Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Almighty Johnsons Season Two, Episode Two: Frigg Magnet

Axl is sitting in a restaurant when he is approached by a woman selling single roses.  He tells her that he doesn't want a flower because he is not on a date and is waiting on a guy.  Realising how this might sound, Axl quickly makes it clear that he is waiting for his brother.  There was absolutely no reason for this scene, and the writers might as well had Axl scream no homo.  As soon as the woman leaves, Agnetha enters and Axl is not happy to see her. 

At Ty's, he is trying to leave, but Eva does not want him to leave.  When she won't give up, he is forced to tell her that Agnetha is his mother.  Stacey says, "no way, having that cow for a mother. That is so surreal."  Eva reminds Ty that Agnetha walked out on him when he was 14 and suggests that maybe she wants to use him and suggests that he stay there with her.  She then handcuffs herself to him saying that he has to take her with him, or take her there and they begin to make out.

Back at the restaurant, Agnetha asks what is wrong with her having dinner with her sons, and Axl reminds her that she tried to have him killed. Agnetha tells him to forget about it and that it is all in the past.  She assures him that she really is his mother and is only trying to mend a few bridges.

Zeb and Mike are playing chess and Mike is blindfolded.  Zeb cheats and Mike warns him that it is not going to help and asks him what part of God of games he is not understanding.  When Axl returns, Mike asks how the dinner that he was not invited to went.  Zeb leaves saying that he has experienced anal leakage.  Axl admits that Ty probably didn't want him to be there because it was a dinner with their beloved mother. Mike is concerned and reminds him that they agreed to forget about her.  Axl admits that Ty didn't show up and he stayed for the free food.  He tells Mike that Agnetha wants him to stop looking for Frigg. 

In a flashback scene to the dinner when Axl asks if Frigg should come to him, Agnetha agrees.  Axl says that maybe Agnetha wants to actually help, unlike some. Mike says that often what people say and what they mean are often different things and points out that he found Kvasir.  Axl is not happy with that because all he got was a riddle and Mike points out that this is Olaf's territory.   Axl says that he is screwed and that he is looking for a sign that someone knows what is going on with his life.

Axl approaches Ty who is fixing a truck and says that they agreed not to communicate with the woman formerly known as their mother. Ty answers that when he heard her speak, it was like when he was a kid. Mike is not impressed that Ty left Agnetha alone with Axl, and he knows that whatever she wants will end in tears. He demands that Agnetha says to Ty be reported to the whole group.

Axl is back in school and their guest speaker at the lecture is Colin. The professor is in shock as Colin tells the class that being a self employeed builder will lead to bankruptcy 

Agnetha shows up at Ty's house and Stacey is not impressed by her.  When she learns that Ty isn't there, Eva makes and appearence and tells her that last night that Ty was so happy, he didn't see the point of seeing her. Agnetha says that Ty deserves better than Eva, but Eva counters saying that Ty gets unconditional love from her to the end.  Agnetha walks out and calls Ty instead. Ty says that he doesn't think it's a good idea for them to meet, and  that she needs to respect that.  Agnetha responds that she is looking after Anders affairs while he is away and that Dawn is fragile and weepy.  Agnetha digs deeper and tells him that Dawn cares deeply about him and that this is sad for Dawn.

As Colin leaves, Axl follows him to ask if his appearance is a sign. Colin answers that his firm does business with the university and he is just giving something back.  When Axl calls him on it, Colin says that it was a message about not messing around with a trade because he could help them all ascend. He tells Axl if he wants to be a God that he should think about becoming a man.  Axl answers that is exactly what Kvasir told him, to which Colin replies, "man up to God up." I know that Axl is really simple, but why does he believe a single word coming out of Colin's mouth, when he knows that Colin is Loki and therefore cannot be trusted?

Back at the house, Zeb is back to throwing fruit at Axl, to see if he can split it with his sword. It takes Zeb to point out that Colin cannot be trusted because he is Loki. Axl cannot be convinced and suggests that Colin knows which side he wants to be on when Odin stands tall.  When they go back into the house, Mike tells him to put the sword away before he hurts himself and that until they know what Kvasir is all about that there is no point running around in circles. Frustrated, Axl tells them not to bother and says that he will figure it out on his own.

Colin meets Axl at bar and Axl says that it cannot be a coincidence that both Colin and Kvasir said the exact same thing about finding Frigg.  It is so patently obvious at this point that he is being played.  Colin wants to know if Axl is asking for his help to which Axl replies yes. Colin answers that he is always happy to help anyway he can, and promises to show him, if he agrees to lighten up.  Colin then orders Axl a drink.

The next morning Agnetha is working away when Dawn walks in.  Agnetha tells her that they have been asked to pitch for a wine that is in Dawn's age group and so she suggests that Dawn go home drink the wine and let Agnetha know how she feels about it.  Dawn is reluctant and says that this is something that Anders would normally do, but Agnetha insists and so Dawn leaves.

Axl wakes up to find a strange woman getting dressed. Before he can find out what happened, she says she has to go and leavess. Zeb asks about her and says that she was seriously hot. Axl tells Mike to lighten up and not to take everything so seriously.  Zeb makes him breakfast and tells Axl that he has to replenish his sperm count after a night of sex that was so frequent that it was blurred into one. Axl says he want to remember, so Zeb tells him to focus and he remembers doing shots with Colin and having a woman approach him. He remembers that her name was Breanna and Zeb tells him that he is on his way to becoming a Frigg magnet.

Ty gets a call from Anders, who complains about the food he is getting. Anders wants to know what he did to Dawn and Ty says he didn't so anything to her. Anders tells Ty that Dawn has locked herself in his apartment and is drunk and suicidal.  Anders says he cannot afford to lose Dawn, and then Ty thinks to ask why the hell Anders is doing over there anyway. 

Axl is on campus when Colin asks what happened. It turns out that not only did Axl buy rounds for people he did coke on her ass.  Colin asks about the bill and Axl remembers that his credit card wouldn't accept the charge. It seems that he ran up a  3k bar bill. Colin then informs him that Brianne is saying that the sex was not entirely consensual and Axl says he does not remember having sex.  Colin gets on his high horse and says no means no, and that he cannot represent Axl because Brianne works at his firm. I know that Loki is supposed to be tricky and all kinds of skeevy but a fake rape to set a man up just plays into the idea that this is what victims do.

Axl tells Olaf and Mike and they cannot get over his stupidity. They point out that he went drinking with "the God of tricky fuckers". Axl says that Mike doesn't know what it's like and that it's shit being him sometimes. Mike tells him not to listen to people like Colin, Zeb or their mother and that he needs to start being himself, or he is going to get chewed up in this world of Gods and mortals. Mike says that if Axl is himself,  if he is lucky that Odin will follow.  Axl swears he didn't rape Brianne and Mike says he believes him and leaves with Olaf.

Zeb comes out of the room and Axl says that being accused of rape doesn't feel quite cool. Zeb tells him to become Axl to become a man to become a God. The two decide to get drunk and make it all go away.

Ty goes to Ander's and sees Dawn on the couch, so he panics and asks her if she took any pills. Dawn wants to know what his problem is, and he answers that she is drinking during the day. Ty admits that he is there because he thought she might be a bit down because of how things worked out.  Dawn replies that she is not depressed, despite all that has gone on and askes if he got her house warming gift.  Ty tells her that the hola doll was beautiful. Dawn asks that he think of her from time to time when he looks at it.

Mike and Olaf head off to see Colin and Colin admits that the bar he took Axl to actually belongs to him. Mike starts saying that Axl would never rape a woman and Colin counters saying Brianne has affidavits saying what happened.  When Mike suggests going to the police, Colin starts to laugh and says that Brianne is an ambitious office girl set on helping out her boss.  It turns out that Axl was so drunk that they didn't even have sex. Colin says that if he wanted to put Axl away he would have. It seems that Colin is not impressed with the Johnsons and thinks that they are "hicks from the sticks". Mike offers to toss Colin for the bar tab and Colin says that he wants to increase the bill to 30K and Mike counters saying that if he wins, he gets the bar. 

Colin pulls a coin and then changes his mind. He goes outside and says that if Mike can pick up the keys to the bar that the bar belongs to him. Colin throws the keys on the ground and then puts a circle of fire around the keys. Mike gets Olaff to toss him into the circle and he picks up the keys.  Colin points out that once he is in that he has no way to get out and so Mike closes his eyes and walks through the fire. Mike and Olaf go into the bar to celebrate.  How did it not occur to them that Loki is to smart to play a game with the freaking God of games? They are just as ridiculous as Axl.

Ty sits outside of Anders appointment and watches Dawn put the bottles in the recycle bin and returns home. When Ty get home, Eva is waiting for him and says that she wants him inside her skin.  To prove that he doesn't want to walk away from her, he allows her to brand him with a hot poker. Eva then sits and allows Ty to brand her. Okay this scene is creepy as shit.

Mike calls Axl and tells him that the debt is cleared. At the bar Olaf points out that Mike now has a place to crash. At Axl's he hears a sound and it turns out that it's Gaia's boyfriend trying to break in. It seems that Gaia is missing.  Axl picks him up when he runs in the house and makes it clear that Gaia is not here and that he is not to come sneaking around him again. Axl hears a noise and of course discovers Gaia hiding in the wardrobe.