Friday, November 15, 2013

Revolution, Season Two, Episode Eight: Come Blow Your Horn

At the Willoughby Pool, Mile is violently interrogating a Patriot to find out where Horn is.  The prisoner informs Miles that Horn has men looking everywhere for him as well as Rachel and Aaron. Miles informs the prisoner that he is going to find Horn first. 

Rachel is spying on the Patriots and sees that Gene is amongst them.  Truman announces to the villagers that Stu Redman is really Miles and that Miles set off the bomb in revenge for execution of Monroe. Aaron is called out as Miles's accomplice.  Gene steps forward to say that Aaron and Miles fooled everyone.  Gene adds that Rachel and Charlie are victim who were manipulated by Aaron and Miles.  In closing, Gene asks for people to report in if they see them because he wants his family safe.

Outside of town, Aaron and Monroe are waiting for Miles.  Aaron makes it clear that they are not leaving because Miles promised he would meet there but Monroe has his doubts because of the ambush when Aaron arrived. Monroe wonders if Miles can get out of town or if he still alive. When Aaron reiterates that they are not leaving, Monroe agrees but asks Aaron not to light him on fire.

Charlie returns to the pool and tells Rachel what Truman had to say. Rachel asks Gene and Charlie admits to seeing him and suggests that they find a way out of town. Rachel says that they cannot live because the Patriots will never give up and never stop looking for him, unless they kill Horn first. 

Neville approaches the Patriot Regional Outpost in Glendon, North Carolina. When he is stopped Neville says that he there to see commander Roger Allenford.  Neville holds up Justine's ring and says that he will only speak to Roger. Neville is escorted to Roger's office and informs him that she is alive but tied up, safe and hidden.  Roger tells Neville that he has a lot of balls coming here and announcing that he has Justine captive.  Nevile reminds Roger that Justine is an enemy of The United States of America. Neville asks if Roger is a good patriot and he agrees that Justine is guilty of sedition and should be punished.  Roger questions why Neville didn't bring Justine in.  Nevile replies that Justine is a dark spot on his spotless career and that people must be questioning if some of Justine's treachery rubbed off on him.  Neville suggests that if Roger brought Justine to justice it would solve all of his problems. Roger questions why Neville would do this and Neville not only admits to being ambitious but suggests that there is value in being friends with a man like him.  Neville asks Roger if he would like to come and see the Mrs with a face very reminiscent of the Cheshire Cat.

Truman, Gene and Horn are having a little conference.  Horn is not pleased that Aaron and Miles have not been found and he threatens Gene. Horn is certain that someone knows something and suggests lining up all of the people that Aaron knows and shooting them one at a time until someone gives Aaron up.  Truman is appalled by the suggestion and reminds Horn just how hard he has worked to manage this town.  Truman reminds Horn that they have a plan but Horn is not satisfied and questions how many years it will take for The Patriots to take the whole continent. Horn says that if he can figure out what makes Aaron tick they can take everything in months, before dismissing both Truman and Gene.  

Rachel hands Charlie an energy bar she found but Charlie is not impressed.  Charlie tells Rachel that she knows that she is angry but argues that Rachel does not know why Gene did what he did.  Rachel simply states that Gene sold them out and questions why Charlie does not hate him for it.  Charlie reveals that she hated Rachel for abandoning her and he brother and for killing Nora.  Rachel says that that's not fair because this is different. Charlie says that hating her was the easy part but letting it go, that's hard.  Miles enters and says that the place is like East Berlin and that The Patriots have dogs.  Charlie asks if he found the place and Miles replies that their captives information about the basement of the old paper factory is accurate. Rachel questions if there is a way to get in there a drop some kind of device and Miles replies that it is not going to be easy because the place is sealed up tighter than a drum. Miles adds that he saw Truman walking in with Gene. 

Miles is standing on a boat looking around.  Aaron goes below and sees Cynthia huddled by herself. Aaron asks Cynthia to talk to him and she asks if he killed Carl.  Cynthia points out that Carl died in a car fire and that it was always strange.  Aaron says that Carl hit him and that he got angry and couldn't control himself.  Cynthia is upset that Aaron lied to her and points out that Aaron murdered Carl and then slept in her bed. Aaron says that he is sorry and that he didn't know how to explain it. Cynthia replies that she has had enough liars in her life and asks Aaron to leave her alone so that she can think.

Miles's injured hand is clearly not healing.  Charlie and Rachel are inside working on some kind of poison.  Rachel snarks that she always dreamed of cooking with Charlie, just not like this.  Rachel plans to drop the gas and kill everyone inside. Charlie wonders what they are going to do if Gene is there when they plan to act, but Rachel does not comment.

Monroe has decided to go and look for Miles in the belief that if he was coming, he would have been there by now.  Aaron follows and asks what happens if them find him and Cynthia. Aaron tries to stop him and says that they wouldn't last three days without him. Monroe argues that Miles has information he needs to find someone and now it is Miles's turn to hold up his end of the bargain. Patriots with torches approach and Monroe is forced to hold Aaron. When the Patriots get close, Monroe attacks and takes out about six of them on his own. Unfortunately, more Patriots hear the gunshots and head in their direction.  Monroe says that the patriots will not kill Aaron but will kill him and so he takes off running. Cynthia starts to scream but for Aaron can get to her is grabbed and injected with a sedative.

Horn sits in his office injecting himself.  He then heads over to a toolbox containing torture devices. We get a flashback to a young Horn watching as his father prays over his mother.  Young Horn points out that his mother is not getting any better but his father is sure that God won't take the woman away. Young Horn questions if there is more they can do for her and his father says that praying his hard.  Yong Horn suggests getting a doctor but his father says that they cannot control the Lords will and tells Young Horn to pray with him.

Rachel, Charlie and Miles have the Patriots scoped out.  Rachel crawls over to the rooftop while Miles covers her with a gun.  Charlie blows a high pitched whistle twice to distract the dogs and then runs away.  Charlie heads to Miles and takes the gun as they both watch Rachel make her way to the roof.  The three watch as Gene makes his way across the courtyard and into the building.  Miles signals Rachel to call it off but she continues climbing to the roof.  Charlie says that she can't but Miles says that this is Rachel's decision to make.  Rachel gets the poison ready to go just as Aaron and Cynthia arrive as captives at the compound. 

Cynthia and Aaron are taken downstairs and are shocked to see Gene standing there.  Horn reveals that they Gene to thank for finding them because searching the boatyard was his idea. Gene asks for Cynthia to be let go and Aaron begs as well.  Horn tells them both that Cynthia is insurance against one of Aaron's pyrotechnic displays. Horn promises that as long Aaron cooperates, Cynthia will be fine.  Cynthia is taken out of the room as Aaron apologizes.  Rachel is ready to drop the poison when Miles stops her and says that Aaron is inside.

In another flashback, the bed is now empty with a bible lying on it.  Yong Horn is dressed in funeral black when his father walks in.  Horn's father asked him what he has done, and Young Horn reveals the pills the doctor gave him saying that he didn't want his mother to die.  His father then blames Horn for the death of his mother. Horn says that his father prayed for a miracle but there are no miracles

In the future Aaron begs for Cynthia to be let go, while Horn injects him with something to keep him relaxed. Horn says that Horn came back from the dead and that makes him a modern day Lazurus.  Horn says that he is going to test just how resilient  Aaron's body is and tells Gene that he is free to go. Gene replies that if Horn is going to hurt Aaron that he wants to be there to help him. Horn says that Gene did his part bringing Aaron here and promises that as long as Rachel doesn't go looking for anymore trouble that he won't go looking for her. Gene turns and leaves the room, so Horn takes attention back to Aaron.  As Gene walks away, Aaron can be heard screaming in pain.

In North Carolina, Justine is busy trying to escape but stops when Jason points a gun at her.  Justine begs to be let go and asks why Jason is doing this.  Jason tells her to shut up and reinforces her bonds. Justine tells Jason that Neville didn't stop him from being sent to the re-education center and suggests that Neville doesn't give a damn about Jason.  Jason reacts by choking Justine, then pulls back, shocked by his  actions.  Justine realises that Jason isn't feeling de-programmed as Jason's vision goes a little blurry.

Aaron and Roger are walking when Roger pulls a gun on him. Neville calmly asks if they have a problem and adds that he wondered if something like this might happen.  Neville tells Roger that he has a man on Justine if he tries to walk in there without him, it will be a short reunion. Roger tells Neville to take him to Justine and then let them both go.  Neville wonders if the plan is for Justine and Roger to run off together like two star crossed teens.  Neville starts to laugh and says that Justine must give it to Roger "good and sweet." Neville adds that he thought he was talking to a man with his head on straight.  Roger says that if he brings Justine back they will kill her but Neville argues that if they both run, they will both be killed and Roger will not make it far because he is soft and kind hearted.  Nevile adds that Justine went rogue without thinking what it would do to either Roger or their son.  Neville suggests that if the boy has two traitor parents that the Patriots will do bad things.  Neville asks Roger what side of this he is going to land on.

Gene is walking when Charlie appears in front of him before Miles grabs him from behind.  Gene is taken to Charlie, Rachel and Mile's hiding spot and questions what they are still doing in town.  Rachel makes it clear that Aaron is their family. Miles asks how Aaron was found and Gene admits that he is the one who found Aaron.  Rachel asks what Horn is doing to with Aaron and Gene replies that he doesn't know but that Aaron is still alive. Charlie asks how Gene could do and says that he had not choice because the Patriots were going to kill Rachel and Charlie.  Rachel questions why he didn't the right thing.  Miles interrupts to say that Gene is going to help them get Aaron out of there.  Gene replies that there is nothing he can do and that they cannot get in there because it is too late.  Rachel asks who's fault this is. Gene again argues that he was trying to keep Rachel safe.  Rachel asks if his version of keeping her safe was lying to her and letting her think that she was crazy.  Gene brings up that Rachel's mother died of a disease and that all he could do was watch her die. Gene then reveals that The Patriots gave him medicine so that no one else had to die but he didn't realise who they were until it was too late.  Gene again says that it is too late and Rachel replies that he rolled over and helped them. Gene questions if Rachel, or Miles has never done a bad thing for a good reason. Rachel asks how she is supposed to forgive Gene but Gene does not want forgiveness but adds that it is worth it if she is alive.  

Truman calls out that Rachel, Charlie and Miles have one minute surrender or he is coming in.  When Miles looks out the window, he finds that they are surrounded by Patriots. Miles attacks Gene but Gene professes innocence and offers to stay behind and buy them a couple of minutes to escape.  Charlie replies that Gene has to come with them.  Truman orders his troops to prepare to fire when Gene exits with his hands up. Truman asks where Rachel, Charlie and Miles are and Gene replies that Horn promised to leave his daughter alone.  Truman says that Rachel will be find but Miles bombed the town as he walks toward Gene.  Gene tells Truman that he head that one before at he puts a knife to Truman's throat.  Gene tells the soldiers that if they take one step toward the building that he will kill Truman. Truman quickly reverses the situation and tells his soldiers to attack but Miles, Rachel and Charlie manage to escape.  Gene is now on his knees with guns pointed at him.

Horn watches as the cut he gave Aaron heals.  Horn asks why him and says that he has a unique way of healing cells.  Aaron says the has no idea. Horn replies though Aaron thinks of him as his enemy, they are partners now. Horn sits to make a notation in his book and reveals his father faith in in prayer healing.  Horn calls him a stupid man who based his life on a fairytale but now Horn believes that there is an invisible power that can save people. Horn tells Aaron that he is going to teach him how to use this power but Aaron says that he doesn't know how.  Horn suggests that they figure it out together as his hands start to shake.  Horn reveals that he has a tumor growing in his brain and had lost all hope until he heard about Aaron. Horn asks Aaron to deliver him the miracle he is looking for. 

Neville calls out to Jason to take it easy as he and Roger enter.  Justine is relieved to see Roger and apologizes to him. Roger says that writing the letter was stupid because she knew how they would react. Justine replies that she didn't want the Patriots to do what they did to Max to anyone else. Roger asks is she knows how much trouble they are both in because of her.  Justine apologizes again and Neville interrupts to tell Roger that he has to stay clear headed about this.  Justine Roger that Neville is a dangerous man and suggests he kill both Jason and Neville so that they can both run.  Roger asks where they can go as Justine cries.  Roger says that they have to be realistic and Justine tells him that she loves him.  Roger replies that he loves Justine too before shooting her and then leaving the room.

The next day Charlie, Rachel and Miles are hiding by headquarters and Rachel reveals that they are going to get Aaron and Gene.  Miles says that if either of them has any bright ideas that he would love to hear them. 

Inside Aaron is close to passing out as Horn says that Aaron is like a lizard re-growing his tail. Horn is now interested in Aaron's ability to burn people alive.  Horn gives Aaron a shot to perk him up as Cynthia is brought into the room crying and struggling.  Aaron asks Horn what he is going to do and Horn says that he needs to be elevated to a proper emotional state to see if he can heal someone else.  Aaron begs for Horn not to hurt Cynthia and Horn replies that he will check in, in a bit because this room won't be the safest place to be right now.  Aaron struggles as a soldier walks over to Cynthia with a knife. The solider stabs Cynthia and the screen is filled with a big ball of fire.

Does anyone else feel like they are watching two shows?  We have Neville and Jason and then a good distance away Charlie, Rachel, Aaron, Miles and Monroe.  I know that what connect them is the common enemy of The Patriots but the show feels disconnected.

Once again, the best part of this episode was watching Neville be his evil self.  He smiled, coaxed and use logic to get Roger to do the unthinkable - kill his wife.  Up until the very end, I wasn't sure if Roger would actually pull the trigger.  I am going to miss Justine because she was the only character who saw Neville for what he was at the onset and was determined to keep an eye on him.  Neville is right, Justine's concern about Jason caused her to lose focus. With Justine dead, this just adds to death of POC this season.  Has any character of colour beyond Jason and Neville even made it more than a few episodes?  It is also telling because Revolution has only had two reoccurring WOC - Nora and Justine and they are both dead.  It would not be understating matters to say that Revolution seems to have a problem with keep characters of colour alive.

I am glad that Cynthia called out Aaron on sleeping with her after killing her husband. We are supposed to see Aaron as the passive, weak good guy but what he did was heinous and cowardly.  In fact, Aaron for the most part always chooses the cowards way out and then laments about it after he fact. Do you remember his angst about abandoning Patricia? 

I was glad to see Gene make good.  He was in an absolutely impossible situation.  Yes, he should have thought that the Patriot offer was too good to be true but people were dying. He chose what he thought was the greater good.  I was irked by Rachel judging because lets face facts, the woman is far from a saint.  She has made some pretty questionable calls since being introduced on the show.  Furthermore, no one is allowed to question her judgement ever.