Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lost Girl, Season Three, Episode Four: Fae-de to Black

This episode begins with Bo having  some very very steamy sex with Lauren. Lauren quips that after last nights marathon that she didn't think she would get lucky again so soon.  Bo asks for a repeat and Lauren talks about all the things that she has allowed to fall by the wayside.  Bo leaves the room and Lauren collapses on the bed, while in the bathroom, Bo collapses a little and is forced to eat an energy bar.

Tamsin and Dyson are on a roof and they come across a man named Lloyd.  Dyson believes that there is some fae cause behind the spate of  "stupid human tricks," which has led to death recently. Tamsin has no sympathy and is more interested in attending to her plans for the evening.  As the two are bickering, Lloyd steps onto the tightrope that he has rigged and promptly falls to his death.  

Bo is walking around her apartment manically searching for chocolate, as Kenzi tries to get her attention.  Kenzi wants to have a heart to heart but Bo tries to blow her off, until Kenzi offers her chocolate. Kenzi starts to bring up an issue but she is immediately cut off by Bo who believes that this is yet another complaint about Lauren. Kenzi corrects this assumption and says that ever since the confrontation with The Morrigan, she sees Lauren differently. When Bo realises that Kenzi does not have any chocolate, Bo leaves.  Kenzi scratches her arm and says, "wicked, wicked Norn, what did you do to me?"

At the police station, Tamsin shows up to ask about a tox screen on Lloyd.  Dyson says that he smelled something fae up on the roof and believes they need to start an investigation.  Tamsin points out that all of the apparent suicides were all residents of the Better Way Clinic for Health and Witness.  Tamsin suggests that she go undercover as a doctor but Dyson quips, "we're trying to stop these people from committing suicide."

When next we see Dyson, he has gone to see Bo, who says that she could use the distraction. Dyson asks her to pose as a therapist and hands over a list of all of the victims. When a man walks by Bo is quickly distracted. which causes Dyson to ask if she got a power transfer from Lauren.  Bo informs Dyson that her sex life is awesome, "maybe a little two awesome." 

Bo shows up at the center and it turns out that Dyson has turned her into a couples therapist. Bo drills her receptionist but is not given much to go on.  When her eleven o'clock appointment starts, it turns out that she is counseling a gay male couple on their relationship. Manny is the black person and he is complaining that they are only having sex three times a week.  Bo immediately sympathizes with Manny and when she is asked where she went to school, Bo reaches out, uses her power and the couple starts kissing and making out.  Bo tells them they cannot do it there and the couple leaves.

Bo heads over to Lauren's to seek sex and Lauren says that she has work to do. This causes Bo to ask if she is using work as an avoidance technique.  Lauren is shocked to hear Bo say this and so Bo explains that she has been working at a therapist and that being a doctor is not all that hard. Lauren offers to help and pulls out a few textbooks for her to read. Bo asks Lauren if she has a problem and Lauren points out that she is doing a job she is not educated to do and that this is a serious ethical offense. Bo is affronted and sees this as an attack on her intelligence.  Lauren fights back saying, "I guess being a doctor would seem easy to someone who hasn't even finished highschool." Lauren quickly says that she didn't mean that but Bo leaves saying that she has clients.

Bo is back at the clinic seeing another patient who is talking about her dream. Bo simply takes a bite of her chocolate bar, rather than trying to explain what the dream means.  When Bo leaves her office, she runs into another patient, who tells her that his hand can stop a moving car. Bo sneaks into another office and starts going through the desk looking for information.  What she finds in Palmer's office is a bunch clippings and so when Palmer enters, Bo covers by saying that she needs a refresher on regression therapy. 

At The Dahl, Kenzi says that she realises that Bo has a lot of stuff going on but that she has issues as well to Hale. Kenzi tells Hale that she needs to talk because she thinks she has something coming back at her. Kenzi starts to tell Hale about what happened with the Norn,  but they are interrupted by a phone call.  When Hale hangs up, he says that he is really busy and asks if they can do lunch on Friday. As Hale goes to leave, Kenzi points out that what he is wearing leaves a lot to be desired and so Hale asks if she should be the one to give him a makeover. Kenzi admits that she has so many ideas and so Hale hands her his credit card and tells her not to go crazy.  Kenzi hugs him and Hale leaves.

Bo is talking with Palmer about regression therapy, when Bo notices that Rolly, the man who said he could stop cars with one hand and Tabitha the receptionist are missing. Bo finds Rolly in the parking garage and manages to stop him before he can hurt himself too badly. Rolly stands up and says that he sees the super villain and jumps in front of a moving car.  Bo pushes him out of the way but she is hit by the car in the process.  When Rolly gets up again, Bo uses her powers on him. Bo catches Tabitha watching them and so marches over. Tabitha admits to being a suicide fae but claims that the deaths were not caused by her. Tabitha begs Bo not to hurt her and claims that she is in therapy. Tabitha says that she is so hungry, that she couldn't help but feed of their remains and so Bo instructs her to tell it to the fae cops.  Tabitha responds by punching Bo in the stomach and apologizing before running away.  Rolly starts to walk up and Bo leans over him, restores some life essence and promptly passes out. 

Lauren and Tamsin show up and Bo asks if she is fine because it's not like her to let a suspect get away.  Tamsin snarks, "isn't she supposed to be unbeatable?" Dyson says that they have an ID on the killer now but Bo defends Tabitha by revealing that she is in therapy.  Tamsin is not buying and sites occam's razor before walking off.  Dyson tells Bo that she needs to refuel.

Bo heads back to Lauren's and the two start making out, with Lauren apologizing for what she said earlier. As they make out, Bo heals.  Lauren looks over Lloyd's file and says that she believes that Tabitha is innocent because of the lack of serotonin in Lloyd's body. Lauren believes that something is getting the victims excited and then feeding off of the adrenaline, which is not the type of food that would satisfy a suicide fae. Bo smiles and tells Lauren that she just reopened this case.  As Bo moves to stand, she has another moment of weakness.

At the police station, Tamsin is not convinced by what Bo has discovered and points out that Bo is not a cop. Bo asserts again that they need to investigate the clinic more. When Tamsin turns to Dyson, he says that they need to listen to Bo.  Bo suggests sending someone in under cover and it is agreed that Dyson should go because he can sense fae.  When Tamsin leaves in a huff, Dyson asks for a moment.  Bo has another moment of weakness and when Dyson lifts her shirt, he discovers that she is bleeding internally.  Dyson asks if she is feeding and Bo replies, "yes with Lauren, only with Lauren." Bo says that she is monogamous but Dyson replies that she cannot survive on one human alone.  Dyson tells her that there are no feelings involved and that she either sleeps with him, or he will call an ambulance. Bo consents and the two begin to makeout.

Back at The Dahl, Kenzi rushes in to see Hale with one of her purchases. Hale tries to tell Kenzi that this is not the time, but Kenzi is insistent until they are interrupted by an ambassador walking out. Hale is upset because the ambassador was conferring with her ancestor. Kenzi makes a quip about putting a sock on the door for next time and Hale responds "this isn't spring break in Cancun."  Kenzi says that her life has not been easy and that is what she has been trying to tell him, but Hale leaves to find the ambassador.

Dyson awakes in the office to find Dr. Bob (the cat) is not happy to see him.  Dyson mentions the things he can smell and adds that his senses are usually stronger.  Palmer begins to hypnotize Dyson and takes him back to his earliest memories from childhood. When next we see Dyson, he is at the Dahl telling Bo, and Trick about his experience.  Dyson admits that at first he thought he smelled something but it was overwhelmed by the kitty litter. Trick suggests that in the trance, Palmer could have convinced him that he was not the killer but Dyson denies this, saying he remembers everything that happened.  Dyson then gets another call from Tamsin, who says that a new body has been found.  Since Dyson was with Palmer, Bo believes that this might mean that Tabitha is the killer.

Bo and dyson go to meet Tamsin, who immediately says, "I hate to say I told you so." It turns out that the victim drowned but when Tamsin lifts the sheets Bo discovers that it's Tabitha.  On the side of her neck, is the same small cut that Bo noticed on Dyson back at The Dahl. 

At the Dahl, Trick, Tamsin, Dyson and Trick discuss what happened.  Trick suggests that Palmer is an Indonesian shapeshifter.  Dyson says that people should be allowed their dreams.  The phone rings and Trick leaves.  Dyson says that he is going to talk to Palmer because the two of them have a report. Bo is worried that Dyson may need back up but she lets him go.  When Bo's phone rings, it's Lauren, who says that they need to talk. 

Hale is talking to Trick and he is not happy that the ambassador left and did not give approval about the Dyson/Tamsin partnership. Hale reveals that Kenzi interrupted them and Trick asks what Kenzi was doing there. Hale admits that she is his new stylist. Trick reminds Hale that he is The Ash now and that it means protecting the inner workings of the office and his people.  Hale says that it was just Kenzi and Trick reminds him that Kenzi is not fae and that he needs to step and do what he has to do.

Lauren says that she has been looking over at the photos Bo sent her.  Lauren explains that all of the victims have the same wound and it's only then that Bo connects the wound with Dyson.  Tamsin calls Bo and they agree to meet at the clinic. Dyson is at the clinic and he tells Palmer that he made him see the truth and he picks up a knife saying that he is ready to be what he was meant to be.

Tamsin is holding the knife to Palmer and Bo questions him, about hypnotizing people into killing themselves. Palmer says that he is a guy who took a few courses on hypnosis. When Bo asks about Palmer being fae, Palmer says that he shouldn't even be practicing because all of his patients die and that he has no idea what fae are.  Palmer adds that Dyson was ranting about being the king of creatures and wanting to fly. Bo and Tamsin start to leave and Palmer asks about leaving the door open because Dr. Bob has a tendency to escape.

Tamsin finds Dyson on the roof taking off his shirt and talking about a dream he had once.  Dyson claims that he was meant to be a Griffin and that he needs to be free.  Bo bursts onto the roof and she tells Tamsin about Dr. Bob.  Tamsin leaves to go after the cat and leaves Bo with Dyson. Bo tells Dyson that he is strong, magnificent and loved by so many people. Dyson points out that he is not loved by her, as Dr. Bob transforms. Bo talks Dyson down off the ledge and then transfers life essence into him. Tamsin pulls a weapon and throws it at Dr Bob who quickly dissipates.

At the Dahl, Dyson tells Bo that he now realises that he has been neglecting his wolf. Bo tells Dyson that what happened between them cannot happen again. Dyson points out again that she cannot survive on Lauren alone and so Bo promises to talk to Lauren about this but believes that with their history, that it would be hurtful to Lauren, even though he can't feel anything anymore. Dyson says he understands and Bo leaves.  Tamsin approaches Dyson and offers to buy him a pitcher so that they can talk about it. Dyson declines and says that they are going to party. 

Kenzi tries to see Hale but she is stopped at the door. When the door opens Kenzi makes eye contact with Hale but he orders the door closed, as Kenzi begs and says that she needs to talk to him. 

Bo is at Lauren's and Lauren says that Dyson should come and see her immediately. When Bo says that he is better, Lauren realises that Bo had something to do with this.  Bo apologises and says that she was bleeding internally.  Bo adds that she regretted it immediately and Lauren leans in and kisses her. Lauren says, "I love you but being a doctor, I know that I'm not enough for you. You're a succubus Bo and we both tried to pretend that it isn't an issue but it is. For some reason the shots aren't working anymore."  Lauren says that Bo has to start feeding off others and that she has no choice but to be okay with it and that they have to make ground rules. Lauren says no Dyson and Bo agrees. The two kiss again.

Kenzi frantically calls Bo and says that she is really freaking out.  When she removes the bandage on her arm, the top layer of flesh is gone. As she starts to walk, she is gabbed and dragged away.