Monday, September 17, 2012

Misfits Season One, Episode Four

Curtis is having a dream about when he used to race and wakes suddenly when the starters gun goes off.  On Curtis' bedside table are a collection of pictures of him and Alisha.  He picks up a newspaper that is filled with the details of his arrest.  When he arrives at the community center, Alisha is waiting for him in a bra and panties. The two sit down and stare at each other as they masturbate but before they can finish, Nathan opens the door and giggles.

When they leave, they see Nathan simulating the sex as he tells the gang about catching them together.  Sam walks in, but when she see Alisha and Curtis together she walks out.  Kelly asks if Alisha and Curtis are together and she says yes.  As they walk out to leave for work for the day, Curtis' ex girlfriend Sam is waiting for him.  Sally is on the phone saying that no one has seen Tony because he didn't actually buy the ticket. She vows that if they aren't going to do anything about it that she will. Sally goes into the locker room and starts to search.

Curtis asks Sam how it was in prison and she says, "it wasn't a lot of laughs."  Sam believes that they have screwed up their lives and no one will give her a job with a conviction for dealing.  She wants to know if Curtis is with Alisha and he say yes but that it just sort of happened.  Curtis says that there's a lot going on that he cannot tell her about. Sam wants to know why he didn't visit and Curtis responds that he just felt to damn guilty, because it should have been him that went to prison. Sam is hurt and angry and says, "my life is all fucked up thanks to you," as she walks away in disgust. 

This causes Curtis to travel back in time to the night he bought the drugs. He finds himself in a club filled with people. He quickly finds Sam and they are approached by the dealer.   Curtis snatches the drugs when he sees a cop and takes off running.  He goes into the bathroom and pours the drugs down the toilet, but when it won't flush, he puts his hand in and mixes it around as much as possible, as the cop bangs on the door and demands that he open the door. Curtis escapes from the bathroom and goes into garage to hide while the cops look for him. Nathan suddenly walks by and Curtis calls to him asking for help.  Nathan doesn't know him and yells out, "there's a guy over here taking a shit."  Curtis tells him to just leave, then uses his cell to call Sam, but she doesn't answer

 Nathan is in a bowling alley while outside in the parking garage, the police chase Curtis who is damn fast on his feet.  Inside the bowling alley, Nathan is helping himself to some candy when he is approached to pay. Beverley the manger says that it's theft and he could have Nathan arrested.  He suggests that Nathan pay up and leave but Nathan asks, "why did your parents give you a girls name?"  He then goes on to add, "maybe you were born with both sets of genitalia, you know, like a chick with a dick."  Well it took thirteen minutes for Nathan to be offensive this time.  I am so tired of this character being used for comic relief.  This time he is transphobic, sexist, cissexist as well as anti-intersex.  It takes a lot to include that much fail in such a short passage. Beverly attempts to call security and the two struggle.  Nathan falls to the ground screaming, "I'm being assaulted by a chick with a dick someone help me." 

Back in the parking garage, Curtis gets a call from Sam who is with Danny and says that she is not allowed to leave until he gets his money for the drugs. Curtis promises to get Danny his money and that he is on his way.  Back in the alley, security is struggling with Nathan, who pretends to be having a seizure. The moment they let go, he takes off running but of course is caught.

In the club, we see Kelly making out with her ex boyfriend but she pulls away saying she needs to go outside because she is clearly messed up.  At the bowling alley, Beverly tries his best to talk to Nathan but Nathan does not want to hear a word he says. Beverly again says to pay for he damage or he will call the police.  Nathan plays a game of saying to call the cops and then promising to pay.  

When Curtis returns to the club, he finds a passed out Kelly, who promptly pukes all over him.  Curtis takes off his jacket and covers her up, forgetting that the money is in his jacket.  Beverly bursts back into the office screaming because it seems that the credit card with which Nathan offered to pay is expired.  Inside, Curtis realises that he gave the money to Kelly. The drug dealer gets upset and punches him, which begins a struggle that ends with Sam being stabbed in the stomach. When Sam falls to the ground, Curtis goes back in time yet again. Once again Curtis puts the drugs down the toilet but this time, it's the dealer who bangs on the door.  He hides in the parking garage and the dealer cannot find him.  Nathan walks by and Curtis uses his cellphone to call Sam

In the bowling alley, Nathan calls his mother in Spain and says that there is one little thing he needs.  Sam calls Curtis back and he says that he is coming to her. We watch as once again a drunk Kelly stumbles out of the door.  Simon is standing in front of a group of  people and says hello and that he got a text telling him to meet them there.  It seems that he got the text accidentally and so Simon puts down the beer and walks away.  Outside the club, Curtis takes out his money and wraps his jacket around Kelly before leaving.  Kelly promptly passes out on the ground and when Simon sees her, he asks if she is okay.  When Kelly doesn't answer, he begins to put his hand up her skirt until she starts, causing him to withdraw.  Okay, I know that they are trying to cast Simon as a harmless socially awkward kid, but all I can see is a creepy perverted predator.

Inside the club, the drug dealer approaches Curtis again and threatens to kill him.  Pete the cop pats Curtis down and says that he doesn't need to be getting involved with this kind of thing with his profile. The dealer laughs with relief and Curtis asks if he wants his gear back.

In the bowling alley, it seems that instead of coming herself, Nathan's mother has sent Jeremy to help Nathan out. Jeremy asks what it's going to cost to sort this out, but Nathan says he doesn't want his money. Nathan tells Beverley to call the police because he doesn't want Jeremy paying for it.  Jeremy walks out in frustration and Beverley says sarcastically, "you and your dad seem close."  Nathan responds, "shut up Beverely," and then promptly uses the stapler on his hand. 

Curtis returns to the drugs to the dealer, who offers to let him have them for free but Curtis says that he is good. Nathan gets escorted out of the alley by the cops, as Tony and Sally play a game of bowling.  In the parking garage,  Curtis and Sam are leaving as Kelly and her ex stumble by.  He breaks into a car and in the glove box finds a diamond ring. He throws away the box and asks Kelly if he wants to marry him.  Back at the club, Alisha approaches Curtis and says that she knows him. 

When Tony and Sally leave the bowling alley, they discover that Tony's car has been stolen. Tony is so mad he starts kicking something.  Sally tells him to stop because it's just a car but Tony says that her engagement ring was in there.  Back in the club, Curtis tells Sam that they were lucky and got away with it and he moves forward in time. When he looks at his door instead of seeing the orange jump suit, his track stuff is there.  He gets a call asking when he is going to be at the track and the pictures on his bedside table are of him and Sam, instead of him and Alicia.  Even the paper has been changed and shows him winning a race, instead of being caught with drugs. 

When Nathan goes to the community center he finds flowers and candles with a sign that says rest in peace. It's a vigil for Simon, Alisha, and Kelly. Nathan approaches and his face is clearly bruised and cut up. It seems that because Curtis wasn't there that Tony was able to kill everyone. Curtis asks how Nathan survived and Nathan responds, "they said I was half dead when they found me, guess I'm just lucky." Curtis says he could have stopped it but he wasn't there and is so upset he goes back in time again. 

We watch as Alisha gives up the drug dealer to avoid being arrested for possession.  Curtis again dumps the drugs down the toilet and waits in the bathroom to be arrested.  The cop sees a little bit of the drug stuck to his finger and arrests him for possession.  Sam is free to go because she does not have anything on her.  Curtis again moves forward in time and everything has returned to the way it was before and he is actually happy to see the orange jumpsuit.

When Curtis arrives at the community center, Alisha is waiting for him in her bra and panties.  This time they lock the door and so Nathan can only hear them masturbating but cannot see them. When Curtis leaves the building, Sam is waiting for him and Curtis is shocked to see her.  It seems that Sam never went to jail, but this also means that they have never broken up.

Sally continues to go through the lockers one by one and finds Tony's credit card in Simon's bag.  How could Simon be so silly as to carry the card on his person? That just makes absolutely no sense.