Sunday, July 22, 2012

Alphas Season One, Episode Eleven: Original Sin

This episode opens with the team tracking a suspect.  In turn, the suspect is tracking a drug addict who is clearly hurting.  The suspect catches up with the drug addict and kills her boyfriend. As he kills her boyfriend he tells her that it's his fault.  Hicks intervenes before he can kill the addict. When Lee sees her he is shocked and says that he has to go after her because Daniel is his daughter. He gives instructs to the team, even as Nina is on the ground recovering because his daughters talents make feel emotions that aren't there own.

The team start looking for her and back at the office Bill comes back to the office. He tells Gary that Red Flag tried to erase the MK Ultra files because the clue to who Stanton Parrish is must be in the files.  Gary tracks Danielle to a cheap motel and Lee follows.  He asks Danielle to come with him and she says no.  He asks her to let him help her and she is resistant. Suddenly the alpha that they were chasing earlier appears and the are forced to run.  He traps them in a hallway and starts to use his power until Hicks shots him through a chained emergency exit. 

Back at the office, Lee is checks Danielle's blood pressure and asks what drugs she is on now.  She is not happy with the intervention but ends up listing all the drugs that she is taking.  Lee tells her that the man who was chasing her is part of a group called Red Flag and he wants to know why. She gives him a sarcastic response and he says, "there are no rules which say you don't have to tell the truth." Before they can continue, Kathy knocks on the door and asks for a moment with Lee. 

Kathy tells him that Red Flag is planning something tomorrow.  Lee tells her about Danielle, but Kathy wants him to set aside his family business. When he says that she is in danger, Kathy reminds him that he is a therapist and says that he should compartmentalize. 

Bill is talking to his wife about being at work when Gary interrupts him with information on Stanton Parrish.  It seems that Parrish is Red Flag's favorite dead author.  Parrish was writing about alphas even before the term was coined.  Bill is convinced that there is more to the story than this and asks Gary to dig deeper.  

Back in his office he  asks Danielle again what Red Flag wanted from her.  She brings a history of his studying her and points out that it was a long time ago, but she says that she is not over it.  When he tells her that he loves her, she hands him a necklace with several red glass stones in it.

Gary heads off on his own to see Anna. She tells him that she missed him and holds Gary's hand.  This is first time that he does not become upset with physical contact. She tells him that she is very upset about the quote that he sent and says that Parrish is a dangerous man.  Because she used the present tense, Gary realizes that Parrish is alive.  He asks for more information but Anna has her security escort him out.

Back at the office Lee tells Danielle that she did a good thing giving him the bracelet and that the past is past.  He claims that he is a different person than he was fifteen years ago. She says that he seems the same, except that now he has a whole team to play with.  "Dad," Danielle says, "you always say that I lie but there are different kinds of lying. You can tell people that you care, you can tell people what they want to hear, you can pretend that you care and then there is outright manipulation."  It seems to me that she has Lee completely pegged.  Finally, someone is calling him on his shit.  Lee asks when he manipulated her and she reminds him that when her mother was upset at Lee, he used to ask her to make a cup of chamomile tea and sit with her. Danielle would bring her the tea, sit on her lap and then stroke her mother's arm until she felt better.  Apparently this is called empathic contagion. Danielle says that she was mommy's little helper.  When Lee denies that this is what he was doing and that he didn't know about her abilities, Danielle responds that she did this routine until she was 12 and that Lee knew about her abilities when she was 9. 

In the hallways Bill asks if Lee is okay and he says that it was a mistake to bring his daughter there and that they need to focus on Red Flag.  Bill says that they found something big and that he needs to speak with Gary now.  Gary tells Lee about his conversation with Anna and Lee reminds Gary that he expressly forbid further contact. Bill intervenes saying that Gary is his own man, and that he too talked to him about this ongoing relationship.  Gary continues and says that Anna is a good liar but he caught her usage of the present tense to refer to Parrish. Gary did a search by face and discovers that he was a scientist in Russia for their MK Ultra program. Lee is ready to dismiss this and declare Parrish a double agent but Gary goes on to say that it's a puzzle.  He shows him image after image of Stanton Parish with one going back to the civil war. Lee figures out that Stanton is an alpha who doesn't change. Bill says they were trying to the erase the files to keep Parrish hidden.

Rachel walks in saying that she has discovered what the fake jewels medium.  Inside the necklace she finds a jump drive which contains encoded data.  What they find are GPS coordinates which lead to highland hills.  It turns out that this is a time and date for a meeting along with a quote which says, "we're not the problem; we're the solution." Lee surmises that the leader of Red Flag has called this meeting.

Lee takes this information to Kathy who organizes a tactical meeting. Lee is concerned because he knows Anna is going to be there. He asks that she not be hurt.  Kathy ignores what he says and goes on to say that the terrorists must be neutralized.  When they tell Gary that he should go home, he demands to say.  Hicks says that he is going in and promises to keep an eye out for Anna if he can. Bill says that he is going in but Lee counters saying that he can go in but only as an agent because it's too early to put that kind of stress on his heart.  Bill says that this is Red Flag vs US and because it is end game time that he is going in. Lee is stunned with the defiance.

A few hours later, Danielle asks if it is there fault that her boyfriend is dead and when Lee says yes, she responds, "I hope you get all of them."  Lee finally admits what he did to Dani and says that he used her to try and save a marriage that he had already ruined.  Gary is on the phone with his mother saying that he is not coming home, Sandra starts to cry.  Bill walks in and says, "it's time to saddle up."

When they arrive at the scene, they see Anna being lifted out of car.  Gary asks to go and talk to Anna to get her to surrender, but Lee says, "Gary this is a very dangerous situation, and if you want to be here, you have to do exactly as you're told." 

As the team look on Parrish and about half a dozen other leaders have not shown up.  Rachel listens in and hears that they are talking about telling the world the truth about Alphas.  Lee rushes off to find Kathy and tells her that the day before the meeting was supposed to happen that a Red Flag assassin leads them to his daughter who was carrying an invitation which the team decoded just in time for them to be there.  Kathy says that it sounds like they are being ambushed and Lee corrects her and says that they are the ambush. He believes that Parrish led everyone there because he wants the DOD to ambush the team. Lee believes that Parrish doesn't want them to go public but Kathy says that it's a good thing that they are there.  Kathy is not impressed and points out that a week ago he didn't know Parrish existed and now he is claiming to be inside his head. The bottom line for Kathy is that the people in the meeting are part of Red Flag.  She orders to the team to enter the meeting.

Lee sits next to Rachel and tells her that this is a mistake. As Hicks and Nina are about to breach, he reminds her that she is wearing a mask and cannot push anyone.  As the meeting fills with gas, the Alphas start to leave the meeting. Gary does not like what he hears and rushes in despite Lee trying to stop him.  The agents and the alphas start hand to hand contact. Hicks meets a woman who has the same abilities as he does as Gary stumbled forward looking for Anna. Lee rushes in after Gary and he is attacked, but Nina comes to his rescue, pushing his assailant.  As soon as he gets free, Gary continues his search for Anna. When an agent goes down after being hit with a screwdriver his weapon goes off, causing the government agents to believe that they have been fired upon.  Kathy authorizes that they return fire and Gary is caught in the middle. In the confusion Bill is shot as Gary continues to rush forward looking for Anna.  When Gary finally finds Anna she is already dead.  An agent approaches Gary and he grabs their baton and starts to hit him. When the agent grabs the gun to shoot, Lee appears and pushes the gun aside as he declares Gary one of the.

Back at the office Nina says, "I don't know if I can keep doing this and I don't think I am the only one who feels this way." Rachel conquers and Hicks adds, "We don't know what we're doing, and I don't know if we ever did. Right now there is no this." Lee of course tells them that they are a team and that what they have done, they have done for the right reasons.  He says that they followed their instincts and their heart and that they have nothing to be ashamed of." Kathy interrupts and asks to speak to Lee.  She tells him that it is still a win and Lee asks if it's a win for them or Stanton Parrish. Kathy replies that if Parrish exists that they will find him and says that the team will have whatever resources they require. She declares the raid a success because they stopped the situation from going wide open.  To sweeten the pot, she tells him that the powers that be want to hear from him in a closed door setting in D.C.

At home, Lee and Danielle have dinner and he tells her that he is unsure that the raid was a success. She says that when she was little she thought he knew everything and know she realizes that sometimes he doesn't even know the questions. He acknowledges that what he put her through was incredibly painful and says that he cannot imagine because he over analyzes everything. He goes on to say that she is not his patient but his daughter and that he never understood emotionally what it meant to be her.  He asks her to use her power on him and when she says it's not a good idea, he says that he wants to know. He holds out his hand, she grabs it and moments later he begins to cry. He tells her he doesn't know what to say. 

When she goes to bed he has a swim in the pool. When he comes up for air Parrish is waiting for him. Parrish says that Danielle is fine and that he came alone.  Lee says that he is upset with the purging of Red Flag.  Parrish says that secrecy serves them all and that for now he operates best that way. Parish says that he is beyond Alpha and has perfect brain and body connection. Lee says that it's at the cost of his humanity, but Parrish believes that humanity belongs to people like him. Parrish tells him that war is inevitable and that he is wasting his times and that Parrish has answers to the great mystery of the human brain. Lee rejects the offer saying that he has helped Parrish enough.

Lee says goodbye to the team and asks Hicks to look after Danielle who is at his house.  Nina hugs him and says good luck.  Lee begins his testimony before congress talking about what happened at the raid. He even talks about Bingingtam and the civil rights violations.  What congress does not know is that Lee has a device that is broadcasting his testimony. Kathy realises that what he is saying is being transmitted publicly.  On television Parish is watching in the same room with Danielle who says, "I warned you." Congress calls for security to get Lee out of there before he can finish.

Lee's actions don't redeem a thing that he has done this season for me. He has been complicit for the last 11 episodes. I believe that he only did what he did because he was confronted by Parrish.  I love that Danielle is attempting to keep him honest but it's not enough because his team continues to fail to acknowledge exactly what he is.  Also I think it is worth mentioning that with every action that the team and the DOD makes, it makes Red Flag look very sympathetic to me. Who wouldn't want to rebel under those circumstances?