Monday, March 11, 2013

The Walking Dead Season Three Episode 13: Arrow on the Doorpost

Hershel drops of Darryl and Rick and Rick meets up with Philip, who holds up his hands to show he is not armed. Philip tells Rick that they have a lot to talk about and adds that they could have killed everyone and didn't. When Rick pulls his gun, Philip says that he is going to remove his weapon to show that he would like to negotiate in good faith.  He asks Rick to do the same, but Rick hesitates. What he does not know is that the governor has strapped a gun to the leg of the table.

Hershel drives over to Darryl, who tells him to keep the car running because it doesn't feel right. Andrea arrives with a few of Philip's men and she is shocked to learn that Philip is already there with Rick. Andrea enters and asks what's going on. She says that she wants them to talk because too many people have died for no reason.  Rick tells Philip that he knows what he has done, but Philip lies and says that Merle did that.

Outside, Milton informs Darryl that he is Philip's adviser. In the meantime at the prison, everyone is packing up weapons.  Merle suggests that the enter the room and kill the governor.  Michonne points out that they promised Rick they would stay put. Merle says that he doesn't like being on the sidelines but Carl responds that his father can take of himself.  Glenn tells Merle that his decision is that they are going to stay there and that his decision is final. Glenn has gotten so much tougher since his time in Woodbury and his far removed from the geeky Glenn of the first season.

Back at the meeting, Andrea tells Rick and Philip that she has known them both to look after others.  Rick puts a map on the table and says that they should divide territory.  Philip tells Rick that he is there for his surrender and that Andrea is not in the position to make deals.  Philip tells her to step outside and this does not make her happy.  When Andrea leaves, Rick has a seat at the table as Martinez closes the door.

Rick tells Philip that he is beholden to his people and asks about Merle. Philip admits that Merle is erratic and says that he was trying to sort out what Merle was doing with Glenn and Maggie, when Rick's group attacked. Rick tells Philip he is the town drunk who knocked over his fence and ripped up his yard.  Philip asks if he has ever misjudged anyone and brings up Judith and the fact that Rick failed to see the devil beside him because she might be Shane's daughter.  It seems that Andrea has been running her mouth.

Outside, Darryl is pacing and Milton says that there is no reason that they can't use the time to explore the issues themselves.  Milton says that he recorded what happened at the prison because it will be a part of their history.  When they hear the sound of a walker the talking stops.  Martinez tells Darryl, "after you" and Darryl says, "no after you." Andrea gets frustrated and kills the walker out right and then the two men take turns killing walkers. Darryl finds a pack of smokes on the walker and offers one to Martinez, who refuses saying that he prefers menthol.  We learn that Martinez lost his wife and kids to walkers. He then tells Darryl that they are not going to work anything out and that tomorrow or the next day they'll give the word. Darryl agrees and then Martinez accepts a smoke. I guess this was our moment of male bonding.

Milton and Hershel are sitting together and Hershel explains how he lost his leg. Milton asks to see Hershel's stump and Hershel says "I'm not showing you my leg. I just met you, at least buy me a drink first"

Philip says that if he let's Rick persist that he will look weak but Rick tells him that this is his problem.  Philip tells a story about how he was at work and learned that his wife had died in an accident and then he sat there knowing he would never see her again. I suppose this was Philip's attempt to humanize himself in Rick's eyes. 

Glen is working on reinforcements at the prison.  When he goes back inside, he finds Merle packing a bag with weapons. Maggie tells Merle that if he is going to live there with them that it is going to be on their terms.  Merle says that it's his brother out there.  Glenn steps in front of Merle and the two start to fight. Beth grabs a gun and shoots it into the air stopping the fight, as Hershel says, "let me go." I don't know about you, but that surprised me.  Other than singing, watching Judith and taking to her bed, this is the most active that Beth has ever been.

Hershel heads over to see Andrea and she admits that she was kicked out of the meeting and does not know what she is doing there.  She asks what happened with Maggie and Hershel replies, "he is a sick man." Andrea says that she cannot go back there and Hershel says that she is family and belongs with them but if she joins them then it's settled. How many chances is Andrea going to be given? At this point, I'd be happy to see her fed to a walker.

Philip says that he didn't want a leadership position and that he was chosen because there was no one else around. He then tells Rick that it was quite a stash he brought back and though his people are combat tested he's got more people.  Philip adds that they need to end it today and that he has something that he wants. Rick says that he is not giving up the prison and Philip says that he does not want the prison.  Philip takes off his eye patch and asks for Michonne.  He claims that if Rick turns over Michonne, it will all go away. Philip then asks if one woman is worth all of the lives at the prison. 

Back at the prison, Michonne packs a bag of guns and Merle tells her that the people are strong but not killers. He then asks if she is coming with him or not and explains that he and Darryl  have calls they use when they hunt, so they will know that he is there. Michonne asks about Andrea and Merle replies that she will have to make her choice. Michonne turns him down and says that if Merle gets people killed, it's on him.

Maggie goes out to see Glenn who is on watch.  Glenn tells Maggie that she put a hell of a choke hold on Merle.  Glenn then says that when they got back from Woodbury, that he made it all about him. Maggie says that she just wanted him to see her and that she is always with him.  Glenn replies that he's sorry and the two embrace. Glenn tells Maggie that he loves her and they kiss but he stops when he notices the walkers looking at them. The two sneak back into the prison and begin stripping, which means no one is watching.

Back at the meeting, Rick tells Philip that he seems to have big plans and wants to know why he is risking it all on a vendetta because killing Michonne is beneath him. Philip tells him that he could save his son, his daughter and everyone he knows. Rick asks how he will know that Philip will keep his word and stop if he hands over Michonne.  Philip again says that he doesn't care about Rick and that he has two days to think it over, before getting up and leaving.

When they walk outside, Hershel pauses to look at Andrea but she gets into the governor's vehicle. Everyone returns to the respective areas.  Milton realises that Philip has no plans to honour any deal he makes with Rick.  Philip walks away and thanks Andrea for setting up the meeting and tells her that he and Rick set terms but refuses to tell her what his terms are.

Back at the prison, Rick grabs a gun and he lies and says that Philip wants the prison and wants them to dead for what they did to Woodbury. Rick announces that they are going to war.  He then heads outside and is joined by Hershel.  Hershel says that the group is taking it as well as can be expected.  Hershel and Carol believe they should take their chances on the road. Rick tells Hershel that Philip gave them a choice and admits that Philip wants Michonne.  Hershel says that he will kill Michonne and Rick wonders if this is the answer.  Hershel asks why he didn't tell the group and Rick replies that they need to be scared because this is the only way that they'll accept it. Hershel points out that Michonne saved everyone's life and that she has earned her place and Rick agrees.  Rick then asks if Hershel is willing to sacrifice his daughter's lives for Michonne.  Hershel asks why he is telling him and Rick replies that he is hoping that Hershel can talk him out of it.

Alright, much of this episode was simply a placeholder. Nothing substantial actually happened beyond the meeting with Rick and Philip, which amounted to simple fan service.  Once again, there was a debate about whether or not Michonne belonged.  It particularly galled me that her life was juxtaposed to that of  Maggie and Beth.  Other than being Hershel's daughter, what exactly has Beth ever really done to earn her place?

It also irked me that once again the men were placed front and center and  in a position to make decision as though the women have not stake in what happens.  We had to hear what Carol thought from Hershel, because she had absolutely zero screen time this episode.  Andrea again was a directionless hot mess and her ending the testosterone games between Martinez and Darryl did nothing to make up for the hideous mess they have turned her character into.

Also after one visit with Morgan, apparently Rick has his mental faculties back and the entire group is content to pretend that they didn't just see him talking to his dead wife. I guess White masculinity just trumps everything. At this point, Rick isn't fit to lead a parade but no one is talking about it anymore.