Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Teen Wolf, Season 4, Episode 11: A Promise to the Dead

We have a man-eating supernatural, his larder full of dead people – and a girl he’s kidnapped called Clarissa who seems to be next on the menu. Until Dr. Deaton shows up (they let him out of his plot box!). After Deaton is clearly winning Patrick protests the Deadpool’s over – oh Patrick, Deaton isn’t going to kill you – he’s going to drag you back to Eichen House where they know all about his special diet

Eichen house? It turns out the place has a whole secret floor where supernaturals (presumably dangerous ones) are contained – and Deaton knows the guy who runs it. In exchange for bringing back their runaway, Deaton wants to speak to one of the inmates – a Dr. Valek who apparently can drive people insane just by talking to them

Dr. Valek quickly guesses that Deaton wants to know about Kate and La Loba, The Bone Woman. She’s connected to whatever was done to Derek and for extra mystery, Deaton is involved because of a promise he made to a woman he loved. Valek wants to use some kind of woo-woo involving the hole in his forehead – the hole he drilled there. Deaton is… duly sceptical of the value of such a treatment but as he gets closer he seems to be hypnotised by it – and in the horrible hole, a third eye opens.

Deaton’s body becomes comatose in an Eichen House bed while he goes wandering in a strange dreamscape.

At the McCall household, Melissa has found Scott’s big stash of money – Scott tells her where it came from (deadpool money from assassins) and, yes, he kept it because they have (in Melissa’s super-downplayed words) been “struggling a little.” Scott starkly lays out what the money can do for them, and Melissa who is always awesome, pulls out a blood stained stash and asks “what about this one.” Blood money. Nice point

Over to Liam, who is having all kinds of horrible stress reactions- not wanting Mason to leave, afraid to turn out the light, being terrified of non-existent berserkers in his room.

Also not sleeping well are Braeden and Derek because an alarm goes off – patrolling around with guns in their sleepwear (and why does sleepwear for her involve lingerie that in no way can be comfortable to sleep in, but for him involves full length baggy trousers?) reveals a bedraggled Lydia – who screams. Oh, that’s not good.

Stiles is sleeping well – but he has a Malia alarm clock.

Scott takes the money back to Derek looking all guilty because he kept it so long. Derek completely understands – Scott makes minimum wage, why wouldn’t he be tempted? Anyway it’s Peter’s money, Derek’s money’s tied up in his house and in his own accounts. The vault money is Peter’s and it’s probably be better if Peter didn’t get the rest of it back.

School time – and Malia passes one class (Lydia tries to be happy for her friend’s C-) and Lydia is having banshee issues – it’s not over

Liam is still having his fear issues at school where he works out with waaaaay more weight than he should be able to lift. Scott drops in to try and help – and advise Liam that it’s fine to avoid the pack, but not to push his friends away (after all, being Liam’s supportive friend is the only chance we have of seeing Mason on screen – don’t let him fall into the Danny hole!). Later Mason makes it clear he’s still Liam’s friend and he knows Liam is going to have issues but he’s going to hang around and be his friend until Liam is ready to talk because otherwise he’ll never get any screen time at all.

While everyone seems to be on “it’s all over” mode, Chris Argent is still looking for his sister. He finds Peter – and a berserker. This gets Chris impaled with rebar and imprisoned against the wall – because Peter promised Kate he wouldn’t kill Chris but also can’t let him leave. And because Peter is an arsehole, let’s not forget that.

After a long time bleeding, Chris is found by Parish who has been following Peter around since he may be the only character capable of remembering Peter is evil. Alas, he can’t go help Scott because Chris is bleeding to death. Angst and deep emotional doom follows with Parrish getting all upset and tragic Chris having to get angry to get free.

Anyway, Scott decides that since Derek owns the building he can totally use it for a romantic date with Kira. And he gets so much right except for the whole watching a movie in a building with no TV. Kira has other activities in mind to keep them entertained though. At least she does until Kate and a Berserker jumps through the window. Kate – worst timing ever!

They fight – and Scott and Kira do not do very well. Kate has a question – what’s so special about Scott? That would be protagonist powers, Kate. Anyway, kidnapping ensues.

At least someone’s fun isn’t being ruined by random berserkers – the Sheriff celebrates with Stiles and Malia that Eichen house has decided to drop their bills after Lydia and Stiles were nearly murdered on the premises by an employee (which does require a little hush money really). Mali’s favourite food is deer (oh I like Malia).

School, Lacrosse practice and Liam freaks out that Scott and Kira are late in front of the coach. Coach asks what Scott and Kira could possibly doing together that’s more important than Lacrosse. Stiles’s facial expression and “oh coach” are perfect.

Without Scott, and Stiles still being comic relief, lacrosse doesn’t go well. Especially since Liam is also frozen by his terror hallucinations.

All of this is underscored by Peter showing up at the game to ask Malia “whose winning” the implication being that Team Evil is. He has a task for Malia in payment for him finding her mother – he wants Malia to kill Kate. Ah Team Evil, always betraying

After losing the match a werewolf on the opposing team (because werewolves are everywhere now) drops in to see Liam to tell him how lucky he is that his pack Alpha is Scott who saved them all – and is an uberspecial True Alpha.

Kira wakes up in a cell full of human bones which isn’t reassuring.

A comatose Deaton is visited by Lydia who is very confident Deaton will hear her. It wakes but the next time we see him he’s awake with Lydia and able to tell Derek, Stiles, Braeden and the Sheriff that Scott and Kira have been taken to Mexico.

Scott wakes up tied to a slab, covered in what I assume is wolfbane and Kate lecturing him about Greek mythology. This is a set up for her using a skull to turn Scott into a berserker – so his friends will kill him. Why? Is she out of piranha pools and lasers? Besides, given what we've seen of the berserkers so far, what makes her think his friends are going to be able to kill him?

And why is that? I mean the whole gang has known berserkers are running around beating them up on a semi-regular basis - why hasn't anyone asked Derek/Deaton/the Beastiary/google how to kill one?

I actually really like Liam’s story – because it really shows the stark truth about how most of us would behave at the knowledge the supernatural is out there, let alone something was actively hunting us. We’d be scared. We wouldn’t want to run off and be the hero, we wouldn’t want to run around rescuing people; we’d be afraid, we wouldn’t want to be alone, we’d hide – especially as 16 year olds. His fear isn’t because he’s weak or a coward, but because he isn’t exceptional – unlike Scott and co who are definitely so. Without changing their behaviour, he puts a new lens on them.

The whole scene with Chris and Parrish felt oddly out of place. Parrish doesn’t know Chris well enough to be that upset by his plight and the whole getting angry about Allison and how sad Chris is feels so belated considering an entire season has passed without anyone hardly remembering Allison’s name let alone grieving for her.

Braeden seems to be more regular, but still I’d like to know more about her. I’m really not a fan of Mason walking in exactly the same shoes as Danny in season 1 – do we really need to see these gay POC being supporters and extensions of straight white guys? And Deaton needs to be involved as more as a resource – he’s been around for 4 seasons now, give us some development of this man.