Monday, October 8, 2012

Misfits Season Two Episode One

This episode opens with a large digital clock, which seems to be counting down time and it is interspersed with images of the misfits. A man all in black with a hood over his face walks away from the clock and runs to a building across from the community center. He jumps from roof top to roof top and scales walls.  He throws a paper airplane and it hits Kelly in the eye.  When she unfolds the airplane, she reads the message which says, "go to his grave".  Kelly looks around, but cannot see anyone.

The misfits all join Kelly on the roof and Simon suggests that this could be a trap and Curtis says that it's a wind up.  Shaun, the new probation worker comes onto the roof and ends the conversation.  When Alisha asks where the old probation workers is, Shaun tells the crew that she is missing.  Shaun makes it clear that he is not really interested in their rehabilitation and says that there are things he would be much happier doing.

At the community center, an art therapy class is taking place and Alisha calls them "mentals". Shaun instructs the misfits to treat them with a bit of respect. I liked this because ableism has become a mainstay of this show.  Simon and  Lucy make eye contact, causing Simon to leave the room.  Lucy follows him and says that she tried to see him after he left the unit and that they wouldn't give her his phone number.  She asks if he got the letters she sent him and then asks why he didn't contact her.  Simon says he was told not to have contact with any of the residents.  This bolsters Lucy because she now believes that Simon wanted to see her.  She demands that he come and see her that night and then when she wraps her arms around him; however, Simon does not hug her back.  He tells her that it is good to see him before leaving. Lucy must be the girl he told Sally about when she asked if he had ever had a girlfriend.

The misfits make their way to Nathan's grave and Alisha believes it's a complete waste of time and leaves.  As Kelly walks away, she start to hear Nathan's thoughts and he is clearly masturbating.  Kelly calls them back and they dig Nathan up and he pretends to be dead.  Kelly says that she heard him and that he was masturbating. She leans into the coffin to touch him and he sits up and screams, scaring the Misfits.  Nathan stands up saying that he is immortal and they saved the best for last.  Nathan says that he thought he was going to starve to death and Curtis points out that because he is immortal, it's impossible for him to starve to death.

The next day, Nathan is back at the community center and he tells everyone how he went to see his mother and scared her half to death. Shaun shows up and asks who Nathan is and so Nathan introduces himself and does the most ridiculous dance. Shaun turns to leave and says that he is going to put him back in the system.  This is when Nathan realizes that because he turned up, he is no longer a free man.

As the crew is walking out, Lucy stops Simon to ask where he was and points out that he waited for her. He tells her that there was something he had to do. Simon leaves to join the crew and Kelly asks if Simon knows Lucy, Alisha asks if Simon is trying to shag Lucy and Simon tells them both no.  Nathan interjects to say, "she's not that mentally ill, or maybe she is."  Tears come to Lucy's eyes and she scratches out the drawing she was making.

Simon is in the locker room when Alisha walks in and says that she is seducing him and "being all slutty and horny." Simon says that she is with Curtis and Alisha replies that they are over because Curtis didn't satisfy her sexually.  She then gets on her knees, pulls down Simon's zipper and sucks him off. He tells her that he doesn't think that she should be doing this, but makes no real move to stop her.  When he orgasms, Alisha stands up and says, "catch you later," before walking out of the room, leaving Simon speechless.  Okay, first off, Simon should have known that this was not Alisha because she is incapable of touching anyone without her power kicking in. I do have to say that Simon's face during this scene was absolutely hilarious. 

Alisha walks into the bathroom and her eyes go all black as the lights flicker.  She starts pulling on her skin an shift back into Lucy. This is yet another case of assault by deception on Misfits.  Clearly, the writers have a thing with encouraging the idea that fully informed consent is not necessary for sexual activity.  

Nathan is chatting with Kelly and asks if she cried and if there were loads of girls at his funeral wishing they had shagged him while he was still alive. Kelly calls him a dick. Nathan finally says, "I'm no good at this serious girl stuff and feelings and shit. I fancy you." Kelly thanks him and so of course Nathan wants to know when they are going to seal the deal.  Kelly tells him tonight and Nathan promises her that she won't regret it. 

On the roof, Alisha is sunning herself when Simon approaches her.  Simon asks her if she likes food and asks her to dinner.  He says, that he thinks about her and implies not just since she went down on him. Alisha asks him if he has been wanking over her and suggests that he wank over Kelly and calls him a freak before walking away.  Simon calls out, "why are you doing this to me?"

Nathan walks into the bathroom and sees Kelly. He tells her that he is getting some condoms for later and asks if he should be getting a few packs.  Kelly tells him that it depends on how good he is and to pull out his penis.  Nathan quickly obliges and Kelly is not impressed. She tells him, "I don't shag guys with tiny cocks, forget it," before leaving the room. For once, Nathan is absolutely speechless.  He follows her out and says that he has never had any complaints. Nathan adds, "Maybe it wouldn't be such a problem, if you didn't have such a massive fanny."  Kelly asks him what he is talking about and Nathan replies, "I am talking about your jumbo sized twat." Clearly that was Lucy in the bathroom with him and not Kelly. As Kelly walks away in disgust Nathan yells, "You started it. I have feelings and so does my cock."

Simon sees Shaun in conversation with Pete the cop and goes invisible so that he can hear what they are saying.  Pete warns Shaun that he has to be careful because the last two probation workers assigned to these kids are missing but Shaun is not scared. He says, "they are are lazy idiots but they are not murderers." When Pete says that he is going to search the building, Shaun asks him if he has a warrant. Pete is shocked but says that he will get one and that Shaun had better be careful that they don't get to him first.  Pause for one moment.  Why the hell would Shaun care if Pete searched the building?  It would be one thing if Pete were searching his home, car or person, but his demand for a warrant for the community center, where Shaun just started working makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. 

Alisah walks into the locker room covered in blood with tears in her eyes. A very concerned Curtis approaches her to find out what happened and she says that Simon attacked her. When Curtis asks why, Alisha says, "I don't know, he's insane."  Curtis leaves in a fit of rage to find Simon.  Yep, off to defend his property, which I suppose is more important than making sure that Alisha doesn't need medical attention or anything like that.  I also don't like the implication that someone who is mentally ill is violent.  This is a common trope on television; however, someone who is not neuro typical is more likely to hurt themselves than anyone else.

Hearing the conversation between Pete and Shaun, drives Simon to go and look at Sally, who is still in the freezer.  He starts dragging her body out in a silver tarp, when he is intercepted by Nathan, who wants to know what is going on. Curtis attacks Simon from behind and he immediately apologizes. When Curtis asks him why he hurt Alisha like that, Simon is shocked and says that he didn't hurt her. Kelly and Alisha come out and Kelly breaks up the fight.  When Kelly asks if Curtis hit Simon, Curtis says that Simon hurt Alisha, which Alisha quickly denies.  Curtis tells them that Alisha was in the locker room and her face was all messed up and she said that Simon attacked her. Kelly says,"if you hit him again, I will kick your balls back into your stomach mate." Alisha pipes up to say that she thinks that Simon has been wanking over her. Simon denies it and thinks, "he doesn't know that Alisha gave me oral sex," which Kelly hears.  Alisha immediately denies it and says, "whoever it was who was sucking your cock, it wasn't me."  Curtis says that something weird is going on here.  

When Nathan stumbles over Sally's frozen hand, Curtis realises that Simon killed her.  Simon immediately goes on defense and tells the group that Sally was  engaged to Tony, the first probation and worker, and had found out about them killing him. Simon says that Sally was going to go to the police and that he didn't mean to kill her.  Nathan calls him a weird little psycho and adds that now everyone knows it.  Nathan starts to walk away and Kelly says don't walk away, this is on all of us.  Suddenly, the toilet flushes and the real Nathan walks out of the bathroom and the crew now realises that someone knows  they killed their probation worker. All of this is news to the real Nathan, who complains about missing all of the good stuff.

Simon thinks that a shapeshifter is probably responsible for what is going on and says that he saw this on Star Trek. Curtis suggests that they should all watch more science fiction because it would help them to figure out what is going on there. Nathan realises that it wasn't Kelly who said those horrible things about his cock.  Simon suggests that they set up a password so they know they aren't talking to the imposter.  Nathan suggests monkeyslut and Alisha is not impressed but Nathan argues that there is no way that monkeyslut will come up naturally in conversation.

They start to walk though the community center and Curtis says that they need to find out who it is before they go to the police.  Alisha replies, "it's the probation worker, it's always the probation worker."  When they come around the corner, they see Lucy and she makes a run for it.  The next person they see is Shaun and they assume it's Lucy and Nathan encourages Kelly to attack.  I love the fact that the protector of this group is Kelly because such a role is normally given to a White male.  In the struggle, they kill Shaun and Simon says, "I thought she would turn back into herself when she died."  The misfits then realise they may have indeed killed their probation worker. When Simon looks over his shoulder, he sees Lucy staring back at him.  The stress causes Curtis to go back in time and he stops the misfits from killing Shaun this time. 

The misfits take off after Lucy and they realise that Lucy has turned herself into a mouse. Curtis, Nathan and Simon stand in the office holding crow bars, bats an hockey sticks and Curtis asks about Simon's history with Lucy. He tells them that after he tried to burn the house down that they sent him to a psychiatric unit for assessment and that Lucy was a patient in the unit. Nathan says, "so it's just that and the murder, or is there anything else you would like to confess to the group?" Simon replies, "You expect me to tell you anything after the way you have treated me, after all the names you've called me."  When Nathan asks what names, Simon gives the following list: "weird kid, panty sniffer, virgin, freak, twat, pervert, pedophile and melon fucker".  Simon ends by saying that he just wants to be Nathan's friend and Nathan replies, "sure man."

In another room, Alisha and Kelly are talking and Alisha says that she knows that Curtis is going to get freaked out about the blow job, though it wasn't even her.  Kelly says that her ex watched a porno with a girl who looked like her, "getting shot by a load of dwarves," and that it "did his head in." This ended their relationship.

Nathan then brings up the fact that Simon got a blowjob from a woman who looked like Alisha.  Curtis points out that it wasn't her and Nathan says, "who cares about her brain, when your balls are resting on your chin."  Curtis threatens Nathan with a bat to get him to be quiet and Nathan tells him that the person he should be angry with is Simon.  Simon starts to stutter an explanation and Curtis says, "you didn't know it wasn't Alisha, you should have stopped her."  Nathan interrupts to say, "that requires an inhuman level of self restraint that no man is capable of. The siren call of the blowjob renders all men powerless." Lucy comes out of hiding and all three try to kill her but she escapes and so the misfits split up.

Nathan is in the locker room when he sees a mouse crawl into a box and so he beats it with a bat. He shows the mouse to Simon and says, "I got the bitch."  When he says the password and Simon does not respond, Nathan realises that the person he is talking to is not Simon. The two struggle and Nathan is injured by being impaled on a pipe.

Kelly and Simon meet up in the hallway and they both yell "monkey slut." The run into the bathroom when they hear Nathan screaming and he tells Kelly that the person she is with, is not the real Simon. Alisha enters and sees Nathan and then says monkey slut.  Nathan says that "monkey slut is blown because the mental girl knows the password."  Simon tells Aisha to prove it's her by using her power. She touches him and he says, "I want to rub my cock in your hair armpit."  Simon then goes invisible to prove he is who he says he is.  Curtis walks in the room and says the password, but Kelly believes that it's not Curtis, because she can hear his thoughts.  They take a crow bar to him and then put a plastic bag over his head, as the mysterious stranger from the beginning of the episode rushes along the roof tops again. Curtis starts to struggle and Simon yells stops as the stranger turns the lights out.

When the lights go back on, the bag is off of Curtis' head and Simon gets a call.  When Kelly asks who it is, Simon replies, "it's you." Lucy throws Simon into the locker and shifts into herself.  She tells him that he needs to walk into the police station and confess that he killed two probation workers.  Lucy then shifts into Simon and says that she is doing it for them, so that they can be together again. 

At the station, Lucy disguised as Simon is waiting to talk to Pete.  Simon suddenly appears in the background and tells Lucy that he shouldn't have lied to her, because he knows how much it hurts. He admits that he believed that they (the other misfits) wouldn't be friends with him, if they found out he was in the unit and that for the first time in his life he feels like he belongs.  Lucy points out that he murdered his probation worker.  Simon says that he can't go back to the unit and Lucy answers, "it's where you belong." Simon says that he likes who he is now and begs Lucy not to take that away from him.  When Pete walks in, Lucy says "fuck you," and gets tossed out of the room. Simon thanks her and then walks her home.

Nathan comes back to life and Kelly is waiting for him.  Nathan tries to apologise about what he said about her huge vagina and Kelly says that it is stuff he says all the time and she just wants to make sure that he is okay.  He offers to change and Kelly walks out.

The crew grab Sally and dump her in the lake.  Nathan says that he loves being immortal and the group points out the down side. Simon asks Curtis who saved his life and Curtis says some guy in a mask. Simon is worried that someone knows about them and determines that they have to find out who he is. Nathan just wants a break and points out what a hectic week they have had.  What they don't realise, is that even as they are dumping the body, the stranger in question is watching them.