Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Warehouse 13: Season 4, Episode 7: Endless Wonder

 Pete and Myka are on a mission – people are getting taller. Sounds fairly benign, until a woman wastes perfectly good mousaka, falling to her knees in pain. Like all artefacts, the downsides seem to be unpleasant. Brief consult with Artie who, of course, is still hiding the evil priest’s evil campaign of evil (and a funny line on where they draw the line – David’s slingshot, yes, Paul Bunyan’s axe, yes – but magic beans? How silly!)

And on the subject of Artie hiding things – Jinks and Claudia confront Artie with one of the black diamonds . Artie tries to point out he is keeping it from them to protect them – but Claudia rejects that and Jinks points out he was an ATF agent and had already died while Claudia has already been possessed by Alice. They don’t need protecting.

On the case, it seems the people growing taller were all taking the heart burn medicine Roduxical – something even a member of the corporation has noticed. She wants to investigate because if it is true there’s so many wonderful applications for a drug with these kind of miracle properties (unfortunately, her boss at the pharmaceutical company doesn’t care that much about helping people – but he can be convinced by more vain applications).

Pete and Myka see all 4 of the growing people in the hospital in agony as their bodies start tearing themselves apart. They discover 2 of the victims went to the same doctor – and while there questioning the doctor (he’s only seen 2 of the people) they also run into Deb Stanley – the woman from the pharmaceutical company.

She wants to help and, after being sure that they’re not the FDA after their company since other people have taken the pill elsewhere and being unaffected, she concludes they’re looking for an environmental factor – something that connects them all that they’ve all been exposed to. This rather takes Myka and Pete back at how quickly she grasped the issue and what to do.

They start trying to track down connections and Pete awkwardly flirts with Deb, of course. And we learn that Deb didn’t become a doctor because she likes research – she likes things that are developing, she likes surprises and she’s sure the world is full of them, she likes new things, she likes to stamp “make me a Warehouse agent” on her forehead.

Then they wake up in bed together. Just as Myka knocks on the door and finds Pete in a sheet, she begins to sum up the case and point to an artefact Artie has sent that will slow down the symptoms -  before putting 2 and 2 together. In between mocking Pete for his sex life, she points out the newest victim is a Christian Scientist – so has no doctor and it has nothing to do with the drug. When Myka leaves, Pete tells that to Deb (after establishing that he’s not “that guy” who just has sex then leaves – Deb points out she’s an adult and is happy to be “that guy” herself) but Deb still wants to be involved in the investigation. She wants to be part of it – but he says she can’t (secrecy and all that). Of course being told no means she stops and goes home – hah. No.

Myka and Pete run around helping the victims, reversing the growth and buying them some time. But they’re seen by Deb who calls her boss and tells him that she has secret service agents with objects with amazing medical applications – and her boss sees profit while she sees boon for humanity.

Myka and Pete poke at the idea that all but one of the victims were taking heartburn medication so check to see if there’s any commonality there – lifestyle, diet etc. And find they all took a cooking class at the same time – a cooking class where the teacher likes to collect and use antique cooking paraphernalia from around the world. But when they get there, it’s cleared out.

To Deb who has cleared it out – but she’s not going back to her boss, she’s going to see Lena because she has a million questions about Pete Latimer and what, exactly, they do.

So, after a call to Myka and Pete, Myka’s off to the pharmaceutical company to bag the object – and Pete’s back to Lena’s to talk to Deb. Deb has followed a lot of medical Artefact cases where miraculous advances and weird happenings have been shut down – and she thinks Pete and Myka are the ones shutting them down and wants to know more. She’s also told her boss and he is spreading the word about Artefacts and how the government has no right to suppress it and the opportunities they present. Oh dear oh dear.

 And chief regent Kosan is concerned because a senator who had never heard of the Warehouse is now calling the President asking about it – the secret is leaking and he’s not happy. The company is pushing for access and Mrs. Frederick is doing what she can to stop it but there are no guarantees she’ll succeed (really? It is Mrs. Frederick). And the Regent’s emergency plan is… messy and treasonous probably not an option. The better option depends on Pete’s psychic vibes (I wish they would outright say this was a psychic ability like Lena’s aura reading or Jinks’s lie detection and be done with it) about Deb. On the strength of that they go for introducing Deb to Warehouse 13.

Time for a tour of the endless wonders – but Deb still doesn’t understand why they’re not using the Artefacts, why they aren’t trying to find counters for the downsides – what if there’s something in there that could cure Parkinsons disease – the disease that struck down her father. He shows her some of the Artefacts that could have cured her dad – but the devastating side effects they have. And he points out just how extreme some of the Artefacts are – the weapons and world destroyers and how, even with her good intentions, her boss and his friends certainly don’t have them.

Meanwhile, Deb’s boss and his friendly senator are taking to a mysterious and secret warehouse where many things are kept. They open the door onto – Storage Space 6! Full of… crap.  The Senator is not amused – and Deb probably got herself fired.

In  Minneapolis at the company’s R&D Myka sneaks into the lab with a vast amount of cookware and a man who is in agony, growing unnaturally. Myka searches among the shelves until she finds a mortar from Rhodes – carved from the ruins of the Colossus of Rhodes.

Talking to Deb it seems she was convinced because she saw the Rod of Aesclepius, the original. And she thought of the oath – first do no harm. And that first and foremost means keeping the dangerous Warehouse secret. Regent Kosan shows up to talk to Deb privately – to offer her a job as an agent. Which she leaps at

At the Warehouse, Claudia and Jinks have made progress with Artie – he’s told them Brother Adrian of the Black Diamond has a grudge against him (but not why) and that evil Brother Adrian is determined to force Artie’s hand. At last, co-operation! Claudia gets to work on the phone number for Adrian which Artie can’t trace – but she probably can. But Artie is worried – in the alternate world he was warned that anyone he told would be in great danger – and now part of the secret is out.

After poking the Artefact detection system, they seem to fix it – and find that Harriet Tubman’s thimble, the Artefact that allows people to disguise their appearance, is missing. But Claudia also has a hit on Evil Brother Adrian’s location – an abandoned mansion. Road trip time! The mansion is suitably spooky and Claudia and Jinks catch a glimpse of the old priest – before he disappears with a huge Roman plank. Consulting Lena, Artie finds it could be the Plank of Limentius, the Roman god of doorways – which creates an opening in anything it’s put next to.

Artie and Evil brother Adrian have a show down, Artie trying to learn about the Evil and Adrian insisting Artie restore the day he reversed. Rather than shoot the priest and kill him and end his evil –he pauses to warm Claudia and Steve about the trap in the basement -  a trip wire connected to the plank that will remove a wall, bringing the ceiling down. He runs down to help them – but they saw the trip wire and were well clear and safe.

Artie and co return home but Artie again tells Claudia and Jinks that there’s still secrets he has to keep. Claudia agrees to his face – but she and Jinks plot anyway. When he’s alone Artie meets – H.G Wells! Yes she’s back! She’s been looking for the knife he’s seen Claudia trying to stab him with in his visions. But H. G Wells also wants to know why Artie was so sure, when he plead to the Regents on her behalf, that she would lay down her life for the team, (since he saw it in the alternate world). She also wants to know how Artie was so sure Sykes had a bomb. Being an expert on time Travel, H. G is convinced this is what she’s seeing – and she’s shared her suspicion with Mrs. Frederick that she thinks Artie used Magellan’s Astrolabe.

Did I mention how much I love how these people interact? I don’t think I’ve come across any other show which has such excellent banter between the characters – it’s constant, it’s funny and it makes me think these actors must really get along to have this kind of chemistry. Honestly, the whole show is worth watching just for that.

That being said, Pete was extra juvenile this episode. I get he’s childlike but they do over do it at times

I do like Deb and how she took Myka and Pete by storm – after all, this kind of investigation into environmental factors is probably more something she’s been trained in than Pete and Myka as Secret Service agents. I hope she fits in nicely with the group because she’ll be a fun addition. And I want to see H.G into the group again now the plot is thickening more.