Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Resurrection Season One, Episode Eight

This episode begins in the morgue with Rachel looking down on her body with Tom, Bellamy and Fred. Fred wonders how this is possible and Rachel reports that she feels the same and that the baby is probably alright. Fred says that he has seen several Returned and that the station has been flooded with calls.  Tom excuses himself after receiving a call that more Returned are gathering at the church. Rachel decides to accompany Tom, not wanting to be alone. Bellamy and Fred speculate that there could be more than 100 Returned.

Maggie is in a state of awe looking at her mother and asks how long she has been back.  Barbara admits to being back for a week and when she takes a few steps towards Maggie, Maggie backs away.  Barbara admits to watching Maggie from a distance but says that she didn't approach Maggie because she didn't want to see Fred. Maggie becomes incensed and wonders if her mother stayed away because of Sam.  Maggie then questions who Sam is to her.  Maggie questions what kind of mother / person has a fling right after having a baby. That's a nice little bit of slut shaming there Resurrection. Barbara yells that Maggie doesn't know her, or how cruel Fred can be.  Personally, I'm already team Barbara.  Maggie tells Barbara to stop because Fred is her father. Though Barbara is Maggie's mother, Maggie was  raised by her Fred, so I suppose it instinctual to defend the only parent you have. Barbara points out again that Maggie wasn't there and that Maggie doesn't know how dark Fred can get.  Maggie tells Barbara that she is wrong and that she has no idea how much Fred loves her.  Maggie adds that Barbara needs to tell Fred that she is back. Maggie leaves demanding that Barbara tells Fred about Sam or she will.

Jenny's family is having dinner with the Langston's detailing how they died.  It seems that the Thompson's were out in the woods looking for Jenny's brother Robert. Lucille wonders if Robert came back somewhere else. They Thompson's say that Robert can be identified by a crescent shaped birth mark at the base of his neck.  Fred informs the Thompson's that his brother is the sheriff and promises that Fred will keep an eye out for Robert.

Bellamy arrives at the church to find it filled with people dressed in clothing from various eras.  Tom is trying to organize the Returned in the hopes of helping them connect to living family members. Tom tells Bellamy that the Returned just keep showing up and are starving and need some place to stay. Tom adds that most of the Returned don't have friends or family in Arcadia anymore and that is why they have all converged on the church. Helen marches into the church and Tom tries to intervene thinking that she is there to cause trouble but Helen marches right past him and embraces a woman named Eva.   This is yet another example of how attitudes change when this person who returns is a loved one.

Bellamy calls Toni to report that there are 100's of Returned now. Bellamy says that the people need help and that there is no keeping a lid on this anymore.  Toni says that this isn't in their purview, so Bellamy suggests that she make some calls and get out ahead of this thing. Bellamy wants to ensure the town gets humanitarian aid and points out that if they're not careful, this could go very badly.

When Fred returns home, he finds Barbara waiting for him. Fred embraces Barbara but she doesn't hold him back.  Barbara is quick to tell Fred that this is not what it seems and Fred answers that he already knows about the affair with Sam. Fred starts to beg saying that they have another chance and that he loves Barbara but she tells him that it's too late for that.  Barbara tells Fred that it's over and that when she came back, it was clearer than ever.  Barbara admits that she went straight to Sam when she got back and that Maggie found her. Barbara apologizes for not coming to see Fred.  Fred tells Barbara that it was a long time ago and that he has to accept her choice.  Barbara thanks Fred and walks away. Later, Fred sits and watches home movies of Barbara and Maggie. Fred took this far too easily given his reaction when he learned of Barbara's affair with Sam.

The next morning, Maggie and Eric make their way into the church.   Bellamy reports that they have counted over 75 Returned and that there are calls still coming into the sheriff's office. Eric asks where the Returned are coming from and Bellamy informs him that the proximity projection that Eric came up with does not work.  Bellamy adds that he called his boss for help and that hopefully they will get some aid soon.  Maggie and Eric sit to start interviewing the Returned when they hear a loud rumbling noise.  When they vacate the church, they find the military rolling in in humvees. General Stone gets out of a humvee and introduces himself saying that Toni sent him.

The soldiers are handing out food and supplies when Fred walks into the church.  Fred tells Maggie that he saw Barbara and that he got some closure on some things.  Fred adds that he respects Barbara's decision.  Maggie hugs Fred and then goes to talk to Col. Stone to coordinate the military and the police force. Fred asks what Stone has been told about the situation and Stone reveals that he heard there was a storm, and flooding which left a lot of people without power. Fred informs Stone that Bellamy has left out a few details. Fred then points at Rachel and says that he wants to show him something. Fred takes Stone to the morgue to see Rachel's body and says that the Returned do not die and are dangerous.  Fred claims that a Returned has already committed a robbery and a murder.  Yep, didn't I say from the very beginning that Fred is an asshole. Fred adds that the worst part is that people believe that their loved ones have returned but the Returned are in fact are deceiving the people Arcadia.  Fred tells Stone that they need to protect the living instead of the dead.

When Henry answers the phone, he hears a recorded message from the police department, asking that the Returned be brought to the high school between noon and 4pm.  The message goes on to say that the Returned will receive a temporary ID, along with a flu shot and an information packet on what they can expect moving forward.

At the church, Bellamy confronts Fred about the Returned being told to gather at the high school and Fred explains it as standard protocol for disaster relief. Fred reminds Bellamy that he was asked to coordinate with Stone and snarks about Bellamy needing every detail. Bellamy asks to be kept in the loop and Fred walks away. Maggie asks Bellamy for a lift to the school and tells him about Barbara being back for a week. Maggie says that Barbara is staying with Sam and that she demanded that Barbara speak to Fred.  Maggie goes on to say how empty she feels.

The Langston's and the Thompson's arrive at the high school and Jacob pauses when he realises that the people who are gathered, are Returned like him. Jacob says that he doesn't think that people are going to like that and Henry promises him that they will always be together and that he will always keep Jacob safe.

Bellamy and Maggie approach the high school and Bellamy pauses when he sees the Langston's. Bellamy tells Maggie to go ahead without him. Bellamy tells the Langston's that they don't need to be there because they already have all of Jacob's information and that an identification for him can be made some other time. When Henry questions this, Bellamy assures Lucille and Fred that it will be fine.  Jacob then brings up the Thompson's and Henry points to the family as they are about to enter the school.  Henry tells Bellamy that the Thompson's stayed with them last night. Bellamy promises to bring the Thompsons's back after they are done.  From a distance, Fred watches as the Langston's return to their car.

Bellamy heads into the gym, finds the Thompson's and asks to talk to them outside. When Bellamy tries to leave with the Thompson's, he is stopped by Gonzalez who says that they would like all Returned to stay inside because there's an announcement coming up soon. Bellamy says that they were just headed out for some air and takes a step forward but Gonzalez pulls out his weapon, and apologises saying that Fred has ordered that no Returned can leave the gym.

Bellamy heads to see Maggie and tells her about Fred ordering the Returned to stay in the gym.  Maggie sees her mother, as Bellamy tells Maggie that she knows why.  Bellamy adds that he ignored his gut instinct before and lost someone and is not about to let it happen again.  Maggie pulls out her phone to call Fred but gets no reception.  When Bellamy pulls out his phone, he discovers that he has no reception either. Tom joins them, questioning what is going on, so Bellamy asks Tom to check his phone for a signal.  When Tom checks his phone, he has no signal either. Bellamy tells Tom that they have to get the Returned out of here and Tom leaves to find Rachel.  Maggie points out that all of the information about the Returned is on the list and that her mother's name is on the list. Bellamy and Maggie separate and Maggie heads to find the list.

Fred is gathered with the deputies and learns that there are over 250 Returned in the gym. Fred tells them that Stone should be there soon with reinforcements, just as the fire alarm goes off. When he checks the front door, Fred finds Bellamy rushing the people out of the school.  Fred starts to run and orders his deputies to come with him. Fred starts screaming that there is no fire but the Returned scatter. Fred orders the doors to the high school closed, trapping Barbara inside.  Fred screams that Bellamy  has let the Returned go free and that the Returned are escaping. The deputies are confused and point out that Fred told them that they were gathering the Returned to protect them. Fred screams for the deputies to round up the Returned but one of his deputies refuses saying that his kid sister is inside the high school. Fred demands the deputies badge telling him that he is fired.

At the Langston's, Henry notices that deputy Carl is parked in his driveway for some reason. Lucille wonders if Carl was sent over for extra protection.

In the high school, Maggie checks to see if Eric has completed a list of the Returned. Maggie tells him that they need to destroy the list because if Fred gets it, he will be able to identify all of these people. Maggie makes it clear that the only hope the Returned have is disappearing into the Arcadia population. Eric argues that if they get rid of the list, it will be impossible to continue to study them. Maggie concedes what it could mean for Eric's leukemia and asks if the Returned deserve to be treated like lab rats. Eric hands Maggie the list and tells her to rip it up.

Fred heads to the jail and let's Gary out saying that they are going to round up the Returned. When Gary questions what to do if the Returned do not gather peaceably, Fred asserts that the Returned are not human.

Fred contacts Carl by radio and Carl reports that the Langston's are still inside the house. Fred orders Carl not to allow the Langston's to leave.  Carl turns his head to find Bellamy pointing his gun at himand demanding the radio and keys.  Bellamy orders Carl to get into the back and locks Carl in before banging on the Langston's door. When the Langston's open the door, Bellamy informs them that Jacob is in danger and that Fred locked up a bunch of the Returned in the gym.  Bellamy adds that Barbara has returned and did not go back to Fred. Bellamy tells the Langston's that he doesn't know what Fred is planning but they need to leave immediately. Lucille asks where they should go and Bellamy answers anywhere.  Henry points out that he is not a young man and asks what if they have to run, or get stopped. Bellamy tells them that they have to try. Lucille tells Bellamy that he has to go because they will be looking for them but they won't stop Bellamy because he is the government. The Langstons's ask Bellamy to take Jacob and protect him for as long as it takes.

Jacob comes downstairs and they inform him that he has to leave for a little while with Bellamy. Jacob starts to freak out and reminds Henry of his promise.  Henry tells Jacob that he has to break his promise to keep him safe. Jacob calms down and hugs Lucille, who promises that they will see each other soon.  Fred tells Jacob and Martin to take the old fire road out of town and adds that Bellamy should do what he has to do. Bellamy and Jacob rush to the car and pull out just as Fred pulls in.  Fred orders Carl released and heads to see Henry and Lucille. Fred tells the Henry and Lucille that he promised Stone to round up the Returned and that he cannot make and exception for them. Fred says that the military doesn't plan to harm the Returned, just take them to a camp and that they will be able to visit Jacob. Fred tells Henry that Jacob isn't really Jacob and that it's better that Henry knows that now rather than later. Fred adds that Henry and Lucille will thank him for this. In response, Lucille slaps Fred across the face and Henry adds that everything their father said about him was right. Fred says thanks and orders the deputies to search the house. Fred gets a message from Gonzalez that he should head back to the gym but when Fred tries to ask Gonzalez why, he does not reply.

The military is now fully armed and have showed up at the gym. The Returned are being held at gunpoint. Stone is talking with a group of officers saying that the only way to tell the Returned from the townspeople is their dated clothing. When Fred confronts Stone, he learns that the Returned are being quarantined along with the whole town.  Fred says that he never agreed to that and Stone replies that this is how things are going to be.

Maggie argues with a soldier and when she refuses to comply with a direct order, she is put in a zip chord and led away, as Fred calls out for the military to stop.  Two soldiers stop Fred from following Maggie by bracing weapons against his chest, as he calls out to Maggie that he will fix it.  Maggie calls out that Fred has already done enough.

Tom brings the Thompson's and Rachel to Kimberly's  (Janine's sister) house. Tom says that the people need help and when Kimberly looks at Janine, Janine  does not reply and so Kimberly says that they can enter. Janine walks off in a fit after making eye contact with Tom.

Bellamy drives out of Arcadia and Jacob asks if he can sit up now and they discuss milkshakes. Bellamy stops the car when he sees a weird shack.  Bellamy orders Jacob to stay in the car and steps out to investigate.  On the road, Bellamy sees dead insects and when he looks up, Bellamy sees a helicopter headed their way.  Bellamy picks up Jacob but the are soon surrounded by cars. As the helicopter starts to land, Jacob pulls on Bellamy's shirt, revealing a crescent tattoo that the Thompson's said would identify their son.

That was the season finale Resurrection and I am truly hooked. I cannot wait for the next season.  The acting on Resurrection is amazing, particularly that of Frances Fisher and Kurtwood Smith.  Also, the fact that I really hate Fred Langston, who is played by Matt Craven, is a testament to his acting ability and the great writing on the show.  They make it absolutely impossible not to be drawn in.

One of the issues I had with Resurrection is that the only actor of colour who is reoccurring is Omar Epps but with the addition of the Thompson family, this just might change.  There are also no GLBT characters on the show and while I am used to the erasure it's still wrong.  I get that we are talking about small town USA but that doesn't mean that members of the GLBT community wouldn't live there.

There are so many compelling issue to Resurrection.  Watching the Langston's struggle embrace Jacob and wondering if it means forgetting or betraying the loss of their son.  Then the fear of embracing Jacob and losing him again because they have no idea what this new Jacob is, or where he came from.

I loved watching Tom battle with his crises of faith.  Nothing that he has learned could prepare him for Jacob returning.  His struggle to find a way through it was very poignant.

The Returned themselves and watching them try to acclimate to the  world is fascinating.  They appear in mysterious locations and everyone around them wants answers but they don't have answers to supply.

Then you have the people of Arcadia who are terrified because they have no answers about the Returned. It's fascinating watching how that fear and rage turn to amazement, the moment someone they love returns to them.  Although there is a strong super natural element to Resurrection, it's really all about the relationships and that is what makes it so compelling.  Unfortunately, far too many shows that are in our genre air on CW and that means ANGST times 1000; however, all of the emotional drama on Resurrection is understandable and such a change from what has become the norm in this genre.

I cannot do a wrap up without talking about Fred and Barbara.  When Lucille slapped Fred, it was as exciting as when Tyrion slapped Joffery on the Game of Thrones.  It left me wanting to see Fred slapped again. Fred decided to take action because Barbara rejected him.  It's the sole reason why Fred can claim that Barbara isn't herself and an aberration.  In Fred's mind the real Barbara would never reject him, though before she died, Barbara had an affair.  Fred is a cold and spiteful man.  Throughout this season before Fred called the military, we were given several clues about exactly who he is. Now, Fred cannot control the situation. The very idea that he could call in the military and expect to control their actions, is proof of just how out of touch Fred is.

Finally there is Bellamy.  When I saw the birthmark I realised that he is the Thompson's son.  How did this happen.  Did he actually die, return and not know.  Did he manage to escape drowning with his family? What happened to Bellamy?

It 's going to be a log wait to find out what is in store for us.  Who are the Returned? Why did they come back?  Do they have a mission they need to complete? Where is Caleb and why did he disappear?  What is going to happen now that the military is involved?  Questions, questions and more questions.  I hope they don't fall into the Lost trap of creating so many questions without providing any answers but so far, I'm along for the ride.