Sunday, December 11, 2011

Grimm, Season 1, Episode 6: The Three Bad Wolves

Like the last episode this episode we start with a fairy tale quote – the 3 little pigs this time. This gives me a vague hope for bacon... hmmmm… bacon.

We begin with a rather mellow guy with a shake weight, peppermint schnapps and an exploding house. Naturally exploding house draws in Nick and Hank to investigate and lo, furriness! Mellow Shake-Weight guy (Hap) is a supernatural being. And his brother’s house exploded the same way last month only his brother was in it at the time. (It certainly beats huffing and puffing one's house down). The only enemies Hap can think of are the large number of creditors he owes (and really, it works the other way. Why blow up the guy who owes you money? Corpses are really bad at making repayments).

Hap’s friend comes to pick him up and let him stay for a few days to let him get on his feet – and it’s Eddie! Moving to Eddie’s house we learn Eddie’s extremely obsessive schedule (to the minute) and obsessive control of his house – this is going to be a comic room-mate from hell situation. Did I mention how much I loved Eddie? Because Eddie makes this show.

And we have biker wolf woman stalking around the ruins – and it’s Angelina - Hap’s sister, Eddie’s ex-girlfriend. Yes, this is becoming more soapy by the minute – 3 Blutbaden. 3 Big Bad Wolves? Not normally the way the story goes. Angelina is a little more… high strong than the other Blutbaden and not very happy working with Nick, a Grimm. This perturbs Eddie because he’s just had his carpet cleaned. Eddie’s reserve is slowly cracked however, by Angelina and her considerably less restrained ways – and pushing him back to his old, wild habits.

The fire investigator points to a weird coincidence – yes it’s suspicious but there’s no suggestion of foul play and both are natural looking fire – oh and there’s insurance to pay out. The older brother had life insurance that Hap inherits – and if Hap dies, Angelina inherits it.

Nick isn’t exactly frilled with Angelina, does some research into Blutbaden and their weak spots and checks up on her.  Finding a copy of a picture he found in the ruins of Hap’s house – with the same face erased – and another supernatural creature.

In the meantime, Eddie and Angelina go running in the forest – and Hap gets shot by said supernatural creature. Of course Eddie and Angelina have to explain why they abandoned Hap – and why there is blood on Angelina’s clothes. Eddie describes himself as lapsed. On the one hand I’m leery in the extreme of appropriating real world issues for fantasy useage – and addiction is certainly one of them. And yes, Eddie, with his carefully controlled life, his carefully controlled instincts, his struggle to control himself, his careful regimen hold his life together – isn’t the worst depiction of carefully controlled addiction or needs I’ve seen especially with the descriptions of his routine earlier in the episode.

And the plot thickens – Angelina’s prints are linked to 2 murdered brothers in the past (brutally mauled, being Blutbad kills) and the surviving brother is the current fire investigator – Orson. And Angelina’s nose identifies him as a Bauerswine. A pig – yes the Little Pig is blowing the Big Bad Wolves houses up. Ok yes, it was predictable, but you’ve still got to love it.

And there follows the battle to stop Orson killing Angelina and Orson killing Angelina – Eddie has to step out, too conflicted, too torn. There follows a dance of shotguns, arsons and general do-si-doing with extra violence until the dust finally clears.

Ok yes, it wasn’t hard to predict. It was pretty obvious that the Little Pig was blowing down the Big Bad Wolves’ houses – but c’mon you’ve got to love it, you’ve got to laugh.

Sadly the story was still lacking in meta, even if it did amuse me immensely. I’d love to see some overarching plot line. Weekly monster hunts are not going to give this show long lasting interest. There's becoming less to talk about in great detail - new monster, investigate monster, fight monsterm, next monster. The closest we had here was more of Nick’s conflict between being a Grimm and being a cop.

Alas there was no bacon.