Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Being Human U.K. Season Four, Episode Three: The Graveyard Shift

This episode begins with a flashback to England in the year 1855.  It seems that Fergus and Hal are on leave together from the army and they have decided to stop off at a mansion and kill the residents and the servants.  Of the two, Hal is the more blood thirsty one.

In the present day, Hal packs his bag with stakes and puts Eve in a baby carrier to go shopping.  At the cash out, Annie helps to shoplift some items and Tom justifies it by saying that it's not stealing, if it's a big shop and besides, Eve needs food. What neither of them realize is that they have been spotted by the record keeper, who just happened to be doing some shopping himself.

When they return to the house, Hal is listening to the stereo, and Tom and Annie approach him about getting a job. He says that he is not relaxing and that he's just barely holding on. Hal turns the stereo back on and says that going to work is out of the question. Annie tell him that it might be difficult but that he cannot expect to stay there for free. Tom wants to know why Hal isn't loaded, because vampires live forever and that even with basic compound interest that his investments would be through the roof.  Hal says that a series of bad investments before the crash wiped him out and that on his list, it clearly states...but before he can finish, Tom cuts him off saying "stuff your list." Hal tries again saying that keeping away from people is how he manages his condition, but Annie reminds him that he has been dry for over 50 years and that a few weeks out there won't so bad. Hal asks, "where will I work? Jobs just don't fall off trees."

In the next scene, Hal is at the cafe dressed in a red stripped apron and blue gloves with Tom. He is clearly not happy with this development. He asks Tom to kill him and suggests that he tell Annie that he attacked him.  Tom puts him to work scraping grease.

The record keeper shows up at the house and when Annie asks him what he is doing there, he responds, "what are you still doing here? I cannot believe you're still in Barrie. I cannot believe you're still in Wales."  The record keeper says that the vampires don't want Eve because they think that she is dead but if they spotted her shopping, then they would come for her again and he would be done for.  Annie promises to try and keep a low profile but the record keeper stops her saying that he found something else in the prophesy - something else is coming for Eve.  Annie is upset and says that prophesy's are all about bullshit and mind games, and that she doesn't want to hear anymore saviour nonsense. The record keeper slips a piece of paper through the door with his phone number, saying that if she is serious about the welfare of Eve Annie needs to listen.

At the restaurant, Hal is cleaning the table when he meets a Michaela who tells him that she is writing a journal.  She shows him a drawing of a skull that people can drink out of  and asks if he thinks that she is weird.  Tom interrupts saying that Hal is taking to long to clean the table and that they have customers waiting.  Hal moves to the next table and Michaela interrupts again saying, imagine the streets with everyone dead and no one but you. 

Annie takes the baby to the park when Fergus shows up asking why the baby is still alive.  Annie asks if he has kids and he says he had two, who are long since dead, but that he checks in on his descendants. Fergus holds a knife to Eve saying that many are afraid of the baby, but he isn't because he sees her as an opportunity. Fergus believes that the old ones will be grateful when he gives them Eve's head as a present and then leaves because of the kids in the area.  As he walks away, Annie asks, "why can't you just leave her alone, she's just a normal baby?"  Fergus responds, "do you really just believe that, or is this desperation?"

At the restaurant, Hal's OCD ways continue to slow down the restaurant.  When he grabs a towel to dry his hands, a stake falls out.  Tom says that he must of forgotten that he had it, but it's good just in case.  Hal is shocked because he does not believe that they are going to be over run by vampires.  Then he realizes that the stake is for him, in case he fell off the wagon. Hal says that Tom is hoping that he falls off the wagon because that would give him the perfect excuse.  Tom does not deny the charge and Hal walks out.

Annie shows up at the record keepers door and asks why he is helping them. He responds that four hundred years he's been pouring over dusty molding documents and no one wanted to know about his work. In fact, they simply laughed at him and it has to be worth something. If Eve does not mean the end of all vampires, then the work that he has been doing for all of those years will mean nothing. Annie admits that she is there because she is scared and still does not believe that the baby is the chosen one. In exchange for information, the record keeper now wants to share a moment. 

He orders Annie to think about the first time she had sex and they are magically transported back through Annie's memories. It turns out that the only way that he can experience her memories is as her.  As Annie's lover starts putting the moves on the record keeper, he says, "make it stop".  Annie tells him that he didn't last that long and was gentle. The record keeper says they can forget the sex memories and that he will tell her what she needs to know.

Back at the restaurant, Hal is taking out the garbage and Fergus approaches him. Hal tries to tell him that he has got the wrong man, but Fergus is not convinced. Fergus gets down on one knee saying, "my lord."  When Hal shoves him up against a wall by his throat, Fergus tells him not to panic because he is still loyal and Hal responds, "then forget you saw me."  Fergus will not be brushed aside and says that there are no old ones right now and that they two of them could take over because Hal is so old.  Hal continues not to be interested saying that is not who is anymore.  Fergus tells him that he does not have to be working in a greasy spoon with Tom, who has a target on his back. Hal shoves Fergus saying that there is no target on Tom as long as he is with him.  Frustrated, Fegus tells him that either he is an old one or he isn't and that they plan to return tomorrow to teach Hal's doggy a lesson. Hal says that Tom is not his anything.

When Hal comes back in, Tom squirts him with ketchup as a joke, but Hal is not impressed. They find a porn magazine on the table and Tom asks Hal if he wants it, because he finds the magazine demeaning to women. Hal pulls out his rubber glove and drops the magazine in the garbage. Tom wonders what the mothers of the models thinks and comments that no one would want to court them.  Hal picks up on the archaic language and says that he knows the term because he was around during the coronation. They have a little banter about women and Hal says he does not play in that arena anymore and Tom responds that he is waiting for the right one. They make a bet to see who will get the number of the first woman to walk in and both agree that they will not call her.  In walks Michaela, the woman from earlier.

The record keeper says that an enemy of the saviour is coming and that the nemesis has a burnt arm. He again says that they have got to get out of town. Annie answers that she has her two boys guarding the door, but the record keeper says that she doesn't quite trust them and never with Eve.

Hal approaches Michaela asking if she has had a nice evening. Hal clearly strikes out and so Tom gives it a try and is shot down for not being edgy enough.  Apparently, Michaela likes guys with a little more darkness about them.  They turn to look at each other and laugh. 

Annie is waiting or Tom and Hal when they return and they hand over their tips. The boys launch into a battle of who has had the worst job.  Annie interrupts saying that she worked in a bar, but they ignore her and keep going. Finally, Annie tells them about her day with Fergus and the record keeper. Tom says that it's just a story, but Annie responds that they should go live in a barn. Hal breaks in saying that he cannot sleep anywhere without central heating, carpets and radio four and that it should be on his list. Hal says that if the old ones are coming that it is better for him to be there to greet them. 

The next day at the cafe, Michaela comes in again and orders a burger. When Hal tells her the price, she starts to read a poem. When Michaela starts to leave, Tom asks for the money but she says that she paid with the poem because one day, they will be able to buy the cafe with the piece of paper because it's an original. Hal asks if she has no money, but Michaela says that she "doesn't carry the paper of this so-called society."  Tom draws the burger closer to himself.  She starts throwing money at Tom and Hal and Hal starts talking about how he used to ride a horse and that peasants used to be afraid of him.

Tom pulls Hal into the back and tells him that he did well, but Hal is upset that he is "hiding from a little girl in a burger bar."  Tom points out that they are keeping her alive.  Hal says it was harder for him with women and that he always had a hard time stopping himself.  Tom reminds him that he didn't jump and puts the stake in the garbage.  Hal looks at this watch and says that they should close up early and have a pint. 

Back at the house, the record keeper arrives and it seems that Annie plans to leave.  At the cafe, Hal announces that they are closing early to get the customers to leave.  As Hal flips the sign, he realizes that it is too late and that the vampires have arrived. They crouch down and Tom hands Hal a stake. The vampires call out for Hal, causing Tom to ask if he was going to hand him over. Hal reminds him that he kept the stakes.  Michaela walks in and Hal grabs her and tells her to keep quiet. They manage to get out of the back of the restaurant and start running, which has me wondering why Michaela is running, because the vampires aren't after her.

Back at the house, Annie says she is leaving because it's not like it was before and they aren't actually a family.  She says that she promised George that she would do whatever it took to keep Eve safe. 

Michaela says that she is not taking another step until they tell her why they are being chased.  Hal says that they are vampires and she believes they are mocking her, so Tom tells him to "do the thing with the eyes and the teeth." Hal says that he is not a performing monkey but does it anyway and Michaela asks if he is seeing anyone.  Tom asks for her number and says to Hal that he never agreed that the bet was over.  Michaela offers Hal her neck to feed and Hal tells her that she does not know what she is asking.

Tom and Hal show up at the house and tell Annie that vampires were at the cafe.  Hal asks why there are piles of Eve's clothes in a suitcase and Annie says that they were thinking that they would take baby Eve somewhere a little safer.   In the kitchen, the record keeper who is wearing a team Edward shirt of all things and Michaela, start to talk and she says that her involvement was meant to happen.   Michaela  apparently she spent years dreaming about a world like this.

Hal goes upstairs saying that he needs space to breathe but before he can get to the top he hears trouble downstairs.  Fergus is downstairs with a stake to Michaela and the record keeper is on the ground rolling around in pain. Fergus tells Hal that there is a throne with his name on it, if he wants it.  This is the first time that Annie and Tom are learning that Hal is an old one. Fergus says all he has to do, is allow him to kill Tom and he can become an old one again.  Hal asks if the rest live, but Fergus says probably not, "the fact that baby is still alive is my secret weapon, my ace in the hole."  Tom and the record keeper get up saying that they have to come through them first.  Hal agrees to join them again. He convinces Fergus to let the girl go and then he stabs him. A fight breaks out and everyone survives but Michaela.

The next day, the record keeper cleans the living room and Annie says that she is going to stay.  They call Hal lord Harry and he is not impressed.  Michaela sits up suddenly and it seems that she has been made vampire by the record keeper. Hal tells Michaela that he is sorry that things worked out this way but she is excited.

Later in the evening, Hal and Tom are watching television and Annie comes to join them. In an apartment somewhere an old woman dies. She gets her door, but before it can close behind her, a man walks through it saying, "it's good to be back."

Okay, I didn't think that they could do it, but this episode sold me on the friendship between the three roommates. Hal may have his faults, but his interactions with Tom are interesting and funny.  I look forward to watching their friendship grow.