Sunday, December 2, 2012

Haven, Season 3, Episode 10: Burned

Audrey and Nathan have to investigate another burned body which looks like another of the Bolt Gun Killer’s victims. The pathologist thinks there’s no rush since Tommy is dead but Audrey isn’t willing to write him off as dead since they never found the body. She’s worried that Tommy is still alive but accepts Nathan’s assurance that Tommy had nothing to do with the guard.

Meanwhile and elsewhere, a van skids off the road, one man leaps out of it and runs, chased by another. Audrey and Nathan arrive finding a girl in the van, Ginger Danvers, who doesn’t understand why her father ran off. Nathan reveals that the van is used by the Guard to get Troubled people into Haven. They speculate that his Trouble was triggered in the van and caused him to run, abandoning his daughter. She doesn’t want to talk to anyone but Duke makes her open up at the police station (why is Duke at the police station? Because he’s always at the police station, of course)

And Nathan goes to flirt with Jordan – really, I thought we’d resolved this love triangle nonsense?  He tells her about Morton Davners, the Troubled guy, running away and his daughter. Jordan pretends ignorance but after he leaves there’s a man called Lance in the back room snarling at her for her police chief boyfriend and she snarls back at having to lie to him.

There’s another revelation at the police station. Checking the burned body they find he was a bolt gun killer victim, he had been dead for 5 weeks – and he was Detective Thomas Bowen. Claire says that’s impossible and the pathologist responds with the line of the week “are you from Haven?” The word impossible should never be used. Whoever they were working with wasn’t Tommy Bowen.

Duke does the very clever thing of taking Ginger out of the police station and promptly loses her – she’s taken by lance, the guy in Jordan’s safehouse. But the minute she can speak she demands to be let go and tells him she hates his guts. He drops her and when she runs, he pulls out of a knife says “I hate my guts” and stabs himself in the stomach, much to Jordan’s shock.

Audrey and Nathan arrive on scene and Audrey puts 1 and 1 together and gets 56 (as is Audrey’s wont) and realises that Ginger is the Troubled one with the power of hypnosis, able to control minds. She calls Duke, but Ginger has found him and tells Duke not to tell Audrey anything and come play with her – which he does. Pirates – which, at her urging, results in Duke getting into more and more dangerous positions (and he needs more Eyeliner to be a pirate, it is known, but he’s making a good start). Audrey and Nathan arrive just in time to see Duke fall from the upstairs balcony.

Audrey gives ginger a little heart to heart talk about her powers and her father – but they need to get her father back to help her not feel abandoned. Audrey asks Ginger about the people who brought her father to Haven to see if they can find him – and reveals that Jordan was among them.

Nathan goes to confront her and is most displeased with her lying to him. Jordan hates to break the usual secrecy of how the Guard operates, but reveals that Ginger has an uncle in town. While Nathan checks out that dead end – the uncle knows nothing. Jordan sneaks to see Ginger while Audrey is on the phone (getting a call from the pathologist telling her that Tommy’s burned body had rope fibre in its airways) and takes her away, telling Ginger that Audrey is lying and will lock her away somewhere all alone.

Jordan tries to escape but is surrounded by Audrey and Nathan with guns.  Jordan is arrested and Ginger recovered.  Jordan doesn’t want to talk, but Ginger points out she can make her. Audrey protests that it’s too dangerous (uh… why? Unethical, yes I can see that. Completely wrong, yes I can see that. But dangerous? How is it dangerous?) but Duke counters that Ginger continuing to believe her father abandoned her is even more dangerous (does anyone in Haven even know what “dangerous” means?).

Using Ginger they find out where her father is – but he’s under guard. They also find out that the Guard wants Ginger in order to control Audrey in case she becomes “difficult.” And she would have done it by using Ginger’s powers to control Nathan and through him control Audrey. And they needed to control Audrey so they could make her go into the barn – because when she was Sarah she tried to run away. They don’t know what the barn is, but when Audrey goes in she disappears – and so does the barn. And when they’re gone the Troubles in Haven stop – and Haven becomes a haven again.

Time to raid the safe house, using Ginger’s powers to make the guard sleep. Ginger is reunited with her dad who tells her how much he loves her – which turns off her Trouble. Which is a shame because they could have used her against the gun toting man. Nathan agrees to let Jordan go if he lets them go – and he officially turns his back on the Guard.

In a reversal of usual behaviour – they get Ginger out of Haven – to a safer place, Haven is no haven for her. Jordan tries to make a last ditch justification of her actions before Nathan kicks her out. And Audrey and Claire figure out which rope factory the Bolt Gun killer was using as a base. Road trip to serial killer den!

Nathan and Audrey arrive at the super spooky spooky damp place – that was very recently occupied. And in a tank they find Tommy’s skin. In several other tanks are other skins – the Bolt Gun Killer burned the bodies so they wouldn’t know they’d been skinned first (ok, that’s either a hot fire or a really awful pathologist). And yes, he’s been wearing the skins – and he uses a Bolt Gun because it only leaves a tiny hole in the skin. Nathan brings up Skinwalkers (of course, they’ve already done Wendigo) which Nathan believes is based on this Trouble. Don’t they put 2 and 2 together here? If the Troubles are linked to Audrey and they also caused a Native American myth, that would mean Audrey’s been reincarnating for a gazillion years or so.

They close with the revelation – he could be anyone. I’m sure they’ve done this storyline before – in the hotel with the chameleon. And he didn’t have to go around skinning people.

The CCTV pictures of the Bolt Gun Killer clearly showed a white guy with a Guard tattoo and at last we have an explanation of this. But I still think it’s ridiculous no-one questioned this before and at least thought “accomplice”

At last we have some revelations about the Guard and the barn! The plot is thickening. Now we need a good episode to explain the whole Tommy deal!

And where are the Teagues?! Who are the Teagues? What are they Teagues?