Thursday, May 2, 2013

Grimm Season 2, Episode 19: Endangered

"They’ll kill you, and I’ll be here in the woods all alone and abandoned.”

Bick is researching and using about the treasure that the precious key hides – what could be this damn important that everyone is after it?

Enough moping – time for a golf buggy race! Alas race is interrupted on account of mutilated cattle – and glowing blue alien, which kills one of the racers, albeit possibly accidentally. Glowing blue guy runs – leaving some of his skin on the barbed wire.

Time for Rosalie and Monroe being domestic – and Monroe has a problem, his parents want to visit. His traditional, conservative parent Blutbad who still hunt. Having them under the same roof as Nick could lead to Nick having to kill them. Awkward. Also Nick is in too much of a bad place for Monroe to be comfortable asking him to temporarily move out. Of course there are other downsides – like Nick rushing in shouting for Monroe when he and Rosalie are getting close. At least nick takes the hint. This is followed up by Nick apologising when Monroe comes up to see what’s got Nick riled - friendship built on mutual respect and understanding and not all one sided!

He shows Monroe the key (is this the first time Monroe has seen the key?) and the map it produces. Monroe runs downstairs with it. Monroe recognises part of it – the key looks like a “ward lock” for bringing down wards – and he recognises the map from one of his old maps of Bavaria (his ancestor was a cartographer). Nick reminds us all that the keys are to a treasure sacked from Constantinople by crusading Grimms who thought it too important too dangerous to fall into the hands of the monarchs who funded them

Alas we don’t follow this thread because Juliette is reconstructing memories – happy ones this time.

Meanwhile glowing blue alien guy delivers a package to a bossy, pregnant woman in a barn. She eats bloody cow parts (even I don’t eat my beef that rare) while glowing blue dude returns to human form. He tells her they have to move again, they’re still not safe

To complicate things, a UFO enthusiast is in the area tracking the mutilated cattle.

And then the alien people’s car won’t start. Not their week really.

To the police station where Nick is ominously waiting in Renard’s office to talk about the key. Renard fills in some blanks – 7 keys, the Royal families have 4, Nick has 2 and the last 1 is out there – and that the Crusading Grimms who decided to hide the treasure are Nick’s ancestors; the Royals learned because they tortured one of those Grimms.

C’mon Nick, you can’t hold Renard responsible for his ancestors torturing yours. Especially since most of your ancestors have been genocidal mass murderers for funsies.

Renard doesn’t have any idea what the treasure is but the stories include everything from alchemy to immortality to shiny holy relics. Regardless the 7 thought it was worth their lives so something big must be there. Also Renard and his family are not close. We start to actually move the meta forward when Wu knocks on the door with a case!

Damn it Wu!

To the scene where mutilated cattle and disturbed farmers greet them. They find the skin on the fence – but it’s not glowing any more and looks lizard-like. Then they run into the “alien hunter”.  Funsies. He takes his drawings to the farmer – and he recognises one of them

Meanwhile glowy dude has got a new truck by standing in the road and glowing, forcing the driver off the road. He brings her and the car to the barn, but his wife is shocked and horrified that he kidnapped the woman, risked her life and they’re just leaving her behind.

To the pathologist (who needs a bigger role, I love her!) who shows him that the skin can glow. It’s human skin with an animal skin response (i.e. wesen).

The alien couple find an abandoned cabin to hide in – and she’s getting hungry again.

Juliette intermission! She remembers stuff and tells Monroe about! And she’s sad because she remembers how much she loved Nick and now realised that if they loved each other that much the way she’s treated him since the whole amnesia thing has been like a swift kick to the yin-yangs.  I do like Monroe’s little aside (“I’m not an expert but when it comes to you and Nick I know more than most…” yeah he has been reaaaaly patient). In between all the emotional stuff she also has one more question – what’s a Grimm? Monroe answers – someone who can see into the heart of others, see things others can’t. Which Juliette remembers Nick telling her.

In the police station, Nick and Wu find the woman whose car was stolen and Wu tracks more cattle mutilations in a pattern from Nebraska, with the frequency increasing. And it seems the alien hunter isn’t such a fool – he’s a bird Wesen tracking the pregnant woman.

Wu also has a report on what is missing from the cattle – ovaries. And Nick finds a match in his books- a Gluhenvolk. He takes this to Rosalie who is shocked, she thought they were extinct, hunted to extinction for their blue skin. And Rosalie realises that the mutilated cattle means there’s 2 and 1 of them is pregnant and she’s very close to giving birth. At which point poor Monroe enters with the observation “you have a book open, that means there’s a pending disaster which means my date just got put on hold.” Poor Monroe. But eh and Rosalie are happy to geek out about the Gluhenvolk. And they want to go with Nick – Nick is worried about them killing a guy, they’re worried about saving the last of a species – the baby is innocent.

They head out – but the Gluhenvolk is already out for more ovaries, followed by the bird wesen hunter. Nick & co find his trailer. Nick is about to go in but Monroe protests he needs a warren, Nick responds with “you’re right, you open it.” They find, inside, items that would let him kill a Wesen but leave them in Woge form – allowing him to hunt a Wesen and skin and preserve his skin. Monroe takes the bullets with the chemical and Rosalie pours the rest down the sink, both of them disgusted.

They find the cabin with the pregnant woman, Jocelyn, inside who becomes rather panicky on seeing them. She Woges to Monroe and Rosalie’s awe, and goes into labour. Less awe, more panic. Rosalie quickly organises everyone to help her give birth. Vincent, the male Gluhenvolk, rushes in in a panic and quickly joins in the handholding and helping, giving birth to a glowing baby.

And in comes the hunter. Vincent Woges. And so does Monroe and Rosalie, asking what she’s worth. He’s distracted, apparently Fuchsbau are expensive – but he’s more distracted when Nick asks “what about a Grimm?” and Monroe charges him, knocking him through a wall. The hunter manages to hit Monroe with a board and stagger out – only to be shot by Nick using his own gun.

They get the Gluhenvolk out, seeking their people in Alaska. And they set the hunter to be taken for the murder – because he was shot by his own bullets, the police find him in full Woge – and see him as the alien that’s been reported. The police back off, cautiously – and in the delay the chemical wears off and he returns to human form.

Damn you Grimm, you epic tease you! All episode we thought the meta would advance! Monroe, Renard Nick are all talking and sharing information and it looked like we’d learn stuff and move forwards… but when you look at it nothing new is revealed! We knew all this!

Yes, it’s frustrating

And I’m just tired of Juliette now, I really am. Give her her memories, get her out of Portland, something just move on

I do like Monroe/Nick/Rosalie’s interactions – especially the long suffering of Monroe and Rosalie at the distraction Nick brings – but without any resentment of it.