Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Teen Wolf, Season 4, Episode 6: Orphaned

Kate Argent wakes up in a car, seeming confused as to why she’s there (tequila, tequila will do it to you every time). There’s a cassette in the radio (a cassette? Is this a flashback?) labelled play me – she does and hears a history of the Hale family and how they used the triskelion to control their wolfiness

Outside the car, Kate and her berserkers have massacred a whole pack of assassins (presumably who got a copy of the list) and she wants to know, from one of the very very very few survivors, who is paying them. Unfortunately, none of them knows who the Benefactor is, which is so very pesky. Kate finds this all very tiresome that people only whine about the agonising pain and dying rather than giving her useful answers (kind of like trying to get any help from my bank). She has a new question about the tape and one of the not-quite-dead assassins tells her someone else got one, kids (or apparently kids) called “The Orphans”

Another assassin shoots Kate non-lethally with his last bullet which was… unwise. She tries to shoot him but completely loses control and werejaguars all over him which is much much messier

To the school! The fallout of last episodes events are still apparent, Coach is not happy about Garrett who is missing and wanted by the police and Scott and his dad have a whole moment (alas, this is a “I’m trying to be a better father” moment rather than a “rawr I’m going to kill you you awful character” moment.) Amusingly, Rafe thinks he needs to be around so Melissa can pick up double shifts at the hospital – as if Melissa doesn’t live at the hospital already!. Violet is arrested by Parrish and she realises his name is on the LIST OF DEATH.

Rafe, as an FBI agent (who is not dead) realises that Violet’s weapon of choice, a thermal cut wire, is very very unusual and she may be behind rather a few murders he has on file. Garrett and Violet are the “Oprhans” because they don’t have parents. Well, as far as nifty nicknames goes it kind of fails when it’s just a literal descriptor.

Scott and Liam search The Orphan’s locker to find a whole wadge of money. Scott tells Liam he’s found nothing

At the vet’s office, someone has pulled Dr. Deaton out of his plot box because he’s useful! They’re trying to cure the now frothing and seizing Brett since he’s been infected with yellow wolfsbane by The Orphans (wolfsbane now comes in colours. Kind of like kryptonite). Unfortunately, they have to hold him down so Deaton can cut him which leads to lots of snark, stiles being thrown across the room and Peter applying a fist full of anaesthetic. Well, a fist acting as anaesthetic anyway.

While Deaton saves Brett, Derek and Peter share significant looks about the claw marks on Derek’s arm – that insta heal after a brief delay, and Peter’s super strength. On the floor, Brett keeps chanting the same chant the other wolves have used to hold control: Three things cannot long be hidden, the sun, the moon, the truth.” Which Deaton recognises as Buddhist and the music department recognises as Significant. Derek and Peter recognise the chant and we have a brief flashback of an Asian werewolf, Peter calls Satomi.

Over to chez McCall and Melissa is on the phone with the electricity company that has cut off their power – she’s three months overdue (hence the double shifts, I guess, though she has always worked them). Scott hears everything with his wolfy hearing. Under his bed is the money from The Orphans’ locker.

Liam and Mason go jogging which is kind of pointless with werewolf speed which quickly has Liam faaaaar in front. He stops – and is hit by a car. Garrett gets out, holding a knife. He seems to stab Liam and, by the time Mason catches up, there’s only a blood stain on the pavement.

At school, Stiles, Lydia and Kira are all missing and Malia offers to track them by smell. Because she’s Malia. She also starts hearing someone calling her name so she gets up and leaves – seeming quite bemused when the teacher challenges her. Oh Malia. The person calling her is Derek – he needs to find and warn Brett’s pack and for that he needs Malia to track him by scent since she knows the woods better than anyone having lived there as a coyote for so long; this also involves teaching her how to track

Just in case we missed it, Satome is a very old werewolf – and the one from Noshiko’s history. But there they find bullets and smell gun powder – the pack may be hiding. The problem is some werewolves can mask their scent which seems to be common in Satome’s pack. So Malia suggests thinking – like Stiles (Derek is not impressed and takes the opportunity to insult Stiles as he always does). This apparently involves thinking like a Buddhist which means going east.

This ridiculous thought process works and leads them to – bodies. Quite a few of them, poisoned (no doubt by yet another wolfsbane colour). There is one survivor, though

Lydia and Stiles have gone to the police station to talk to Parrish. They show him the death list – with his name on it – and the fact he’s worth $5,000,000 dead. Now he has a vested interest to help (beyond considering suicide as a way to get rich) they want his help getting access to Meredith to get the last third of the list. Parrish isn’t happy with this plan since they almost gave her a mental breakdown last time – Lydia does point out the key word here is “almost”.

He takes them – but awkward warder who Stiles hated so much is there being  awkward, but also with something of a point – someone with a badge doesn’t automatically get access to a patient. He also taunts Stiles about his unpaid bill – ok something really needs to eat him. Parrish cuts through all this by pointing out the man owes the police since they let him off a drunk driving charge. Stiles is impressed by this – I am not – ok, why did they let him out of that?

Anyway, Meredith now can’t help them because “he doesn’t want me to”.  He being the Benefactor. Lydia pushes her over and over while Meredith refuses to help – and finally screams. And since she’s a Banshee it’s an epic scream that causes Lydia’s ears to bleed.

At school Scott and Mason notice that Liam is missing and Scott takes up the search – right before he gets a ransom call. Garrett wants the money and Violet in exchange for Liam. Flash to Liam in a well in the middle of the woods - but still alive and not looking too injured considering the whole stabbing. Except, as Garret explains to Scott, he’s dying slowly because this kind of wolfsbane will kill when it reaches the heart – so he wants Scott to help him on a jailbreak the prison truck

For extra problems – Rafe and Sheriff Stilinski are going to be on the prison truck. Scott puts on a hoodie when going with Garrett because that will totally help. Garrett’s plan – if you can call it that – is to have Scott claw out the tires. This is not a good plan. However we don’t have to see it fail because the van has already been hit – and knocked onto its side. Scott rushes in and Sheriff Stilinski, injured, warns him they’re still here

”They” being the berserkers. Garrett decides to… pose in front of one. Really he just waves his stick around and tries to look impressed. Even with the skull mask the berserker doesn’t look that stunned. If Garrett wasn’t so loud, he’d probably hear the other 7 foot berserker sneak up behind him. he doesn’t so gets all icked – excellent. You know, writers, you could make me a happy man if they’ve also killed Rafe. You could make me even happier if he has substantial life insurance in Melissa’s name.

The second Berserker knocks Scott to the ground (because he charges forwards without looking because… yeah. C’mon they’re huge, it’s not like they’re stealthy!) but he avoids impalement.

Scott wakes up in the vets with Deaton and Chris Argent looking over him – he has been a little impaled but it can be painfully dealt with. Sheriff Stilinski is fine (yay!) and so is Rafe (booo!).

To Liam, who is climbing his way out of this humongous well. Or not. And then having one of his rage moments and having flashbacks to Scott and him discussing his anger issues including his dad’s really awful advice “when kids get angry, they hurt themselves or hurt someone else.” Since he’s just clued into werewolf healing this sounds like a recipe for terrible self-harm. He finds this odd mantra reassuring somehow.

Scott and Chris go tracking Kate and the berserkers with a machine gun. Inside they meet Kate and her continuing quest for control. Kate tries to make Chris drop the gun – but he’s not such a fool. Scott desperately tries for peace because he wants to talk to violet – and then violence happens and we find out that berserkers are actually pretty bullet proof. Dramatic fight sequence is dramatic – but ultimately the berserkers are near invulnerable so it can only end one way. Since Kate still kind of likes her brother and would rather not mince him, she lets them live.

Violet, not so much. She is very very dead. Liam is dooooomed! Except, half way up the well, Liam yells at the moon, his eyes go all glowy – apparently this is the Alpha Wolfsignal. Scott hears it.

Scott runs to the rescue and catches Liam before he falls again. Baby!Wolf is saved! They get him to Deaton and he cures the wolfsbane poison. And Scott declares he’s going to save everyone

Cut to Melissa, in the dark, somewhat despairingly going through all her bills and accounts.

Scott and Stiles go through the Orphan’s money and find a cassette. I doubt very much either of them have a tape player.

Lydia and Stiles brainstorm a solution to the third key, while Lydia realises she may have broken the only other banshee knows. They work on the theme that the previous two names were dead people – so maybe the third name is someone who is about to die – since Banshees do predict death after all. Lydia’s banshee powers kick in and she types the third key – Derek.

It works and the third list comes up – including Malia (with her surname of Hale so the Benefactor knows Malia is Peter’s daughter). It also includes Satomi, Liam and Meredith. Lydia calls Parrish to warn him about Meredith – but it’s too late, she’s already dead. The presumption is suicide.

Peter is up to no good – he tracks down Kate with an offer for her – teaching her control. And he gets “power”. Which is very nebulous

I’m going to decide that Mali and Derek’s convoluted thinking isn’t actually what found the pack – it was pure coincidence. Because “hey there’s a reference to east in Buddhist tradition so this is totally where they’d go to hide” makes no sense. Not only does them heading east not make sense, nor does them heading to something PROMINENT in the east to HIDE make no sense. For that matter, nor does tracking down the pack to warn them they’re being hunted when they’re already in hiding so, obviously, already KNOW they’re being hunted make a lot of sense.

But I can get that they can hide their scent. But you know who can’t? Liam. Liam who is bleeding so should have left a trail. Or Garrett. Someone is lost, why is he not being tracked by smell?

With this dead pack I don’t think they need the third list – all of these bodies would have filled it

I would love to see Lydia and Meredith working together on Bansheeness rather than just trying to use Meredith as some kind of Oracle – especially since last episode had an excellent moment of Lydia being frustrated with her own powers. So she’s going to transfer those frustrations to Meredith? I can see that – even though it’s not the result I wanted, I can see it as very real that Lydia would fight her frustration that way; even if I’d prefer collaboration

The result is, though, another dead WOC – now, we all knew Violet was going to die as soon as we saw her as an assassin, but Violet and Meredith? Braeden better stay in her plot box.

I still want to know what Parrish is. I’d also like more Kate storyline, her struggle for control is intriguing, more so than random assassins – though I am interested in exactly who the Benefactor is and how he knows what they are (wouldn’t it be an interesting twist if it were Chris? Though Grandaddy Argent may be more likely). And I want to know where Kate picked up berserkers. Was tequila involved?

Malia speaks sense – maybe they should be running from Beacon Hills.

Isn’t the money paid to the Orphans the Hale trust fund? Which means giving it to Melissa and the Sherriff to solver their money worries would be kind of like stealing from Derek. Unless Derek were to die – conveniently banshee predicted… then it’s just stealing off Peter (and technically Derek’s plot boxed sister who is never coming back). And since he’s now a bad guy (again), is anyone going to be guilty about that?