Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Being Human (US): Season 3, Episode 2: (Dead) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

 We start with a very upset man questioning the ill Vampires-of-the-Corn about his son. They don’t say anything – but he sees the wolfhead on the wall and goes berserk, staking all of them. He goes to the head and wails over it, swearing to find who did it and to kill his sons, daughters and everyone he loves and even worse if anything happened to his sister he will teach the leeches to run when they see a pure bred. I suspect we may be dealing with the father of Brynn and Connor, the pure bred werewolves.

Aidan, meanwhile, is in very poor shape, dragging himself to the crashed car and lapping up any blood he can find, including the bottles of blood Atlee managed to salvage last episode.

At the house, Sally, Stevie and Nick are embodied, apparently alive again (and Nick and his living girlfriend, Zoe waste no time in taking advantage of his new found tangibleness). Nick and Zoe leave – but when Stevie starts to leave sally and Josh remind him that he can’t see anyone he knew from before he became a ghost. He assures them he isn’t, he wants to hitch hike across the country. Which Josh thinks is a great way to be chopped up into little pieces. Sally agrees with Josh and points out with no money and nowhere to stay he’s going to be homeless and resorting to prostitution (not her language). Since he got out of limbo, he’s sure he can handle it and Sally presses him to take $200 from Josh at least (I love the look Sally and Josh exchange – looks like that underscore their friendship more than anything else). Sally and Stevie say their goodbyes and Josh gets a phone call.

And drive to pick up Aidan! Who Sally greets with a big hug which he accepts before he has a “hey wait, fleshy human sally” moment. “Is she possessing a twin we didn’t know she had?” (oh I love when these three get together – so much better than apart). More hugging and great emotion. Sally tells Aidan all about the blood magic with massive glee, Aiden freaks out and Josh insists they not talk about this in the parking lot. Oh and Josh is human!

Back home and Josh is planning a big reunion dinner (and Aidan has shaved his massive beard) but Sally wants to go out and hit the town instead and there’s lots of fun back and forth (Josh can fit 10 minutes of dialogue in one facial expression).  Aidan still has reservations about raising the dead but Josh points out a) vampire and b) they intended to bring a ghost back, not living breathing Sally. Josh was more concerned with Aidan – since he couldn’t find him and every month there were less vampires, he thought Aidan was dead.

Josh has been switching out blood bags in the fridge and even offers to let Aidan feed on him since he’s fully human, but Aidan can’t be sure if any of it is clean of the virus. Aidan tells him about the flu – which Josh had – and how it kills vampires. Lots more rebonding and emotion and a real sense of how much they’ve missed each other. But Aidan’s hunger rises and he has to leave –Josh doesn’t want to let him go, not alone, but Aidan doesn’t (there may also be an issue of Aidan’s appetite seeing Josh as viable) want him to see everything involved in being a vampire.

Meanwhile, menacing pure blood werewolf guy is trying to get Nora’s address from the hospital – which, naturally, they refuse to give out.

Nora and Josh are getting ready for the evening, Josh going out with Sally and Nora ready for the full moon – and Nora reveals that she knows that Josh spends every full moon night sat outside the unit.  She tells him that, while it’s a comfort, he doesn’t have to protect her and killing Ray means nothing if he still lives like a werewolf. It’s another wonderful, emotional scene. Being Human has been doing them extremely well this season.

Aidan goes to see one of his old blood contacts who tells him how few vampires there are these days – and that her blood isn’t safe, she had the virus. But she does know where there’s someone who may be safe to feed from. Aidan goes – and the contact gives him baby blood. And 3 werewolves attack him (on the night of the full moon when they’re strong) announcing that it’s their time. They beat the hungry Aidan – but then are driven off by another vampire who kills 2 of them. Henry which gets Aidan all weepy again. He helps Aidan home to his place and introduces him to Emma – his human girlfriend.

He fills Aidan in on what’s happened in the city – it’s crawling with wolves and every full moon they try to pick off the remaining vampires, who have become a very close knit community. And the black market of blood isn’t guaranteed anyway – Henry was lucky that he found Emma who never caught the flu. He offers Aidan just enough blood to get him home and stop collapsing

When he takes Emma into a private room to feed on her, he notices the windows are barred. She tells him she never goes out – she could catch something out there. When he looks at her wrist he sees scars, she’s tried to kill herself. He asks her if Henry lets her out and she believes she’s going to die in the house, as a cage. She has been held captive a long time and as she talks she panics and tries to leave. Henry intercepts her and uses his vampire compulsion to calm her down and believe she’s happy, calm and loves Henry.

Aidan is furious – especially with his own experiences being trapped under ground, and rejects any comparisons with his relationship with Celene – since he never trapped her or forced her. Henry protests that he has to, eating on the street is a death sentence. Aidan won’t accept it – and leaves.

Josh and Sally are being immensely cute and fun out on the town. And, in among the celebrating, Josh reveals he wants to ask Nora to marry him. He talks about how they bonded since they were alone but he also adds that if she were human he would have asked her already and, since he’s become human, it’s the most human thing to do. Even Sally seems to think these are poor reasons and suggests he waits a while. Things get complicated when Trent, an old friend of Sally’s and someone who attended her funeral, notices her.

Sally makes up a story of having to fake her own death to escape her abusive husband and becomes interested in Trent when he reveals how cut up he was at her funeral. Josh desperately tries to make an excuse for them to leave, but Sally won’t co-operate since the cat’s already out of the bag. Josh goes to the bar, having odd werewolf images and Sally approaches him telling him that she’s taking Trent back to the house to have sex. Josh is several kinds of worried, what with Donna’s warning, but quickly understands and agrees to wait before going home.

Sally takes Trent home but he declines coming in with her – suggesting a date instead. It’s not the “faked her own death” thing, it’s the gin that’s making him feel odd.

At the storage unit, the pure blood werewolf goes to see Nora and confirms that he is Connor and Brynn’s father – and that he’s looking for her. Nora talks about running with Brynn, but says she couldn’t keep up with her, so left. The pure blood werewolf stands very close to her, smelling her fear. He closes the door of the unit – forcing them to change together. He claims the wolf will know if she can be trusted or not.

At the house, Sally talks to Aidan about her date and how being there doesn’t even feel real yet. Seeing that Aidan has that “waxy heroin chic” going on she realises he’s hungry and offers up her arm (I kind of like that both Josh and Sally trust Aidan so much that offering him blood is no big deal to them) but Aidan thinks that feeding from the reanimated dead won’t keep him going. Sally’s suspicious and checks that he’ll tell them if he’s in trouble – and calls him a liar when he says he will. She points out he always does this, thinks he can handle everything himself until it falls apart and he worries Josh sick (he points out she does the same – including worrying Josh sick). And that, after her experiences, she can handle whatever badness is going on in his life. They have a moment where they touch and how they’re not used to that and… uh-oh, was that sexual tension? That was sexual tension! Uh-oh

Next morning, Sally extols the virtue of a big pork human breakfast – but Josh (who spent all night walking in the moonlight because he can) has to let Nora out – and ask her to marry him. Sally thinks it’s a very bad idea and a very bad moment (and the way she describes it doesn’t sound ideal).  Josh is insistent, adamant about going through with it – when they’re interrupted by a siren. They run outside to see what happened and find Trent being loaded into a bodybag. Instantly Josh thinks it could be what Donna warned them about.

Henry bursts out of his flat screaming for Emma – and finds Aidan waiting for him, telling him he let her go. Henry is not amused, his Aidan and asks if he has a death wish. Aidan talks about his own experience underground, about how he drove himself to the edge of madness with his constant desire for revenge until he started hallucinating about Josh and Sally and he can’t live as he did the year before he was buried – killing all those people. He urges Henry to do the same.

We end with Josh arriving at the storage unite – there’s a thick trail of blood on the ground, the door is ripped open – he sticks his head in and calls for Nora.

I’m uncomfortable with Henry keeping a human slave for food – but I’m happy that Aidan called it out for how bad it was, even though he’s starving and even with Henry’s protests of necessity. And I love that he rescued her. I also loved that, with Aidan’s little speech we have a clear reset of season 2; Aidan is going back to being who he was in season 1, trying to make the “normal life” work.

We’ve got some storylines heating up and, so far, the friends are staying at least partly together, which I love. They have amazing chemistry and an excellent friend dynamic. Do you know what could ruin that? Sally and Aidan as a couple – no no no no don’t go there.

My other vague worry is Sally’s opposition to Nora and Josh getting married – it’s only a tiny fear but I worry that it could be a precursor to tension between Nora and Sally.

The acting continues to be superb and full of emotion and drama. It’s maintaining the standard.