Thursday, August 16, 2012

Q&A With Alphas Laura Mennell

Coordinator: Our first question comes from the line of Jamie Ruby with Please go ahead.

Laura Mennell: Hey there Jamie.

Jamie Ruby: Hey. Thanks for talking to us today.

Laura Mennell: Oh no problem. Nice talking to you.

Jamie Ruby: Can you talk a little bit about some of the changes with Nina because she is kind of getting out of control this season.

Laura Mennell: Yes. I mean there’s a big change from last year obviously arch-wise. I mean, she’s, last year she was in a pretty good space. Nothing was perfect but her life was pretty much coming together. With Rosen’s therapy it was - she was sort of working and had some walls up but they were starting to come down. She was having relationships with her team. They were like a real family to her. She was having more of a purpose in her life.

And then obviously with Rosen being outed - sorry. Excuse me. Rosen outing the Alpha phenomenon to the world and being institutionalized and taken away, things changed, you know. The team disbanded and Nina pretty much lost everything that was important to her. She felt alone. Everything she worked for, you know, getting her life back on track. It was all gone. So now she pretty much has this emptiness, this void that her pushing fills. It’s the only thing that really makes her feel good if only for a moment.

So unfortunately it’s becoming more of an addiction.

Jamie Ruby: Okay. And is there - I know it said in the press release that your character has a lot going on in the next episode. Is there anything that you can tease us about that?

Laura Mennell:  Oh my goodness. There is so much going on in the next episode. Pretty much it’s a really great episode for the audience to get to know Nina a lot more, to get a better understanding of here, you know. Who she really is, where she came from, why her past is so troubled and a lot of it lies in her adolescence, you know, her formative years. She was particularly close to her father but had a very turbulent family life. You’ll learn more about her family and her earlier years experimenting with her ability. And all these little pieces from her past help shape how Nina came to be who she really is today.

So, yes, the audience will get to know a lot more about her. And it is a great show written by Adam Levy who really outdid himself with this episode. So I was pretty thankful and happy for him to give me all sorts of wonderful things to play with.

Jamie Ruby: Okay great. And really quick - if you had Nina’s powers is there anything where you have ever thought, you know, wow that would be so cool to do that and not get caught.

Laura Mennell:  Not get caught. You know, I would probably have a sneaky day, a really good sneaky day and probably do my favorite types of things to do like go traveling so, you know, get on a plane, go somewhere great, go stay at wonderful beautiful hotels or what not. I’d probably just have a nice fun luxurious day but it would only really be able to be enjoyable for me probably for the day and then I’d feel guilty. I know I’d feel guilty. I know myself to well. I couldn’t be Nina although it would be fun. It would be fun I have to admit.

Jamie Ruby: Alright. Well thank you so much.

Laura Mennell: Thank you Jamie.

Coordinator: Our next question comes from the line of Renee Martin from Please proceed with your question. 

Renee Martin: Hi. Thanks so much for doing this today.

Laura Mennell:  No problem Renee. Nice speaking to you.

Renee Martin: One of the things I wondered - I noticed in the first season that the rules for the female characters are very, very passive and the male characters have the active powers. So I noticed Nina’s ability...

Laura Mennell:  I think that...

Renee Martin: 
Go ahead.

Laura Mennell: Okay continue. I’ll answer in a second. I have a little not to add to that but, okay.

Renee Martin: What I noticed is that Nina’s ability - well Nina’s ability is to push people. So what I was wondering this season are we going to see it escalate to the point where she is more on par with a (Barrow) or a Cameron so there isn’t sort of this rift by gender?

Laura Mennell:
Well, I mean, in some ways sure. I mean, she’s not going to be as physically strong as, you know, Cameron and Bill. That’s not her ability. But I think the thing with Nina you know, is her ability of pushing is a mental strength in many ways. That is her strength. That is what she can do.
So I wouldn’t say she is necessarily weaker in that way. She just has a different power, a different ability and her strengths comes from somewhere else. But you will get to see her use it in different ways this season for sure.

Renee Martin:  Okay. I was wondering is she going to develop a relationship with (Cat) the new character that was introduced last episode.

Laura Mennell: Yes. She does have a little bit of a nice - they have a nice segue into sort of the beginning of their relationship starting maybe not this fourth episode we are going into. I guess the fifth they will have some kind of relationship starting there. Nina is able to do something very significant for (Cat). But I can’t quite go into that right now.

Renee Martin: Okay. And I have just one final question. I’m thinking Nina and Hicks - is there any reason to hope there at all?

Laura Mennell:  Well I think Nina would be as well obviously. Nina can’t quite get over Hicks so that’s a tough spot for her. Right now things are looking pretty difficult. I mean, things aren’t really in that ballpark. You never know in the future. You never know but right now things are looking a little tricky.

Renee Martin:  Oh that’s not fun at all.

Laura Mennell:  Keep watching. You never know. I’m sorry. I know, I know.

Renee Martin: Oh, (Danny) has got to go if she’s going to stay with Hicks.

Laura Mennell:  I’m sorry. Nina would feel the same way.

Renee Martin: Thank you so much.

Laura Mennell: Yes. Thank you.

Coordinator: Our next question comes from the line of Erin Willard with Please proceed with your question. 

Laura Mennell: Hi Erin.

Erin Willard: Hi Lauren. Thanks so much for being on the call today. I am a fan of yours by the way. And I am really enjoying your new season. So if you...

Laura Mennell: I’m sorry I can’t hear you very well.

Erin Willard: I’m sorry. I’m really enjoying your new season because it has a little more Nina in it.

Laura Mennell: Yes, yes. There will be some great Nina stuff especially next episode for sure.

Erin Willard: Excellent, excellent. So is that going to be your favorite episode or is there something else that you really enjoyed doing this season?

Laura Mennell:You know, there is so many great episodes. And they honestly just keep getting better and better. We’ve had some really great episodes to set things up. But for Nina yes, I think for me it probably was one of my favorite episodes. Like I said (Adam) wrote such a great script. It’ll be a little bit more different than some of our other episodes which will be kind of neat. And, yes, I had a lot of fun with it.

Erin Willard: Great. Now, you have done a lot of work in Syfy. Is that a conscious choice for you or just kind of the way things worked out?

Laura Mennell: You know what I have - I love Syfy a lot. I have a lot of fun in it. You always get to do different things. But I come from a town or a city I guess - Vancouver, BC is where I’m from originally and we shoot a lot of Syfy series there and a lot of Syfy movies. Really, I mean Watchmen was shot there. The 4400 was, Eureka, Smallville, you name it. They are all shot there so I was lucky enough to sort of be a part of a lot of those.

Erin Willard: Yes. That’s very convenient that you actually are living here I’m sure.

Laura Mennell:
Oh for sure.

Erin Willard: For sure. So what for you is kind of the best and worst about working in Syfy?

Laura Mennell: I think the best is - I mean, again things always change. You never get to do the same things. I mean, you get to sort of live in these different worlds. Watchmen was an incredible film for me to be a part of. Just this wonderful world being put in everyday and, you know, having crazy things to play with like a radioactive blue boyfriend. That was fun.

But, you know, maybe one of the trickier things sometimes is maybe those green screens. Sometimes they can be a little tricky. I mean you have to really use your imagination on those days as to what you’re seeing. So I would say that’s probably one of the trickier bits.

Erin Willard: Yes that totally makes sense. Okay, well thanks so much for your time.

Laura Mennell: Yes. Thank you.

Coordinator: Our next question comes from the line of Ernie Estrella with Please proceed with your question. 

Ernie Estrella: Hi Laura.

Laura Mennell: Hi Ernie. How are you?

Ernie Estrella: I’m good and yourself?

Laura Mennell: Good. Good, good.

Ernie Estrella: Good. I wanted to ask you a question going back to the first season. Something that kind of frustrated me about season one was that sometimes we would get these spots where we’d get to see you in action. And then there would be an Alpha who would be able to kind of nullify your powers, you know, for the I guess for the spot where you get to kind of shine. Do we get to see...

Laura Mennell: Do you have a specific example in mind?

Ernie Estrella: Well sometimes you’re like - sometimes like when you get to interrogate somebody or you’re looking to kind of infiltrate and then you find out - I can’t use my Alpha because someone is blocking me or something.

Laura Mennell: Okay.

Ernie Estrella: Are we going to see kind of an evolution of your power this season so that you’re not so, I guess, defeatable?

Laura Mennell: Okay. I kind of - since we are going back to the first season, part of me is also - my brain is in the second. The nice thing about this season for sure is you will get to see me use my ability in lots of different ways which I really love. I mean I loved last season. I had a lot of fun with it. But I have to admit I think one of the things that I - one of my little notes at the end of the season was - I feel like Nina is constantly saying like go to sleep. Or like constantly just like pacifying people as well. And I’m kind of like let’s try to find different ways.

So I mean, hopefully this answers your question to a certain extent but we will be more creative with the way I use my abilities especially in this episode. You’ll get to see her use it in different ways. And I think one of the more interesting things about Nina and her ability - this episode especially you’ll get to see the point of view of the person she pushes. Like what they get to see. What actually is kind of happening for them which is kind of a creative different point of view which is kind of neat.

But yes I think she will also get more active with it as well if that helps you. Well in this one she will for sure.

Ernie Estrella: And then I guess looking past this next episode, are we looking at exploring the relationship between Nina and Dr. Rosen which we have kind of been teased at with various history in the past. Do we get to kind of see a little bit more, I guess, of that relationship explored?

Laura Mennell: Of her relationship with Rosen in the past?

Ernie Estrella: Well we have had hints that they have history. I was wondering if it comes up again and if we see a flashback of that or something to give us more context of their relationship.

Laura Mennell: Yes I do know what you’re talking about. Especially probably a specific scene that was in episode one, the pilot probably. There was a few things leading into it as well. Maybe there is still little hints but some of it will still probably lay as to a little bit of a mystery probably.

Ernie Estrella:  Okay. Great. Thank you.

Laura Mennell: Yes.

Coordinator:  Our next question comes from the line of Lisa Steinberg with Starry Constellation Magazine. Please proceed with your question. 

Lisa Steinberg: Hi Laura good afternoon. I’m so excited to finally get the opportunity to speak with you.

Laura Mennell:
  Hey Lisa nice to talk to you to.

Lisa Steinberg: And I’m so happy that you really enjoyed my Huffington Post article about Alphas.

Laura Mennell:  I did. I posted it. I was like yay. I loved it. So thank you.

Lisa Steinberg: Well as you know then I love Alphas and I love you guys.

Laura Mennell: Yes I know. That’s great. So it’s great to speak to people like you who are so excited.

Lisa Steinberg:  Well I know we talked a little bit about relationships but I want to go away from that since we focused a little bit. I want to talk a little bit about social media. And I know of course you are part of Twitter and pretty much the whole entire cast is a part of Twitter as well. And I wanted to find out how you feel social media like Facebook and Twitter has been a great asset to the show.

Laura Mennell: Yes. I think it is. I think it for me specifically, it’s a lot of fun. I don’t always have time to be on it constantly like some people. But I do enjoy the interaction and I do try to read what all the fans write. And it’s nice to see how they feel and, you know, it’s nice to see them talking. I know especially this season there’s been a lot of changes in Nina. She’s a little bit more troubled, a bit more edgy perhaps in some ways.

And it’s been interesting to see lots of people go, yes, yes, I love seeing this side. And every once in a while there’s a person here and there who’s like - I kind of like the old Nina. Is she coming back? So it’s fun to see how they feel for sure.

Lisa Steinberg: And is it also fun to play that diversity as well?

Laura Mennell: Oh yes. I’ve had a lot of fun this year. I mean, I like seeing where Nina gets to go. Yes. It’s been a lot of fun for sure.

Lisa Steinberg: And we know that you all recently appeared in San Diego at Comicon. And I wanted to hear about - a little bit about your experience there if you would share.

Laura Mennell: Yes. I mean Comicon was great. It was sort of a whirlwind experience. I mean I basically was shooting all day Friday. And basically they used me at the last minute. I just rolled in to the airport, almost missed my flight but got there luckily later at night. And just spent the whole day Saturday doing, you know, interviews and photo shoots and meeting up with lots of fans who are really excited. And, again, it’s just really nice to have that kind of interaction and see how people really feel about the show and just to see that excitement.

Lisa Steinberg: Well switching back into the relationship theme that has been going on here - one of my favorite relationship is the relationship that Nina has with Rachel. And I wanted to find out a little bit about what we’ll explore this season with that and kind of talk about that. And of course you have a wonder relationship with Izada. So I would love to hear a little bit about how that reflects into it as well please.

Laura Mennell: Yes. I mean obviously - I’m trying to also think back on the last few episodes. Nina has unfortunately been sort of alienating herself from the team a little bit and distancing herself. So things are a bit tricky. I mean I think specifically with Izada right now, you know, she feels a little bit of - she specifically was upset for her about probably not saying anything about Cameron.

 I think she is just kind of feeling - it is just so weird for Nina. I think a lot of it stems from sort of Rosen and being given this great life and having that all, sort of everything from last year being ripped away. Sorry, I’m kind of backtracking because I’m also trying to talk about the whole team as a whole. I guess that’s where my brain’s trying to go right now.

But I think with Rosen she sort of blamed him for giving her something that could never last. Like that - your last year all the progress they had and she wasn’t equipped with these tools to sort of keep things together. And then she starts reverting back to her old ways and that distances herself from the group and what not.

But her circle of trust just feels like its shattered. I mean, she has Hicks and her relationship with him and (Danny). And just - I think she feels betrayed and abandoned by everyone. And then unfortunately I think her addiction to pushing just becomes more and more strong especially in this next episode to a point where it’s sort of more compulsive and it’s the only thing she really cares about regardless of who she hurts, the whole team included especially Rachel. And it will be a difficult one.

 Its difficult to see - I think it will be interesting for the audience see how the team as a whole reacts to that and whether they will be able to forgive her. And whether, you know, if Nina can get back to the group whether she will be able to redeem herself. If she does get back it would be a lot of work for her to do for sure.

 So yes there are some ties that have been broken and will continue to kind of fray a little bit.

Lisa Steinberg: Well thank you so much again for speaking with me. I love it. I really appreciate it and I’m so excited that I got a chance to speak with you. And thank you so much.

Laura Mennell: Oh great speaking to you to for sure.

Coordinator:  Ladies and gentlemen as a reminder to register for a question please press the one followed by the four on your telephone. Our next question comes from the line of Tony Tellado with SciFi Talk. Please proceed with your question.

Tony Tellado: Hi Laura I was actually one of the group that sat with you at Comicon asking some of those questions about the (unintelligible). It’s great to talk to you again.

Laura Mennell: You too.

Tony Tellado: And one of the things that we talked about there and I want to get a little bit more detail since its airing this coming Monday is that - this episode that’s coming up is actually a bit of a flashback episode for her. And we actually see Nina as a young girl. If you can elaborate.

Laura Mennell:  I’m glad you are getting into that. I touched on a little bit today. We get into her past quite a bit. Her adolescence specifically and one of the things that I’m really excited about for this next episode is you’ll get to see the young version of Nina. And I keep hearing lots of wonderful things about young Nina was played by Katie Douglas. She’s absolutely fantastic. I’ve seen little snippets from my last ADR session the other week. And there is just these little moments that I saw that really drew me in.

She just has this lovely very emotive face. And we pretty much share the episode together. So she gets - this kid has a lot to do and a lot of wonderfully challenging scenes. And she also has, I’ve heard, a great onscreen chemistry with - Nina also in this episode, she pretty much goes back to find this ex flame of hers who is pretty much her first boyfriend ever named Tommy. And Tommy - the young Tommy will be played by Rian Michelson I hope I’m saying correctly. And supposedly the young Nina and Tommy have this great wonderful chemistry.

And in the older version I play with a great actor called Morgan Kelly. Morgan is from Being Erica. He’s the perfect Tommy. He has that sort of bad boy image that Nina is always very interested in. But it’s a significant relationship for Nina because Tommy was there in her past during a time like a tough point in her life when she really let him in and divulged all sorts of things to him at a time that she could never really share any of these things with anyone else.

So it makes sense to me that she is able to run back to Tommy at a time when she has really alienated herself from everyone. And he is someone that she really felt safe with at the time. And it’s something she really needs right now.

And also - I already talked about the family life so I’m not going to get into that. But yes there is a lot of wonderful things going on. Really interesting to kind of dive into her past. I think people will really find it a great interesting episode for sure. And, you know, it’s also a really fun episode too. And a side note - something I haven’t really talked about yet. Nina goes on a really great sort of pushing bender of sorts. I think it has already been revealed to be careful with what I saw but I think it’s already been revealed that she’s involved in like a bank robbery.

And she pretty much does all sorts of horrible, horrible mistakes because of her need to just push people. And it becomes more compulsive to the point where, you know, it doesn’t matter who she hurts and regardless of those that she cares about and the team and, I mean, it’s really the only thing that’s filling this void that she has is her addiction. So - and there’s a lot of interesting stuff at play that I had a lot of fun doing. So hopefully others will enjoy watching it.

Tony Tellado: Cool. Would you say that going forward you are probably going to be playing Nina a little differently at this point because of this episode?

Laura Mennell: You’ll have to wait and see. I mean there’s - you’ll just have to wait and see. I mean I have gotten to this point for sure. But you will have to wait and see where she goes.

Tony Tellado: Sound great. Looking forward to it and getting more information from you about that. It sounds fantastic.

Laura Mennell: Great. Thank you. Thanks so much. It was nice talking with you.

Tony Tellado: Thank you. It was nice to talk to you again.

Coordinator: We have a follow-up question coming from the line of Jamie Ruby with Please proceed with your question. 

Jamie Ruby:  Hi again. So is there something I know obviously you said a lot with her back-story and everything. But is there something that you would like to see happen with Nina that you haven’t explored yet on the show. Like if you could, you know, chose what you wanted to have happen.

Laura Mennell: Yes I have been thinking about that this year. And I’m like what would I like to see. To be honest it’s so funny. You are so in the moment, at least I am when we’re shooting that I’m just so focused with what I’m doing. And it’s not usually until the end of the season where I can kind of look back and go - oh I think I would like to see this, after I have fully watched everything and done everything.

So my answer would be at this moment - I’m sure there should be something but it’s not popping in my head. But if you ask me this question in a few months when the show is completely over I’ll have a very good answer for you.

Jamie Ruby: Okay. I’ll have to make sure to do that then.

Laura Mennell:  Okay.

Jamie Ruby: Is there anything since you started filming Alphas - what’s something that really surprised you that you didn’t expect about the series or the way its filmed or something?

Laura Mennell: I was pleasantly surprised and happy to see Nina having a little bit more of darker underbelly a little bit this season because I thought that was cool and she kind of stepped away from that last year. And there were always hints of it so I liked seeing little bits of it creep in. I thought that was really great and nice because I actually didn’t know where they were going to sort of send me this year. And obviously some other things that I’m kind of thinking of right now but would just kind of be too much of a spoiler.

Jamie Ruby: Alright.

Laura Mennell: There’s a lot of great stuff going on this year. I mean things would definitely kind of ramp up as the season goes. The stakes will get a little bit higher for everyone especially, you know, as we have been together regardless of whatever our teams various issues are to figure out, you know, Parish’s exact plan and, you know, to stop him at all cost.

Its an exciting season. Things will keep ramping up for sure.

Jamie Ruby: 
Okay. And lastly is there anyone like a person that works on the show that maybe you haven’t had a lot of scenes with that you would like to work more with. Maybe one of the people that aren’t on all the time?

Laura Mennell: You know who I would say I would love to - because he is such a fabulous actor and it’s so nice and exciting to have him on the show. I would say Sean Astin. He’s great. You’ll love him. I’m curious to see what he does with his role because I don’t really get to work with him. So I would pick him.

Jamie Ruby:  Okay great. Thanks so much.

Laura Mennell: Yes.

Coordinator:  We have a follow-up question coming from the line of Ernie Estrella with Please proceed with your question. 

Ernie Estrella:  Hi again Laura.

Laura Mennell:  Hey.

Ernie Estrella:
  My question is about Stanton Parish. And how excited were you to see website becoming almost like an episodic fixture of season two?

Laura Mennell:
Well they kind of had to become, right? I mean, yes I was really excited and there’s a lot coming up especially with Stanton Parish and, you know, Pyper does such a great job playing him. I’m so glad we’ve seen more and more of him this year.

Again, I’m thinking of spoilers and spoilers. I’m not going to say too much but there’s a lot of great stuff that will be going on with him. Last month’s episode had some really great flashbacks that I was really excited about seeing with his past. But anyway, lots of stuff coming up for sure.


Ernie Estrella:  It’s okay. Do you think there’s any specific reason up to this point why we haven’t seen Nina consider red flag considering the path that she’s headed towards as well as kind of deep options with Rosen and I feel like they’ve run out.

Laura Mennell: Oh right, as of right now. Wow, you know, that would be a huge betrayal to her team. I think right now Nina is just so self involved in herself that - she is so wrapped up in herself that she’s not even really thinking outside the box at the moment. I don’t think she’s even thinking about sort of rogue Alphas in general in Stanton Parish. She’s just so about her. But if she were ever to go to that side that would be a huge betrayal, especially with her past with Rosen and how loyal she had been to him. So right now she is so wrapped up in her own space that she’s not even thinking about that.

Ernie Estrella:
Okay. I guess I was just curious because between Rosen and Parish there is this difference in philosophy. And I was curious to see if the season we start to see people start questioning Rosen’s philosophy in the team and considering, you know, what Stanton has to offer.

Laura Mennell: You never know. That could happen. You never know, but yes. You never know.

Ernie Estrella: Okay. Thank you for your time and your answers.

Laura Mennell:  Yes. For sure.

Coordinator:  Our next question is a follow-up question from the line of Tony Tellado with SciFi Talk. Please proceed with your question. 

Tony Tellado:  Hi again Laura. One of the things I love about the show is that it mixes the humor along with the serious action. As actors what’s that like for you guys to kind of balance that out. I mean, it’s in the script but how do you kind of balance that out in your performances so the character comes off rounded as far as taking it from the page and making it come alive.

Laura Mennell: I think it all just sort of becomes about your choices and staying true to the character and the moment. I mean, sometimes something will be on the page and, you know, it’ll be interesting. But you’ll go - I really feel like it should maybe go this way. You might do subtle changes or sometimes things change a lot even on the day or little bits might be improved here or there. But, yes it depends.

Obviously I think, I mean, for someone who infuses beautiful comedy into the show Gary I mean Ryan Cartwright is just ridiculously amazing. He is very witty and very smart in real life and it just comes through beautifully with his Gary. So he is probably the perfect example of that beautiful balance.

Tony Tellado: And you’ve had some changes as far as the show runners but you had Bruce Miller come in from Eureka which is interesting. How has that been. Has that changed the dynamic on how you all work a little bit?

Laura Mennell: You know what it is always sad to see people go. I loved Ira I thought he was a wonderful show runner. I thought he was great. But then, you know, things change and you go with it and Bruce is wonderful as well in different ways. I loved his sort of energy and enthusiasm. Basically the first real meeting I had with him was so - it was just a lot of fun.

I came to dinner with him and Warren and a bunch of the producers and he basically gave us the play by play of what the season would be like. And he was just so genuinely excited and sweet and great. So I mean it’s been great working with him. And, you know, working with someone who was a fan of the show in the first season and that really kind of came through this year I think.

Tony Tellado:
Excellent, thank you. Looking forward to seeing Monday’s episode. I think it’s going to be a good one.

Laura Mennell: Yes. I think so too.

Coordinator: We have a follow-up question from the line of Jamie Ruby with Please proceed with your question.

Jamie Ruby: Hi again. So do you have like a memorable moment from the two seasons so far? Kind of your favorite things happen either during filming or between filming. Whichever.

Laura Mennell:
  Oh you mean kind of like off camera moments?

Jamie Ruby: Yes.

Laura Mennell: I don’t know.

Jamie Ruby: I’m stumping you today. I’m sorry.

Laura Mennell: I know. Like my brain has been so tired and just had lack of sleep. Let’s see. God I wish I thought of this overnight I would be able to go ding and this is my answer. But, I don’t know. I mean I just had a lot of fun with our wonderful cast to be honest. And I know people probably say this about every show they’re on. But when we talk about each other I think we’re pretty genuine.

We are so lucky to have such great wonderful people on our cast. And also our crew are so hard working and so wonderful. We just share a lot of laughs and have a lot of fun and it makes the day so much easier. So I think there are lots of great moments every day. That’s why I can’t really think of one specifically right now.

Just like cute little things will happen like - on a rap party we were all hanging out and having some nice drinks. And all of our cast was pretty much huddled to one wall for some strange reason. And then Izada was like - oh we need a picture like all the girls need a picture. It was me and Erin and Izada. And (Ryan) was like okay I’ll take it. And then we thought he was taking a picture of us and got really confused at his angle because he was going really low like what was he doing. And he took like a cute little photo of all our shoes.

 And I don’t know just weird corky little moments like that - you go oh my God that is so cute. And it was actually very artfully done and very sweet. And I mean is that my highlight moment of the year? No. But there is like lots of little moments like that throughout the year that make you go - yes we have a great group. And we get along really well and have a lot of fun. So, it’s been good.

Jamie Ruby: And what do you find hardest about the whole process?

Laura Mennell:  Last year I kept saying it was running around in those shoes because I was wearing stilettos. Not even like high heels, they were stilettos in the pilot. They were open toe stilettos that there was one day that I ran all day that my ankles got all puffy and swollen when I had the weekend off. And I was blistered up. So that was difficult.

But, I mean, this year there’s just been some nights that I wouldn’t say difficult - there has been some nice little challenges here and there which are always a good thing.

Jamie Ruby:  Okay great. Well thank you so much for your time.

Laura Mennell:
Thank you.