Thursday, December 15, 2011

Is True Blood's Rutina Wesley Michonne?

Fans of the comics The Walking Dead have been speculating for some time about when Michonne will enter the series and who will play her.  Fans of HBO's True Blood, know that the season ended with Tara, played by Rutina Wesley with the back of her head shot off.  We know that Wesley is returning to True Blood but I can only believe that it this point her role with be much less reduced. This would of course free up some time for Wesley to pursue other things.

At this time there are several the web is a buzz with the suggestion that Wesley has been cast to play the now iconic role of Michonne.  The most reliable site that I could find reporting this is  How true the rumour is I have no idea, but after her shoddy treatment as Tara on True Blood I would love to see Wesley in a more empowered role.  What do you think Rutina Wesley would make a good Michonne?