Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Vampire Diaries Season Four, Episode 15: Stand by Me

Elena is looking at a picture of her and Jeremy and she flashes back to finding Jeremy dead in the cave. Stefan talks with Damon and informs him that Katherine stole the cure and Bonnie is missing. He then tell Damon that Elena is waiting for the Gilbert ring to bring Jeremy back to life but because Jeremy was one of the five hunters (read: a supernatural), he is sure that the ring won't work anymore.  Damon then volunteers to find Bonnie and sends Elena and Stefan home.

Caroline is shocked when Stefan carries Jeremy in.  Elena decides to sit vigil over Jeremy until he wakes up and asks to be informed if Stefan learns anything about Bonnie.

On the island, Damon begins his search for Bonnie and finds Rebekah instead.  Rebekah asks where the cure is and Damon informs her that Katherine has it and that she probably killed Jeremy. Rebekah makes a sad face and says that she is not heartless and realises that Jeremy was Elena's only family.  Why she would care, considering that Elena is directly responsible for the deaths of two of her brothers is beyond me. Rebekah suggests that they need to find Katherine but Damon assures her that Katherine is long gone and what they need to do is find Bonnie and beware of Silas.

Bonnie wakes up in the woods around a fire and is approached by Shane.  Bonnie asked how it is that Shane is healed and Shane replies that Silas helped him and now he is going to bring back everyone they lost.  Bonnie tells Shane that what he wants to do is unnatural. Shane assures her that she is going to change her mind and then informs Bonnie that because Silas was dessicated, he drained Jeremy of his blood and killed him.

Elena is still sitting vigil over Jeremy while downstairs, Caroline and Stefan talk about whether or not Elena realises that Jeremy is indeed dead. Stefan believes that deep down, Elena "must know but she feels grief more deeply than anyone else." Is this show ever going to get tired of casting Elena as a special snowflake? Even for The Vampire Diaries, that line is laying it on a little thick.  Stefan believes that denial is the one thing protecting Elena but does not want to tell her about Jeremy, until they know that Bonnie is okay and Damon returns to use his sire bond if necessary. Elena interrupts their conversation and admits that Jeremy was supernatural but that she's hopeful that because the tattoos were gone that it might mean that Jeremy fulfilled his supernatural destiny and returned to normal. Elena asserts, "there's absolutely no way that my brother is dead. I'm not in denial."

Caroline is out on the porch and she calls Tyler to tell him that something happened. When Stefan joins her, he assures Caroline that Katherine has been running from Klaus for five hundred years, and while it may not be easy, it's possible to survive.  Stefan then suggests that Katherine stole the cure so that she could bargain for her freedom. Caroline replies that she cannot believe that after everything  they have gone through that the cure is gone. Stefan answers,"yeah, talk about denial. In my head, I thought that there was no way Elena was going to stay a vampire forever."  Caroline tells him that they cannot talk about that now because they need a funeral and a cover story.  Stefan suggests that they get Matt over there.  When Caroline prepares to leave, she picks up on a smell, and Stefan says that it's the smell of Jeremy's body decomposing and tells her to get Dr. Fell to join them.

Back on the island, Damon and Rebekah are making their way through the woods. Damon teases her about being scared of Silas, when she says that she doesn't like being out in the open.  In turn, Rebekah questions the fact that Damon is there looking for Bonnie, instead of comforting Elena.  Their little argument is interrupted when Galen Vaughn shoots an arrow, and Damon pulls Rebekah in front of him for protection.  When Galen takes off running, Damon follows and quickly over powers him.

Bonnie is crying at the campfire and Shane brings her tea to calm her down.  The fire suddenly flares and Shane tells Bonnie that he is not going to let her magic get out of control. Shane assures Bonnie that Silas needs her and that she will see Jeremy again.

Jeremy is still lying in state and Meredith shows up to talk to Elena.  Meredith says that she is there to check on Jeremy and Elena says that she isn't going to find any vitals and that Rick was once dead for an entire day.  Elena adds that Rick died and came back four times before he lost his mind and suggests that when Jeremy wakes up, they are going to have to keep an eye on him because he has died a few time as well.  Stefan and Meredith make eye contact and then Meredith tells Elena that Jeremy died of sever blood loss and has a broken neck.  Meredith adds, "the lack of blood explains why there's no lividity but his muscles have tightened past the point of rigor mortis. If he's left unattended, soon he'll start to bloat and within a few hours, his skin will discolour." Elena tells Meredith to stop and says that Jeremy is not dead.  Meredith asks for Jeremy's body to be released to her, so that they can get him to a funeral home.  This pushes Elena over the edge and she shoves Meredith.  Stefan intervenes and grabs Elena from behind as she says, "now you're all about science.  Where was your science when you used vampire blood to save my life?  There is no science here; it's magic.  We need to find Bonnie. Bonnie can fix this. Someone just get me Bonny."  Matt enters the room and starts to cry when he sees Jeremy and Elena rushes over to comfort him and says that Bonnie will be here soon and will fix this.  
Matt and Elena head downstairs to have a coffee. He asks where Bonnie and Damon are and Elena replies that they lost Bonnie on the island and that Damon stayed behind to find her. Matt is shocked and reminds Elena that Damon hates Bonnie, but Elena says that Damon actually kind of loves her and that people are mean to those they like.  Matt rightfully calls it messed up logic.   Matt asks her to go somewhere with her but Elena does not want to leave Jeremy.  Matt tells her that there is nothing she can do for Jeremy right now and that Stefan can stay with him.
Damon is holding a knife to Galen's throat and then Damon starts to talk about Katherine and that he believes that this is no coincidence.  Rebekah then shows up and so Damon tells her that if she wants a lead on where Katherine is, that Galen is her man. Galen tells them that they can torture him all they want, but they cannot kill him because of the hunter's curse.  Rebekah replies,"he's right, we can't kill him. But that doesn't mean we can't tear him apart piece by piece, nerve by nerve until your brain shuts it off to give you one tiny moment of blessed relief and then we'll heal you and do it again and again." I loved that line because it is one of the few times that they have actually let Rebekah be the scary original vampire that she is supposed to be, instead of the angsting vampire cheerleader that she too often is. Galen says that he was tracking dens of vampires around Colorado, when Katherine showed up and offered to help him find Silas. Apparently, Katherine already knew all about the hunters mark and the cure from Hayleigh.  It seems that Katherine found Hayleigh in New Orleans. Damon tells Galen that he can now starve to death and that he is off to find Bonnie.  Rebekah is not willing to join Damon because she now has a lead on the cure. Rebekah says that she is not surprised that Damon is not willing to search for the cure because he never wanted Elena to be human again.  Damon responds that he wanted Elena to be human again because that is what she wanted but right now, Elena needs for him to bring her best friend home.

Shane and Bonnie are walking through the woods and he tells her that they have to get her home, if she is going to help Silas raise the dead. Bonnie says that she doesn't understand what she can do. Shane replies that Silas can't do magic though he was a witch "but when he became immortal that ended because you can be a witch or a vampire, but never both." Shane adds that this is why he has been teaching her expression, so that Bonnie can do his work for him. Bonnie again asks how and Shane replies, "using the power of three massacres. Each massacre of 12 marks the earth with power and you can use expression to tap into that power."  Bonnie is shocked and asks if Shane had 36 people killed.  Shane admits that he got 24 people killed and suggests that the two of them complete the triangle. Shane assures Bonnie that everyone will come back and that it's worth it.  Bonnie tells Shane that she isn't going to help him kill 12 people. Shane grabs her and tells Bonnie that she will, because then she can see Jeremy again, her grandmother and everybody Bonnie or her friends ever lost. Bonnie again says that she will not help and takes off running, only to trip over Jeremy, who asks her to help him. Bonnie puts her hand on Jeremy's chest and tries to help him but he disappears. Shane walks over and says, "he asked you to help him didn't he? He needs your help.  You can do this Bonnie, you know you can" Bonnie then agrees to do whatever it takes.

At Elena's, Meredith turns up the air conditioner to help keep Jeremy's body fresh and comments that they are not going to be able to leave him there for much longer. Stefan says that he has been alive for nearly two centuries but it does not hurt less each time when he sees someone die. Meredith sits next to Stefan and says, "I see this everyday and sometimes I think that denial is the worst part for people like us.  We know the truth and we can see they're on a collusion course with it and all we can do is brace ourselves for impact." Stefan's phone rings and it's Damon, who says that he still has not found Bonnie. When Damon asks how Elena is doing, Stefan tells him that she is losing it and that they have to get Jeremy in a morgue before it gets ugly.  Damon says that he just can't leave Bonnie behind but Stefan suggests that he has to because he believes the only thing which is going to keep Elena together is the sire bond. Damon agrees and hangs up the phone. That's right folks, Bonnie could be in great danger, or even hurt and dying, but the precious Elena is mourning, screw whatever Bonnie might need.

Bonnie then walks up to Damon and he says, "I could actually hug you right now."  Believe it or not, the two actually embrace.  Damon asks how Bonnie found him and she says that Shane led her to him and told her what to do to save Jeremy.

Matt takes Elena to their highschool, or more specifically the stoner pit. Matt shows Elena graffiti done by Jeremy, in which Jeremy declares his love of Vicki.  Matt tells Elena that sometimes not being willing to admit that someone is gone is because maybe they're not - at least not completely. Elena asks if this is really what he believes and asks if she compelled Matt to tell the truth, if this is what he'd say. Matt answers, "I would tell you to have hope because sometimes, that's all that keeps me going."  Elena thanks Matt and then gets a phone call from Stefan and learns that Damon has found Bonnie.

On the island, Galen tells Rebekah that if she is smart that she will use the cure to kill Silas.  Rebekah replies that killing Silas is Galen's supernatural destiny and not hers and starts to walk away. Galen then tells her to be careful because Silas is up there running about.  When Rebekah expresses doubt, Galen shows her Silas' mask and asks, "how do you hide from the devil, when you don't know what he looks like? Who knows maybe I'm him. Mark my words, if you don't use the cure on him, it doesn't matter whether you're human or vampire, you're doomed."  Rebekah throws the mask and walks off as Galen calls out, "good luck to you lass, just remember you've all brought this upon yourselves, may you rot in it."

Caroline again calls Tyler and leaves a message saying that things are looking kind of bleak and asks him to call her. Bonnie and Damon pull up and Damon asks Carolineto get Stefan out there. Caroline is surprised because she was informed that Bonnie knew what to do.  We then get a flash back to the island with Bonnie kneeling at Shane's feet and saying that she will do whatever it takes - whatever he asks of her. 

Bonnie sits down with Matt, Elena and Caroline and tells them about the massacre plan while outside, Damon declares to Stefan that Bonnie is out of her mind. Inside the house, Bonnie admits that her plan sounds crazy but assures them that this is the only way to get enough power. In another flashback, Shane tells Bonnie that when Silas was buried, he had two choices: stay immortal and rot, or take the cure and eventually die in there of old age.  Bonnie points out that Silas has been trapped in there for 2000 years and asks why death by old age wasn't a better option.  Shane answers that the witch had already one upped him, because she knew that he wanted to die, so that he could find peace and be reunited with his one true love, so she created a purgatory for all supernatural beings, assuring that if he died, he'd end up there forever. Shane tells Bonnie that as a direct descendant, she can make the other side go away.  Back in the present, Damon tells Stefan that Silas isn't going to just raise a few people, but every supernatural creature who has died.  In the flashback, Bonnie again says that he cannot do this but Shane assures her that she can because all of her family and witches who have been persecuted throughout time, as well as Jeremy will all come back. Shane assures Bonnie that not only can she do this, but that she will do this. In the present, Caroline tells Bonnie that she is acting crazy and cannot kill 12 people, or invite every monster who has ever died back into this world. Bonnie assures them that she can do this and has the power.  Elena starts to fade out of the conversation, until her phone rings. It's April Young and she is looking for Jeremy. April says that Jeremy's cell phone keeps going to voicemail.  Elena tells April that Jeremy is dead and walks out of the room.

Elena goes upstairs to see Jeremy again.  Damon joins her and Elena again asserts that Jeremy is dead and that Jeremy has been dead this entire time. Elena admits that she can smell him and asks how long he has smelled like that.  Damon says that he can help her and Elena asks Damon to carry Jeremy downstairs.  Elena rushes downstairs and asks for Bonnie, but Stefan says that they asked Matt to take her home. Elena starts to pour an accelerant on the floor and says that the need to burn the house down because they need a cover story.  Elena says that she doesn't want to live there anymore and asks if they are willing to kill 12 people and bring back every supernatural being on the other side. Elena lights a match saying that Jenna and John took the last spot in the Gilbert family plot and that every inch of this house is filled with the memories of the people that she loves who have died. Elena then drops the match but Damon catches it before it can touch the ground.  Elena falls to her knees crying that it hurts and begs to make it stop. Stefan encourages Damon to use the sire bond, and so Damon tells her to turn off her humanity.

Caroline is alone and she calls Tyler to tell him that Jeremy is dead and apologises for having to leave it in a message.  She asks him to call when he gets the message and says that she needs him.

Matt has driven Bonnie home and she assures him that everything is going to be okay.  Matt tells her to get some sleep and that they can talk tomorrow. When Matt drives off, Shane shows up and asks if Bonnie told her friends. Bonnie replies yes, but adds that her friends don't believe she can do this.  Shane tells her that they're just scared.  Bonnie says, that she has been thinking that if she drops the veil, only the supernatural will come back and wonders about the original 12 people that he killed. Shane assures her that they were a necessary sacrifice for the greater good and that they have passed on and found peace.  Shane says that they will do this together and that they are the beginning.

Rebekah is walking through the woods using a flashlight of all things (so much for vampire sight).  She stumbles across Shane's body but when she moves to walk away, he grabs her leg and says, "Silas".

Matt is driving and he pulls over to cry.

Elena is now holding a picture of her and Jeremy while outside, Damon and Stefan argue about shutting off Elena's humanity. Damon asserts that humanity means nothing when you have no one to care about. He adds that Elena lost her brother and that he is not enough.  Stefan says that they have had some rough patches lately but Damon replies that none of that matters anymore. Aww isn't that sweet, the Salvatore brothers love each other again.

Inside the house, Elena lights a match as the brothers come in. Damon tells her not to do this because they can find another cover story, but Elena is determined and says that this is the best one because no one will asks questions. Stefan says that if she burns down the house that it will be gone but that she might want to come home someday.  Elena replies that she won't and drops the matches.  They all walk away from the house, as a fire burns inside.

I actually really liked this episode.  It's a rare thing for The Vampire Diaries, to actually have angst that makes sense.  Jeremy's death was really well done and Nina Dobrev did a really good job of acting out Elena's pain.  Even if the Gilbert ring didn't exist, it makes sense that Elena would experience some denial about Jeremy being dead.

One of things that bothered me about the refusal to follow Silas' plan is that it was framed as the morally right thing to do. A massacre of 12 people was deemed horrific and yet, it was just a few episodes ago that they killed Kol and his entire line to complete Jeremy's hunters mark. How was that not a massacre? No one was the least bit morally convicted about those deaths whatsoever. These characters either need to decide that killing people is a part of their lives, or stop doing it altogether.  I knew they through in the thing about the veil being lifted as part of the problem but the focus by far seemed to be on the massacre.

Once again, Bonnie was supposed to fix all of their problems.  When she couldn't give them a solution they could live with, Bonnie was simply cast aside.  Every single one of her friend was worried that Bonnie had gone off the deep end, but no one really bothered with her and simply dumped her back on her parents doorstep.  This again to me proved that Bonnie is little more than a tool for the White characters on the show, rather than Elena's so-called best friend. Yes, Jeremy died but clearly, Bonnie needs help. Also, in what world is okay to have Bonnie be on her knees in front of a White character. I know that The Vampire characters cares little about it's treatment of race, but the placement of Bonnie's body to Shane/Silas really bothered me. 

I was not surprised to discover that Silas is actually masquerading as Shane, though it was treated like the big reveal.  It's pretty clear that Silas will now be the new big bad and make up for the loss of Klaus, to CW's new show, The Originals. I actually think at this point that Bonnie will probably drop the veil because they are going to need a host of supernatural creatures to go against to keep the story interesting, as well as give Klaus something to do on The Originals.  This means a handsomely shirtless Jeremy, played by Steven R. McQueen, will certainly make his return. The only character I don't really get is Matt.  I understand that he had to appear because he was Jeremy's best friend but he never feels like an integrated part of the story and I don't even understand why his character is still alive.  Matt's character makes even less sense than Bonnie.

okay folks, what were your thoughts on this episode?