Thursday, April 2, 2015

Forever, Season 1, Episode 19: Punk is Dead

Abraham and Henry eat dinner (their dinner scenes are always awesome) while discussing Jo’s dating Isaac including Abraham’s arch comment “At least she’s getting back out there.” Unlike, of course, Henry.

Jo’s date with Isaac involves going to The Track Bar, a punk bar which Jo is a huge fan of and duly impressed when Isaac reveals he owns it… at least until she realises he plans to tear it down and build a hotel. She speaks in defence – until she sees people taking drugs and Isaac has to stop her going all cop mode.

At least until they find a body in the wall. Now she can be a cop.

Back to the morgue for snark, science and Lucas – and getting a call from a man who wants to know who the body is – because he’s in prison for killing her.

Investigation time – the man in prison is called Eddie and Lt. Reece remembers the case as she was a beat cop at the time. She tells them that he was a violent man and that included attacking his girlfriend, Lucy. Despite that she wasn’t happy about the case, the police presented them as “worthless junkies” and didn’t exactly perform a thorough investigation – and the jury convicted. The DA would like the case done with quickly, Reece, because she’s awesome, wants them to take their time, be thorough – and bring in Henry.

Which is how Henry gets to go interview Eddie with Jo and Eddie is visibly upset even as Jo points out the evidence doesn’t exactly exonerate him.

More morguing (poor Lucas) and Jo arrives with some bad news – Eddie is signing a guilty plea with the DA to help get the whole thing swept under the rug. He gets let out on time served and the case stays out of the media. Of course Henry doesn’t stand for that and goers to tell Eddie – Eddie learns he will go free but if that happens the police will stop looking for who did it. He refuses to sign

More investigating (including finding a lot of drug money in Lucy’s jacket) and off to interview a photographer who covered the bar (now photographing kiddies). He goes point them to a guy named Farrell – who is up to his neck in a hundred serious cases and Reece makes it clear that they cannot possibly involve him for fear of jeopardising these cases. She expressly forbids any of her police from investigating him

Then quietly tells Henry that she doesn’t have that much control over him. Because Reece is awesome. He can’t take police so he takes Lucas (Lucas of course, thinks this means actual friendship. Poor Lucas). They plan to snatch some of Farrell’s hair – except the man is inconveniently bald. So they steal glasses instead

They’re not subtle so Henry is dragged before the man to tell him how he thinks he’s a murderer – yes, Henry says it. There are advantages to immortality. He ends up getting DNA from a woman’s ear. I don’t care how charming and sexy Henry is, there’s no way that woman went for sexy ear swabbing. I’m sure that’s a second date activity

They’re kicked out, Lucas tries to protect Henry and is generally thrilled by the whole evening

While all this is happening Jo and Isaac are still dating with him lavishing his wealth around; they also discuss Jo’s past – and kiss as an indication of them moving on.

Back to the police station where the interview Farrel because his DNA was found on Lucy – and he claims he gave her the money to help her start a new life. He does reveal that Eddie’s band hated her because they thought she’d split them up.

They go to interview the only band member who isn’t dead or in prison. He’s a stay at home dad with a classic rebel teenaged daughter who he tries to police – because Forever likes its irony. Following some clues, he admits to hiding the body. When he told Eddie Lucy’d been away with a man they fought and when he checked on her, Eddie was gone and Lucy was dead. He also kept Eddie’s knife with Lucy’s blood on it.

This kind of scuppers Henry who was so sure Eddie was innocent. Eddie still maintains his innocence so it’s back to the evidence and finding that Eddie’s knife wasn’t the murder weapon

Now the investigation goes beyond even TV crime dramas sense of the plausible – as Henry and Jo find an ancient blood stained finger print. Really, Forever, really?

Unfortunately, Eddie signed the plea bargain to get out. Henry is very upset and Jo twigs that there’s something personal going on

More investigation after a drug screen adds another twist – Lucy had a baby before she died. Jo insists the case is closed – Henry and Lucas turn appealing eyes on her. So time to track down the son

Which leads them back to Carl, the photographer who adopted him. They talk to him, the boy is Eddie’s son but Lucy didn’t want to handle it or to make Eddie- so Carl took her away for several months, helped her quit drugs and… then she went back to Eddie. Carl killed her. They arrest him – but now we see why Eddie signed his plea bargain, so he could get out of prison and hunt down Carl with a gun

Time for the son to come onto the tense scene for what feels like a full minute of emotional facial expressions (they must have needed filler). No-one gets shot – oh isn’t it about time Henry died again?

This week’s flashbacks go to a time when Abigail disappeared for 3 months and Henry had trouble convincing the police, especially since his wife, at the time, was 64. He’s in utter denial about the letter she sent him – a Dear John letter. Abe recognises that a lot of Henry’s issues over this case and a woman going missing relate back to Abigail’s disappearance (a younger Abraham had to help Henry through that). Abraham faced a major struggle to break Henry of his obsession and he worries about that same obsession coming back. Henry relied heavily on Abraham – giving him the insight to pass on that Eddie may need his son, not the other way round.

As a closing mystery, Henry sees a symbol of two doves on the son’s birth record he thinks he recognises in connection to Abigail, but he puts it behind him. Unlike Abraham who also recognises it – because he kept all of his father’s research into finding his mother.

I like Jo and Isaac together, especially since we don’t get the jealousy vibe so common on shows with opposite sex work partners. Personally I find the uber-lavish shows of wealth a little creepy and controlling with both his wealth and the locations chosen (which is why I like the ending with Jo choosing the place and surrounded by her friends), but on the whole it works, Jo is developing and using it as a means to work through and develop her own issues and Isaac himself has some layers to him

I’m not sure if Abigail’s eventually disappearance necessarily develops Henry and Abigail’s story after the very poignant story we’ve already seen about Abigail aging while he didn’t – so I was actually quite happy to see the odd mystery at the end which added a bit more relevance. But do we really have enough time left in this season to start this mystery?