Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Teen Wolf: Season 2, Episode 12: Master Plan

Last episode Stiles was kidnapped (not Stiles!) and we start this one with Melissa McCall going to the hospital with, presumably, Jackson in a body bag and Stiles being shoved into a basement with chained Erica and Boyd – the targets on the walls point to this being an Argent kidnapping.

And they’re joined by evil granddaddy Argent (I may drop the “evil” since it’s redundant now that all the Argents are evil) and starts beating Stiles because… because he’s an evil Argent and doesn’t need a reason.

Evil Argent Gerard is having some quality time with Evil Argent Allison when Evil Argent Chris decides to play his “I’m the good one card” and question Gerard about what happened at the game. He maintains his backbone for, oh, 3 seconds, before Gerard wanders off, all questions unanswered. We then find that Allison blames Jackson being dead and the weregecko on Derek, as she blames the death of the murderous Kate and the suicide of the murderous Victoria all on Derek. Totally none of her own evil family’s fault, oh no. She’s pouting because Chris isn’t all behind this new “kill anything that moves” Allison, which is a little unfair since she is just following in the family footsteps – including his.

At the school Sherriff Stilinski is investigating both what happened to Jackson and his missing son. Coach shows his slightly more human side (I can’t decide whether I love Coach or hate him, I think both).

Scott and Isaac rip into Stile’s locker to get clothes so they can follow his scent – and Derek arrives. With Peter. Scott and Derek have a debate about this and Scott’s feeding information to evil granddaddy Argent, Gerard (Peter adding the odd word for sarcasm’s sake. Damn I didn’t know he was sarcastic before they killed him, what a waste!) But Derek has good news, Peter can save Jackson – to which Scott and Isaac inform him that Jackson is dead. This isn’t greeted as good news since, if he’s dead, it must be because evil Argent Gerard wanted him dead – and anything an Argent wants is bad.

Stiles does return home to his dad – but rather beaten up. He blames his disappearance and beat up state on players from the opposing team. Personally I would have fed Chris and Gerard to the law. At very least the accusation should have Gerard suspended as headmaster.

Lydia comes to visit and she’s pretty devastated about Jackson, despite his treatment of her, and is shockily fixated on the fact she never had chance to return his key. She and Stiles have a cutsey, touching moment. Until Lydia gets a text message and decides she’s going to help Jackson – no matter how much Stiles wants to protect her. Stiles is left all depressed and sad – until Sheriff Stilinski drops in to assure him what a hero he is.

Chris Argent finally uses that conscious for something other than 2 seconds of backbone – and, reflecting about what side of the line he and his family are standing on – he turns off the current that’s holding Erica and Boyd captive.

Melissa McCall has decided to investigate Jackson’s death (because being the town’s only medical professional isn’t enough) so goes to the dark, empty morgue (oh dear) to look at the body that is oozing venom – she opens the body bag. Jackson is cocooning himself in his own venom. Melissa calls Scott and he and Isaac arrive completely bemused by what has happened – especially since Jackson starts twitching and his mouth opening.

Derek and Peter have found the Hale family’s records (a lap top in a secret Peter Hate hiding place –in case you missed the blatant product placement, it’s an apple computer) and receive an update on cocoon Jackson (Peter declares that “that sounds sufficiently terrifying” I think I could learn to love this character). It turns out that Jackson was just a beta Kanima and it can turn into something much bigger and much more dangerous… with wings. They even have an animation of it – which is very frightening indeed (Peter is an awesome character, I don’t care who he killed). They advise Isaac and Scott to take the body and decide to meet them halfway.

Chris Argent arrives just as they’re moving the body. He’s replaced his Evil Argent card for an Angsting Argent card instead. He tells Scott they have a common enemy – and he doesn’t mean Jackson – Gerard who he sees as twisting Allison as he did Kate and he joins them in body snatching to take Jackson to Peter and Derek. And Peter’s glorious sarcasm (we need to keep this character!)

Unfortunately, the Evil Argents are lying in ambush (with Chris still in denial about how evil Gerard is) – Gerard uses Jackson to throw Derek across the room and Evil Argent Allison shoots Isaac

Time for a show down, Jackson vs Isaac, Scott and Derek (with Chris hiding in a corner), cue dramatic music. They don’t’ fight well as a pack, tending to take it in turns while Peter looks on, frustrated- and Evil Allison steps in to slice and dice Isaac some more. She advances on Derek, but the Kanima grabs her. Gerard has other plans.

Plans that Scott has guessed – Gerard is dying from cancer – which science can’t cure, but becoming a werewolf would. And to survive he is willing to even kill Allison (awww, Allison are you shocked that Gerard is evil?) and even Chris, his own son. Nice guy. He wants Scott to drag Derek to Gerard, bite him, then he will kill Derek, Gerard will be the Alpha and Scott can have Evil Allison. Scott co-operates and Gerard gets bitten

And he starts bleeding… black. Because Scott had a plan as well. We have a quick flashback to when Scott picked up Gerard’s pill box and returned them to him, the pill box that we’ve seen Gerard use repeatedly. And Dr. Deaton filling those pills full of Mountain Ash, the anti-werewolf powder we’ve seen him use before. It’s not healthy for a werewolf to eat that stuff, or have lots of it in their system, it seems. He collapses to his knees, oozing and spurting black goo. Derek asks why Scott didn’t tell him – and Scott says that Derek may be an Alpha, but he’s not Scott’s Alpha. Oozing nastily on the floor, Gerard yells for Jackson to kill them all.

Allison bursts free of the weregecko’s grasp, but before it attacks, Stiles barrels into the room in his jeep, hitting the weregecko and knocking him flying. He’s brought Lydia to the party. They get out the jeep and the Kanima leaps at them – but Lydia holds up Jackson’s key and says his name. And we have a sweet flashback to when Jackson first gave the key to his house to Lydia, when they were a sweet, happy couple.

He takes the key and slowly turns back to human form, scales receding – and then both Derek and Peter run forwards, one to claw him in the stomach and the other in the back. Desperately sad death scene follows as the last of his scales disappear and Lydia lowers him to the floor as she cries. Evil Allison grabs Scott’s hand (damn they’re a couple again) and the sad music plays

And Jackson gets up – in dramatic silhouette in the car headlights, with claws, and bright blue eyes – and a werewolf face. He’s a werewolf, alive and, when he sheds his claws, he hugs Lydia, back to himself. Stiles leaves, sad to see Lydia definitely away from him.

Oh and Gerard’s body is missing. Don’t you just hate that?

Flash forward and Allison is apologising to Scott for being an Evil Argent –ugh, because that makes it all better? No dice, eat her already. She wants to break up (I’m not sure why) but he’s ok with that because he’s willing to wait for her because he knows they’re to be together (ugh ugh ugh, eat her already). And they kiss, so that waiting for her was, I presume, about 5 seconds?

Erica and Boyd (hey remember them?) are running through the woods at night, trying to escape – and they run into a group of people. With claws, under the full moon. Looks like they’ve found the other werewolf pack.

Dr. Deaton and Ms. Morrel, now in new, black leather and combat gear are following the trail of black sludge Gerard has left. Ms. Morrel says she hated it when he was retired – and he asks who said he was retired. Oooh I wanna know more and now!

Isaac, Peter and Derek go wandering to the ruined house and see a symbol on the door. See, the real reason Derek was building a pack as quickly as possible? Because there’s a pack coming, an Alpha Pack, that comes when a new Alpha is made.

And Scott and Stiles are still awesome friends – while Scott reflects on how he’s back largely where he was in season 1.

Season Finale? Epic finale is epic. That is all. And lots of hooks for the next season. Love it, love it, love it.

 Ok criticism - I suppose I must. My few problems: Erica and Boyd again playing a minor role. And Stiles "nice guying" Lydia. She. Is. Not. Interested. STOP. Allison being redeemed is icky - she's evil Argent Allison to me, unredeemed! And I wish we'd seen some of this sweet Jackson/Lydia in a way other than flashback