Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lost Girl Season Three, Episode Six: The Kenzi Scale

Bo has Faux Kenzi by the hair in the Dahl and tells Trick that the person she is holding is not Kenzi.  Trick calls Dyson over who announces that the bar is closed and drags Bo off of Kenzi.  Trick asks what happened and Kenzi says that Bo is killing again. Kenzi says that she is just trying to help her. In the meantime, Tamsin is hovering in the background.Trick asks how Bo knows that this is not Kenzi and Bo replies, "Trick, when I told her that I might be killing again, she didn't care. I am telling you that this is not Kenzi." Trick says, "put her in holding" and Tamsin and Dyson grab Bo. Bo is shocked because she thought he was talking about Kenzi.

Tamsin, Dyson and Trick are in the bar together and Trick says that Lauren should be there soon. Tamsin is not impressed and asks, "how many more fae have to die before you wake up?" Dyson says that Bo is not a killer but Tamsin wants to take Bo to the dark fae compound.  Trick says that Bo is going to stay there until they figure out what is going on. "Lauren will be here any minute and then she will run some tests. Until then, we keep Bo safe," Trick adds.  Tamsin leans in threateningly and asks, "who died and made you king?" Trick replies, "no one and as the proprietor of this way station, I have the right to declare sanctuary." Tamsin slams her hand on the table in frustration and walks off.

Dyson approaches Kenzi and asks if she is okay. Dyson assures Kenzi that Bo didn't mean it and that she is just sick or something.  Kenzi says that she is freaking out and that Bo is her best friend. They are interrupted by Trick who is upset and accuses Dyson of not looking out for Bo and protecting her. When Dyson says he has been, Trick asks how long he has suspected that Bo has been killing again.  Dyson admits to finding two bodies in the last two weeks and that they believe they might be succubus feeds but are not sure.  Trick tells him that his job is tell him what happens and that his job has always been to watch over Bo. Trick adds, "I thought I chose wisely, maybe I was wrong."

Tamsin is now sitting at the bar with Kenzi and says, "so sorry your friend turned crazy psycho bitch." Kenzi replies, "you're so not." Tamsin wants to know if if Bo confessed and Kenzi says that it was just another crazy sex game gone wrong and that it happens if you're a succubus. Tamsin points out that earlier Kenzi gave Bo an alibi and Kenzi says, "earlier I wasn't scared for my life." Tamsin says "that it must be horrible to hear your friend say all of those things," and Kenzi replies, "best friends fight." Kenzi admits that she doesn't like Tamsin because she has been trying to put her BFF in jail forever and leaves saying that she is going to get a care package together for Bo.

Bo is locked into a cell when Lauren enters and asks for a sample of her hair. Bo is shocked and says that Lauren needs to help her get out of here. Lauren says that she is sorry and Bo replies that Kenzi is out there somewhere and could be really hurt. Lauren again pleads to take a sample, because this is the only way she knows how to help Bo.  Bo asks how Lauren cannot believe her but Lauren says that she is acting crazy and Bo again says that Kenzi is missing. Finally, Bo asks if Lauren is scared of her and Lauren tells her that she is sick and that she can help her. Lauren reaches in and plucks a hair as Bo says, "I will never forgive you for this." Lauren replies, "I hope that's not true. Everything is going to be okay baby." Bo affirms this and adds just as soon as she gets out of there and figures out what happened to Kenzi. Lauren asks for some time and Bo says sure, but if Kenzi dies that it's on her.

The real Kenzi meets the fake Kenzi and she says, "if you're going to rip off my look, at least respect the Kenzi brand.'  The fake Kenzi holds out and earring and says bon appetite. The real Kenzi says that she cannot eat and earring and that she is starving. Fake Kenzi replies, "call me crazy but eating everyday is a bit much. Which reminds me, what kind of ice cream does Bo like." Real Kenzi orders her to stay away from Bo, but fake Kenzi says that she is just trying to help and that besties aren't supposed to have secrets. Real Kenzi says that they don't have any secrets, so Fake Kenzi asks why she couldn't tell Bo about her rash. It turns out that the fake Kenzi gave the rash to the real Kenzi. Fake Kenzi says that she was like fae.  Real Kenzi says that Dyson can smell fae and that he will save her. Fake Kenzi calls her a sad silly girl and adds that her friends don't even know she is missing.

Fake Kenzi goes to see Bo who asks what is that smell? Fake Kenzi holds out some coconut ice cream and says that she will leave it to the side for later.  Bo stands and says that she has changed her mind and Fake Kenzi trots over with a spoon of ice cream. Bo uses her powers and suggests that they should get the Real Kenzi and that everything will be forgiven.  Bo asks to be let out and Fake Kenzi says that they don't need the real Kenzi anymore. Bo points out that real Kenzi knows she doesn't like coconut ice cream and this is proof that the real Kenzi is alive.Fake Kenzi pulls away and starts smacking her head and says, "none of you will be my friend. Why does this keep happening." Bo suggests it is because Fake Kenzi is completely insane. Fake Kenzi counters by reminding Bo that she is the one locked up. Fake Kenzi tells Bo to take a good look and adds that this is the last time she will see Kenzi's face, before growling and revealing short pointed teeth.

When Dyson walks in, Fake Kenzi rushes over to him and says that Bo has gone "complete Hannibal Lector." Bo tells Dyson to look at Kenzi but he doesn't see anything different, and escorts Kenzi out.

Tamsin hops into The Morrigan's car and The Morrigan says that she heard all about Bo's flip out at The Dahl. The Morrigan says that she wants to see Bo strung up and executed and that the dark fae that she has fed on, who is still unconscious, will prove that Bo's appetite has become unmanageable. The Morrigan reminds Tamsin that she is a Valkyrie and orders her to wake up the dark fae, so that he can identify Bo. Tamsin points out that this will turn him into a vegetable for the rest of his life but The Morrigan replies, "don't grow a conscience on me now. I read your rap sheet and this little errand is right in your wheelhouse." Tamsin replies that The Morrigan gives her too much credit. The Morrigan says, "I hope you haven't fallen in love with your happy sunshine gang in your exchange program with the light."  Tamsin replies in anger that she is not one of them, so The Morrigan reminds Tamsin that her loyalties lie with her.

Dyson drags the fake Kenzi upstairs and asks what she was thinking going to see Bo by herself.  Fake Kenzi replies that she thought if she was nice, it would help Bo. Dyson asks Fake Kenzi what happened when they went to see the Norn and Fake Kenzi replies that the Norn conned him like she always does but she got his love back. Dyson asks how and Fake Kenzi answers, "a chainsaw. I cut down her stupid tree and I forced her and when the Garruda killed Kiera, I was the one who went back and saved your wolf hide, so why are you being so mean to me?" Fake Kenzi starts to cry and Dyson apologizes and says that he had to be sure. Dyson and Fake Kenzi hug, as Tamsin looks on.  Fake Kenzi says that she feels like she lost her best friend and that she doesn't feel safe. Dyson offers to let Fake Kenzi stay with him.

Tamsin comes downstairs and comments that Bo is looking weaker by the minute. Bo replies that she doesn't give up and that when it comes to Kenzi, she never will. Tamsin offers to help and this shocks Bo who says,  "I thought you wanted me locked up." Tamsin replies that she does, but not like this and adds that Bo is going to need help if she is going to save her little goth friend. Tamsin waves the key and Bo instructs her to open the door.  Tamsin releases Bo and hands her a knife saying, 'if you mess this up, all bets are off." Tamsin suggests that they walk out the front door and when Bo asks about Dyson, Tamsin replies that they have a window of opportunity. When they get upstairs, they run straight into Dyson, who wants to know why Bo is free. Tamsin says that Bo needed some exercise. Dyson answers that he will stop her if he has to. Tamsin says, "if there's one thing I hate, it's a man getting in my way; it's so retro" Bo interjects that Kenzi is still out there and Dyson says that he made a promise and demands that Bo go back. Tamsin puts her hair in a ponytail and says, "funny people never seem to learn, don't mess with a Valkyrie."  Tamsin face goes skeleton like as Dyson withdraws and becomes weak, until Bo knocks Dyson unconscious.

As Bo and Tamsin are walking in the parking lot, Bo describes the fake Kenzi to Tamsin, who says that she believes fake Kenzi is a kitsune - a fox fae. Bo suggests that they need to find the Fake Kenzi and force her to take them to the real Kenzi. Tamsin believes that she knows a short cut because she did a job for a couple friends awhile back.  Bo then asks about Dyson and Tamsin says that she just jammed his signals and that he will be doubting himself for awhile, but will be just fine. Tamsin says that doubt is her thing and when she takes her hair down, a lock falls out.

Lauren has returned with her test results and says that Bo's cells are dying but there is no sign of infection. Trick suggests that The Morrigan has found another way to attack Bo. Trick asks about the margin of error and says that science isn't always exact. Lauren is not happy with that statement and says that science is exact but the test results are inconclusive.  When Trick continues to push, Lauren says, "I know the biochemical anatomy of my girlfriend.  I am telling you that this is something that is happening in Bo, not to Bo." Trick says that they're both too close and sometimes emotions cloud judgement. Trick suggests that they are looking in the wrong place. They both decide to go and check on Bo.

Tamsin takes Bo to see some college co-eds. They then begin to describe Faux Kenzi's behaviour and how she really isn't a friend to anybody. It turns out that Faux Kenzi  was booted out of the sorority and then the co-eds hired Tamsin for security, for fear of reprisals. Tamsin made Faux Kenzi doubt herself and her friends and then told her that the Norn would grant her wish.  Faux Kenzi agreed to make a trade, but she didn't know that the Norn would take her glamour powers, without which, she could not feed. It seems that when the Real Kenzi broke into the Norns, she spilled Faux Kenzi's magic on her. The co-eds then tell Tamsin and Bo about Faux Kenzi's cave.

Trick and Lauren find Dyson and he admits he doesn't know where Bo is.  Suddenly he says Tamsin and says that they went to look for the real Kenzi.  Dyson says that Tamsin's face changed and Trick says that they only reveal their true selves to their opponents. Dyson says that he has got to go and find Bo, but Trick tells him that he will be under Tamsin's spell for quite a while. Lauren tells Dyson to go home and sleep it off.

When Dyson returns home, Faux Kenzi is in the shower so he calls Tamsin.  Dyson thanks her for the hangover headache and says that he knows her game now and will see it coming next time. Faux Kenzi is out of the shower now and is only wearing a pair of pink panties. Dyson says to Tamsin on the phone, "I told Trick that you wouldn't take Bo to The Morrigan." When Tamsin replies that she gave him her word, Dyson tells her that it's not worth much anymore. Tamsin says that she's helping Bo find the real Kenzi, then hangs up the phone.

When Dyson turns around,  Fake Kenzi is wearing his shirt and he tells her that she can take the bed. Kenzi says that she would feel safer with him close by and adds that she is small and won't take up much room.  Dyson gets into bed and Kenzi crawls in and puts her head on his shoulder and says, "thank you, I feel so much better."

Bo and Tamsin are walking through the woods and Bo asks if Tamsin tracks people for fun. Tamsin says past tense and so Bo asks how a bounty hunter ended up here. Tamsin replies that it is a special assignment because she pissed off the wrong people. Bo says that she smells the same smell she did when Faux Kenzi brought her ice cream and moves forward.

When Dyson wakes up, Fake Kenzi has crawled on top of him and licked his face. She tells him that they can do anything together and Dyson throws her off, saying that she is not Kenzi. They begin to fight and Dyson grabs Fake Keni by the throat.

In the cave, a monster which Fake Kenzi left to guard the Real Kenzi attacks, but she throws something at it and it backs off. Kenzi then grabs the earring from earlier and starts to pick the lock.

Lauren rushes into Dyson's bedroom and he says that he killed her and thinks that it's not Kenzi. Then the doubt kicks in and he begs Lauren to tell him that this isn't Kenzi because the woman in his arms isn't changing back.  Dyson screams, "why isn't she changing back?" Lauren does a check and discovers that the dead woman is fae. Dyson says that Bo was telling the truth and then hugs Lauren and says thank you. Lauren and Dyson realise again that Bo was right and that now, both Kenzi and Bo are missing.  Dyson says that he can track Bo by her scent and takes off.

In the forest with Tamsin, Bo is struggling physically. Bo says that this is all her fault and that she is a terrible friend. Tamsin replies that her friends wouldn't even walk two blocks if her foot were caught in a bear trap. Tamsin then asks what's so great about Kenzi. Bo replies that Kenzi is just Kenzi, smart, honest, kind and that she makes her feel normal and special all of the same time. Bo adds that Kenzi kept trying to tell her something and she wouldn't even listen. Bo asks Tamsin to promise that she will find Kenzi if something happens.  Tamsin tells her to save the guilt trip for later and then asks when the last time Bo fed. When Bo replies that she doesn't remember, Tamsin offers herself. Bo agrees and says, "if you tell anyone about this and I will kill you." Bo starts to feed and she takes a huge draw and Tamsin pulls away saying, "I said feed off me not suck me dry." Bo goes on about how incredible that was and that she has never tasted chi like that before. Tamsin is pleased.

Lauren goes to see Trick and tells him that she re-ran the tests and that Bo's cells are being killed and then replaced. Trick asserts that Lauren must be doing something wrong but Lauren says the results are accurate and asks what Trick is not telling her. Trick replies, "it's impossible; it's too soon. We have to prepare for Bo's return if Dyson can find her."  Trick says that he has to prepare a herbal tonic.

The creature that Faux Kenzileft to guard the real Kenzi is back and Bo shows up just in time.  The two hug and Bo says, "you're okay." Kenzi answers that she wants a burger and fries and a second burger. Dyson shows up and kills the creature when it gets up again. Dyson apologizes and Bo says that there's enough blame to go around. Bo heads out of the cave and kills the creature that Tamsin was battling with. Tamsin watches as Bo and Kenzi and Dyson embrace. She looks like the odd man out.

Kenzi is sleeping and Lauren is watching over her.  Lauren tells Bo that she really screwed up and Bo says, I can't right now and that it's okay and she's just glad Kenzi is safe. Trick asks how Bo is feeling after the milkshake.  Lauren pronounces Bo stable and says that the concoction is only a stop gap. It seems that Bo is going through the dawning a few hundred years early.

Tamsin has gone to see the unconscious Dark Fae.  She tells him that he was assaulted outside of the Dahl and holds up a picture of Bo, asking if that is who attacked him. The fae says that Bo did and then asks for the pain to go away. The fae starts to crash and Tamsin leaves the room and tells The Morrigan that he didn't talk and is dead. The Morrigan tells Tamsin to think about it and asks if she sure that this is how she wants to play it. Tamsin says yes, and walks away.

Rick tells Bo that the dawning is a right of passage that every fae must undergo and that it's a grueling process that takes years to prepare for. Apparently, if they fail they devolve.  Trick takes her to see a creature who was a Satyr before it failed it's right of passage. Bo asks if this is what is going to happen to her and Trick tells her that they have a lot of work to do.

Okay, we totally got some fan service this episode.  I know that some people have been dying to see a little Kenzi/Dyson match up for quite some time. Be honest, you know you were wondering what that would look like. I actually like them better together than I ever did Bo and Dyson.

I am starting to really like Tamsin.  Her sarcasm and sureness of her strength and power is really appealing.  Being able to change into a wolf and Dyson's taciturn personality makes him believe that he is virtually unbeatable but as it turns out, doubt is a problem for him.  I like that while Tamsin's power is essentially passive that the effect is so strong.  It's nice to see a power held by a woman that isn't about kicking ass but is still something powerful.  I also think that the more time she spend with team light, the more she will be drawn away from the dark.  I also find it interesting that though Tamsin is essentially a replacement sidekick for Dyson, her role in the show is a lot stronger than Hale's ever was.

Speaking of light/dark, is anyone else sick of the whole unaligned succubus thing? Why the hell is Bo still refusing to choose when she essentially acts for the light every damn episode?  When she is not acting on behalf of the light, they are acting on her behalf.  I think it's time to wrap this one up already. It made sense in the first season but in season three it makes absolutely no sense.

It took six episodes but we now have Bo's big challenge for the season.  I can't say that I am the least bit intrigued though. The fact that it is happening 200 years early for Bo sort of marks her as the special snowflake again and it makes me want to scream, "we get it already." It's also worth noting that despite the fact that we are told to view her as the big bad succubus that Dyson is meant to be watching over her. So, I suppose the question is, is Bo a special snowflake with special powers or is she just another woman in need of protection. I guess time will tell.