Thursday, August 9, 2012

Blood Ties, Season 2, Episode 6: Drawn and Quartered

 Henry makes an awesome look out with his senses while Vicki is breaking and entering and planting bugs. But less so when he distracts Vicki by inviting her to one of his art shows – an actual date. They are going on an actual date – time for Vicki’s happy shocked face.

Of course there’s a complication. The gallery owner, Jude, is trying to set up – we see an ominous picture with a hanged man in it and then something unseen leaps on him. The next day, Henry tells Vicki that the owner has gone missing which rather puts a crimp in their plans. And he’s brought a friend, Mia, an artis t and Jude’s girlfriend, to help deal with the situation (we’re also pointed towards Mia’s tattoo in a not-too-subtle manner so I’m sure it’ll be relevant at some point).

Mia is rather flaky for Vicki, vague and not very pleasant Vicki and her don’t get along – and it seems Jude is inclined to these tantrums and disappearing as well – but not usually before a show. Vicki promises to look for him but Mia is less than appreciative.

This leads to Vicki and Coreen going to the art gallery to mingle and investigate. Vicki finds the picture that Henry is selling is both in high demand and modelled after her – as one of the pretentious patrons of the gallery tells her (Angus), who also tells her that Jude and Mia’s relationship is rocky and ending.

Meanwhile, Coreen is fascinated by the creeping painting of the house with the hanged man – much to the artist’s (Tyrone) joy. Henry arrives to marvel at Vicki wearing a dress (and gooshily compliment her) and I marvel that Vicki doesn’t comment on the fact his trousers come with a sequinned groin. Trying too hard Henry, really, trying too hard. They snark back and forth a little. Coreen (in between gushing about her new artist friend) and Vicki both dish the dirt on the not-very-pleasant Mia while Henry gets snippy defending her and on another painting Vicki spots Mia’s tattoo on a painting (yes we’re really drawing attention to it).

And Celluci has found Jude’s body – disturbingly posed in a chair, outside. To the police station and the morgue (yes, Celluci allows Vicki and Henry to come with, no he has no reason to, but he has for 2 seasons it’s not going to change. I assume Toronto just has revolving doors on the morgue) where Henry takes issue with Celluci questioning Mia as a suspect – and asks Vicki to prove Mia innocent. Vicki promises to find the killer – all she’ll do. When the menfolk have finished snarling at each other, Dr. Mohadevan gives Vicki the real info – Jude died of drowning in oil paint – only it wasn’t forced down his throat and there’s no sign of pain in his mouth – just his lungs. Which is impossible – which is always fun to the awesome Dr. Mohadevan.

Henry isn’t entirely a fool and uses his vampire wiles to question Mia, learning Jude had found out they were having an affair, that they had a much worse fight than usual and that they broke up. Henry tells this to Vicki but continues to defend Mia – Vicki’s also focused on those tattoos and considers they may be magic related. Vicki goes to question Mia, but it’s mainly to establish that the two don’t like each other. Later Mia is seen comforting herself with the very solicitous Angus, but making it clear she’s grieving for Jude while they get dressed.

At Coreen’s suggestion, Vicki goes to talk to Tyrone since he’s known Mia for so long. She doesn’t learn much except he likes Coreen – and we get to see how protective he is of his painting – even when it’s just a blank canvass.

In the gallery, his hanged man painting is ramping up the spooky, with the hanged man moving windows and flashes of a hanging man appearing behind Angus, until an arm reaches out and drags him into the picture, dropping his glasses on the floor.

Leaving his body to be found by Celluci and Dave, posed in a chair in a vacant lot with no exterior wounds, just like Jude.

Symbol studying finds that Mia’s tattoo is a protection symbol against demons and Celluci arrives to give Vicki the news about Angus. He’s worried because Mia is looking more and more suspicious and he’s afraid of what Henry will do to defend her. And Henry goes to Mia and talks to her about her issues with her mother, her mother’s boyfriend and a persistent dream she has. All of which is interrupted by Celluci arriving to take Mia away for questioning.

Talking to Henry, Vicki learns he cares for Mia because he cared for her mother, they were close but she pushed him away when she found out what he was, because she feared for her daughter. Hence the painting of the demon man who ate her mother but Mia kind of liked him and the anti-demon tattoos Mia has.

Meanwhile, Coreen is having dinner with Tyrone, he-who-paints the murderous paintings and he discusses his muse, Edward Franklin, an artist who gave up everything and died in the name of his art. And back at the office, research shows that Edward Franklin owned the vacant lot where the bodies were found. Researching Franklin they find that he was pretty hardcore in his artist manifesto (all about sacrifice) – and left a blank canvass as a suicide note. Yes, Tyrone keeps a blank canvass in his studio, covered – especially since Franklin left no paintings at all, just the blank canvass. Vicki puts creepy 1 and creepy 2 together – and turns her eyes on Tyrone.

While Coreen distracts him with lunch, Vicki arrives to look for the blank canvass – but her knocking something over causes her and Coreen to leave quickly. While Tyrone returns to painting – and being instructed by the blank canvass – to paint a portrait of a hanged man.

Back at the office Vicki gets rid of Coreen and consults Henry – the hardcore manifesto of Franklin only values portraiture – so why did Tyrone has a still life where Vicki expected to find the blank canvass? She returns with Henry – and they find her business card next to the phone and assume he has gone to her office (for some reason)

At her office Tyrone arrives to see Coreen – with the big haunted canvass now with a hanged man on it. Such a touching gift. Coreen is freaked out by him ramping the spooky up to max – especially when he won’t let her leave. The painting manifests a man – the ghost of Edward Franklin, who grabs Coreen, calling her a distraction. Vicki shows up and starts hitting him, a novel exorcism and not an effective one; Henry has a better idea – ripping the canvass he haunts. The ghost falls back into the canvass, pulling Tyrone in with him.

Vicki and Henry, wisely, burn the painting and Celluci has another unsolved crime for his books

Vicki meets another woman she doesn’t like! This is my shocked face. Really, I’m shocked. We should have Coreen and Dr. Mohadevan stuffed as the only women in all of Canada that Vicki doesn’t dislike. Except they’re both in helper roles so are tolerable

There’s a loose end again – Henry was all for this to clear Mia’s name – where’s the name clearing?