that there are encampments of werewolves out there. Klaus snarks that their company may not have been good enough for Haleigh.

Josh is sitting in a bar, when Marcel approaches and suggests he joins the other vampires.  Marcel then brings up Josh's visit to Klaus's plantation. Josh tries to run but he is stopped by Marcel's vampires.

Klaus and Elijah are in the swamp and Klaus suggests that Elijah has taken on a leadership role since his return in the hopes of impressing Haleigh. Elijah tells Klaus that it is a mistake to treat Haleigh like a walking incubator. Klaus picks up a scent and heads to Tyler's truck.  Elijah questions why Tyler would have any interest in Haleigh.  Klaus says that Tyler wants revenge because he want after Tyler's girl. Elijah suggests that this is the least of Klaus's offenses.  Klaus reveals that Tyler was the first werewolf he turned into a hybrid and that he was forced to kill all of the other hybrids after Tyler turned them against him. Tyler then ran and so Klaus killed his mother.  Klaus suggests that Tyler needed to be taught a lesson and Elijah questions what lesson Klaus will be taught if Tyler retaliates by harming Haleigh.  Klaus tells Elijah to go ahead and save Haleigh and then reminds him that he has already sampled what Haleigh has to offer. Klaus adds that he will kill Tyler himself before taking off.

Marcel heads to see Devina and she immediately reports that someone was doing magic in the quarter.  Marcel tells Devina to stand down because he approved of the spell. Marcel then dumps Josh on the floor and explains that Josh has been compelled to spy by Klaus and rather than killing him it would be better to flip Josh and have him spying on Klaus for him.  Devina says that she can make Josh forgot what Klaus told him but the more Klaus said, the more it's going to hurt. Marcel tells Josh that it is going to hurt a lot and Josh quickly agrees. Devina starts to work on Josh and he collapses on the ground screaming.

Tyler heads back to see Haleigh and she tells him about the wolf which has been watching her and asks if has been him all along. Tyler denies that it was him and says that he is the only hybrid left except Klaus.  Haleigh reveals that the entire Original family has made a pact to keep her and the baby safe. Tyler questions what makes Haleigh think that he is afraid to die.  Duane enters the cabin and Tyler tells Haleigh that he is going to take away the thing Klaus wants most as he uses a needle to draw blood from her stomach, before quickly killing Duane.

Marcel is at St. Anne's and pauses when he sense Rebekah.  Rebekah demands to know what Marcel has done with Haleigh and starts kicking his ass. Rebekah says that Marcel used her and then took Haleigh. Marcel denies taking Haleigh and wonders why Rebekah came back.  It seems that Rebekah is worried that Klaus will find out that she accidentally led him to the plantation. Marcel swears that he would never rat Rebekah out and would never do anything to hurt her. Rebekah says that all of Marcel's charms and manipulations prove that Marcel is every bit the liar that Klaus is. Rebekah demands that Marcel prove her wrong and so he tells her to follow him.

Tyler tells Haleigh that Duane volunteered to this and adds Duane is a werewolf who died with Haleigh's blood in his system. Haleigh surmises that Tyler is trying to make a hybrid.  Tyler reveals that he met a witch who had nightmare visions about Haleigh's baby and how Klaus could use it to make an army of hybrid slaves. Haleigh says that the baby is just a baby and that she is sick of the witches and their premonitions.  Tyler says maybe but points out that all hybrids are sired to Klaus and that won't happen this time.  Haleigh wonders how Tyler knows that Klaus is sure what the baby will be able to do and Tyler points out that Klaus is a killer of men, women and puppies and therefore it is unlikely that Klaus just wants to be a daddy. Tyler reminds Haleigh that hybrid can walk in the sun and their bite is lethal to vampires.  Duane suddenly comes back to life and instructs him to feed on Haleigh.  Tyler slices Haleigh and Duane sinks his fangs in as Haleigh screams.  Duane goes a little wild and heads outside to calm down as Haleigh struggles to reach the knife that Tyler dropped. Outside Duane reports that he feels better than ever.

Josh is on the floor screaming as Devina explains that things are going to get worse because Klaus's compulsion runs deep.  Devina suggests that Josh think about something else to take his mind off of.  Devina asks if Josh likes music and Josh says that he cannot think about music right now because he is getting a voodoo lobotomy. Josh says that he like house and trance music and Devina reveals that at 16 she doesn't go to clubs.  Josh reveals that all he wanted to do was meet boys and now he wants to meet boys, feed on people's blood and get a daylight ring so he doesn't burn in the sunlight. Devina reveals that she likes classical music and that she took piano but not of that matters because Marcel is worried that someone would hear so she doesn't play.  Devina goes on to talk about the reaping and her plans to destroy all of the witches.  Devina says that she is going to get her old life back.

Tyler re-enters the cabin and tells Haleigh that if Klaus gets a hold of the baby then he wins.  Haleigh suggests that Tyler should help her hide the baby from him. Tyler picks up a knife saying that Klaus will find Haleigh, take the baby away and make more hybrid monsters. Haleigh tells him that there has to be another way and stabs him with a wooden stake when Tyler keeps moving forward.  Duane comes back in the cabin and orders Duane away from Haleigh, which cause Tyler to wonder why Duane cares, considering that he got what he wanted.  Haleigh tells Duane that Tyler is going to kill her and that Tyler said that hybrids are too dangerous to win. Duane attacks Tyler and Haleigh uses the distraction to escape from the cabin.

Haleigh runs into the woods but hides behind a tree when she hears a noise.  Haleigh pulls out the knife but it's Elijah and the two hug fiercely. Elijah tells Haleigh that he is going to take her home, but Haleigh stops him and says that there is something Elijah has to know about the baby.

Tyler is out looking for Haleigh when he comes across Klaus. Klaus tells Tyler that he never expected him to sink so low that he would threaten a pregnant girl for revenge. Tyler keeps his distance and suggests that hanging out with Klaus must have rubbed off on him. Klaus wonders what Tyler would think of this change in Tyler.  Tyler moves away and Klaus follows.

Marcel continues to lead Rebekah into the garden and he pulls out plans which reveal that he plans to turn the garden into a house for Rebekah.  Marcel says that they are standing on the foundation and that he halted construction when Rebekah left. Rebekah points out that Marcel could have come after her but Marcel reminds her that she could have just come home.  Rebekah says that it was more complicated than that because Klaus daggered for ninety years. Marcel replies that this is what Klaus does because he can never allow anyone to be happy. Rebekah agrees because she has been dancing to this song for one thousand years. Marcel suggests that Rebekah choose him over Klaus because he wants to give her everything she ever wanted. Rebekah tells Marcel that Klaus will kill him out of spite and Marcel suggests getting rid of Klaus.

In the bayou Haleigh suggests that Klaus must have known about the baby and only wants her to make more hybrids.  Haleigh adds that Duane was acting like he was sired to her. Elijah suggests that they go home and reminds Haleigh that he promised to protect her, even from Klaus himself. Haleigh walks away saying that she can take care of herself.

Klaus is continuing to look for Tyler and asks if this is Tyler's idea of revenge.  Tyler sneaks up behind Klaus and stakes him through the back.  The two finally decide to showdown and race towards each other.  After a brief showdown Klaus quickly gets the upper hand and snarks that it is a good thing that Tyler's mother didn't live to see him become so blood thirsty. Klaus stakes Tyler saying that Tyler is quite the disappointment.  Tyler call Klaus a failure and adds that he failed his own family and probably his own kid. Klaus sticks his hand in Tyler's chest and Tyler tells him to do it because he will never break him only kill him. Klaus now believes that Tyler wants him to end his suffering and decides not to kill Tyler because death offers more peace than Tyler deserves. Klaus tells Tyler to go and live the rest of his days knowing that he is nothing to him.

In the garden, Rebekah asks Marcel if he knows how many fools have tried to vanquish Klaus. Rebekah says that she is not going to wait to watch Klaus kill Marcel.  Marcel reminds Rebekah that he has Devina and suggests that Devina can find a way to kill Klaus.  Rebekah tells Marcel that he cannot kill Klaus because he will also die.  She reveals that when an Original die, all of the vampires in their line die as well. Marcel suggests burying Klaus in the garden forever and Rebekah questions if this will really hold Klaus.  Marcel believes it is worth the risk and points out that Klaus will never stop trying to control Rebekah. This causes Rebekah to question why she should believe that Marcel is willing to risk everything for her.  Marcel says that he wants to defend him home, and that he wants to be free and if that means he gets to be with Rebekah, then so much the better. Marcel then asks Rebekah what she wants

Back in the bayou, Elijah and Haleigh return to the cabin where she was kept captive and meet up with Klaus.  Klaus points to Duane's body and asks Haleigh to explain how it is that Duane was a hybrid.  Haleigh accuses Klaus of already knowing and so Elijah steps in front of her, causing Klaus to point out that Haleigh and Elijah are fast friends. Elijah explains that Tyler used Haleigh to test if her blood could be used to sire hybrids. Elijah adds that Tyler believes that Klaus already knew this and had planned to create a hybrid army. Klaus points out that Elijah has assumed the worst and is disappointed by how easily he believed Haleigh and Tyler. Elijah asks when Klaus has shown any interests in Haleigh or her child beyond his own selfish pursuits. Elijah does a great impersonation of Klaus and says, "every king needs an heir." Klaus reveals that he is not surprised standing next to the noble Elijah he is a liar, manipulator and a bastard.  Klaus questions if this is all he is to Elijah, Rebekah and Haleigh. Klaus wonders if his child will feel the same way and says that he will play the role he has been given before biting Elijah.  Klaus tells Haleigh and Elijah that they will have much to  bond over once the hallucinations and dementia sets in before leaving.

Josh is lying on the floor and Devina tells him that he is now free.  Josh realizes that he can no longer feel Klaus and no longer wonders what Klaus would want him to do.  Devina reveals that Marcel wants her to make Josh forget about her and he says that Devina does not have to do that. Josh promises to keep Devina's secret and says that it is nice talking to someone normal. Devina points out that she is a 16 year old witch living in a church attic like some kind of  freak. Josh replies that he is a gay club kid who died and came back as a vampire and adds that normal is relative.  The two agree to pinkie swear.

Elijah and Haleigh are going through the contents of the cabin and she tells him that he doesn't need to help and should probably put some kind of ointment on Klaus's bite. Elijah reveals that the bite won't kill him and is more of a nuisance than anything. Haleigh thanks Elijah for staying in the bayou and Elijah says that he can relate to her because the people of this village are all she has less.  Elijah wonders if he was too willing to condemn Klaus and adds that both he and Rebekah have committed unspeakable acts. Haleigh responds that everyone does bad things and adds that most people die before the list gets embarrassing.  Haleigh tells Elijah not to compare himself to Klaus. Haleigh steps outside to get some air and finds a bible with a family tree which goes on for generations.  Haleigh finds the name Andrea with a match to her date of birth and realises that she is probably Andrea.

Back in the city Klaus is standing by the window drinking when Rebekah enters.  Rebekah says that the family can barely function without her and asks where Elijah and Haleigh are. Klaus reveals that he left them in bayou because he had a fight with Elijah because Haleigh has conspired to turn him against Klaus.  Klaus admits to biting Elijah and Rebekah asks if Klaus's wickedness ever ends.  Klaus says he acts in self preservation and adds that now that Elijah has abandoned him he is going to need Rebekah in his plot against Marcel.  Rebekah asks why she should help after what he did to Elijah and Klaus reminds Rebekah that they are family.  Klaus suggests that there is no one better to spy on Marcel than the girl he so clearly loves because Rebekah tell him all of Marcel's secrets. Klaus questions how Marcel found them and adds that he knows Rebekah has had private chats with Marcel.  Klaus asks if Marcel is plotting against him. Rebekah calls Klaus paranoid and says that Marcel is not plotting against him and believes that they need to makeup. Klaus responds perhaps they will because he is capable of forgiving those who have disappointed him as long as they have seen the error of their ways and suffered for them.  Klaus points out that Rebekah should remember this.

In the quarter Tyler is sitting down with Marcel attempting to make a deal. Tyler reveals that Haleigh is pregnant with Klaus's child and if the baby is born, it will mean the end of the vampire species.

I don't know about you, but I am getting tired of Marcel's grandstanding.  He is facing at least two Originals, and at least one is capable of killing him and all his vampire entourage with a single bite. It doesn't help that the interaction between Marcel and Klaus positively sings of uppity negro.

I was glad to see Rebekah show up and start to kick Marcel's ass this week. It's not often that she is given to show her strength, or exactly how dangerous she is.  I do believe Marcel made excellent points about why they need to deal with Klaus. If nothing else Klaus's incestuous reaction to every time Rebekah finds someone she cares about that is proof that Rebekah needs to do something about her brother. I liked that she questioned Marcel's interest in her and I hope that Rebekah continues to question rather than falling for his, "I've always loved you refrain." I hope that she remembers that Marcel was fine with Klaus daggering her for fifty years so that he could become a vampire.

The relationship between Elijah and Haleigh continues to grow and I must say that I like it.  I was happy to see Elijah head out to save Haleigh, but even happier to see Haleigh save herself.  They keep coming back to Haleigh bloodline and I think this storyline needs to go somewhere or they should just drop it.

I was happy to see Tyler make an appearance on The Originals.  There was nothing for him to do on TVD and he had become as useless as Matt.  I think he should add an interesting twist and am curious as to where the story is going to go.