Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cover Snark: And 2 Seconds Later, Our Heroine Fell Over

Now, Urban Fantasy covers go to many lengths to try and sexualise their heroines. Bodys care contorted, ridiculous costumes

And, sometimes, even gravity is defied! Yes, we’re not going to let a piffling thing like gravity prevent us from posing these women! I have a mental image of the camera snapping and then these women collapsing painfully into a heap.

Ok, maybe these women just have really strong thigh muscles after posing for different covers. But I still think they’re 2 seconds away from their arse meeting concrete.

Or you can cheat. She is LEANING in the border! The border of the cover! There’s something wrong with your posing if your heroine has to lean on the edge of the book

Yes, I know we keep snarking this cover, but it hits so many points! The inappropriate clothing for the weather, the shoes, the ridiculous sexy pose - and, of course, the fact that she’s 5 seconds away from falling over (those shoes? On ice? Yeah, she’s not standing up any time soon). I don’t think she needs a hand to get up, she needs a team