Tuesday, October 9, 2012

666 Park Avenue, Season 1, Episode 2: Murmurations

Mr. Doran opens it up by reminding us how creepy he is before we cut to Jane who is working with Tony – who is totally NOT bitter about her getting the building manager’s job over him, not at all (he may be less bitter if Jane didn't keep mentioning all the fantastic parties she gets invited to) – to clear out the Barlow’s flat after the building ate him last episode. She’s a little perturbed by how quickly Mr. Barlow left, especially not telling her anything, but she forgets that when scratching in the walls turns out to be a massive flock of birds that batters its way out and smashes a window escaping (Mr. Doran looks on, creepily). An entire flock of birds. A BIG flock of birds at that.

Tony’s more distracted trying to get the elevator fixed since it already tried to eat a woman last week and still totally not bitter. She catches Nona walking past and asks her more about the thief since Jane’s lost her grandmother’s necklace. Nona sympathises and then tells her not to mess with the birds – since they’re important to the Drake. Yes, more creepy.

Speaking of woman crushed by an elevator, Brian goes to see Louise in hospital where she’s recovering well – but they have money worries since she can’t work and the job she did have scheduled has both now cancelled her and won’t work with her again. Alexis, her assistant shows up to bring things for her and take the opportunity to get a little touchy-feely with peeping-tom Brian.

Henry and Jane go to another glitzy, ritzy party run by the totally-not-creepy Dorans who are also totally-not-grooming them. Time to see Gavin Doran’s extremely expensive property deals, enjoy the view, make out on the balcony (stay classy guys) and meet another resident – Danielle! She’s single but going on a date tomorrow and good ol’ Gavin is calling up a romantic restaurant to have them treated well. That Gavin, always selflessly thinking of others.

That night Jane realises she left some clothes in the dryer and, since there’s a thief in the building, goes down to check. At least it beats last week’s excuse of just wandering around in the middle of the night for shits and giggles. While down there she hears something and checks out the Big Menacing Door – behind which is a flat – and a dead body with blood stains on its chest. She gasps – and he sits up. And she wakes up back in her bed, but her washing basket is filled with the dried clothes.

The next day Henry reveals he’s invited the Doran’s for dinner (cooking a meal for billionaires – don’t be intimidated Jane), but she generously doesn’t kill him. She does ask Tony if there’s ever been a murder in the building – he says no and adds that she’s creepy – yeah, she and everyone else who lives there. And the exterminator arrives to deal with the birds, they find an old ventilation shaft absolutely chock full of starlings (also creepy)

In Brian’s flat he’s writing his play (no, he actually is) and trying to resist peeping into Alexis’s bedroom, even though she’s not even there. He closes the curtain to avoid distractions and Jane and the exterminator arrive to knock on walls. While talking to Jane he notices that the curtains he closed are open again – and through the window Alexis is getting changed again.

Hunting down the starlings they find that access to the ventilation shaft is behind The Door that is covered in concrete (the exterminator, wise man, decides that if someone concretes up a door, they have a good reason to do so). Jane is determined to have it knocked down. Nona sees the exterminator hammering at the door and warns him that he’ll annoy the birds. He fobs her off and she steals his rabbit foot key-ring to get a vision off it – a vision of him being killed by birds. And guess what happens that night? The birds attack him and he’s run over by a taxi. Nona’s definitely the person to ask the creepy questions. Or tomorrow’s lottery numbers

Meanwhile lonely Danielle is stood up for her date – but creepy Gavin Doran is there to console her (that’s not stalkery at all). And he has a friend he’d love for her to meet, while he stands back and watches them (creepily, of course). And later Olivia is there to take her shopping for her new date – it was a hit.

Jane drops in on Louise and is shocked that she plans to sue (eerrr, the lift tried to kill her and her injuries resulted in her being unable to work – sounds reasonable actually) and is disturbed because she’s all Team Doran now. Brian, meanwhile is entertaining Alexis – she enters their home while he’s in the shower. He tells her to leave but she kisses him. he tells her to leave again, she kisses him again – and he kisses her back.

When Louise gets out of hospital she finds a cheque from the Doran’s for $300,000 for her injuries.

Jane returns home someone shoves a newspaper under her door – she thinks it’s Nona – about a robbery and murder in the Drake in 1956, Edward Paxton was murdered in his home.

Preparing dinner for Henry she tells him about her psychic dream but he has another worry – after being told about Doran’s $100,000,000 property deal he has come into knowledge in his job with the mayor’s office that says the land is a toxic waste dump. If Doran goes ahead he’s going to lose his money, if he doesn’t, the leak could be traced to Henry. It’s going to make for a tense dinner.

It does go smoothly however, and Jane reveals more of her obsession with the Drake’s history and tells the Dorans about the murder – turns out the murder victim lived in Danielle’s room. And Danielle’s date? Doesn’t go so swimmingly – it starts well and they go home and go to bed and then he has to leave to see his wife. She’s shocked but he points out he never took his wedding ring off – she is adamant he wasn’t wearing one, she looked.

Jane has another dream, goes through The Door, sees the murdered man – and sees a woman stood over him with a knife, saying she loved him. In Apartment 7G, Danielle is stood over the cheat’s body with a knife. She panics, lying on the floor and creepy Gavin Doran comes in, saying the man cheated him in a business deal as well and got what he deserved. He talks about all the other men who have cheated or mistreated Danielle, a list going back to 1956 when she killed Edward Paxton. He names name after name – and Danielle checks her face in the mirror. She’s an old woman. She panics and cries and Doran holds her, saying he’ll clear up the mess, she’ll go to bed – and tomorrow she’ll feel like a new woman. Presumably literally.

In the morning Gavin runs into Henry and tells him he’s completed his property deal – Henry’s uncomfortable for obvious reasons. Gavin also tells him about the toxic waste and praises Henry for keeping top his ethics and not telling him – and that Gavin already turned the property round for a profit before the news broke. As Henry leaves, Olivia comments to Gavin that Henry has passed his test. Gavin says he’s perfect – she protests that he’s a boy-scout but Gavin says he’s going to be a hero.

The exterminator is gone but before Jane can call another, Gavin says to just brick up the hole and leave them – they’re not doing any harm and they belong at the Drake. But he wants her to clean up the mess in the basement. Down there she finds the concrete has been pulled away from The Door – and, of course, she simply has to open it and look inside – where something grabs her.

I’m all kinds of meh about this show so far to be honest. It’s interesting but I’m not sure if any of the characters are particularly compelling to me yet. I may have to break out the snark.