Sunday, November 10, 2013

Haven, Season 4, Episode 9: William

But she wasn’t shooting at Nathan – she was shooting at one of the thugs (the ones who were in the Barn with Lexie and the ones who attacked Carrie). Duke and the Teagues arrive, Duke going after Audrey and Vince demanding an explanation for everyone calling Audrey Audrey. They gather for a little conference and Audrey fills everyone in; when they let Audrey back to Haven and tore open the soft-spot between worlds, Audrey wasn’t the only thing they released. The Teagues add that killing Nathan won’t cure anything any more (except Nathan’s annoying presence). Vince notes that Audrey lying about her memories may have saved them all.

Those thugs have captured Dwight and try to intimidate him into helping them find a box. He doesn’t intimidate easily – so they threaten him with a new Trouble. Dwight head-butts one and even tackles the huge man to the floor before grabbing his phone and speed dialling Nathan. The man he head-butted points a gun at him and makes him back away from the gun – not realising Dwight was reaching for the phone not the gun (any bullets fired home in on Dwight, that’s his Trouble, he wouldn’t go for a gun). Little Thug sends Big Thug for a walk to calm down and not beat Dwight to paste.

Nathan picks up the phone and overhears Dwight babbling to Little Thug, talking about places in Haven and giving them clues to where he is. They set off – unfortunately where Dwight is his phone starts making noise and Little Thug crushes it.

Audrey and Nathan arrive and they hold the thugs at gun point. Passing a gun to Dwight to hold them they search the building and find a man tied to a chair with a hood on his head – William.

They get him to the police station to ask how he got to Haven but he seems confused and lost and disorientated. William has amnesia – he doesn’t remember his name or anything – nothing except being in a room with a bag on his head. The Barn has done its memory thing. Audrey has a theory that William may be the new Agent Howard – the new Keeper of the Barn – but when the Barn was destroyed it just wiped William’s memories instead.

Dwight questions Little Thug who seems very confident and very happy – his plan is still on the rails it seems. He does something to Dwight (actually he does nothing but Dwight’s expression changes and we get some sound effects so I assume that’s a Trouble thing) and tells Dwight other people have been disappearing – there’s a killer on the loose. Dwight becomes suddenly obsessive about the case of Jordan’s disappearance and the other people Wade killed with his Crocker Curse (now, if Duke weren’t keeping this a secret…) He also hallucinates Duke, playing with the knife, the murder weapon, and grinning evilly.

Duke has an idea-  have Jennifer with her strange Barn connection Trouble, speak to the Thugs and see if she can get anything out of them She agrees – but only if Duke is with her (grow a spine, Jennifer, because that sounds like such epic Wet Lettuceness). She babbles at Big Thug in his cell, but gets too close to the bars and he manages to grab her. Duke lunges and grabs him by the throat, forcing him to let her go. The Big Thug taunts Jennifer and asks what Duke is really after – she hallucinates Duke saying he’ll take her back to the psych ward.

Nathan tries to lie to Little Thug and claim they have the Box. He knows Nathan’s lying – if he had found the Box he would have opened it, if he had opened it it would have consumed everything Nathan loved, starting with Audrey. Nathan takes this as a threat and slams Little Thug into the table and he opens his mouth and a small black ball floats out and enters Nathan’s ear. Okkkay, probably not good. Little Thug plants the idea that Audrey is falling in love with William

Dwight tears up Duke’s boat looking for the lost knife and Duke finds Jennifer suddenly angry and suspicious and pushing him away. Poor Duke. Nathan looks in on Audrey and William and hallucinates them making out on the desk. He charges in and grabs William ranting about Audrey and William. Audrey slaps him and chases him out – but is sensible enough to realise that Nathan doesn’t normally act like that (hmmm, actually, I remember him having some severe jealousy issues in the past). But the issue has to go on hold because Gloria, the Awesome-Pathologist-who-should-be-protagonist wants a meeting

Off to Gloria, who is busy playing Candy Crush Saga and is most unhappy that they’ve just had 3 murders that are cutting into her game time. All died acting oddly – first guy when berserk and accused his gay neighbour (my gods, Haven does know gay people exist! I’m shocked!) of having an affair with his wife. She found a small black ball in his brain – like we saw Little Thug put in Nathan’s head. Every victim has one – and they’ve all been acting strangely and dying by violence.

On Duke’s boat, Duke finds Dwight being rather… scary, brandishing a knife and threatening to cut the truth out of Duke. Duke takes Dwight to where he buried Wade and digs up the stone he made for Wade. He tells Dwight what happened, but Dwight’s still hallucinating, thinking Duke is wishing he could have killed at the Troubled people with his brother. He tries to get Duke to dig his brother up to prove it isn’t Jordan’s body – Duke refuses and Dwight tases him, looking more and more deranged as he does.

At the police station, Jennifer and Nathan hallucinate at each other, each seeing the other taunting them. Nathan resolving to kill William. Down in the cells, Audrey tries to question Little Thug but doesn’t get anywhere – and finds out that when she touches William there’s a spark. The sparks jog William’s memory, or parts of it – he remembers the Barn collapsing, he remembers jumping to Haven Lookout (a hill above Haven) carrying the box. But when he got to town he didn’t have the box so it must still be there.

Little Thug overhears and is pretty happy to know where the box is – especially since Big Thug has vanished from the cell. He’s gone after the box (yes, Audrey has to tell us this, no, Haven doesn’t think much of the brain power of its audience).

Audrey can’t really follow because Dwight drags in Duke and Nathan strides in to threaten William and Jennifer accuses Audrey of having 3 men (Nathan, Duke and William). Nathan draws his gun, Dwight draws his taser. Audrey clears everyone out, leaving just her, William Duke and the three hallucinating people. Dwight tases Nathan, William frees Duke, Duke pins Dwight long enough for William to chain him in the cuff he used on Duke. It’s a very quick, smooth take down. Jennifer kind of just stands there as window dressing. Audrey wants to look after the unconscious Nathan but William and Duke tell her to go find the box.

William and Audrey head off to find the box and William makes some ominous comments about the worst sides of Audrey’s friends, how they don’t know how special she is and don’t deserve her. If that weren’t hint enough, when William finds the Box he wants to just sit and enjoy the sunset with Audrey – Audrey thinks he’s been hit by the Trouble. He says no – it’s about them, him and Audrey because of how amazing that spark was. He remembers the Barn – yes Audrey’s not the only one who can lie about her memories.

He doesn’t just remember the Barn – he remembers a lot more: he remembers them enjoying the view in the past. He knows what’s in the Box – he calls it “a gift” and this whole day – the delusions, the black stuff – has been about him. She opens the box and inside is a really hideous flower that she calls beautiful and William says she always loved (though Audrey still recoils from his touch). The flower withes into Black goo and Big Thug appears. The Thugs work for William and he tells Big Thug to call Little Thug over.

At the police station, the black goo leaves everyone’s ears and they return to normal – and Little Thug disappears. The goos return to the Box, and Duke and Dwight have a little moment – Duke committed a crime but for the greater good; he’s not going to arrest Duke. He’s worried about Duke losing his Trouble – he didn’t like the Crocker Curse, but it provided an ultimate control for the Troubles to be used in extreme circumstances

Back to William – he tries to point out how terribad Audrey’s friends are that a few little delusions make them turn on one another. He’s frustrated that the destroyed Barn hasn’t brought Audrey’s memories back – and he coats his hand with one of the goo balls and shows Audrey his blackened palm. It’s the same mark that has been left on people whose Troubles have changed or untroubled people who have suddenly inherited new Troubles. William is behind it (in case it wasn’t obvious) and he’s going to keep causing mayhem until he has Audrey back, because they love each other. Audrey protests – but the “Real” her – not one of the Haven savers – is “his”.  He touches her and there’s a massive spark, knocking her unconscious

She wakes when Nathan finds her

I didn’t like that Jennifer’s fears about being mentally ill – something that’s representative and coherent with her character – morphed into jealousy of Audrey. It seems clichéd, especially on a show that loves its love triangles – and since I’d quite like Audrey to have a female friend who is decently strong and doesn’t die or disappear or hate her since the show has a lot of men around Audrey.

The twist with William was pretty good, I honestly didn’t see that coming at all. It looks like William lived during a different incarnation of Audrey in the past and fell in love with her – though I’m curious to see the details and what the Black Goo is. And how does this relate to the horseshoe crabs and great evil? Is William the great evil?

Haven – lots of questions, very few answers.