Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sleepy Hollow, Season One, Episode Two: Blood Moon

Ichabod is running through a forest and is being chased by the headless horseman.  When he turns to look behind him, the horseman has been joined by two others - together I assume this is the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Ichabod gets tangled in some roots and vines and is then sucked into a cave where he sees his wife Katrina, who tells him that is safe there for now.  Katrina tells Ichabod that a dark spirit is rising and that he must stop her before she kills again.  Ichabod then awakes to find himself in a cheap motel room.  When he tries to leave, a cop stops him, saying that he is a material witness in an ongoing case.

Abbie is at the police station and learns that the cops who were there during her last interaction with the horsemen have recanted their story.  Abbie then brings up Andy, believing that his unexplained death is evidence enough that they are dealing with supernatural forces but she is again stymied when Frank shows her a video of Andy forcefully throwing himself at a mirror and breaking his neck. Abbie asserts that this is not what happened and says that there was something in the cell with Andy. Frank says that Ichabod is mentally unstable.  As they talk, back at the cheap motel, Ichabod tries to shower and ready himself for the day. It is a comedy of horrors but he does seem to figure out how to make coffee pretty easily.  Frank tells Abbie that he cannot explain what is going on but is aware that she and Ichabod are his only cues.

As soon as Abbie shows up at motel, Ichabod says that he will not be held prisoner there.  Abbie tells him that that is under protective custody but Ichabod is not pacified.  Ichabod then tells Abbie about his dream and when Abbie questions him, she immediately channels Scully. Abbie justifies her skepticism by claiming that she is trying to hold onto her sanity.

At the morgue, a body inside of a body bag breaks free.  It's Andy and his neck is so broken, that at first he cannot see.  The demon appears again and starts to give Andy orders.  Andy falls to his knees and coughs up a medallion.  The demon issues more order and Andy questions who he is supposed to release.

Abbie and Ichabod are in a car and he  freaks out when he finds the bill from the donuts Abbie bought. Abbie instructs Ichabod not to change the subject and demands to know why he didn't know that his wife was a witch.  Ichabod explains that the witch trials were mostly over when he met Katrina and that he believes Katrina was protecting the world and the fate of the American revolution with her silence. Ichabod concedes that it sounds strange and then goes on a rant about the high rate of taxation on the doughnuts. Really Sleepy Hollow?  There's cheese and then ridiculous cheese. Abbie tells him that he is going to need a cover, which means no more conversations about founding fathers, witches, or heavy taxation on donuts.

Andy is now all dressed and behind the seat of a patrol car.  Abbie attends the funeral of her former partner, cries and has a series of flashbacks, as Ichabod looks on from a distance.  Ichabod then walks over to Katrina's gravestone  and asks what she was trying to tell him.  Ichabod remembers that Katrina refered to the dark spirit as one of them.

Cue spooky music and Andy is now in a graveyard.  He holds the demon medallion over a tomb stone and a body emerges from it.  Andy tells the creature that he was sent to help her find the people that she is looking for.  Andy then delivers the following message, "The ashes of the pious will ordain your resurrection. Take their flesh and you will reclaim yours."

Andy then pulls over someone briefly and asks for their name.  Andy tells Jeremy that what happens won't be personal, before getting in the car and driving away.  Jeremy tries to start his car and of course it doesn't.  The dead witch hops onto Jeremy's car and bursts into flames.

Abbie and Ichabod are back at the station and he is trying to talk to her about the connection of witches and the lunar calendar.  Abbie asks for a break because she was supposed to be at Quantico but Ichabod does not give her a moment's peace and replies that he too thought they lived in a world built on logic and reason, until that meeting with George Washington.  Abbie responds that she knows what she saw with her own eyes but usual police procedure is not going to cut it in this case.  Ichabod brings up the demon that Abbie saw in the forest and asks her to help him understand.  Abbie says that after she and her sister saw the demon things got bad for them.  Abbie's sister went to an institution and she broke into a pharmacy and got caught by the sheriff. The sheriff gave her the option of changing her life or going to jail and Abbie chose to change.  The conversation is interrupted by a call over the police radio.

Abbie and Ichabod head to the scene where Jeremy died.  Ichabod looks at the body, which has a gaping hole in his chest.  Ichabod then quickly surmises that he knows who killed him.  Ichabod tells Abbie of a blood moon in the past and the burned out camp they came across.  Ichabod then sensed a presence behind them and when he turned it was a woman.  The strange murders became more frequent and that Washington thought that the red coats had formed an alliance with the dark coven. Abbie and Ichaod decide to head back to the office to look at Corbin's files.  Of course when they get back, they find the office empty and the files gone. Abbie goes off to find some answers and Ichabod and Luke have a very uncomfortable conversation.  I guess being technically hundreds of years doesn't make one too old to engage in a pissing contest. Abbie explains that Ichabod is a consultant on the case she is working on when she returns.

Ichabod and Abbey then walk away and she informs him that the files have been moved.  Ichabod asks about her relationship to Luke and if they were betrothed.   Abbey says that Luke is her ex and right now she is more concerned about the files.  Not to worry though, Ichabod knows a way in through the basement and they head downstairs with him again asking about her affair. Abbey says that they broke up when she was leaving for the FBI.  Ichabod points out that since Abbey asked him about Katrina, he is entitled to question her.  When they get downstairs, they basement has been sealed off, so Ichabod breaks down the wall revealing a tunnel which was used to move supplies in secret. As they walk down the corridor, Ichabod points out a side tunnel where witches were buried and crates of long forgotten gunpowder. I have to say that some of the scaffolding looks pretty damn modern to me. When they enter the storage area, Abbie quickly finds Corbin's files.

Andy is still making his rounds and this time he confronts a kids named Kyle.  Andy demands that Kyle give him his last name and apologizes.  Abbie and Ichabod are looking through files and Ichabod reveals that he as an eiditic memory. He reads the story of a witch who cursed the people who burned her.  Abbie asks for the name of the magistrate who burned the witch and it turns out his last name was Firth just like the car victim. From there, it's a quick leap to realizing the witch needs the ashes of the ancestors of those who burned her to return to earth.

Abbie does some quick genealogical research and finds the next descendant. Wow, thank goodness for boy is now in his bed and is awakened by a sound. Kyle heads downstairs and the witch grabs him, as his mother comes screaming down the stairs.  Abbey and Ichabod burst in and tell the mother that she may have an intruder in your home.  With Sherlock observation skills, Ichabod notices that an object is missing from the shelf.  It turns out that there were as urn there and that the ashes belong to the woman's husband, who was the last member of the family, because her son was adopted.  In a word, CONVOLUTED.

Abbie and Ichabod head to the car and Ichabod says that they have to stop the witch by setting her body on fire before the completion of the blood moon.  They decide to head back to the tunnels because that is where the bodies of the burned witches were buried.  Andy is in the tunnel and he digs until he pulls out a bag filled with bones. Abbie and Ichabod arrive too late, so they decide to split up.  Abby hands Ichabod a gun and tells him to aim and fire.  Abbie is doing a search and Andy is behind her but when she turns around, he is gone.  The witch has begun the ceremony, using the ashes she collected. She lies down next to her bones and the ashes fall off her.  Ichabod comes across her and fires but she catches the bullet and crushes it.  Ichabod takes off running with Abbie behind him, in search of the gun powder which was stored there during the revolutionary war.  Abbie questions why Ichabod dropped the gun and Ichabod says that it was empty.  Abbie points out that he only shot once. As they pack the gunpowder, the witch appears and accuses Ichabod of carrying his wife's taint.  Ichabod then throws a torch, which causes the gunpowder to explode, thus taking the witch out. Isn't interesting how the building doesn't even sag, let alone collapse?

Ichabod and Abbie are back at the station and he says that Katrina is trapped in a world between worlds. Abbie replies that she just wants to go back to the way things were before.  Ichabod says that he takes comfort in the fact that they are on this road together.  He leaves to get coffee and Abbie heads to the office where she sees her old partner.  Abbie asks about what is happening and if he had any plans to tell her. Corbin asks Abbie if she would have believed him and informs Abbie that she is overwhelmed with fear and that she has things she needs to do. Corbin says that fear has always stopped Abbie from being what she was always meant to be. Corbin then tells Abbie not to be afraid of number 49 because that is where she will find that she is not alone.  Ichabod interrupts with coffee and when Abbey turns around, Corbin is gone.

We get a flash to the hospital, were Jennifer is taking her meds. As soon as the nurse leaves, Jennifer spits out the pills and crushes them underfoot.  She goes back to working out and the demon briefly appears behind her. Was anyone else reminded of Sarah Connor and Terminator 2 Judgment Day?

Okay, I am less enthralled with this show now that we have hit the second episode.  I don't like that Ichabod and Abbie have quickly turned into Mulder and Scully circa 2013.  I can understand Abbie not believing that Ichabod Crane has been transported in time, but the witches and the demons,given everything that she has seen?  I don't like that Mulder and Scully Ichabod and Abbie have quickly become archetypes that are all too familiar on television.  When I learned that Ichabod had an eidetic memory, my eyes just rolled reflexively.  This is so overdone on television. Just check out the list below of characters who have had eidetic memories on previous shows and think about how they neatly align with our man out of time Ichabod Crane.

    Dr. Douglas "Doogie" Howser from Doogie Howser, M.D.
    Solf J. Kimblee from Fullmetal Alchemist
    Special Agent Fox Mulder from The X-Files
    Professor X from X-Men
    Zack from Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?
    T.J. Henderson from Smart Guy
    Max Guevara from Dark Angel
    Jessica Fletcher from Murder, She Wrote
    Victoria Sinclair and her uncle Sir George Sinclair from 2008 TV movie The 39 Steps
    Batman, Bane, and Barbara Gordon from Batman
    Detective Adrian Monk from Monk
    Jimmy Neutron from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
    Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds
    Dr. Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap
    Dr. Lexie Grey from Grey's Anatomy
    Dr. Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory
    Percival Rose from Nikita
    Ingrid Third from Fillmore!
    Shawn Spencer from Psych
    Olivia Dunham from Fringe
    Myka Bering from Warehouse 13
    Mozzie from White Collar
    Olive Doyle from Disney's A.N.T. Farm
    Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation
    Kes and Seven of Nine from Star Trek: Voyager
    Spock from Star Trek: The Original Series
    Susan Ivanova from Babylon 5
    Brick Heck from The Middle
    Charlie Andrews from Heroes
    H. M. Murdock from The A-Team
    Mike Ross from Suits
    Carrie Wells from Unforgettable
    Malcolm from Malcolm in the Middle
    Kei Takishima from Special A

Then of course, we have the quick leaps, because the plot must be resolved in an hour. Yes, the wicked witch must want the descendants of the men responsible for her death.  It's, elementary my dear Watson Abbie.  I am throwing that in because Ichabod is clearly loosely modeled on Sherlock Holmes.  Just look at how socially awkward he is (but wait time travel explains that; he's just antiquated) and look how he follows clues (nope, just skills history professors naturally have).  Much of Sleepy Hollow is dependent upon this device and though it's cute now and mildly amusing, if this continues, it will simply become irritating.

We did a learn a lot more about Abbie this episode.  We know she had a boyfriend, has a troubled family history (it wouldn't be urban fantasy without it) and of course has become stagnate by fear.  In the first episode, I really got a sense that Abbie and Ichabod were partners but it seems that in this episode, Ichabod is the leader and Abbey is just holding on for dear life.  I would like to see more equality between these two characters because no one needs another version of able bodied, straight, White guy saves the world.