Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Review of Lost Girl Season Two, Epsiode Nineteen: Truth and Consequences

This week, the Ash decides to put his relationship to the task by getting her to investigate the Glaive - one of the most powerful light fae.  Lochlyn is concerned that she has developed a relationship with the Garuda.  As we know from previous episodes, the Garuda wants to end the peace treaty between the light fae and the dark fae.  A war is most definitely coming, and the Ashe believes that Bo needs to do whatever necessary to either avoid it, or contain it.

Bo is not thrilled with the suggestion and tells the Ash that she is no murderer and so she attends a motivational speech given by the Glaive.  Bo is taken in and I'm sure it helps that the Glaive tells her that she is a true representation to fae women everywhere.  It's only when she returns to Trick and he tells her that she may be more than the image that she presents to the world, that Bo decides to have another look at the Glaive.  How is it that Bo could not have figured that out by herself? 

Back at the batcave, Kenzi and Nate are sharing a moment.  He wants to move their relationship to a new level and he hands her a key to his place.  He wants them to have a space where they aren't drawn into the turmoil of Bo's life.  Kenzi is really pleased with this development, but she knows that the fact that she cannot be honest with Nate is definitely a problem in their relationship.

When Bo returns home, Nate is gone and she tells Kenzi that Trick has given her a pill to resist the Glaive's powers.  Kenzi is rearing to go and help out, but Bo tells her that this is a one girl mission.  Kenzi heads off to the bar while Bo confronts the Glaive.  Kenzi is troubled because she is not sure that she has a place in Bo's world and this is confirmed by Trick who tells her that she is actually a liablity because she is Bo's weakness.  Trick is worried that Bo will be focused on Kenzi's safety during battle and believes that the best thing that Kenzi can do is to run off with Nate and build a life together, though he does toss in that he will miss her.  Okay, I don't know about you but I had to pause.  Kenzi a weakness?  Seriously?  Has Trick not been paying attention?  Bo is supposedly the tough succubus but she routinely gets herself into scrapes where she needs to be saved and Kenzi has come to the rescue on multiple occasions.

Lauren is busy analyzing Nadia's blood.  When Nadia asks what she is up to, Lauren tells her that she is looking for a reason that she is still not feeling like herself.  On one compound mix Lauren discovers similarities to a fae disease.  When Lauren tries to inject Nadia with a cure, Nadia knocks the syringe across the room saying that she is not going to tolerate anymore needles.

Bo approaches the Glaive at her private office under the guise of wanting advice on who to align with.  the Glaive asks Bo to tell her about herself.  Back at the batcave, Kenzi and Nate are having yet another sweet nothing moment.  I actually like them as a couple.  Lauren is taking a shower and what seems to be an attempt to release some stress, when straight out of Psycho, Nadia pulls the curtain aside and moves to slash her with a huge knife.  Lauren falls to her knees begging and pleading and Nadia walks out of the room.  This should have been a sign that Nadia was dead woman walking.

The Glaive quickly figures out that she being played, and traps Bo in a chair with the intention of killing her, because she has aligned with the Garuda.  Bo gets led away to the white room with two flunkies, but actually manages to rescue herself.  Yeah, I didn't see that coming, especially because Bo was once defeated by an ordinary dominatrix.  The writers really need to decide if they are going to make her competent or incompetent. When she returns to the office, the Glaive is not worried because she believes that Bo is not a killer.  Unfortunately for the Glaive, she is wrong because Bo swiftly tosses a knife into her chest.  This move was actually extremely out of character for Bo, and it makes me wonder if we are going to see her turn much darker, along with her new found competence?

Just after Nate leaves, Nadia shows up at the bat cave.  When Kenzi opens the door, Nadia immediately demands to talk to Bo.  Kenzi tries to tell her that Bo isn't there, but Nadia is not in the mood to listen.  In frustration, Nadia knocks Kenzi across the room and disappears.  In the meantime, Lauren is frantically trying to get a hold of Bo because not only does she have no idea where Nadia is, she is not certain what Nadia is capable of.

After being caught in the middle between Lochlyn and Trick, Hale decides to bring the two parties together.  They are both a little resistant to the idea of a parlay but Hale points out that they are both on the same side.  Unfortunately, Hale lets it slip that Trick is the blood king.  I liked the idea that Hale brought these two together rather than allowing both of them to manipulate him, but I was not at all pleased with his slip because it made him seem incompetent. Lochlyn says that no harm occurred because he long suspected that Trick is blood king.  It was nice to see Lochlyn have a humble moment for a change.  The two agree to work together to protect the fae from the dark future.

When Bo finally returns to the batcave, she finds a very pissed off Kenzi, who is concerned because Nadia only missed Nate by minutes.  Bo promises to deal with the situation, but Kenzi says that it is not just about Nadia because there is always some dark and dangerous force in Bo's life which makes it impossible to protect Nate.  Bo being a good friend for the first time in week's encourages Kenzi to follow her heart and be with Nate because he makes her happy.  She feels that with the war coming that Kenzi will be in great danger.

Nadia has returned to Lauren's and she is pumping her for information about the fae.  At first she is quite believable as she expresses shock about the hidden world.  When Lauren's phone rings, Nadia tells her not to answer it an couches it in a desire for them to spend time alone together. Just when she begins pumping her for information on Bo, Bo shows up.  Bo is extremely angry about her attack on Kenzi, and Lauren is shocked by this turn of events.  Lauren asks her what she remembers and she says that everything has been like a dream.  When Nadia begins to act aggressive, Bo holds a knife to her and Lauren starts to scream that Bo is scaring her.  Nadia then changes tactics and grabs Lauren, but once again Lauren begs and pleads for to remember who she is.  Finally, Nadia admits that she is not in control and that someone is living in her body.  She begs Lauren and Bo to end her life, but Lauren cannot do it and so she begs Bo to.  It is only when Nadia moves to attack again that Bo stabs her in the stomach. Just before Nadia falls to the ground, she thanks Bo.  Lauren falls to her knees crying and Bo walks out of the room.

Okay, I call massive, massive horseshit.  Lauren loved Nadia enough to look for a cure for her for five years but the moment Nadia says she is ready to die, she accepts this without a real fight? I get that Nadia had to go to keep the love triangle between Lauren and Bo but Lauren's quick acceptance of Nadia death sends a message about the value of same sex love.  Lauren's relationship with Bo has largely been based on deceit, while she supposedly shared real love with Nadia. If you truly love someone, you don't accept their desire to die that quickly.

While all hell was breaking loose at Lauren's, Kenzi was having another sit down with Nate. Kenzi decides to tell Nate that it is over between the two of them and Nate initially believes that the problem is that he is pushing Kenzi to quickly and so he offers to back off.  Kenzi tells him that she simply does not love him and that her feelings were nothing but the fantasies of a six year old girl.  Nate is absolutely destroyed but when he gets up to leave, Kenzi begs him not to be upset and to stay, but Nate tells her that he has had his heart broken by the only girl he has ever loved.

When Bo returns, Kenzi tells her that she broke up with Nate because she couldn't put him at risk any longer but this is where she needs to be.  Bo responds, "good because I could really use by best friend."  I guess Bo being a good friend was short lived. Kenzi feels that maybe someday, she and Nate will get back together but right now her place is with Bo. 

This episode really did a lot to build anticipation for the season finale.  I however not happy that Kenzi decided to throw away the man that she loves for Bo.  What has Bo done to illicit that kind of loyalty?  I am very interested in the changes in Bo's behaviour and sudden competence. I hope that they will continue to grow, because  we have far too often seen hints of Bo being powerful without it going anywhere.