Friday, February 7, 2014

The Tomorrow People, Season 1, Episode 13: Things Fall Apart

A very powerful paranormal robs a bank – when the police arrives she teleports their cars away – and teleports the billets out of their guns, before sending everyone flying with telekinesis and engraving “hi dad” on the wall.

Teleportation just became 900% cooler.

And Stephen wakes up – apparently a dream (he’s getting precognition now? Why bother, he doesn’t use the special woo-woo he already has)

He jumps out of bed – but is grabbed by his mum on the way out – she’s worried about Astrid’s disappearance and isn’t a big fan of the “she’ll be home soon, trust me” response.

At Tomorrow People HQ, John rather pathetically fails to clean himself which he should be able to do but it gives Cara an excuse to sponge him down – which she’s quite quite happy to do. Which leads to talking and kissing

Stephen barges his way into Jedikiah’s office, outrages that Ultra would send a kill squad after Astrid (are we going to have the “Ultra is evil” reminder again?). After Jedikiah confirms that, yes, they’re evil and yes, they will kill Astrid, Stephen quits.

…he’s really having a problem with the whole “Ultra are evil” thing isn’t he?

Astrid, meanwhile, is getting antsy and angry that she can’t call her father who is worried sick; she appeals to Cara the only one who can let her contact the outside world but for both her safety and her dad’s safety, Cara refuses. After Astrid storms off, Stephen arrives to report him quitting Ultra (so can you get my family to safety… no? Ok then still not convinced on the whole Ultra=evil then) and that he dream possessed a new paranormal break out. Which may mean he has a super-Cara-like connection to her (and extra emphasis on the femaleness)

Yes, the love triangle is back on.

At ultra the Jedikiah worries about the new breakout while the Founder questions why Stephen was even allowed to quit – that whole evil organisation thing. On to the Founder tracking Stephen down and Stephen deciding to avoid him by going down a deserted alleyway – because he forgot about teleportation, I guess? Anyway he has a deal for Stephen: bring in Cassandra (the new breakout) and Astrid will be totally fine. Apparently Cassandra is the Founder’s daughter (hence the “hi dad” graffiti)

Someone remind Stephen he’s dealing with an evil organisation.

At Tomorrow People HQ everyone looks at the footage and is suitably impressed by Cassandra’s power and John drops in that she’s probably a Synergist – a paranormal who had 2 paranormal parents and, as such, is mega powerful. John makes a token “hey this is a really bad idea” but now it’s lampshaded they can all get on with it.

Jedikiah drops in on family dinner (where Luca is skilfully balancing a fork in a possibly-telekinetic kind of way) to tell Stephen that the Founder is a bad bad person. Stephen refuses to deal with Jedikiah which is sensible and several episodes too late.

Marla asks what’s going on and, of course, realising this threat is coming home to roost and Luca is breaking out, Stephen tells her everything so she can be prepared, informed and on side. HAH! NO! Of course not! Stephen continues to tell blatantly obvious lies and Marla gets more irritated with him walking down the exact same path as his father before him.

Back at HQ Cassandra evades everything Cara and Tim can do to track her – but Stephen gets another psychic flash. So time to send Stephen in – with a vague expectation of him seducing her before they cuff her and hand her over to Ultra. And yes, Russell does coach him on what to say (Russell’s not bad – Stephen not so good on the execution). Still he plays nice, buys her a drink and they talk about her school in England, going to Brown and she vents about her father. She’s wonderfully confident that helps cover for the rather inept Stephen

He invites her to the roof ready for cuffing and teleporting away but when he does she tells him she expected it. And of course Ultra’s goons show up; Stephen fights and so does Cassandra (who doesn’t need any powers to kick arse) before he teleports her out.

Back to HQ where he tells Cara she’ll be gone soon before going to Astrid and assuring her everything will be cool then on to Cassandra and trying to pretend they’re an Ultra safehouse. Turns out Cassandra wanted to be caught, she wanted to have her powers stripped. She’s only recently been able to look into her daddy dearest’s head and see what a monster he is – and he wants to recruit her to join him. If she loses her powers, forces him to strip them, she is safe from being recruited.

Cara and John continue their little relationship drama when Stephen drops all this info on them. Cara suddenly realises that asking Stephen to capture the most powerful paranormal ever, alone, is kinda suspicious. Ya think? This rather belated revelation doesn’t work for Stephen because he’s so sure the Founder will keep his word and protect Astrid – because he’s so trustworthy like that. Cara lays down the law – until they figure it out, Cassie is a long term guest

Marla, still being kept in the dark, storms into Jedikiah’s office to demand some answers. She rips him up one side and down the other and adds all kinds of threats that she probably can’t back up. And she is noticed by the Founder

Back at HQ, Tim’s background check on Cassie is shockingly sparse given her graduation from Brown that apparently never happened. Cara throws out the cryptic “she isn’t who she thinks she is” before going to see her. Questioning Cassie, Cassie discovers she can’t remember her dorm, what she did in Brown or even her thesis- all she remembers is her professor: Dr. Lerman Cara dips in her head – and finds Cassie being experimented on by the Founder and his minions.

Cassie passes that on to John and Stephen but Stephen still wants to give her up for Astrid’s safety; Cara wants him to use his Ultra access to find out what happened to Cassie. Something Stephen considers holding Astrid hostage to force him undercover again. John seems to agree because he jumps in to offer Astrid freedom, after Stephen’s mission.

Stephen goes in – and runs into the Founder in the secret lab and is promptly rendered unconscious and captured.

Back at HQ everyone is panicking about Stephen being absent for so long and his signal going cold. While Cara has a tactic  of waiting to see what happens (which may include Stephen being tortured until he reveals their location) John decides to give them Cassie. Cara says no – but John doesn’t listen and teleports her out

At Ultra, the Founder is preparing to plug himself into Stephen’s brain to read all his thoughts

Outside, John arrives with Cassie and she senses her father inside with Dr. Lerman. John drops the bombshell about what really happened to her when she thought she was at Brown. John adds that Stephen is a super important double agent before removing her cuff and giving her the choice of what to do.

Cassandra arrives in Ultra and Stephen is released; and Astrid is totally free now. Honest. Cassie works on telling her father what he wants to hear.

Stephen passes on the good news to Astrid who is extremely happy though she does realise that she’s getting an opportunity none of the Tomorrow People can have. And she makes a point of thanking John and saying goodbye which, because this is the CW, probably means we’re getting a love

And Cara drags John out on the carpet for overriding her leadership in front of everyone (didn’t she do exactly the same thing over everyone going out to party when he was supposedly leader not so long ago? Openly challenged his authority, undermined him and humiliated him in front of everyone so they could go out dancing?). She scolds him about respecting her decisions and threatens to kick him out; he counters “respect or obey?” He tells her he’s going to do what he thinks is best no matter what – and she kicks him out.

Stephen goes home and Marla asks him how he managed to get Astrid home. Stephen says he could – but then Marla would be in the same situation Astrid is now in. He at least reveals that he was in over his head in a terrible situation so Marla responds with some generic reassurance that would actually mean something if she actually knew anything.

And Stephen goes to Luca and gently brings up the fact that he knows Luca has powers – or tries to when it turns out Luca thought he was talking about his bong.

At Ultra, Cassie is drugged and the Founder sends his clean up unit after Astrid

Oh wow, the evil bad guy cannot be trusted!


Astrid, her father and Marla are eating at Astrid’s dad’s café when the gun men arrives – Marla seems to know something is up before hand and looks to see the kill team arrive. She quickly gets everyone in cover. Stephen arrives just as the gunmen leave

Stephen rushes to the destroyed shop, calling his mother’s name and finds her standing, untouched, hands raised holding all the bullets back with Telekinesis

Aha! C’mon you knew this was coming. The minute we heard that Synergists were super special woo-woo paranormals, you just knew Stephen had to be one. She apologises she should have told him sooner

Now, I realise this may be hard to remember because a) the show is not memorable and b) watching a sufficient number of Tomorrow People episodes does corrode brain cells but one of the reasons Stephen joined Ultra, beyond his bizarre plan to infiltrate them, was because Jedikiah threatened his family

So “quitting” should be followed by a rapid filling in Luca and Marla and going into hiding. Stephen quitting and just… getting on with things? It’s bizarre, it’s beyond bizarre. How many times does he have to be shown Ultra is evil before he starts treating them as evil? Before he realises the tactics they will use? Before he stops making deals with people who are highly unlikely to have moral qualms about breaking their word?

Also, Stephen being undercover has now repeatedly given Ultra EXTRA paranormals as they hand people over to cover up for Stephen, to make deals or to give Stephen greater status. Kind of makes me question the point of the Tomorrow People

And Marla’s big reveal… seriously? Ok, I want to get her involved and this would rock – but again, seriously? When Stephen started having problems due to MIND READING AND TELEPORTING she sent him to a psychiatrist and put him on unnecessary medication they could barely afford. When Stephen joined Ultra she smiled and reluctantly went with it. When he started working with Jedikiah who she had to have known was involved with her husband’s work, she accepted it with some vague threats.

Are you telling me through all this she had a compelling reason NOT to reveal this to Stephen? Really?

And let’s have another REALLY?! About Cara’s leadership. Before the election Cara and John acted as co-leaders though apparently John was leader. She did a lot of the things John was doing now – which are now considered unacceptable. Cara’s leadership seems to be a lot of dubious decisions, lots of hanging around and hoping for the best mixed with lots of angst that she’s a terrible leader occasionally flipped with her ensuring people respect her authority. It’s toxic and feels like a cautionary tale that isn’t far removed from Spunky Agency