Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Review of Lost Girl, Season Two Episode 21: Into the Dark

As fans, we have long believed that Trick is Bo's father.  It turns out we were wrong, Trick is Bo's grandfather. In the meantime at the Dahl, Trick is hosting Ciara's wake.  The scooby gang does not believe that Dyson will show but he makes an appearance looking stoic as ever. Bo has so many questions but there is not time for answers with the war looming over them.

They decide to contact the Nain Rouge for answers but she tells them that her job is to observe.  This pisses Bo off and she refers to the acting of watching as the Nain Rouge's kink.  Bo informs her that unless she gets some answers on how to fight The Garuder that the last face that the Nain Rouge will be is that of the Garuder as he kills her.  This forces the Nain Rouge to admit that she is scared and for the first time she stops speaking in riddles.  The Nain Rouge says that Dyson will still have an important role to play but she is going to need the help of the dark fae - specifically her mirror opposite.

At Lachlan's funeral Bo and Lauren discuss the low turn out.  It seems the fact that Lachlan was not well liked, combined with the fact that the fae are fleeing town means that his funeral is not a priority.  Right on cue the Morrigan shows up and immediately makes a snarky comment about Bo wearing black leather yet again.  I think they choose to dress Bo in black to make her appear dangerous; however, I simply cannot take her seriously. This is after all the women who was defeated by a dominatrix. Bo tells the morrigan that she needs Vex to help fight the Garuder but the Morrigan has other plans. It seems that Vex is in jail for humiliating the Morrigan and she is more interested in living the good life while she can. The Morrigan does relent and agree to hand Vex over if Bo agrees to steal a box from the light fae.  When Bo balks, the Morrigan takes great pleasure in reminding her that she is the one who continually reminds everyone who will listen that she is unaligned.

Kenzi goes to see Dyson and greets him by slapping him across the face twice. Unlike the others who are willing to let Dyson stew in his own juices, Kenzi decides to get proactive and the two of them visit the Norn to see if they can Dyson's love back. Holy emo batman.  For her part, the Norn is horrified that Dyson brought a dirty human into her home. Kenzi offers to trade Ciara's bracelet for Dyson's love and this upsets Dyson because he believes that she would have wanted to be burried with it.  It turns out that didn't have to worry because the Norn does not want it.  When Kenzi goes to try again, Dyson stops her saying that they have rules they have to follow.

Back at the apartment Bo is not at all pleased that the dark fae seem to think that ignoring the threat the Garuda poses to the fae world is no big deal.  She hashs it out with Kenzi and decides to get what the Morrigan wants. Kenzi on the other hand has a flash of inspiration and goes to seek out power tools.

Saw in hand, Kenzi cuts her way into the Norn's home.  She then takes the saw to the tree which causes the Norn to bleed.  When the Norn still refuses to hand over Dyson's love, Kenzi reminds her that she is a human and that humans will destroy resources if it means just one more greasy hamburger. Surprise, surprise, Dyson's love is kept in a little bottle.  Unfortunately for Kenzi, in the process of getting Dyson's love mojo back she breaks a bottle which contains something black an ominous.  The Norn is pleased with this and it seems that Kenzi has paid a price for her desire to help Dyson out.

After stealing the item, Bo hands it over to the Morrigan who releases Vex.  At the Dal Ves reveals that he wanted to be in a dungeon to hide from a group of rabid soccer fans who were red tukes.  Oh for heaven's sakes - writers find some imagination.  It turns out that he promised them a championship and the team only made the playoffs.  Bo puts up a good fight but is eventually over powered.  They give her an hour to get the package back for the Morrigan.

Bo uses her succubus abilities to subdue all of the Morrigan's security and then sets to work seducing the Morrigan.  She quickly gets her into handcuffs and then walks out with the package.  This was just a little girl on girl action teaser.  How is it that the Morrigan, the ruler of the dark fae was so easily fooled?  The entire scene felt like an excuse to have Bo make out with a woman.  Back at the Dal, Bo hands over the suitcase which she learns contains some sort of fae Viagara.  Bo is absolutely disgusted but that quickly becomes the least of her worries when the Morrigan shows up pissed.  The Morrigan kills all the tuke wearing people but before she can get to Bo, Vex manages to knock her unconscious.

Bo heads to Lauren's to find out how she is coming with Lachlans venom but when Lauren sees the bruises she immediately assumes that she needs to be healed and start stripping.  Bo tells her that she only needs an asprin but then makes sure to point out that she is still very much into Lauren.  Could she not have waited for Nadia's corpse to grow cold before making her move?  Lauren quickly get distracted when she thinks she has come up with a solution.

Back at the Dal, Bo gives her rally the tropes speech, advising everyone that she is the champion and that this is no longer a democracy.  Bo then goes on to thank them for their support and sacrifices and says how much she needs them all.  Of course, the scooby gang agree to have her back.  She tells them that all will be fine because she totes has a plan.

Kenzi and Bo share a bottle of champaign back at their place.  This is briefly interrupted by Vex wearing Bo's kimino.  When he leaves Bo says that she cannot trust him.  Kenzi asks her if she would rather be with Lauren because this might be the last night, but Bo tells her that she is not alone because they are together.  Say awwww everyone.  Bo assures Kenzi that everything will be okay as long as they avoid anymore surprises.  This would be Kenzi's clue to speak up about the broken bottle but then that would take all of the fun out of the season finale right?