Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Continuum Season One, Episode Ten: End Times

We start off with a flashback and Kagme is being put into a cell. He turns and asks what now and  someone says they wait.  In the future, he hands a Sonya a key saying that she will find the answers to her question.

Kiera wakes up on Kellog's boat and he hands her a coffee.  She tells him that it didn't happen and that it will never happen again and leaves the boat. I guess that's the equivalent of morning shame.  He says that she will be back  She gets a phone call from Carlos to say that a CSIS agent is at the station. Kiera calls Alec to find out if he has found Julian yet.  Alec admits that he found something when he was hacking her CMR but then  loses his cell service.  It looks like Lucas did it at the behest of Kagame.

On the street a man approaches Kiera and tells her that today is the day that everything changes. He says that he knows her because she was at the execution and that she is from the future. The man tells him that he arrived 20 years ago and that cut backs forced him to be released from the mental hospital.  Apparently, Jason thought he was the only one who made it through from 2077.

Travis and Kagame trade words when he learns that Sonya is not with them. The ongoing battle for control of Liber8 had become so tiresome. At the station, the inspector says that Kiera is from section 6  and is helping out with Liber8.  It turns out that 2000lbs of classified gel concentrate military grade is missing.  Lucy enters to say that all cell service is down. Are they ever going to give her something significant to do?  Alec tracks Julian by his email.  

Jason tells Kiera that privateers are there as well. Okay how did it go from him believing that he was the only one from the future to announcing that privateers are there?  If you are going to tell a story with time travel, you have to keep track of the cannon as you are setting it.  When Alec and Kiera get back in touch, he says that he may have tracked Julian and she says to patch her through to Carlos. Alec does not want to get the police involved.  She promises that Julian will be treated fairly and Alec pretends not to hear her and cuts off the connection. Considering that the last time the police were involved his step father was murdered, this makes perfect sense.  Alec grabs his jacket and leaves.  Jason pulls Kiera aside to say that he has found a working time machine.

Sonya opens a safe security box and back at Liber8, Travis keeps asking about where Sonya is.  Lucas pipes up saying that now he knows what its like to not be part of the inner circle.  Travis answers that Kagame is planning something.  The doorbell rings and its Julian.

Jason takes Kiera to some sort of warehouse near the bridge from the night she arrived. She asks him to show her the time machine and he stops to tell her that the machine is legitimate, but he needs a piece that was not developed until 2034.  Kiera pulls the piece out of her pocket and hands it to him. Jason asks how she got this and Kiera says it not important. Yeah of course the one piece he needs, is the piece that she has.  Could they make this show a little less predictable please?  Jason says that she is CPS and wants to know if she is there to arrest him.  When asked if she wants to return, Kiera tears up and Jason says that he can help with that.

At the station they are noticing that Kiera is not there.  Agent Gardner is clearly onto Kiera and says that section 6 isn't filing any reports with his agency.  Agent Randall Gardner gets on the phone and asks for a check on section six.  It's about time that more investigation happened into Kiera's background.  I don't care how much Alec has super hacking abilities, the ease at which she infiltrated the police is ridiculous.  Apparently, the first attack on the city happened today and Jason says this is the reason they need to leave.  When Kiera shows doubt, Jason says that they need to go and that if they wait until after it happens, there could be all kinds of repercussions.  Kiera says she wants to go home, but she cannot let thousands of people die,  if there is a small chance she may be able to change what is happening.

Kagame is saying that he is sorry about his father to Julian.  Kagame goes on to add that they will take all of our lives and all of our freedoms unless we stop them.  Julian says he is willing to do all it takes.  Kagame suggests a personal sacrifice that will move generations of followers. Julian responds that it will have to be a statement that changed everything.   Alec is in front of the Liberer8 house and Travis finds him and brings him in.  Julian tells Alec that his father would  be alive if he hadn't helped the cops.

Jasmine ties up Alec and actually asks him if she thinks he is pretty as Kagame walks Julian to a truck saying millions will remember him.  Jasmine is an ass kicking woman and I don't understand the point of having her ask Alec if he finds her attractive.  It seems a way to reduce her strength. 

In the factory, Jason tells Kiera that the shift to 2012 was an inside job and no one knows how high it went.  Back at the Liber8 house, Kagame sends Jasmine out of the room.  Kagame tells Alec that they spoke of this moment 60 yeas in the future. Alec wants to know if they are breaking new ground right now and adds that knowing that he is going to survive, changes how he handles this situation. Kagame says that Alec does not know how important he is.  Alec answers that he won't change history and that progress and innovation will make the world a better place. It seems that future Alec is the one who convinced Kagame that he could create a change.Yeah none of this is a big surprise because they have been giving this hint since very early in the season.  I also think it is worth noting that the Kagame's ridiculous philosophical with Alec caused me to roll my eyes.  If you have to try so hard to be deep, then it's not working.

Kiera and Jason are talking trying to figure out what happened when the bomb went off and Kiera says that this is history to her and she does not remember specifics.  At the station, Agent Randall Gardner figures out that Kiera's background is fake. This just had me nodding my head with satisfaction. I get that this sci-fi but one can only ask the viewer to suspend belief so far.  Kiera calls in to say that she believes that a bomb is going to blow up.

Sonya returns and Travis wants to know what she was up to.  In the other room, Alec manages to free his hands.  When Sonya refuses to tell him, Travis says that Kageame has lied to them and strayed from their original plan.  Sonja says that Kagame has his reasons and that they have to trust them.  Sneaking out, Alec sees a map of where the bomb is. 

Agent Gardner from CSIS wants to know where Kiera got all this information and then Jason shows up saying that they are from the future.   On the CCTV, they see Julian pull into an underground garage.  Julian sits in the van holding onto the detonator. The cops storm down to the garage and Julian says rot in hell, but the detonator is a fake and the explosives were neutralized.  Agent Gardner approaches Kiera and says that he wants to know who her contacts are.  Before Kiera can answer, Randall gets a phone call from his supervisor who says that he is to cooperate fully with section six.  I take it that Alec is back to his hacking again. So much for any hope of reality in this show.

Jason points out that the statue is not broken and that they changed history.  Jason tells Kiera to hurry up and she promises to meet him at the abandoned factory.  When Carlos approaches she tells him that it's complicated before walking away.  Julian is approached by Kagme who is dressed as a cop.  It seems that the bomb was not supposed to go off and that there are many ways to sacrifice.  

Alec approaches and tells Kiera that the bomb is really in building two and that this was just a diversion  Over Alec's shoulder, Kiera sees Kagame and goes after him.  Kiera pulls her gun but Kagame says, "if you shoot me you risk losing everything."  It seems that Kagame has the bomb strapped to his chest.  Kiera begs Kagame not to do this and he says that she forgot her history lessons because this is already done.  Alec runs into the building asking whose plan.  Kagame answers that it would take too much time to explain what is going on and that Alec will explain.  Kagame gets into the elevator.  Outside Carlos learns that Kagame as on site. As Kiera leaves the building, the bomb goes off.  Kiera and Alec seem to be caught in some sort of energy field.  Randall climbs out of the rumble along with Carlos. Randal is staring at Kiera, who is all in black all of a sudden, and Alec tells her to go and so she disappears.

At the hospital Sonya stop in to visit Kagame's mother.  Kagame is in her arms as a baby having just been born and she hands over an envelop saying that she cannot answer her questions and that she has to trust him.  Travis sees her leave the room and follows her.  Travis asks Sonya where Kagame is and she tells him to follow her.  In the hallway, Sonya tells Travis that Kagame was in the building when it exploded. He had this planned all along and that today is his birthday.  Kagame left instructions to make arrangements for his mother and for him and promised that they would meet again and that it will all make sense.  Sonya pulls a gun on Travis and says that Kagame wanted her to succeed him.

Kiera goes back to see Jason and he tells her that they didn't change history and that all the horrible things are going to happen anyway.  Kiera asks to see the time machine and Jason pulls back the plastic to reveal a complicated device. Kiera's eyes begin to tear and she picks up a piece of the device.  Kiera goes to see Kellog to ask if he had anything to do with the bomb. He says that he was just a pawn and she says that her cover was almost blown, but somebody vouched for her.  Kellog says that it wasn't him and she asks if it was a freelancer.  When Kellog asks who? Kiera says "I guess I cannot change history after all."  I suppose that the freelancers are a force we will learn more about if this show has a second season. 

In a flashforward, Kagame is in handcuffs when older Alec arrives.  They have the conversation that Kagame told Alec about earlier. It seems it was Alec who gave Kagame the time machine in the first place.  In the past, Alec enters a password and reads the file from the future. Future Julian tells Kagame to do as Alec proposes and promises to help him prepare.  Alec contacts Kiera and tells her that her journey there is no accident and the device did not malfunction because he is the one who sent her back in time.

That was the season finale of Continuum and I must say that it didn't leave me wanting more.  The big reveal about Alec was no surprise.   We know damn well that Kiera is not going to go home because that would bring about the end of the show.  I feel like we were short changed a big cliff hanger.  As television goes, Continuum was a huge disappointment and only our commitment to finish a series once we start it kept me watching.  I will be very surprised if this show gets a second season.