Saturday, February 23, 2013

Beauty and the Beast Season 1, Episode 14: Tough Love

Catherine is freaking out that zomg Heather saw Vincent! And since Heather has no concept of boundaries, any guy she sees Catherine with is researched in excruciating detail (well, when one’s soul topic of conversation is men, you need to have enough material to talk about, right?) And they’ve just put Alex on a bus to get her out of town away from Muirfield. Vincent is the voice of reason, pointing out Heather has never met him before and doesn’t know his name and, for all she knows, he could have been just some random guy Catherine met at a bar, never to be seen again.

Except heather doesn’t buy that, thinks he’s Vincent “Selanski” who she said she was going to invite to the wedding, that he’s the guy she’s been having issues with etc etc etc and she wants to meet him she wants to wants to wants to. At this point, I’d tell her she needs a hobby.

So to Vincent for Catherine to confess how much she failed to tell her sister to mind her own business and further add that to stop Heather asking questions they should make him less mysterious (i.e. answer her questions, validating said questions and encouraging more) but having him round to dinner. Vincent suggests instead she tell Heather that Vincent “Selanski” has dumped her. But Catherine doesn’t want to lie (um… hate to break it to you, Catherine, but when you haven’t even told the truth about his last name how do you expect to NOT lie in this situation? “What does he do for a living?” “Nothing! He lurks around a warehouse performing medical tests and occasionally being a vicious vigilante murderer!” “Do you have any family round here?” “yes, but I can’t speak to them or a secret government agency will kill them!” These truthful conversations are going to be difficult.)

Catherine is worried about damaging her relationship with Heather since she’s already lost Tess. So he concedes and she says he can be that nice ER doctor and hang around her apartment more then as well (well the “no lies” lasted all of 10 seconds. And how’s that going to follow through with someone as nosy as Heather? “which hospital?” “Oh… uh – LIE” and then hope she doesn’t check?)

Any loveydoveyness is interrupted by JT who is worried about Evan going silent – but Catherine reassures him

Cut to Evan and he gets a visit from Dr. Sorensen, here to play “we’re nice guys at Muirfield, honest!” and try to do a recruitment drive.And doesn’t he want to stop the big bad scary monster? Isn’t that why he does that job as a pathologist anyway (no background check Muirfield? Sloppy. He does that job because he’s having the guilty heeby jeebies about someone dying on the operating table – even JT managed to pull that one up).

There we dabbled our toe in some serious plot, on to the family dinner with Heather, Catherine and Vincent. Where Catherine seems to have done Heather a disservice because her “grilling him” is some very very reasonable questions. Minus points for her deciding to invite her own date to the dinner as well – Darius, Joe’s brother. At which point we get some of the awkward questions like “which hospital do you work at?” (zomg who could have predicted such taxing interrogation? Oh yes, me.)  But we have another drama at the dinner table – Darius gets a text saying “payment overdue” and starts to get quietly stressed, noticed by Vincent’s super senses. More awkwardness – but mainly caused by everyone very classily asking him about his facial scar, tacky folks, real tacky. But Vincent distracts them from it by using super speed to stop Catherine dropping her wine. Vincent flees to the other room ostensibly to call the hospital and Heather follows to tell him how much she doesn’t trust him. Oookay… because that’s a totally reasonable thing to say on first meeting. Of course this could be because Vincent was lurking outside Heather’s door trying to steal her camera – and the photo she has of Catherine and Vincent on the dance floor at their father’s wedding. Vincent makes and excuse and leaves with Catherine seeing him out so they can discuss the awkwardness and that Darius is hiding something.

Cue next day at work and Tess wants to talk to Catherine. Into the interview room – and there’s Heather. They want to talk about Vincent. Because, shockingly, they’ve checked up on him and *gasp* he doesn’t exist. Who could have predicted this problem? Oh yes, me again. They talk about why would he have a secret identity and the fact that Catherine was constantly covering for him is, according to Heather’s notes, a red flag that it’s an emotionally toxic relationship. Catherine urges them to trust her, but Tess won’t have it – she disappears during work hours, she lies, she’s a different person around him and she’s been tampering with evidence. Trust no longer applies. And there’s an ultimatum of “him or us” looming. Maybe time for a big secret reveal?

They’re interrupted by Joe coming in, Catherine and Heather leave Tess and Joe to it. Joe tells Tess that they have to cancel their date because his wife is coming home early – and also that Joe intends to tell her he’s leaving her. Tess urges him to not do it for her, to do what feels right, but Joe says marriage doesn’t feel right.

She goes to tell Vincent but there’s another crisis, while Catherine has the photo, it seems Heather has already posted them online, JT deleted it but it could still reach Muirfied. And now they have to find the digital copy Heather has so she doesn’t repost it.

Catherine goes to Heather at the big party for Joe and asks for the flash drive and when Heather gets angry, Catherine turns it around – on the basis of one awkward double date Heather decided he was a criminal, spoke to her co-worker and did a full background check; Catherine is not happy. She also points out she’s the responsible one who helps out Heather not the other way round, but Heather counters that’s because she talks to Catherine like a normal sister – and that Catherine doesn’t know how to be normal. She gives Catherine the flash drive but says she’s lost a room mate, she’s chosen Vincent over them.

Upset, Heather goes to Darius who notices and they leave the party early –but as they drive off some unsympathetic looking fellows in a big menacing car following them.

Catherine tries to square things with Tess who isn’t having it. She goes looking for Heather, can’t find her and starts freaking out in panic, even checking all of the CCTV cameras, paranoid about Muirfield. She sees Heather leave – and the menacing black SUV follow her. Then to add more stress, Evan wants to talk about the “creature”. He has an opportunity to hunt the creature and he knows she knows something – he knows something pulled her out of the wreckage of the car crash and he knows that the man she claimed to have killed in self-defence had cross-species DNA on it. He accuses her of protecting it when it kills people – and she leaves.

She catches up with Heather in the club Darius promotes and Heather’s bemused – she didn’t answer her phone because the music is loud and she’s mad with Catherine and the guys in the black SUV were Darius’s friends. And Catherine agrees to break up with “Vincent Selanski” if it will mean Heather staying. Oh and Vincent’s here (following the panicking Catherine) so Heather expects a break up right now. They commence to fake break up. The problem is that their normal acting is so bad that their fake acting is beyond comic. Except it turns serious when she realises she should have stuck to the original plan of keeping him secret – because she put everyone in danger out of a selfish desire for normality. Vincent points out maybe she should consider breaking up for real since she can never have normality with him.

Oh and Darius’s “friends” subtly put a gun to his back to take him away to talk about his debts. Heather goes looking for him and walks in on him being beaten by his creditors. She protests and is dragged out into the alley with him, she yells that her sister is a cop and one of the men hits her, knocking her out. Darius says he has a big gig coming up, he will be able to pay them back but the men are now concerned about Heather telling her sister. They need to silence her – they need Darius to silence her and put a gun in his hands. Until Vincent arrives, knocking everyone about into big solid objects and saving Heather’s life. And killing Darius. Oops.

He runs to avoid the sirens and goes to see Catherine to confess all. Which is when Catherine gets a call from Heather and agrees to be right there

She approaches the crime scene with lots of dramatic, sad music. They collect the gun (with Darius’s finger prints), Evan and Tess arrive and they see the claw marks on Darius’s chest – and then Joe arrives, distraught at his brother’s death. Joe’s wife comforts him as Tess looks on.

At the police station, Catherine questions Heather but she doesn’t know much. She collapses in tears.

And Evan talks to Catherine, this time the victim wasn’t a criminal, something Catherine is less sure off given his prints on the gun. He says the creature is stalking Catherine, circling her like she’s prey – it’s unpredictable and he’s scared for her. She tells him he doesn’t have to be and leaves. He decides he will have to protect her since she won’t protect herself.

At the graveyard where Vincent’s brother is buried, JT and Vincent discuss his guilt and him saving heather’s life. Vincent points out that rage over a brother’s death can make you do extreme things (like him volunteering for Muirfield in the first place over his brother’s death in 9/11) and he worries that Darius will put all his police resources behind tracking him down. Cut to Joe at his brother’s guerneyside and Evan going to, presumably, accept Muirfield’s offer.

Catherine and Vincent meet and he tells her he’s walking away, he couldn’t stand to be the person who cost her her sister and he’s putting her family at risk. Catherine rejects it, she doesn’t need normality, she needs him – she loves him (first time she’s said it I think). They kiss, they make out credits come down.

While the show still doesn’t come close to brushing the fringes of the Bechdel test, it is a relief to see this kind of serious conversation about a man. That Catherine has friends and family who care about her enough to see the warning and signs and be ready to help and step in.

I just can’t believe that Catherine and Vincent agreed to the whole dinner without working on any kind of back story at all. How long has he been hiding? How long has she been a cop? How long have they have working brains?

They brought in Darius to kill him off 2 episodes afterwards? That’s all kinds of off, especially with Joe being such a minor role and neither of them being laudable.