Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Almighty Johnsons Season Two, Episode Three: Charlie Truman

This episode begins with Zeb wondering if Mike has grown to like him because he invited him to the opening to his bar, but Axl points out that Mike actually invited him, and he invited Zeb.  As with anything involving Gods, Zeb is curious about which Gods will be in attendance, but Axl tells him not to talk about it around the house because Gaia is back.  Zeb pushes that aside claiming that because Gaia is a chick that she'll be ages getting ready.   Yeah, always nice when the show opens with a touch of sexism.  Zeb wants to know if Axl is worried that Gaia will pick up on their God bond, to which Axl responds, "if that is what they have."

Gaia walks into the room and pours a shot of booze and says "lets get messed up."  Axl and Zeb are shocked by this and when she walks out of the room, Zeb asks, "is it just me, or has Gaia loosened up since she got back?"

At the bar, Olaf suggests that Mike name his bar after his hall in Asgard, saying that it was the best party of them all.  Mike is not impressed and answers that if he names his bar after Olaf's hall that it would be a license for him to drink there all the time.  At a table, Axl tells Gaia that it is good to have her back, but she is quick to remind him that she is not back in that way.  When Axl asks about what happened between Gaia and Jacob, Gaia makes it clear that she does not want to talk about it.  Zeb comes to the table with a few beers and says that Mike does indeed hate him, while in the meantime, Gaia is busy checking out a guy in the bar. 

Colin enters in his iconic red suit and Axl is clearly not impressed that he is there.  When Mike goes around back to grab a bottle, Olaf uses that opportunity to hop behind the bar and starts pouring free drinks.  When Mike returns, he pushes Olaf away pointing out that he doesn't want Olaf to give the bar away.  Axl turns to see Gaia having drinks with the man she was looking at.  He accuses Zeb of letting some man hit on her and expresses concern that she has just gotten out of a relationship. It's clear that Axl is still very much into Gaia.  

At the bar, Colin asks Mike how it feels living every man's wet dream, because of course he now owns a bar.  Mike says that it's just a bar, but Colin answers that for Mike it's a calling. Eva and Ty make their way in and Eva shoots Colin the finger and adds, "up your ass."  Clearly, these two are still very much estranged.  Mike tries to pull Ty aside, but Eva attempts to get in the way, causing Mike to tell her that it is family business that does not involve her. 

In a backroom, Axl tells Ty that he looks like shit.  This is hardy surprising considering who the poor man is married to - Eva is after all Hel.  Ty is not impressed with the intervention. When Olaf asks him how stoned he is, Ty accuses him of judging him.  Mike notices the brand on Ty he is concerned but Ty tells him that it's like a love bite.  The man is so far gone that he cannot realise that his relationship with Eva is anything but healthy.  Zeb rushes in and says that everyone needs to go downstairs right now.

It turns out that Eva and Michele are in a fight and I have to say that Eva is really kick ass.  Mike breaks the two women apart and asks Colin for help, but he is not inclined to intervene.  In frustration, Mike shoves Eva at Ty and tells him to control his wife.  When Eva starts to resist, he throws her into the bar viciously.  Eva stands up, spits out a mouth full of blood and then jumps on Ty, and the two start to make out.  Silence descends and Zeb says, "that right there is a whole nother level of dysfunction right there." I couldn't agree with him more actually.  Michel walks out with her arm around Colin.

Upstairs, Olaf and Mike sit down and Olaf begins to tell Mike the story of Charlie Truman, "the bloke who knew he was going to die." Apparently, Olaf was in the same unit with Truman who was convinced he was going to die and then he stepped on a mine.  Olaf says that Truman had embraced his fate long before fate came to him and he points out that Truman had the same look in his eyes as Ty does now.  I am glad that the brothers have taken note how dangerous this relationship is for Ty, because far too often, people remain silent not wanting to get involved or cause a scene.

Downstairs, Stacey is behind the bar serving drinks to Ingrid. Apparently, the fact that Stacey is a handmaiden is still making her want to serve.  When Zeb asks for another drink, Stacey who is drunk herself, tells him that she is not serving him because he is drunk.  Ax approaches Gaia and asks her if she is thinking about heading home, but she says that she is heading to a party and leaves with the man she was making out with. 

In the bathroom, Ty and Eva have a man trapped against a wall.  She tells him that he is going to walk the line between life and death and then Ty places his hand on him.  Axl walks in and realises that Ty is killing the human, so he grabs Tym but when Eva tries to stop Ty from leaving Axl says, "you freaky bitch shut up."  Mike hustles Eva and her adherents out of the bar and tells her not to bother coming back.  Eva asks about her husband, and Mike answers that they need to talk to Ty for a little bit, causing her to call Mike a prick before storming out. 

Mike asks Ty what he was thinking and Ty answers, "they like it - touching death. Eva likes to take them to the edge before we bring them back."  Mike tells him that using his powers on mortals risks all of them, but Ty counters by reminding Mike that he uses his powers all of the time these days. Ty says that it makes him tired listening to Mike sometimes and walks out of the bar.  Olaf simply says, "Charlie Truman." Mike answers that it is time for a think and when Axl asks what he means, Mike responds, "you'll see."

The next day, Axl is sleeping on his couch when a banging at the door wakes him.  When he answers Bryn walks in saying, "I presume that she's here."  When he cannot find Gaia, he again asks where she is. Axl says that when she returned, Gaia was upset about something, and he wants to know what Bryn did to her.  Bryn says that he loved her, which immediately grosses Zeb out, forcing Bryn to rephrase and add that he cared for her as a father.  Bryn again asks where she is and Axl responds, "not here."  Bryn decides that he is going to wait there for Gaia to return.  Axl tells Zeb that he has to go to a think and says that if Gaia shows up, that he shouldn't allow Bryn to take her. 

On his way out, Axl calls Gaia to warn her that Bryn is at the house waiting for her.  As Ty leaves his house, Mike grabs his keys and tells him that they are calling a thing and Olaf picks him up and puts him bodily into the truck. I have to say that this is the second time that we have seen how strong the actor who plays Olaf is.  Just wow.  Ty points out that he has appointments to keep but Olaf says that he is a tradesman and people expect him to be late.  As they drive off, Stacey watches from her bike.

They take Ty to play mini golf and Axl is not impressed, but Olaf says that this is what they do while they are doing the thing.  Axl again asks what thing, and Olaf says a thing in the old language means a gathering of the clans to meet talk and solve problems.  Axl wants to know if the thing is going to take long, but Olaf says it takes as long as it's going to take. As they begin to play, obviously Mike cannot lose.  Ty says that he chose this path and that it is his path to tread. Mike responds that should he chose not to tread this path that he will support him.  Ty answers that they don't want to go to war with Hel - and not on his behalf.  Olaf points out that there are four of them and five if they count Anders.  Olaf suggests that they can take her out in a fight but Ty says that he doesn't need them, or Agnetha fighting his fights. Mike points out that even if Ty is fine, which is bullshit, that freezing people for fun effects them all. Axl pipes up saying that he is afraid that Ty is going to kill someone.  Ty points out that he feels more alive around Eva than he has in years, but Mike says that he doesn't want Ty to die. Ty asks if he promises to stop freezing people, if they will leave him and alone and Mike promises to do so for now.

When Axl returns to the house, Bryn is still waiting, so Axl says that he will tell Gaia that he was there but Bryn is not happy with this arrangement. Bryn says "I came for my daughter and I'll leave with my daughter."  Axl tells him that this is not going to happen and that Gaia has a say in this.  Finally, finally, someone brings up the point that Gaia actually might have some agency. Then he says that he will stop Bryn if need be.  Bryn reminds Axl that he warned him what he would do to him if need be, and Axl says that he would like to see him try.  As Bryn gets up, Gaia walks in and announces, "yes, I'm a slut. See a problem?" 

When Gaia see Bryn she says, "oh shit."  Bryn tells her that they are leaving but she makes it clear that she is not leaving with him.  When Zeb points out that Gaia knows her own mind, Bryn slaps him across the face.  Axl steps in to say that what he did was wrong, and Bryn pushes Axl.  The two begin to shove each other and Gaia sneaks out of the house.  Zeb points out that Gaia is gone and Bryn rushes out of the house with Axl on his heels, but Gaia is nowhere to be found.

Axl shows up at Mike's bar and tells him that he needs him to find Gaia for him, but as it turns out, Gaia is sitting at a table already having a drink.  Axl goes over and asks her if she is okay and points out that she has been drinking more than usual since she got back.  Axl promises to buy her another one if she tells him what is going on.  Gaia says that he hurt her a lot and Axl says that he is sorry.  She says that she was so glad to get away that she didn't realise for ages that they wouldn't let her go anywhere or interact with others, and that she was virtually a prisoner. At first she thought she was imagining it or they were just being over protective and then she found the cameras at Jacob's and Bryns and realised that they were there to watch her.  When she asked why, Bryn told her that the island wasn't safe for young women anymore. Gaia goes on to say that one day she tried to leave and they stopped her and so the next time she drugged them with hash and then snuck out. Axl tells her to stay there and promises to sort this out.

Ty returns and Eva asks him if he had fun with his brothers and mentions that Stacey saw them driving away. She asks where they went and he says that they played mini golf and that it's a thing they do when they need to talk.  Eva asks if they needed to think about her and Ty answers that they were worried about mortals getting involved in their business, but Eva wants to know since when their business, the business of the Johnsons. Ty clarifies and says God business, and Eva responds that they are Gods and whatever happens to mortals is their problem.   Eva tells him that mortals like it when he does his thing. Ty grabs her and says that it stops now and Eva asks if this is because his brothers said so but Ty says it's because he said so.  Stacey tries to sneak out but Eva demands that she stay for dinner. 

Back at the house,  Axl walks in to find out that Bryn has tied Zeb to a chair. Bryn says that Zeb wanted to leave and he needed him to stay so tying Zeb to the chair was the only solution.  Axl points out that Zeb does not know where Gaia is and asks why Bryn and Jacob kept Gaia prisoner with cameras and everything.  Bryn wants to know who told Axl this and Axl admits that he saw Gaia and she told him. Bryn says that he wasn't keeping her prisoner, he was protecting her.  Axl wants to know from what and Bryn says from many things which Axl would not understand.   Axl says that he understands and that he wants to look after her and was gutted when she left. Axl adds that he wants to keep Gaia safe but there are limits. Bryn persists that Axl does not understand, so Axl asks him to explain it to him. Bryn says that Gaia means the world to him and is all he has and Axl responds, "if you try this keeping her prisoner thing again, you will not see her for dust, and she won't come running back here because she will be gone, and neither us will ever see her again." 

At the dinner table, Stacey is not eating because Eva cooked meat and she is vegetarian.  Eva tells her that it is rude to not eat the food that a host puts on the table, but Ty counters saying that she doesn't have to eat.  Eva answers angrily, "she's a fucking handmaiden, she does what she's told."  Stacey says that it's okay and takes up a forkful of meat but when she smells it, it turns out that meat has gone bad.  Eva says that this happens when she gets upset sometimes, and demands that Stacey eat.  Ty again intervenes but Eva says that Stacey needs a lesson in the order of things around there.  Ty tells Eva that if she is angry with him, then she needs to take it out him and leave Stacey alone. Ty tells Stacey to leave but Eva grabs a knife and cuts her.

Stacey goes to see Michele at Colin's but he is not sympathetic and says, "you're a handmaiden and should expect this kind of thing from time to time."  When Stacey points out that Eva is a whack job, Collin says that it doesn't change the fact that Stacey is only a handmaiden. He even goes as far as to suggest that Stacey looks like the kind of girl who looks like she enjoys that kind of thing.  What the ever loving hell is that supposed to mean? I know that Colin is Loki, but engaging in victim shaming is not acceptable, if they are not going to make a point that what he did was wrong.   With Colin out of the picture, Michele says that Eva could learn a lesson in proper behaviour.  

Axl shows up at Mike's bar and Gaia is roaring drunk.  As he escorts her out, Mike asks about the tab but Axl blows him off.  It looks like the Johnson family plans to drink for free at Mike's bar. Axl gets Gaia into bed and Bryn is not impressed and says that he is going to sleep on the couch until he can talk to her. 

Ty walks into his bedroom and Eva asks him if he hates her and he says, "of course not." She says that she does not know why she does the things that she does and that it's like there is another person that she cannot always control. Ty tells her that in the future that she should take it out on him because that is what he is there for.  Eva suggests that they have a baby together because she would be strong, powerful and beautiful. They kiss and I cannot help but think that Ty has lost his ever loving mind. This woman is not fit to adopt a dog, let alone have a baby. 

At the office, Ty shows up to see Agnetha and Dawn asks him if he is alright because he looks awful. When Agnetha walks in, Ty tells her he needs to see her. They go for a walk and Ty tells Agnetha that Eva wants them to have babies and he asks what it will be like with them raising babies. He wants to know if raising babies will all turn to shit like it always does with their kind.  Agnetha asks why he is asking her and Ty says that she lived through it.  We get a flashback to Agnetha struggling to calm Ty down because as a child, he wanted to go after his father for beating his mother. Agnetha wants to know if he wants assurance that everything will be alright if they have babies.   She goes onto say that because he saved her life, she is going to save his too and tells him to go join Anders up north, but Ty is not impressed because he believes that she wants him to run away. Agnetha says that he indeed up in Hel out of an obligation that has been well and truly paid and there is no reason for him to stay with her.  She says that Hel is addictive and that a God and a Goddess together is an addiction and that by sending him to other side of the world he can break his need of her.  When Agnetha sees the brand on Ty's chest, she is rightfully horrified, but Ty says that it didn't hurt and it's one of the few advantages to running cold. He says he has to go and leaves.

Dawn shows up and Eva is balancing a knife on her hand. Eva wants to know what Dawn is doing in her house.  Dawn says that Ty looks like he is dying, but Eva responds that they are all dying from the moment we are born and that death is an inevitability.  Eva asks if Dawn was the whore who used to screw him and if she has an emotional attachment to him. When Dawn says she worries about him, Eva says that it's sweet.

Axl tries to make peace between Bryn and Gaia, when Jacob shows up wanting to speak to Gaia.  Axl immediately tells him to piss off, but Bryn asks who the control freak is now because maybe Gaia wants to talk to Jacob because he was her boyfriend after all. Gaia says it's okay and Jacob asks if they speak in private, so Zeb, Bryn and Axl leave the room.  In the other room, Axl points out that they had a deal about trying to bring her back to the island, but Bryn says that Jacob is his own man. In the kitchen, Jacob drops to one knee, proposes marriage and Gaia knees him in the nuts. In the other room, Axl is not impressed and tells Bryn that he suspects that the two of them are up to something.  They hear Jacob's groan of pain and Gaia leaves the room.

When Ty returns home, Eva is playing sombre music on the keyboard. She tells him that his girlfriend came by and that she tried talking to her, but Dawn wasn't listening to reason.  Eva says that Dawn is his problem now.  It seems that Eva locked Dawn in the chest freezer.  Ty carries her out and she tells him to take her home.  At Anders, Dawn tells him that his wife is certifiably insane and that she should go to the police.  He promises to deal with this and suggests that she drink the hot chocolate.  Dawn tells Ty that he doesn't have to stay, but he promises to stay until he knows that she is safe. In the other room, Ty tells Olaf and Mike that Dawn wants to go to the cops and that Eva is getting more all over the show, to which Olaf responds, "all barking mad."  Okay, small interruption to point out how ableist this is.  If Eve is off, it's because she is the Goddess Hel and not because she is crazy.  I am sick to death of the violent crazy person meme that the media seems more than happy to perpetuate, though a person who not neuro typical is more likely to hurt themselves than someone else. Ty says she is getting stronger and Olaf adds, "God, Goddess together they grow and not in a good way either." 

At the office, Anders and Agnetha are talking about giants over the internet. She reminds him that he is there to use his power of speech.  Their conversation is interrupted by a call from Ty who says that he is going to pass on the trip to Norway.  When Agnetha says that this isn't a good idea, Ty responds that he is not leaving and thanks her for the offer. When he hangs up, Agnetha tells Anders to go up North and do what he is there for.

Eva is getting drunk when she hears the door open but when she turns around it is clearly not Ty. 

Colin is lying flat on his back surrounded by candles as Michele is trying to sleep in. He says that he couldn't sleep and asks her where she has been and she says that she got called in.  Colin says that something is not right but he has no idea what is.  Michele asks if it is about her and he says that he still unsure. Michele asks if there is anything she can do to ease his mind and he responds "I'm sure there is.  That's what you're best at isn't it."  I get that he is a God with a lot of power, but considering that at the beginning of the program Michele wanted her from from male Gods, why in the world is she putting up with Loki?

Axl offers Gaia a beer and when she refuses, he points out that she does have limits. It seems that Axl got Bryn to back off by promising to take care of her, then jokes about the fact that Bryn and Jacob kept her prisoner. Gaia heads off to bed and thanks them for what they did. When she leaves, Zeb says that his teachings are paying off because Axl handled this episode with a manliness way above his usual and points that Gaia is not one he is looking for because she is too old and unless there were Maioris in Asgard that Gaia is the wrong hue.  Zeb tells him to keep his eyes on the prize.

At Anders, Ty returns with coffee and he suggests that she should go back to bed.  Ty points out that they used to eat in bed, when Dawn says that she doesn't like to eat in bed.  Ty says that he should go, apologizes  and points out that Dawn looks much better.  When Ty returns home, he calls for Eva and discovers broken glass on the floor.  Eva was locked in the freezer and Ty shows up just early enough to see the spirit of Hel leave her body. I don't know about you but that left me thinking good riddance.  I thought the relationship between Hel and Höðr would be interesting, but it got way too dark for my liking.