Monday, May 7, 2012

Face Off: Worst Friend in Urban Fantasy

An Urban Fantasy protagonist wouldn’t be the same without an entourage. Every protagonist needs people to support her awesomeness and bask in her glow. what boggles us, however, is just how awful some of these protagonists are to their friends. Basking? I’m amazed these friends aren’t giving them a  good slap and reading them the riot act. I’d have got a restraining

Sookie Stackhouse.

Watching True Blood I am amazed with every passing episode that Tara hasn’t shot Sookie and buried her in a shallow grave.  She completely ignored that Bill and Eric were more than happy to ignore that Tara was a captive and then lectured Tara of being anti-vampire.  This is a woman who had been tortured by Franklin Mott for days I might add.

Last year when Tara was trapped by Marnie, Sookie was more than happy to leave her behind to go and warn Bill about the dangers the witches posed.  She didn’t worry for one moment about the dangerous situation that she was leaving Tara in.

Even in the books she’s scarcely better - in particular she is incapable of being happy for anyone. Tara is pregnant? She mopes about her lack of kids. Jason getting married? Well time to judge him on his wedding plans!

Elena Gilbert

The world absolutely revolves around Elena and I have yet to figure out why.  Her friends exist to serve the wonderfulness that is Elena.

Elena expects service and obedience. All of Elena’s “friends” exist to serve her. It’s a running theme with Bonnie being pulled out of the plot box whenever Elena wants some spells casting (then sent back when she’s not needed). Mat may disappear for weeks on end but, when Elena needs something, he’s on call and Caroline is always ready to side-kick. Even the Salvatore brothers are constantly bludgeoned into whatever ridiculous plan she has conceived - Elena always knows best, after all and you will be expected to obey. After Bonnie, perhaps the most glaring example of Elena viewing her friends and family as possessions to move around is when she decided to erase Jeremy’s memory and send him across the country. It’s not a violation if Elena thinks it’s for the best.

What is particularly stunning about Elena is how self-centred she can be and how little she cares about other people’s issues. Bonnie’s mother becomes a vampire, she worries that Bonnie will hate her. Caroline’s father dies - and she needs comforting! Caroline has to call her! Alaric is dying and she’s upset because she’s going to lose someone else. He’s not even dead yet but she’s playing pity me rather than comforting by his bedside! Did she even give Damon 2 words for the death of Rose?


Bo and Kenzi are very tight but Bo had no problem lying to Kenzi when she was dating a dark fae.  Bo was well aware that this interaction with the dark fae had nearly caused Nate his freedom and forced Kenzi into owing The Morrigan a favour in the future. It’s not like BO is even pursuing a desperate love affair with Ryan - her list justifies keeping this man secret - and even inviting him to the house that she and Kenzi shared without letting Kenzi know.

Bo is also quick to reduce Kenzi to a simple human despite the fact that Kenzi has saved her life repeatedly. She’s quick to restrict Kenzi to “protect her” but without her human self, Bo would have been sliced and diced many times over.

Bo also regularly flouts the law, ignores all fae laws and customs and expects Dyson and Hale to either ignore her actions or clean up when she is done. Along with Trick, they provide her the support and backing she needs in the fae world despite her continued (baffling) refusal to declare for the Light Fae. Why would she? This way she gets all the assets of the Light without the responsibilities.