Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Originals, Season Two, Episode Nine: The Map of Moments

We get a flashback to New Orleans, in 1914. with carolers singing away.  Kol enters a house and immediately beings searching it.  Kol finds a diamond hidden as stopper for booze and orders Mary Alice Claire to meet him in the graveyard because he has a date with a dagger.  The moment he leaves the house however, he is ambushed by Marcel and Klaus. It seems that they were following Kol, after being informed of a thief working the streets and demand that Kol hand over the diamond.   The witches Kol left behind are trapped in the house and Klaus tells Kol that those women will never leave the house again.

Rebekah hangs a wreath in the house and offers Elijah some wine but he is not impressed and believes he is being handled with kid gloves.  Elijah makes it clear that he was sent to protect Hope by Klaus and Hayley questions what happened to him in the diner.

Kol and Davina have worked on a spell in the hopes of protecting Cami from Esther's plan of shifting Rebekah into her. Marcel is trying to rush the process and of course, Kol is snarky about the whole deal.  When Marcel grabs Kol, Cami points out that he will be more useful alive.  Marcel and Cami leave and Davina questions the animosity between Marcel and Kol.  Kol explains that he doesn't like playing odd man out in his own family and that Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah are a party of three, with only room from Marcel.  Kol brings up the diamond he needs to do the spell, saying that 100 years ago, he had one brilliant moment, until Marcel ratted him out to Klaus and Klaus took the diamond.  Davina suggests stealing it back, saying that it is a good chance to snoop.

In the bayou, Michael is busy ripping a body apart but stops and gets suspicious when he sees a crow. Esther appears and snarks about Michael making a mess of her werewolf sentries.  Michael tells Esther that he missed her and she returns the sentiment.  The reunion doesn't stay pleasant because Michael is not at all pleased that Esther brought her lover back without a thought of him.  Michael promises to slaughter every single wolf he sees, until he kills Ansel.  Esther then informs Michael that Klaus killed Ansel and snarks that though Klaus isn't really Michael's son, he certainly acts like it. Michael screams, telling Esther not to mention Klaus. Esther taunts Michael to strike her but she poofs away when he tries. When Esther returns, she tells Michael that they have things to discuss regarding their children.

Elijah is cuddling Hope, as Rebekah prepares to make a bonfire which she reminds Elijah is a family tradition.  Elijah wonders why their family is always at war and Rebekah says spending time with Hope made her see things differently.  Rebekah adds that they are not the monsters their parents think they are.

Klaus and Hayley pull up and Hayley rushes over and stares in awe at the baby.  Elijah hands over Hope and Hayley takes her into her arms.  Hayley walks the baby over to Klaus, who takes her in his arms and smiles.  It's actually quite the touching scene to watch Klaus hold the baby, with Hayley by his side and Elijah and Rebekah looking on.

Rebekah is back to work on the bonfire, as Klaus explains what happened to Freya and the curse Dalia cast on all the first born Mikaelson's for all eternity.  Hayley asks if this is true and Elijah says it is, if they believe Finn. Rebekah snarks that Finn hates them because he lost the sister her adored and then got a judgy pack of siblings.  Hayley is worried about the threat Dahlia holds but Elijah points out that the story is over 1,000 years old and Dahlia is long dead. Hayley points out that Esther is alive.

The bonfire is now assembled and Rebekah says that before they light it they should write down their wishes for each other then burn them for luck and this was their favourite part as kids.  Klaus says that this is reason enough to ignore it but Hayley over rules Klaus saying that this is Hope's first bonfire season.

Cami meets up with Marcel and he advises her not to think about what might happen.  Cami says that she cannot stop it and Finn could make a difference but he is ten feet away and locked in a box.  Cami is insistent that she need to talk to Finn but Marcel forcefully says no. Cami reiterates that she is hours away from someone taking over her body and suggests that Marcel avoid trying to control her.

Klaus is playing with Hope when Hayley approaches him to do her bonfire game. When Hayley insists that it's not silly, Klaus points out that he is not her husband to boss around. Hayley then points out that she had to endure endless labour and even death to produce Hope.  Klaus gives in and writes a note wishing that Hayley would tell Elijah that she is marrying her werewolf suitor, promising to pour Elijah a scotch and congratulate him on the bullet he dodged. Klaus then hands the note to Hayley who crumples it and stalks away.

Marcel bring Finn into the room and tells Cami he is only allowing this for her and will stay in the room to make sure she is safe. Cami points out that Finn does not have the strength to pick a fight, adding that he won't talk to her with Marcel there.  Marcel skulks off and Cami offers Finn a grilled cheese. Finn however tells Cami that her kindness is her fatal flaw and will be her downfall. Cami again encourages Finn to eat but he is adamant that he will not get lost in her beauty or empathy. Cami quips that she would appeal to his morals but they don't seem to exist.  Finn responds that he is not the one who was sleeping with one vampire, while half in love with another.  Yep, throwing in a little slut shaming. Finn says that the problem is that Cami believes that people can change and he does not believe in redemption, only right and wrong and good and evil.  Finn argues that he is trying to help people like Cami and adds that when he is free, he will see to it that every vampire in New Orleans ceases to exist. Finn then adds that he will show no mercy to anyone who stands with them.  Cami leaves the room and orders Marcel to lock Finn back up.

Elijah is stacking wood and when he looks down at his hands after cutting himself, he is triggered. Rebekah approaches and hands him a towel asking what he sees when he goes away like that.  Elijah explains that he sees what he was and imagines the things he has done.  Elijah says that it is a gift from Esther that he cannot turn off.  Elijah talks about Esther's deal - getting a new body, starting over and having a child of his own. Rebekah brings up the curse that would take hold of his first born but Elijah points out that he won't be a Mikaelson anymore, adding that sometimes Esther's darkest deeds possess a logic that is difficult to refute.  Rebekah calls it all a wonderful fantasy but Elijah reminds Rebekah of what Esther is capable of and his doubts that she will simply relent and leave them alone.  Elijah asks what if all Esther needs is a victory but Rebekah says that Esther should find it somewhere else, adding that Esther wants all three of them.  Elijah argues that Esther already has Kol and Finn and perhaps in the end, a majority will do. 

Kol and Davina continue to search the house for the diamond and Davina stops when she comes across a picture of the Mikaelson's and Marcel.  Davina asks about Rebekah and Finn says that Rebekah was always their girl, adding that she did do him a solid back in 1914 at Christmas time.

Yes, that was the cue for a flashback.  Rebekah confronts Kol, as he is searching through Klaus's possessions and she threatens to tell Klaus.  Kol stops, asking what she would do if she knew that he was close to making a dagger that would work on Klaus.  Rebekah is certain that Kol wouldn't dare use it, but Kol points out that it's no more than KLaus has done to them and that Rebekah has suffered at Klaus's hand more than anyone.  Kol argues that it's not like it would mean killing Klaus and that it would give Rebekah time to be with Marcel.  Rebekah is shocked and Kol suggests that they have both earned the right to get out from under Klaus's shadow.  Kol asks Rebekah if she is with him and Rebekah agrees but tells him to hurry.

An excited Rebekah rushes outside with an old Polaroid camera and excitedly gets Klaus to take a picture. Rebekah wishes that it could always be like this after the photo develops. Klaus says that they will have to burn the photo, adding that he wishes that it didn't have to be like this.  Klaus hands the photo to Hayley, who is holding the baby and says that they cannot risk the photo falling into the wrong hands.  Hayley throws the picture into the fire and the family watches as it burns.  Rebekah says that this isn't right and that they deserve this, adamant that she won't let it slip away. Rebekah says that she is going to take Esther's deal and then take her down with her. 

Inside the house, Rebekah argues with her brothers and Elijah is concerned about the risks because if it goes wrong, Rebekah will no longer be in her own body.  Rebekah however does not feel that this would be the worse thing, pointing out that Elijah was ready to do it himself.  Elijah concedes that it was a foolish moment, adding that he is lucky that Rebekah convinced him otherwise. Rebekah says that if they are lucky, they can stop the spell before it takes effect and Klaus points out that if they're not, Rebekah will get what she always wanted.  Klaus asks if Rebekah is willing to lose and Rebekahs says that she is willing to lose.  Klaus is determined to find someone anonymous that Rebekah can jump into.  Elijah points out that they have been together for centuries and if she were human, they never would have had that time together.  Rebekah argues that when she is old and wrinkly, they can dump her back into her old body, adding that Klaus already has a coffin to store her in.  Elijah is concerned about trusting Kol but Rebekah says it's not about trust but the proper leverage.  Klaus points out that Kol will always do what's best for Kol.

Marcel approaches Kol who readily agrees to help.  Marcel questions what Kol wants in exchange and Kol says he wants the diamond that was stolen from him in 1914.  Marcel asks why Kol wants the diamond and Kol explains that he needs a weapon to protect himself against Klaus and the diamond helps him make it. Kol adds that it is not to kill Klaus just for self defense to be used in emergency and adds that this is a fair deal.  Kol asks if all goes well if Marcel will let him near Davina without bodily harm.

Rebekah and Klaus are driving together and she calls Klaus mad for agreeing to give Kol the diamond. Ever confidant, Klaus points out that Kol has been plotting against him for years and never gotten it right.  Klaus then confirms that Rebekah knows what to do and she yes and asks him to handle her body with care.  Klaus promises to be there for Rebekah if everything goes south, adding that they have to take Esther down before she body jumps.  Rebekah remarks that it must be Christmas because she is on the same time with Klaus.

Hayley tells Elijah that Hope is now asleep and comments on how quiet the house is with Klaus and Rebekah gone.  Hayley says that her wish is a hope that he will understand what she has to tell him.  Hayley then reveals that she has agreed to marry Jackson, in order for the wolves to be free of the witches and change at will.  Hayley tells Elijah that she doesn't love Jackson but adds that she cannot marry Jackson and still be involved with Elijah.  Elijah grabs Hayley and kisses her passionately.  Lucky, lucky girl.  Elijah tells Hayley to marry Jackson because the only way for the city to be safe for Hope's return is for Hayley to unify the wolves and for Elijah to unify his people. Elijah again repeats that Hayley needs to do whatever she needs to do to bring Hope home, adding that this is his wish for her.  Hayley then kisses Elijah  and the two begin to have sex.

Kol returns to Marcel to report that Angelica Barker is going to be Rebekah's new host body instead of Cami.  Davina asks who Angelica is and is told by Marcel that she is one of his potential vampires but he turned her down because she was too lost.  Cami is concerned about whether or not Angelica knows what is about to happen to her and Marcel says that hopefully they won't have to use her. Kol points out that Esther is a wild and vindictive woman. Kol then says that he needs access to his mother's hour glass which Esther currently possesses. Kol however believes that because he hasn't been back in awhile, the only way to ensure Esther's trust, is to deliver the white oak stake. Kol adds that Esther only wants to make sure that the stake doesn't end up in the wrong hands and adds that as soon as Esther is gone, he will return the stake to Klaus.  Marcel says quickly that the deal is off and starts to walk away.

Klaus walks into the room and tells Kol that whatever grudges he has against him, they are doing this for the good of their family. Klaus asks Kol if he will give his word that for once, he will honour that.  Kol then gives his word.  Klaus leaves to go and get the stake.

Kol is with his mother and says that he just needed time to convince Davina to give him the stake and then he asks for Finn.  Esther says that she believes Finn may have been captured by Klaus but has made a plan to assist him while he continues his search for Rebekah.  Rebekah walks in and greets Esther and brings up the deal  she is offering.

Back at the plantation, Davina turns over the hourglass explaining that Kol will link this hourglass with Esthers.  Marcel says that when the last sand falls, Esther will try to jump Rebekah into Cami and then Davina will jam the message, blocking the jump for both Rebekah and Esther.  Cami is concerned about trusting Kol but Marcel says that like Elijah, Kol does not give his word lightly. 

Esther is making tea and Rebekah snarks about having a discussion about giving up eternal life over tea and and asks for a glass of red wine.  Rebekah then tells Esther to go ahead with her sales pitch but Esther simply states that she is only offering Rebekah what she already wants.  Esther adds that Elijah is happiest when there is order and music, Klaus when he is the center of attention and in control but Rebekah is the only one capable of unfettered joy, making her happiest among humans.  Kol asks when he is happiest and Esther says when he is doing as he is told.  Esther says that their wishes are aligned in this but Rebekah points that she would be giving up everything she has always known for something she barely remembers and in particular, power for frailty.  Esther tells Rebekah that she can have another 1,000 years of never having what she wants, or a handful of years having what she wants.  Rebekah then announces that she is in and Esther turns over the hourglass saying that it is time to begin.

Davina's hourglass is beginning to drain.

Esther starts the spell and she pulls out the white oak stake, saying that as each child takes her offer, she will destroy their vampire bodies.  Kol points out that Esther claimed to want the stake to protect them and Esther explains, not in their current bodies.  Esther says that this will allow her to rid the world of the evil she brought into it.  Rebekah starts to panic and says no that this wasn't the deal.  Esther says that the spell is already done and that she prepared it to be locked in, the moment she turned over the hourglass.

Davina continues to watch the hourglass.

Rebekah begs Esther to stop pointing out that she gave birth to this body.  Esther simply says that she is only destroying the body and that Rebekah's soul will live on in the body of another.  Esther tells Rebekah that she has chosen a beautiful strong girl for her.  Klaus calls to his mother from the roof of another building and tells Esther to stop the spell. Kol professes that he had no idea what Esther was up to.  Esther simply snarks that she is glad that Kol and Klaus are friends again.  Klaus tells his mother to stop the spell and offers himself in exchange for Rebekah.  Esther says that she can no longer make that deal with Klaus, adding that he has left her no choice but to make a deal with Michael.  Esther says that when Finn and Kol went missing, she needed a new ally and Michael's price was the right to kill Klaus.  Klaus is stunned.  Esther tells Kol that she would ask him to deliver the stake to Michael but his loyalties have been compromised.  Klaus yells for Esther to stop and Rebekah says that it's okay and that she can do this.  Esther tells Klaus not to worry about his feelings regarding killing her because she has already chosen another body.  Klaus rushes forward and stabs Esther in the throat.

The last of the sand falls through the hour glass and Davina begins the spell and Cami starts to convulse.  Rebekah collapses and is caught by Klaus, as in the background  the hourglass explodes in front of Kol.  Marcel is now holding Cami, who has fainted and when he asks Davina if their plan worked, she says that she has no idea.

Cami is still unconscious when Klaus brings in Rebekah.  Marcel checks Finn's coffin to find that it is empty.  Marcel says that as soon as Cami awakes they need to get her out of the Quarter.  Klaus tells them all that Esther is going to use them to do her dirty work now.  Cami regains consciousness and she is still her.  Marcel checks on Rebekah who is still unconscious.  Klaus reveals that he couldn't stop the spell. Marcel asks if Esther is dead and Klaus reveals that he and Rebekah took extra precautions and that Esther is exactly where she needs to be.

Kol and Davina are walking through the Quarter and Davina asks why he is in such a good mood. Kol explains that when he said Rebekah didn't tell Klaus about the diamond in 1914, he was being exactly truthful. 

Yep, it's flashback time.  This time, there is a big party going on and Rebekah approaches  Mary Alice Claire, telling her that a witch as lovely as she is, has no business dating Kol.  Mary says that it's not really a date and Rebekah tells her that she can do better. Moments later, Rebekah, Marcel, Elijah and Klaus post for a picture and Klaus gives a speech inviting the invitees to participate in their family bonfire traditions.  Klaus raises his glass and toasts to Rebekah, saying that it's good to have someone you can trust.   Kol rushes up the stairs, only to be corned by Elijah and Klaus.  The two brother bring Kol back downstairs and stake him in front of everyone.

Kol tells Davina that he has owed Rebekah one for a century but adds that she doesn't need to worry because he has no plans to hurt his own sister, he does however add that he didn't prep Angela Barker. Kol says that Klaus didn't just punish him for stealing the dagger but his witch friends as well, locking them in a cottage. Kol tells Davina that he is sure Rebekah will be comfortable in a prison created by Klaus.  Kol shows Davina the diamond saying that with Rebekah missing, Klaus will be occupied and they can finish what they started.  Davina is concerned for Rebekah's safety but Kol assures her that she is fine.  Kol then tells Davina that he has made a wish for her and asks her to close her eyes, before kissing her.

Klaus goes to see Esther and brings up that she sold him to Michael like he was cattle. Esther looks around, as Klaus says that he has followed her example.  Klaus tells Esther that she may have thought that she was once step ahead of them but Rebekah was two steps ahead of her.  We get a flash to Kol distracting Esther and Rebekah dropping her blood into Esther's glass of wine. 

Klaus tells Esther that it is a delicious irony that she died with vampire blood in her system because she cannot be a witch and a vampire. Esther has tears in her eyes and Klaus tells her that she can either be the thing she hates the most, or she can be die and as it turns out, it's more of a choice than she ever gave them.  Esther cries on the ground as Klaus leaves.

Rebekah is lying in her coffin and Kol, Klaus and Marcel surround her.  Kol tells Klaus that a promise is a promise and hands over the dagger. 

Rebekah sits up suddenly and looks in the mirror to find that she is in the body of a black woman in a very cluttered house.  Rebekah races downstairs and tries to leave but she cannot get out.  Rebekah bangs on the door begging to be let out.  Rebekah screams her name over and over asking to be let out.

Well Esther has been well and truly handled.  I have to admit that there is a large part of me that is tired of Mikaelsons mommy and daddy issues.  The Originals however does manage to bring me back from the brink of annoyance from time to time by how truly horrible Esther and Michael are. I have to say that I didn't predict that Esther would be turned into a vampire and I truly enjoyed it.  I am also happy that Esther will remain a black woman because other than the resident uppity negro Marcel, The Originals really doesn't have a lot of prominent characters of colour.  I highly suspect that we have not seen the last of Esther though because we still have Dahlia's curse to deal with.  The fact that it was brought up again this episode, leads me to believe that Dahlia will be the major antagonist this last half of the season.

Speaking of characters of colour, Rebekah has now been shifted into a WOC.  On one hand, Rebekah is once again a damsel in distress waiting to be saved but on the other, I have to celebrate the addition of another WOC to the cast.  The other issue is that once again, she is going to be weaker than Elijah and Klaus.  I just want to see Rebekah be strong and kick ass, though I did enjoy how she dealt with Esther. 

Hayley and Elijah finally got together and it could not be hotter.  Yes, I had to fan myself.

Davina continues to irritate me.  She knows damn well what Kol is and still yet she is dancing to his tune.  She is absolutely fooling herself if she believes he wouldn't do to her, what he did to Rebekah. Is this character ever going to mature?  Also, how many times can she attack Klaus and fail and not get the idea that she is messing with a force which is much stronger than her and has spared her life countless times at this point.  Yes, Klaus killed two people that she loves and I understand her desire for vengeance but the way she goes about it doesn't make much sense to me.