Thursday, August 7, 2014

This Week in Book Covers 28th July - 1st August

Well, this week is an odd one - all good! I have so little to snark! Someone get me some twisted spines, some man titty and an action heroine in high heels and a boob tube (against a winter backdrop, no less!)

How the White Trash Zombie Got Her Groove Back (White Trash Zombie #4) by Diana Rowland

Fun and a little gruesome - this not only conveys the zombienesss of the book - and a zombie as a protagonist, but also gets the tone over as well. We have a zombie protagonist, that means for brain eating and rotting and things that are not for a delicate disposition. But she’s also fun and awesome and definitely out there - I think the dismembered body parts and that expression really bring it together.

Alice Through Bloodstained Glass by Dan Adams

I have not one criticism to say about this - dark, gritty, tough with guns ready and a truly perfect expression on the model’s face. What’s not to like? Ok, if it were ideal for the book there’d be some more Lewis Carroll elements on the cover but they’re better off downplayed anyway. bring on the lethal Alice ready to mow down some zombies

City of Monsters by Andrea Speed

This is a pretty one. It’s fun and quirky and slightly cartoony and emphasises some of the more zany elements of the book - which is a great way to go; the haunted blender and the bad mouthed fairy makes the whole book look promising

Ok, I think it’s a little deceptive considering where the emphasis of the book lay, but it’s still retty

Black Ice (Midgard #2) by Susan Krinard

There’s nothing wrong with this cover. Mist does use a sword, so it’s appropriate and she’s not dressed in a particularly out of character or contrived fashion, nor is her pose bad. She looks quite a lot like how I envision the character. It’s not ugly and the city background is quite nice.

It’s nice. Do I sound non-enthused? Well, I kind of aren’t - it’s pretty but nothing special. It doesn’t grab the eye - but nor does it make me laugh, cringe or snark